Wisconsin Department of Administration

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Wisconsin Department of Administration

Wisconsin Administration Building
Agency overview
FormedJuly 31, 1959; 64 years ago (1959-07-31)
HeadquartersWisconsin Administration Building
101 E. Wilson St.
Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
43°4′23.88″N 89°22′46.452″W / 43.0733000°N 89.37957000°W / 43.0733000; -89.37957000
Employees1,436.08 (2021)[1]
Annual budget$1,997,923,700 (2021)[1]
Agency executives
  • Kathy Koltin Blumenfeld, Secretary
  • Chris Patton, Deputy Secretary
  • Danielle Williams, Assistant Deputy Secretary

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) is an agency of the Wisconsin state government which provides a range of services and programs, from operations, technology, and logistical support for the state, to assistance programs for low-income homes, to state gaming. The department's services to other state agencies and offices include personnel management, payroll, accounting systems, technology solutions, and legal services. The Department is central to the state budget process, advising the Governor and state agencies on their budget submissions and analyzing solutions to fiscal problems. The Department also administers state information systems, procurement policies and contracts, fleet transportation, and risk management, and oversees buildings owned and leased by the state, facilities planning projects, and the Wisconsin Capitol Police. The Department also administers the state's compensation plan, which includes the pay and benefit administration for most state employees.[2]

The Department is headquartered in the Wisconsin Administration Building in Madison, Wisconsin. Kathy Koltin Blumenfeld is the current Secretary of the Department of Administration, appointed by Governor Tony Evers on January 18, 2022.



The senior leadership of the Department consists of the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Assistant Deputy Secretary, along with the administrators heading up the divisions of the Department.

  • Secretary: Kathy Koltin Blumenfeld
  • Deputy Secretary: Chris Patton
  • Assistant Deputy Secretary: Danielle Williams
  • Enterprise Operations: Jana Steinmetz
  • Enterprise Technology: Trina Zanow
  • Executive Budget & Finance: Brian D. Pahnke
  • Facilities Development & Management: Naomi De Mers
  • Gaming: John Dillett
  • Hearings & Appeals: Brian Hayes
  • Intergovernmental Relations: Dawn Vick
  • Legal Services: Anne Hanson
  • Personnel Management: Jen Flogel
  • Chief, Wisconsin State Capitol Police: David M. Erwin


Energy, Housing and Community Resources[edit]

The Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR) develops state housing policy and offers program assistance and funds to address homelessness and support affordable housing, public infrastructure, and economic development opportunities. The Division also administers the state program providing electric and heating payment assistance to eligible households, as well as benefits to assist with energy crisis situations and weatherization services.

Enterprise Operations[edit]

The Division of Enterprise Operations (DEO) administers enterprise policies governing procurement, risk management, fleet management, and records management, and provides services to the Department of Administration and other state agencies in financial management, procurement, fleet management, air transportation, records management, mail transportation, risk management. In addition, through the State Prosecutors Office, the division provides support to county district attorneys on budgeting, legislative research, grant support, and employment services. The division also facilitates opportunities for disadvantaged businesses to sell goods and services to state agencies.

Subdivisions include:

  • State Bureau of Procurement
  • Bureau of Enterprise Fleet
  • Bureau of State Risk Management
  • Bureau of Financial Management
  • Supplier Diversity Program
  • State Prosecutors Office (SPO)
  • Continuity of Operations / Continuity of Government (COOP/COG)
  • Serve Wisconsin
  • Volkswagen Mitigation Program

Enterprise Technology[edit]

The Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) provides services, training, and knowledge to assist state agencies in utilizing technology to achieve their business objectives. In addition, every two years the Division publishes a strategic IT plan for the state outlining new technology goals for the state government.

Subdivisions include:

  • Application Services
  • Bureau of Technical Architecture & Project Management
  • Bureau of Policy and Budget
  • Bureau of Infrastructure Support
  • Bureau of Security
  • Bureau of Publishing & Distribution
  • Bureau of District Attorney IT

Executive Budget & Finance[edit]

The Division of Executive Budget and Finance provides accounting, budget, and financial services for the state government. The Division also provides fiscal and policy analysis to the Governor for development of executive budget proposals, and assists agencies in the technical preparation of budget requests. It also reviews new legislation and prepares or coordinates the fiscal estimates that accompany all expenditure bills.

Subdivisions include:

  • State Budget Office
  • State Capital Finance Office
  • State Controller's Office

Facilities Development & Management[edit]

The Division of Facilities Development & Management (DFDM) is responsible for producing and implementing the biennial State Building Program, which facilitates all construction, remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of facilities owned by the state government or the University of Wisconsin System. The Division is also responsible for building management, maintenance, and tenant services for the State Capitol, the Executive Residence, and 28 other State office buildings.


The Division of Gaming is charged with protecting the integrity of Indian and charitable gaming in Wisconsin. They handle licensing, background investigations, and regulatory enforcement activities to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations.

Hearings & Appeals[edit]

The Division of Hears & Appeals (DHA) is a quasi-judicial independent entity attached to the Department of Administration for administrative purposes. The Division provides administrative hearings where administrative law judges, who do not work for the regulated agency, are able to provide a fair and impartial rulings on the administrative process.

Subdivisions include:

  • Corrections Unit
  • Office of Worker's Compensation Hearings
  • General Government Unit
  • Waste Facility Siting Board
  • Work & Family Services Unit

Intergovernmental Relations[edit]

The Division of Intergovernmental Relations (DIR) supports Wisconsin's counties, municipalities, residents, and businesses with services in land use planning, land information and records modernization, municipal boundary review, plat review, demography, and coastal management programs.

Continuous Improvement[edit]

The Division of Continuous Improvement works to design and implement systems change within the state government to improve efficiency, solve problems, and encourage innovation.

Legal Services[edit]

The Division of Legal Services provides legal assistance to the Secretary, department managers, and staff. They provide guidance on procurement, contracting, administrative rule drafting and interpretation, construction, budget development, public records law, and other activities. The Division also serves as a resource to other state agencies on these topics, with a goal to bring greater consistency to these common activities.

Personnel Management[edit]

The Division of Personnel Management (DPM) provides support to state agencies on human resources management. The Division oversees the state civil service system, manages labor relations, develops and maintains the state classification and compensation systems, and leads the state's affirmative action and equal opportunity employment programs.

Subdivisions include:

  • Bureau of Equity & Inclusion
  • Bureau of Classification & Compensation
  • Bureau of Employee Management
  • Bureau of Merit Recruitment & Selection

Wisconsin State Capitol Police[edit]

The Capitol Police have statewide jurisdiction to enforce all civil and criminal laws. They are tasked with the safety of all state employees and the security of all facilities owned or leased by the state. They provide the personal security for the Governor, the Governor's family, the Lieutenant Governor, and other high ranking state officials and dignitaries.

Subdivision include:

  • Patrol Operations Section
  • Support Services Section
  • Criminal Investigations Unit
  • Dignitary Protection Unit
  • K-9 Unit
  • Unmanned Aircraft Unit

Secretaries and commissioners[edit]

Commissioners (1959–1968)[edit]

Commissioner Took office Left office Notes
Joe E. Nusbaum July 30, 1959 January 8, 1963 Appointed by Gaylord Nelson.[3] Resigned.
Howard Koop January 10, 1963 January 15, 1965 Appointed by John W. Reynolds Jr.[4] Resigned.
George C. Kaiser January 28, 1965 January 15, 1965 Appointed by Warren Knowles.[5] Resigned.
Wayne McGown July 11, 1967 March 1, 1968 Appointed by Warren Knowles.[6] Converted to secretary.

Secretaries (1968–present)[edit]

Secretary Took office Left office Notes
Wayne McGown March 1, 1968 January 3, 1971 Appointed by Warren Knowles.
Joe E. Nusbaum January 3, 1971 January 6, 1975 Nominated by Patrick Lucey.[7] Resigned.
Tony Earl January 6, 1975 December 15, 1975 Appointed by Patrick Lucey.[8] Appointed to another job.
Robert H. Dunn December 15, 1975 June 1, 1977 Appointed by Patrick Lucey.[9] Replaced by governor.
John Torphy June 1, 1977 January 1, 1979 Appointed by Martin J. Schreiber. Acting secretary until Feb. 1978.[10]
Kenneth E. Lindner January 1, 1979 January 3, 1983 Appointed by Lee S. Dreyfus.[11]
Doris Hanson January 3, 1983 January 5, 1987 Appointed by Tony Earl.[12]
James R. Klauser January 5, 1987 December 7, 1996 Appointed by Tommy Thompson.[13] Resigned.
Mark Bugher December 7, 1996 September 15, 1999 Appointed by Tommy Thompson.[14] Resigned.
George Lightbourn September 15, 1999 January 6, 2003 Appointed by Tommy Thompson.[15]
Marc Marotta January 6, 2003 October 3, 2005 Appointed by Jim Doyle.[16]
Steve Bablitch October 3, 2005 January 1, 2007 Appointed by Jim Doyle.[17]
Michael Morgan January 1, 2007 July 6, 2010 Appointed by Jim Doyle.[18]
Dan Schooff July 6, 2010 January 3, 2011 Appointed by Jim Doyle.[19]
Michael Huebsch January 3, 2011 March 1, 2015 Appointed by Scott Walker.[20]
Scott Neitzel March 1, 2015 March 5, 2018 Appointed by Scott Walker.[21]
Ellen Nowak March 5, 2018 January 7, 2019 Appointed by Scott Walker.[22]
Joel Brennan January 7, 2019 January 17, 2021 Appointed by Tony Evers.[23]
Kathy Blumenfeld January 17, 2021 Current Appointed by Tony Evers.[24]


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