Yousuf Salahuddin

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Mian Yousuf
میاں یوسف
Born (1951-11-01) 1 November 1951 (age 72)
Lahore, Pakistan
Occupation(s)Television personality, philanthropist, socialite
RelativesAllama Iqbal (maternal grandfather)
Javed Iqbal (uncle)
Sardar Begum (grandmother)
Waleed Iqbal (cousin)

Mian Yousuf Salahuddin (Urdu: میاں یوسف صلاح الدین), commonly known as Yousaf Salli, is a Pakistani socialite,[1][2] philanthropist, and ex-politician[3] from Lahore.


He is a maternal grandson of the poet and literary scholar Allama Iqbal and nephew of Javed Iqbal.[4] His paternal grandfather, Mian Amiruddin, was the first Muslim Lord Mayor of Lahore. Salahuddin is a distant relative of the Taseer family, from which the ex-Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer came.[citation needed]

Social life[edit]

Salahuddin is the owner and resident of Haveli Barood Khana, a traditional 18th century Mughal-style haveli located in Lahore's walled city. He has hosted parties, dinners, and get-togethers at his residence and elsewhere. High-profile personalities from throughout the country are invited as guests.[5] He is a figure in the city's arts and culture circles who is credited for reviving Basant festivals and organising various musical, artistic, and poetic gatherings; the popular entertainment and music show Virsa: Heritage Revived broadcast on PTV is hosted by Salahuddin and has invited performances from a number of music artists.[6][7][8] Pakistan Television Corporation producers and directors have used the above-mentioned Mughal-style haveli's large-sized enclosed outdoors ('haveli sehan' in Urdu language) to hold the music concerts for a live audience for their TV program Virsa: Heritage Revived.[9]

According to a major Pakistani English-language newspaper, Yousuf Salahuddin has been playing a critical role in reviving and promoting the cultural heritage of Pakistan.[8]


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