Yeminli Sözlük

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Yeminli Sözlük is a sentence-based online dictionary with millions of pre-translated English–Turkish sentences.[1]

Started in early 2008, Yeminli Sözlük contains nearly 1,000,000 entries made up of translated sentences in English and Turkish languages.[2] Developed and supported by Turkish sworn translators, Yeminli Sözlük is a primary source for learners of English and translators.[3]

Yeminli Sözlük is currently the only website that contains millions of translated sentences in two languages: Turkish and English. Yeminli Sözlük claims to be the future of online dictionarying.[4] [5] Yeminli Sözlük may be referred to as the human-translation version of Example-based machine translation.


Yeminli Sözlük was generated by Abdullah Erol, an English-Turkish translator with 10 years experience in the translation industry both as a translator and a networkist.

The dictionary is one of the online dictionaries available for the translation community and teachers of English in Turkey.


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