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If you have a coffee-stained mug similar to this example here, you may be spending a little bit too much time on Wikipedia. Why not spend some more and take this test?

If you're not sure whether you are a Wikipediholic or are unsure about the amount of Wikipedihol you took, then you should take this test. The point value of answering 'yes' to each question is listed in parentheses ( ) at the end of the question. The higher the result, the more likely it is that you are a Wikipediholic! New questions and modifications are of course welcome—good questions are those that measure current addiction (e.g., "have you edited a page in the last week?", not "have you ever edited a page?"), on the hypothesis that Wikipediholicism can be cured, or at least controlled to some degree. Formats should be added as #ENTRY (point value, additional notes) in order to be compatible with the automated version.

While the current incarnation of the automated version does not work for this test, you can use the archived automated version on a very similar revision of the test.

Give yourself at least 4 hours because there are over one thousand questions!

Think this version is too silly? Then use the original version.

Think this version is too serious? Then use the modern version.

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The test[edit]


Please be honest! We don't like liars!

  1. Will you do this test? (+100, we know you will)
  2. Will you not take this test? (-1234567890 and -5 eliteness)
    • ...and never will? (-11223344556677889900 and -55 eliteness)
      • ...not even for a second (-111222333444555666777888999000 and -555 eliteness (By the way you have been taking this test for more than 2 seconds, but still...))
        • ...not even in 122 years, 164 days? (-1x1010100, Then GTFO!!!!!)
          • ...after 122 years, 164 days? (1x1010100+10 eliteness and a special recommendation; Still alive on Wikipedia!? Yay because you broke Guinness World records FOR THE OLDEST LIVING PERSON EVER!!!!!)
  3. Will you hate this test? (-14; let's find out!)
  4. Do you intend to lie on this test? (-1048576, we don't like liars)
    • ... were you lying on that question? (-1000000000000, we don't like paradoxes either)
  5. Right, anyway, firstly...
    • Please let me start testing! (45, but calm down!)
    • This looks like a big waste of time. (-50, you time-waster!)
    • Zzzzzzzzz... (-25, wake up, and have a Red Bull)
    • Wait, what? (-30, PAY ATTENTION, YOU!)
      • Who, me? (-1000, YES, YOU!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!)
  6. Can you figure out how to take this test? (10, good, you know the basics, at least)
    • Did you just ask someone how to take it? (-11, cheater)
  7. How many times has this quiz been edited?
    • 0 times? (-500, hmmmm, I don't think so)
    • π times? (-314, not a real number)
    • 10 times (-100, freezing)
    • 100 times (-20, cold)
    • 1,000 times (1, warm)
    • 5,000 times (20, getting warmer...)
    • 9,001 times (1, what's wrong with a few memes?)
    • 1,000,000 times (5, not really, but thanks for your faith)
    • 6,724,118 times (-55, not even close)
    • 46,257,016 times (-60, not even close to close)
    • 59,113,207 times (-65, not even close to close to close)
    • 1,173,899,323 times (-70, not even close to close to close to close)
    • 3,409,440,949 times (-75, not even close to close to close to close to close)
    • 6,000,000,000 times (-10, eh?)
    • 1,000,000,000,000,000 times (-10, that was a silly answer wasn't it? Lazy bones.)
    • Or too many times to count? (1, possibly)
      • Or did you count them? (2000, and I don't know how you did that)
        • Did you just start counting to get the points? (-2001, nice try, idiot)
  8. If you've taken this test before, have you had a score of over 500? (20)
    • over 1000? (50)
    • over 2000? (100, and you are a regular wikipedian, my man)
    • over 5000? (250)
    • over 9000? (450)
      • Since it's been mentioned more than once, do you know what the over 9000 meme is? (90, two decimal places away from 9000, and check your scouter)
        • Did you just use Google to find out??? (-909, traitor/cheater!)
          • Or did you just lie about it? (-100000000, told you we don't like paradoxes!)
    • over 20000?! (1000, wow)
    • over 50000?! (2500)
    • Over 100000?!?! (5000, TOO HIGH)
    • Over 500000?!?!?! (25000, oh my god)
    • Over 5000000?!?!?!? (-250000, LIAR)
      • Really? (250000, holy ^#$^$#%#$)
    • Over 50000000?!?!?!?!?!? (1745804.1679221)
    • Over 5000000000?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (-1000000000, nice try, but that's impossible)
      • Really? (2000000000, or maybe not)
        • REEEEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY???? (5000000000, and 10 eliteness for being awesome like that)
    • To Infinity and Beyond?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (-99999999999999999999999999999999999999, because there ain't any limit to infinity)
      • RRRRRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, OMG...)
  9. Do you *erherm* HATE Wikipedia? (-27451920463517293047351663940272536483010927454628192034645371820304846252537485301254464839102946355172840673517294903725144759217265354719104472949562517395)372651675939163547493016, go IMMEDIATELY to the results section, find your score, then leave. Out the front door. Parking lot. Car. Goodbye. Have a horrible day.)
    • Have you since realised your mistake and come back to Wikipedia? (50000, but you'll have to wait a bit longer before we trust you again)
    • Are you a teacher who claims that Wikipedia is "unreliable"? (-999, you should be recruiting new users for us instead)
      • Or do you just say that because your principal forces you to? (998, we're sorry)
        • Or is that because your principal has been tricked into doing such a thing (-997, the guy who tricked your principal is going down, so 2 eliteness just for that.)

How often you use Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 22 years, 262 days? (-1111111111111111, YOU IDIOT!!!!)
  2. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 10 years? (-111111111111111, WTF??!!)
  3. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 8 years? (-11111111111111, wtf?)
  4. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 5 years? (-1111111111111, UUUUGGGGHHH!!!)
  5. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 4 years? (-111111111111, NOPE!!)
  6. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 3 years? (-11111111111, nope))
  7. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 2 years? (-1111111111, how dare you!)
  8. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a year? (-111111111, be ashamed)
  9. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 9 months? (-11111111, not a year, but still...)
  10. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 6 months? (-1111111, no)
  11. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 3 months? (-111111, not six months, but still...)
  12. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a month? (-11111, are you on vacation or something?)
  13. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 2 weeks? (-1111, did you hit a wall?)
  14. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a week? (-111, are you busy?)
  15. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 4 days? (-11, better, but still...)
  16. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 3 days? (-1, huh?)
    • ... or do you think that the above questions are unfair because if you visit Wikipedia at least once every day, that would mean that, technically, you use Wikipedia at least once every 22 years, 262 days? (1234567901234567, your points are given back to you.)
  17. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once every 2 days? (1, better)
  18. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a day? (11, we admire your loyalty to us)
  19. Do you typically use Wikipedia for more than an hour a day? (40, hm.)
    • ... more than two hours? (80, hm)
    • ... more than three hours? (120, you must take a drop of Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than four hours? (160, you must sip Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than six hours? (240, you must drink half a Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than nine hours? (360, you must drink at least one Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than ten hours? (400, you must drink at least a six-pack of Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than twelve hours? (480, you must drink many six-packs of Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than sixteen hours? (640, you must drink OVER 9000 bottles of Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than eighteen hours? (720, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every day)
    • ... more than twenty-one hours? (840, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every hour)
    • ... more than twenty-two hours? (880, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 30 minutes)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours? (920, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 15 minutes)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours and 30 minutes? (1000, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 5 minutes)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours and 45 minutes? (2000, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every minute)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours and 59 minutes? (720000, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 30 seconds)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours and 59 minutes and 30 seconds? (479001600000, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 20 seconds)
    • ... more than twenty-three hours and 59 minutes and 45 seconds? (2432902008176640000000, you must drink OVER 9000 gallons of Red Bull every 5 seconds)
    • ... exactly twenty-three hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds? (265252859812191058636308480000000000, you must drink OVER 9000 m³ of Red Bull every second)
    • ... exactly twenty-three hours and 59 minutes and 59.9999999999999 seconds? (2652528591929228274647474774747474747757584551464518651486058636308480000000000, you must drink OVER 9000 km³ of Red Bull every hundredth of a second!)
    • ... exactly 24 hours? (26525285919292282746474747747474747477575845514645186514860586363084800000000000000000, you must drink OVER INFINITY km³ of Red Bull every hundredth of a millisecond)
      • ... But I am one with my wife who works at the night shifts... (Oh. Sorry. 1500 points as a consolation. You should REALLY do something about your marriage life)
    • ... exactly 24 hours and one second? ( You're a boss!)
    • ... 25 hours a day? (-1000, yeah right! There's only 24 hours in a day!)
      • I'm not on Earth now, so it's possible to have more than 24 hours in one day. (9001, a3fh89h3pfe89hdf89af89h8casdfiohaiof English: I pay the points back to you)
  20. Is more than 50% of your time online spent at Wikipedia? (45)
    • ... 60% to 80%? (40)
    • ... 80% to 99%? (90)
    • ... 100%? (-200, come on, you at least check your e-mail once in a while, and what about your job...?)
      • ... Really??? (201)
    • ... 1000%? (-300, seriously, are you actually reading this?)
    • ... 10000%? (-400, really, how is that even probable, let alone possible? The Random Number God gives the player that marks this 1 Eliteness.)
    • ... less than 10%? (-10, and you call yourself a wikipediholic)
    • ... 0%, except for taking this test? (-200, get out of here!!)
    • ... 1%? (-100)
    • ... 0.1% (-100, how do you know?)
    • ... 0.01% (-100, nice try)
    • ... 0.001% (-100, get out!)The Random Number God gives the player that marks this 1 Eliteness.)
    • ... 0.0001% (-1000, Get Out!!)
    • ... 0.00001% (-10000, Get Out!!)
    • ... 0.000001% (-100000, Get Out!!)
    • ... -1% (-1000000, Get Out!!)
    • ... -10% (-10000000, Get Out NOW!!)
    • ... -100% (-100000000, Get the hell Out!!)
    • ... -1000% (-1000000000, Just Get the hell Out!!)
    • ... -10000% (-10000000000, I said "Just Get the hell Out!!")
  21. Do you think you're using a significant portion of Wikipedia's bandwidth? (12)
    • Do you think you use more than 80 kiB of Wikipedia's bandwidth a day? (40)
    • ... 180 kB? (60)
    • ... 280 kB? (80)
    • ... 1080 kB? (200)
    • ... 10 MB? (500)
      • ... that wasn't on file downloads? (-400, liar!)
        • ... Really? (1000)
    • ... 100 TB? (-20, yeah right!!!)
      • ... really? (2000, and 1 Eliteness)
    • 1 PB? (-100000, There go our servers. Thanks a lot, Wikipediholic.)
    • 10 PBs? (-313377, Have Fun with your life... Oh wait, This is your life.) The Random Number God gives the player that marks this 1 Eliteness.)
      • ... Do you not even understand what any of that means? (20, we respect your honesty)
        • ... Did you just look that up for the points? (-50)
          • ... on Google? (-10000, get out of here, traitor)
          • ... on Wikipedia? (5, in gratitude. But then, we knew you would...)
    • ... 1 YB? (-1000000, Seriously?! That's not even all the information in the world combined.)
    • .... 1 YiB? (-100000000, off by an entire galaxy)
    • ... 0 B, except for taking this test? (-200000000, how did you get here anyway?)
  22. Do you feel guilty about not having enough time to edit Wikipedia? (10)
    • Do you feel guilty about editing Wikipedia too much? (40, plus maybe a WikiBreak)
  23. Have you been using (editing) Wikipedia for a day to a week? (4)
    • A week to a month? (15)
    • A month to four? (30)
    • Four months to six (45)
    • Six months to a year? (78)
    • A year to two? (305)The Random Number God gives the player that marks this 1 Eliteness.)
    • Two years to four? (700)
    • Four years to eight? (1200)
    • Eight years to 22 years, 262 days? (2000)
    • More than 22 years, 263 days? (-5000, smartypants... literally...)
    • Really? (2012, you must be a former Nupedian. Gain 1 Eliteness)
    • 13.5 billion years? (-10000, You've been on since the universe formed?! Add -5 Eliteness if you are serious for being delusional.)
      • ... or are you in an alternate timeline? (500000, sorry. Add 20 Eliteness.)
    • 1,000,000,000,000 years (-146034, Yea' right even Adam and Eve weren't around)
    • Seriously? (146035, Are you even from this universe?)
    • Googolplex years (-10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, man that's forever!)
      • ... really? (20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, here are your points)
    • Infinity years (-1.0E+199, how many digits are in infinity?)
      • ... really? (2.0E+199, here are your points)
  24. Do you have Wikipedia bookmarked? (4)
    • Did you just bookmark it for the points? (-350, desperate... but nice try)
      • Did you lie? (600, amazing!)
        • Did you lie about the above question? (-2000, then I take the points back)
          • Did you lie about that question? (2000, Who, What, Where, Why?)
  25. Is Wikipedia set as your home page? (15)
    • Was Wikipedia formerly your homepage, but recently changed? (-1, traitor...)
    • Did you just set it as your home page for the points? (-427, cheater...)
  26. Is Wikipedia in your browser's search bar? (9)
    • Did you just put Wikipedia in your browser's search bar just for the points? (-10, nice try)
  27. Did a Wikipedia page end up in your "most visited pages" list? (10)
    • In the top rank? (50)
    • Was it your user page? (-10, spend less time there)
      • Was it your user sub-page? (-10, spend less time there too)
        • Or do you think the above question is unfair because you write lots of articles in userspace? (110, we need more article creators)
        • Was that user sub-page a draft of an article (64, sorry)
      • Was it the Recent Changes/New Pages Patrol Page? (200, Take a WikiBreak)
    • Do you feel the above question is unfair because you spend more time on your user page? (10, I feel your pain)
    • Was it a page in the Wikipedia, Template or Talk namespaces? (25)
      • Was it this page? (50)
        • Did you just refresh the page over and over again for those points? (-55, cheater)
          • Are you annoyed at having lost your check marks in the automated version because of having refreshed the page? (-100, ha ha)
    • Are ALL of your "most visited" slots Wikipedia pages? (100, awesome)
      • Did you just clear your history and then reload this page to do that? (-400, ha ha, you should have learned that three lines above)
    • Do you think all the above questions are unfair because you don't have, can't find, or somehow cannot access your history? (200)
      • Did you delete your history and/or check the box above because you were upset you lost so many points on the above section? (-123123, we don't like liars or cheaters)
        • Do you think the above questions are unfair because the first question prompted you to delete your history; but you did not check the above box? (123123)
  28. Have you had Wikipedia open in more than one window/tab at a time? (4)
    • More than two? (6, oh)
    • More than three? (8, OH)
    • More than five? (10, OH!)
    • More than ten? (25, DANG!!)
    • More than thirty? (60, watch out!)
    • More than fifty? (150, did your browser crash by now?)
    • More than one hundred!?! (500, and a repair for your computer)
    • More than one thousand!?!?! (750, and a serious repair for your computer)
    • OVER 9000!!!!!! (-1, that's your power level, dummy)
    • More than one million!?!?! (-1000, liar, even Firefox should have been crashed by now, and such a number of tabs would be impossible)
      • Really? (1000, and has Google Chrome even crashed yet?!?!?!)
        • Really Really? (-1000, Google Chrome has a tab limit, I've got you now!!!)
          • Really Really Really? (+1000 and 2 Eliteness if you use Firefox and its unlimited tabs)
  29. Have you used Wikipedia on more than one browser at a time? (16)
  30. Have you vandalized Wikipedia on one browser and then gone on another browser to revert the edit? (-1000, YOU VANDAL, CHEATER, AND LIAR!!)
  31. Have you ever made a sockpuppet of another account pretending to be them? (-2000, GET YOUR BUTT OUTTA HERE RIGHT NOW!!)
  32. Have you ever made a sockpuppet and then keep warning them about nonconstructive edits? (-1000, YOU FOOL!!)
  33. Have you ever made a sockpuppet and sent messages to them with your master account? (-4000, I need a list of your sockpuppets, and there's the door. Out. Parking garage. Car. Adios. Now.)
  34. Have you ever used Wikipedia to further your work related projects? (25, good for you)
    • More than 5 projects? (200)
    • More than 10 projects? (400)
    • More than 30 projects? (600)The Random Number God gives the player that marks this 1 Eliteness.)
    • More than 50 projects? (800, and a visit to the doctor...)
    • More than 100 projects?! (1000, we admire your active use of Wikipedia)
    • More than 1000 projects?!?!?! (10000, we highly admire your active use of Wikipedia)
    • More than 2500 projects?!?!?!?!?! (40000, we astoundingly admire your active use of Wikipedia)
    • More than 9000!!!!!! projects!??!?!?!? (-, epic win)
    • More than 100000 projects!??!?!?!??!!?!?!?! ≈(1173899323)
    • More than projects?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ( Dedication!)

Where you use Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Have you used Wikipedia from more than one computer in the past week? (5)
    • ... more than two? (25)
    • ... more than five? (50)
    • ... more than eight? (75)
    • ... more than ten? (100)
    • ... more than fifteen (250)
    • ... more than twenty-five? (500)
    • ... more than fifty?! (750)
    • ... more than eighty? (1000)
    • ... more than ninety? (1500)
    • ... more than 100?! (-750, liar you would have to use at least 14 computers a day!)
      • Really? (2500, you must travel around a lot)
      • ... did you edit Wikipedia on those computers? (635264840174535728304726473963749026454510386591027468292882727372736363663636381920375729)
        • ... all those computers? (27474599995323588963668094764647352910474645829204764719029474636719304846251694048265364849109374645363719293049376255, and 1 eliteness if the number of computers exceeds 120)
  2. Have you edited Wikipedia from more than one operating system in the past week? (10)
  3. Do you edit Wikipedia from work or school? (50 points, GET BACK TO WORK!!!)
    • Do you get annoyed when you see a "You have new messages" banner when other users have been vandalizing on the IP address you are using? (5)
      • Do you make administration aware of the vandalism? (10, good for you)
        • Did they block Wikipedia entirely when you inquired about it? (-20, ouch)
  4. Do you edit Wikipedia on a laptop? (36)
    • Did you just steal a laptop so you could get the points? (-300, go back to your cell)
  5. Do you edit Wikipedia on a tablet computer? (35)
  6. Have you ever edited Wikipedia in different countries? (50, good!)
    • ... from three countries? (75, nice!)
    • ... from four countries? (1000, exceptional!)
    • ... from 5 countries? (5000, extraordinary!)
    • ... from more than 6 countries? (5000)
    • ... from 257 countries? (-50000, nice try, there are only 256 countries)
      • ... really?? (50001, you must've taken a trip to Antarctica)
  7. Have you ever edited Wikipedia from the Moon? (8000, plus an additional 5000 for each alien you convinced to join)
    • Are you currently taking this test on the Moon? (2000)
      • Did you just hijack a spacecraft so you could get to the Moon for points? (9000, NASA HATES YOU!)
        • Did your spaceship stop in mid-air and fall down? (-1, ha)
  8. Have you ever edited Wikipedia from a planet besides Earth? (-8000, liar, no one has been to another planet yet)
    • Or do you come from another planet? (8001, sorry)
  9. Do you hook up to Wikipedia over a wireless Internet connection? (13)
    • Do you edit Wikipedia articles while over such a connection? (9)
    • Is that connection in a restaurant? (7)
    • Did you pick that restaurant because of the wireless connection? (5)
    • Or at a hotel? (6)
  10. Have you ever paid for a wireless internet connection used to hit the wiki? (150, This makes up for those dollars, hopefully)
    • In flight? (33)
      • Are you taking the test while in flight? (133)
  11. Do you edit Wikipedia when you are in the bath or shower? (5 points, but be careful not to make your laptop wet)
  12. Have you ever edited Wikipedia while taking a bath because you found it made the experience even more relaxing? (800)
    • Did dropping your portable computer device into the tub electrocute you? (1, SERVES YOU RIGHT!)
      • Are you sure? (-1000)
  13. Do you edit Wikipedia in the place where you normally eat meals? (10)
  14. Have you edited Wikipedia in all the rooms in your house? (50)
    • Does that include your bathroom? (100)
    • Does that not include your bathroom? (-25)
  15. Have you edited Wikipedia in your garden? (100 points)
  16. Have you edited Wikipedia while driving? (-500, You're insane)
  17. Have you ever edited Wikipedia on a non-computer device, such as a Wii, PS3, PSP, DS, iPod Touch, iPad or mobile phone? (50, for each)
    • If you have any devices that run on iOS, do you own the Official Wikipedia app? (10)
      • Did you just buy an iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone just to get the wiki app? (16, impressive)
        • While watching your favorite TV show? (20)
          • While watching TV, listening to music on the computer and two or more stereos and playing video games? (190, and an award for being a freakishly good multi-tasker)
          • Were you updating the storyline real-time? (60)
  18. While at a party or visiting a significant other, did you feel a need to check your watchlist? (20)
    • Did you ask somebody if you could use their computer to check Wikipedia? (40)
    • Did you leave the party/significant other so you could check it? (80)
      • Did your significant other get back at you by stealing your computer? (-200 and a marriage counseling class)
  19. Do you actually use Wikipedia at public computers, even if some pages advise you not to? (5)
    • Or do you uncheck the "Remember me" box when logging in? (15)
      • Do you usually uncheck that box anyway? (5)
  20. Do you use Wikipedia when you are waiting for a flight? (20)
    • ...when you should be on a flight? (50, you're a money waster!)
    • Do you find yourself importing Wikipedia's reference, navigation, and infobox templates? (10)
  21. Have you edited Wikipedia on a SmartBoard? (90)
    • Was that SmartBoard in a school classroom? (125)
      • Did you break into said school just to use Wikipedia on the SmartBoard?!?! (-750, and a jail sentence)
        • Did you break in to use Wikipedia on the SmartBoard, just to LOSE POINTS on this test?!?!?!?! (1, Ha! in your face, criminal...)
  22. Have you edited at your friends' house? (10)
    • At your BF/GF's House? (20)
      • Did they dump you? (1 for consolation)
    • At your parents' House? (10)
      • ... because you live with your parents? (-40, for cheating the above question)
      • ... but you think that the above question is unfair because you are still a minor? (50)
    • At your grandparent's house? (20)
    • At your aunt's/uncle's house? (30)
    • At the house of a guy you met five minutes ago? (1000, you've got nuts)
    • At your daughter's/son's house? (-25, you're being rude)
    • At your granddaughter's/grandson's house? (25, you're being cool)
    • Did you just go into a friends' house just to edit Wikipedia? (-10000, you're cheating!)
  23. Have you edited Wikipedia on a mind-controlled computer? (50000, and teach me how to open 6th sense)
    • Did you just buy a mind-control book to get the points? (-50001, hahaha. The Random Number God gives the player that marks this -1 Eliteness.)
  24. Have you edited Wikipedia from Oz? (-5000 for having a much too freakingly imaginative mind for Wikipedia)
    • Did the Scarecrow tell you how? (-10000)
      • Did you realise that this question makes no sense at all? (-100)
        • ...and are you still reading this question? (-20000)
  25. Do you edit Wikipedia in Heaven? (20000, Wikipedia Heaven doesn't count! Add 2 Eliteness.)
  26. Do you edit Wikipedia in Hell? (10000, not as good an achievement. Add 1 Eliteness.)
    • Or do you only vandalize from there? (-10001, -1 Eliteness.)
  27. Do you edit Wikipedia in Purgatory? (15000, Add 1.5 Eliteness, except that's technically impossible; so just round it up to 2).
  28. Do you edit Wikipedia from The Void? (-5000 for defeating the purpose of the Void, that it is void and contains nothing)

When you use Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Do you use the shortcut keys when using Wikipedia? (5)
  2. Have you gotten ideas about articles from your dreams? (10)
    • Have you gotten dreams from your ideas about articles? (50)
      • Have you gotten ideas about articles from dreams you have gotten from your ideas about articles? (250)
        • Have you gotten dreams from your ideas about articles from dreams you have gotten from your ideas about articles? (1250)
  3. Have you edited from the previous evening until 1 o'clock in the morning (local time)? (50)
    • ... until 4:00 AM? (100)
    • ... until 5:00 AM? (150)
    • ... until 6:00 AM? (200)
    • ... until 7:00 AM? (250)
    • ... until 8:00 AM? (300)
    • ... until 9:00 AM? (400)
    • ... until 10:00 AM? (500, and 1 sleeping pill)
    • ... until 11:00 AM? (600, and a few sleeping pills)
    • ... until 12:00 PM? (750, take some sleeping pills!)
    • ... until 3:00 PM? (900, eat a lot of sleeping pills!)
    • ... until 5:00 PM? (1000, Go to bed already!)
    • ... until 8:00 PM? (5000, Are you an insomniac?!)
    • ... until 11:00 PM? (10000, sleep deprivation is not a joke!)
    • ... until 6:00 AM after 24 hours have passed? (50000, Go to sleep! or you will be assimilated)
    • ... until 11:00 AM? (100000)
    • ... until 48 hours have passed? (250000, And this is where the real sleep deprivation effects occur)
    • ... until a week has passed? (500000, sleep deprivation starts to be life-threatening)
    • ... until a fortnight has passed? (1000000, sleep deprivation is in the middle of becoming life-threatening)
    • ... until a month has passed? (2500000, you will die from sleep deprivation soon)
    • ... until a year has passed? (10000000, you will have died from sleep deprivation by now)
    • ... until Wikipedia has shut down? (1099511627776, that's impossible!)
    • ... until the end of time? (-99999999999999999999999, no one can live to that day!)
      • ... really? (100000000000000000000000, wow!)
    • ... until 12:00 FM? (-500, liar, that time doesn't exist!)
      • I'm not on Earth, so it is possible to have more than 24 hours (10070)
    • Do you consume energizing drinks to keep you up? (175)
    • Do you think this question still counts out of context? (-175, Ha take that Red Bull)
      • On an unrelated note, do you believe Red Bull gives you wings? (-100 No it doesn't)
        • Did it??? (1000, are you human?)
  4. Do you hold Wikipedia nights, that is, nights when you intentionally go to bed late, after spending a certain number of hours editing Wikipedia? (25)
    • Do you get people to join you in such an event? (35)
      • Do you make it a party? (100)
        • ... and continue in the morning, without any sleep, sacrificing important daytime things to continue editing? (180)
          • Has such behavior made you nocturnal? (150)
            • are you nocturnal to begin with? (10)
  5. Do you wake up to find yourself editing Wikipedia? (40)
  6. Have you ever browsed Wikipedia while on the phone with your significant other/parents/boss? (6)
  7. Have you edited Wikipedia while engaging in sexual intercourse? (2000, but be careful not to crash your laptop/computer)
    • ... do you always do this? (3000, you have a case of wikiphilia)
      • while doing any other activity? (2000, plus 100 for each other activity. You get admission into mental hospital and a good multi-tasking award)
        • ...always? (3000, plus 200 for each other activity. You get admission into mental hospital and an awesome multi-tasking award)
          • Was your partner a fellow Wikipedian? (1000, Nice!)
            • Was your partner editing Wikipedia at the same time? (5000, but that's weird)
  8. Have you edited Wikipedia while eating? (10)
    • ... do you do this more than half the time? (20)
    • ... always? (60)
    • Eating? What's that? (-45, you must be dead now)
  9. Have you edited a Wikipedia article while listening to its spoken format? (50)
    • Did you create that version of the spoken format? (250)
    • ...while listening to a completely unrelated article? (100)
      • Did this make you accidentally enter irrelevant information into the article you are editing? (-120)
  10. Have you broken some sort of rule just to visit Wikipedia? (10)
    • More than three? (20)
      • Are you breaking a rule now? (-20 for bad behavior)
      • ... but do you feel that visiting Wikipedia is worth the consequences of breaking a rule? (30 for dedication)
  11. Did you steal a computer just so you could use Wikipedia? (-5000, and a prison sentence)
  12. Have you ever used Wikipedia for a research project and found yourself sidetracked to other articles that interest you? (9)
  13. Have you taken a WikiBreak and you were "successful"? (-20)
    • ... or did you come back immediately during your Wikibreak? (20)
      • ... but pretended it still counted because you only checked your watchlist and did not edit? (-5)
      • ... and made notes of what you would edit when you returned? (50)
    • ... did you manage to stay away for over a month? (-50)
      • ... completely? (-200, - Never hurts to check the watchlist for the worst of changes)
      • ...for over a 2 months? (-250, and you call yourself a Wikipediholic)
      • ...for over a 4 months? (-1250)
      • ...for over a 6 months??? (-6250)
      • ... for over a year????? (-312500, wtf!)
      • ... for over a 2 years? (-15625000, your account is likely to be usurped)
      • ... for over a 4 years? (-7788112255, get out!)
      • ... for over a 7 years? (-39999999990625, GET OUT!)
      • ... for over a 10 years? (-19531111111125, SIMPLY GET OUT!!!!! )
      • ... for over a 22 years, 262 days? (-97656666666625 I said: "SIMPLY GET OUT!!!!!"!!!!!
      • ... for a 122 years, 164 days? (-1000000000000000000000000000 and -48828125 Eliteness, then GT*O!!!!!!!!)
      • ... but you wil return after? (1000000000000000000244140625 and 48828126 Eliteness, Still alive? Wow!!!)
    • ... or do you not know what a Wikibreak is? (-1, you don't want to)
    • ... or is it impossible for you to take a Wikibreak? (100)
    • ... or do you feel horrified when you see a Wikibreak template? (1, and a WikiCookie)
  14. Have you ever used the Javascript Wikibreak Enforcer, because you knew you wouldn't be able to stay away otherwise? (50)
    • Did you panic as soon as you hit the save key after setting it? (25)
      • or did you relax and not worry about it? (100, Good for you!)
      • Did you sneak back in using a doppelganger account to disable it? (-200, and your keyboard gets hidden)
      • Did you turn off Javascript to stop it working? (-500, That's naughty!!!)
      • Did you alter your system time so it wouldn't kick in? (-1000, - Now that's plain out of order! :O )
  15. Have you ever attempted to leave Wikipedia for good? (-150, mean)
    • Did you fail? (45)
    • Have you reached your 50% of your previous number of edits per month? (-50, but it's probably for the best)
      • 100%? (50)
      • 200%? (500, and check to make sure your partner isn't packing their things)
      • 300%? (5000, and check to make sure your partner isn't packing your things)
      • 400%? (50000, and check to make sure your partner isn't breaking your things)
      • 500%?! (500000, and check to make sure your partner isn't bankrupting you)
      • 600%?! (5000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't ruining your life)
      • 700%?! (50000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't ruining your reputation)
      • 800%?! (500000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't ruining your mind)
      • 900%?! (5000000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't destroying your mind)
      • 1,000%?! (50000000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't destroying your soul. This is not possible unless she has help with the Random Number God or the darkness. In this case, add 1 Eliteness.)
      • 1,500%?! (500000000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't stealing your soul. This is also not possible unless she has help with the Random Number God or the darkness. In this case, add 2 Eliteness.)
      • 2,000%?! (5000000000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't cooking your soul. This is also not possible unless she has help with the Random Number God or the darkness. In this case, add 5 Eliteness.)
      • 3,000%?! (50000000000000, and check to make sure your partner isn't eating your soul. This is also not possible unless she has help with the Random Number God or the darkness. In this case, add 10 Eliteness.)
  16. Have you ever paid way too much money for airport wireless connection while waiting for a flight, just so that you could visit Wikipedia and make sure it had not fallen apart? (50, have more faith in the servers)
  17. Have you not spoken/interacted with any family members for 1 month due to editing Wikipedia? (100)
    • 2 months? (200)
    • 3 months? (300)
    • 6 months? (600)
    • 1 year?! (1200, You should at least socialize with them!)
    • 2 years?!?! (2400, What a shut-in you are...)
    • 3 years?!?! (3600, and a life. (get a life.))
    • 10 years?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? (12000, (Might wanna get one of the new expansion packs for World of Wiki, It is called Get a Life)
    • 22 years, 262 days?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!?! (1515151616524, and 9001 lives.)
    • Or you can't remember the time due to editing Wikipedia so much? (125)
  18. Have you ever pulled your car up outside of a restaurant with wireless so that you could "borrow" their Internet for a quick peek at Wikipedia? (70)
    • ... do you do this every day? (200)
  19. When writing something for school or work, do you often start trying to add internal links (or other Wiki formatting code) to it? (50)
    • Copying and pasting? (-20, naughty shortcut)
  20. Have you ever edited Wikipedia during a thunderstorm? (100, very risky though)
    • Were you ever struck by lightning while editing Wikipedia? (-5000, LIAR!)
      • Were you really? (10000, you're dedicated to the cause)
  21. Have you ever edited Wikipedia when you were in a hurricane? (1000, super risky, and the window of your house could have broken)
    • Near the eye? (-1000, your house could have blown away)
      • In the eye? (5000, you take every opportunity!)
        • ... because the building you were in was hurricane-proof, for example those in Hong Kong? (1000, now I understand you're safe)
    • ... editing the article about the hurricane? (50 for your contribution to current events)
    • ... creating the article about the hurricane? (100, even better)
      • Did you edit the article based on your own observations of the hurricane? (-25, no original research!)
  22. Have you ever looked for the answer to a quiz show question on Wikipedia? (6)
  23. Have you ever cheated by using Wikipedia on a school test to get a better grade? (-20, we don't like cheating)
    • Did the teacher see it and you get a bad grade? (20, we feel compassionate towards you)
    • Did the teacher see it and gave you an F- ? (100, we feel sorry)
    • Did you lie that you didn't cheat? (-123456789, only an idiot would do that)
  24. Have you ever used Wikipedia at a sporting event? (10, you must either hate sports or love Wikipedia)

What you do on Wikipedia[edit]


  1. Are you an administrator? (1000)
  2. Are you a bureaucrat? (2900)
    • ... from an ancient human civilization? (-3145, How did you get to this page?)
    • ... from an ancient alien civilization? (-5179, Nice try)
      • Really? Did you use a time machine to get to this age? (9715, sorry)
        • Did you use a time machine to get the time machine that you used to get to this age? (100, wait, what?)
  3. Are you a steward? (3500)
  4. Did you create this test? (-100, liar)
    • ...Really? (1000)
  5. Did you edit this test? (50)
    • Did you just edit this test just to get the points? (-100, cheater)
  6. Did you vandalize this test? (-1000, come on, shut your computer down. NOW!)
    • Did you start vandalizing the test just then so you could get a kick out of losing points? (-10000, SHUT THIS COMPUTER DOWN RIGHT NOW AND GET OUT OF HERE. NOW. JUST... JUST GO AWAY.)
      • Are you still here? (-100000, LISTEN THE FIRST TIME, OKAY??)
  7. Have you started new articles? (5)
    • ... 5-24 articles? (10)
    • ... 25-99 articles? (50)
    • ... more than 100 articles? (500)
    • ... more than 500 articles? (1000, insane)
    • ... more than 1,000 articles? (5000, very insane)
    • ... more than 3,000 articles? (20000, Radical!)
    • ... more than 6,666 articles? (50000, Sublime.)
    • ... exactly 6,724,118 articles? (-10000, LIAR!)
    • ... more than 6,724,118 articles? (-6724118, SUPER LIAR!)
    • ... more than 59,113,207 articles? (-59113207, SUPER DUPER LIAR!)
    • ... more than 1,173,899,323 articles? (-1173899323, SUPER DUPER MEGA LIAR!)
    • ... were they in your userspace? (-100, SUPER DUPER MEGA GIGA LIAR!!!)
      • ... were those pages in your userspace sandboxes for a future creation? (150, sorry!)
  8. Do you make redirect pages? (1)
    • Have you made more than 10? (11)
      • ... more than 100? (111)
      • ... more than 1,000? (200)
      • ... more than 10,000? (2000)
      • ... more than 100,000? (20000)
      • ... more than 1,000,000? (-20000, yeah right!)
        • ... really? (30000, you're crazier than I thought)
      • ... more than 6,724,118? (-200000)
        • ... really? (300000)
    • ... and use the proper redirect templates to indicate their type? (10)
  9. Have you made more than 1,000 edits on Wikipedia? (30)
    • ... more than 4,000? (150)
    • ... more than 10,000? (350)
    • ... more than 25,000? (900)
    • ... more than 50,000?! (1750, go outside)
    • ... more than 150,000?!?! (4000, Go Outside!)
    • ... more than 500,000?!?! (25000, Go The Hell Outside!)
    • ... more than 1,000,000?!?! (225000, Hello, Vanguard!)
    • ... exactly 1,173,899,323? (-9000, FAIL)
      • ... really? (9001, WIN)
  10. Have you (not a bot you created) made more than 10 edits in one day? (1)
    • ... more than 50? (10)
    • ... more than 100? (50, not bad)
    • ... more than 1,000? (500, and a life)
    • ... more than 10,000? (-1000, you LIAR!!)
    • ... more than 100,000? (-1000000, YOU'RE LYING!)
      • ... 1,173,899,323? (9000, ANOTHER WIN)
  11. Have you made more than 1,000 edits in a single calendar month? (200)
    • ... more than 2,000? (350)
    • ... more than 4,000? (500)
    • ... more than 8,000? (800, are you serious?!?)
    • ... more than 25,000? (2500, really?!?!?)
    • ... more than 100,000?? (-1000, pop go the servers)
    • ... 1,173,899,323? (-50000, you lie like a sleepy dog)
      • ... have you really? (25000 and a wikibreak)
  12. Have you made at least 1,000 edits in a week (seven days)? (250)
    • What about 2,000? (750)
    • Have you managed '5,000'? (2500, are you a wikibot?)
    • '10,000'?!? (10,000)
    • 1,173,899,323×1099?!?! (-250000, LIAR!)
      • REALLY?? (250001, here you go!, and GET A FREAKIN LIFE!!!!!!!)
  13. Do you comment on articles or engage in discussions? (20)
  14. Do you wander on Wikipedia looking for something to contribute to? (16)
    • Do you not find anything? (-100, wow... there are so many things to contribute to... FAIL)
      • ... but do you think that that question is unfair because... well... you just want more consolation points? (-1, sad...)
  15. Do you request that articles be created, improved, expanded, deleted, etc.? (5)
  16. Do you actually do these yourself? (20)
  17. Have you requested a new software feature, or reported a bug, in the last few weeks? (2)
    • Do you abuse bugs you find for your own nefarious purposes? (-100, jerk)
  18. Do you try to put an edit summary on ALL of your edits? (3)
    • Do you freak out when you realize you've forgotten your edit summary? (50)
    • Or have you set your preferences to force an edit summary? (100, good job)
    • When changing your preferences, do you tend to prepare an edit summary, only to find out there isn't a place to type it in? (15)
      • Do you try to put an edit summary on every single website, such as a blog, that you can edit, but realize there isn't a place to type it in? (50)
  19. Have you ever moved a page? (5)
    • ... more than 10? (50)
    • ... more than 50? (250)
    • ... more than 100? (500)
    • ... more than 500? (2500)
    • ... more than 1000? (5000)
    • ... more than 5000? (25000)
    • ... MORE THAN 9000?!?! (45000)
    • ... you can't remember, due to having moved so many? (50000)
    • ... while also moving your house? (555, you are so conscientious!)
  20. Have you ever contributed significantly to an article in order to make it featured, and succeeded? (77)
    • 2-4 articles? (130)
    • 5-10 articles? (400)
    • 11-19 articles? (999, and a barnstar)
    • 20+ articles? (2000, and two more barnstars)
      • Did you create that/those article(s)? (50, per article)
  21. Do you hate to do "serious" research on Wikipedia because it's more fun to edit it? (11)
  22. Do you regularly participate in XFDs (articles, categories, redirects, templates, user categories, images, stub types, miscellaneous)? (50)
  23. Do you regularly participate in deletion review? (70)
  24. Do you belong to a WikiProject? (8)
    • 2 or more? (16)
    • 5 or more? (40)
    • 10 or more? (85)
  25. Have you ever created a WikiProject? (25)
    • ... more than 3? (100)
    • ... more than you have fingers? (250)
    • ... do you have fewer than 1 fingers? (-255, for cheating the above question)
      • ...did you cut off your fingers just so you could answer that, then realize that you lost points? (-10000, and go to the emergency room)
    • Has it existed for at least 6 months and is active? (30, per WikiProject)
  26. Have you ever nominated an article for speedy deletion? (5)
    • More than 10? (25)
    • More than 100? (150)
      • Is it because you are a new page patroller? (50)
      • Is it because you created it as a test? (-30)
      • Have you memorized all of the CSD criteria? (75)
      • Or just a handful? (10)
      • Did you just create an article and tagged it for speedy deletion yourself?! (-9001)
  27. If you're an administrator, have you ever deleted a page? (100)
    • Was it a featured article? (-200, and a desysopping)
    • Was it this page?! (-4000, don't you understand the {{humor}} tag?)
    • Was it the Main page?!?! (-80000, LIAR)
      • Really? (-6400000, evil)
        • Or did you just try to delete the main page? (-1000, it's the thought that counts)
  28. If you're an administrator, have you ever uploaded a deleted article to Deletionpedia? (30)
    • More than 10? (50)
    • More than 50? (100)
    • More than 100? (200)
      • Had you deleted any of those articles? (10, for each one)
      • Had you created any of those articles? (-20, for each one—as an administrator, you should be setting a good example)
      • Have you ever deleted articles from Deletionpedia? (-1000, NO, NO, NO)
  29. When you see an article that needs to be wikified, do you place the {{wikify}} tag on it, and hope somebody else will get around to it? (5)
    • Did you appropriately date it? (10)
    • Or did you wikify it yourself? (21)
  30. Have you ever de-orphaned an article? (5)
    • More than 50? (75)
    • Or did you re-orphan those same articles? 0.o (-500, why would you do such a thing?!)
  31. Have you ever proposed an article for deletion with the PROD template? (5)
  32. Have you ever contested a PROD on an article you had nothing to do with, but disagree with the PROD? (10)
  33. Have you ever supported a PROD using the prod2 template? (10)
    • More than 100? (123)
  34. Have you ever participated in an WP:RFA? (5)
    • More than 25? (50)
    • Do you include reasons for your vote? (10)
      • Or do you just go with the flow and cause snowballs? (-5)
        • Or do you go against the flow and annoy everybody? (-20)
          • Were you actually right in going against the flow? (20, nice job on your insight)
  35. Have you, in your impatience for others to edit an article, brought an article all the way from a sub-stub or stub to featured article status? (1000)
  36. Have you ever edited Wikipedia so much that you broke your computer and had to buy a new one? (1000, very addicted)
    • 2 computers? (2000)
    • 3 computers? (3000)
    • 4 computers? (4000)
    • 5 computers? (-5000, liar!)
      • Really? (6000, be careful not to kill this computer!)
        • Was that warning too late? (-50000, LIAR!!!)
          • Really? (59001, what are you taking the test from?)
  37. Have you edited Wikipedia in the 3rd Dimension? (20000, Can you upload a photo?)
  38. Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 4th Dimension? (5000)
    • Did you get into a tesseract? (314159, wow)
      • Did you get into a tesseract for the points? (-331144115599)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 5th Dimension? (3000)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 6th Dimension? (5000)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 7th Dimension? (12500)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 8th Dimension? (50000)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 9th Dimension? (300000)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia to the 10th Dimension? (700000, One word... EPIC)
  39. Have you ever edited Wikipedia in the future? (1000, I want your time machine)
    • Have you ever edited Wikipedia back to the future? (5000, I want your flux capacitor)
  40. Have you ever edited an edit related to Wikipedia? (1000, go score yourself)
  41. Have you ever made a test edit on the Sandbox? (20, good job)
    • In other pages in Wikipedia space? (-100, fool!)
    • In a talk page? (-200, Discussion is important to a wiki)
    • In article space?! (-600, no comment, also, get out.)
    • Have you made a regular edit in the Sandbox? (1, that was pointless.)
  42. Have you edited two pages at the same time? (100, great)
    • 3 pages? (500, awesome)
    • 4 pages? (1000, epic)
    • 5 pages? (5000, wow)
    • 6 pages? (10000, wowza)
    • 7 pages? (50000, stellar)
    • 8 pages?! (100000, impossible)
    • 9 pages?! (500000, seriously?)
    • 10 pages?! (1000000, what)
    • 11 pages?! (5000000, that is just insane)
    • 12 pages?! (10000000, wat)
    • 13 pages?! (50000000, honestly, just stop)
    • 14 pages?! (100000000, that is too many)
    • 15 pages?! (500000000, oh my god)
    • 16 pages?! (1000000000)
    • 17 pages?! (5000000000)
    • 18 pages?! (10000000000)
    • 19 pages?! (50000000000)
    • 20 pages?! (100000000000)
    • 21 pages?! (500000000000)
    • 22 pages?! (1000000000000)
    • 23 pages?! (5000000000000)
    • 24 pages?! (10000000000000)
    • 25 pages?! (50000000000000)
    • All the pages on Wikipedia at once??! (-500000000, for causing 59,113,207 edit conflicts)
      • ...but they were all constructive edits! (100000000000, for your extreme dedication)
      • ...but they were all *aherm* vandalism? (-340282366920938463463374607431768211456)
        • Did your edits, although constructive, happen to crash the servers? (20, we know you feel bad about that)

Special pages[edit]

  1. Do you click on Random article at least once a day (just because you're bored)? (5)
    • Is the Wikipedia Random article your home page? (25)
    • Have you ever clicked Random article and gotten an article you have already edited? (100)
      • ... an article that you created? (150)
      • Has this happened several times? (200)
      • Several times a day? (1000)
      • So often you're starting to get annoyed? (5000)
      • So often you've lost faith in the number of articles on Wikipedia? (-10000, I find your lack of faith disturbing!)
  2. Do you check Recent changes almost every day? (2)
    • Do you check Recent changes more than ten times a day? (7)
    • Do you have Recent changes bookmarked? (3)
    • Is Recent changes your homepage? (5)
    • Do you have it open and told your browser to refresh it every 5 seconds? (100)
      • do you check every edit in recent changes for possible vandalism? (300)
      • ... are you on the recent changes patrol? (180)
      • do you do the same with new pages? (100)
      • Do you not know what recent changes is? (-10, and find out)
  3. Do you manage to get the same list of changes on Recent changes twice? (20)
    • ... because of a database lockdown? (1)
  4. Do you check your watchlist almost every day? (2)
    • Do you check your watchlist more than ten times a day? (10)
    • More than 25 times a day? (20)
    • Is your watchlist your homepage? (40)
      • ... do you check your watchlist more than any other page on the Internet? (100)
        • ... more than 100 times more often than you check your email inbox? (120)
    • Do you not know what a watchlist is? (-10, and find out)
  5. Do you have more than 30 items in your watchlist? (5)
    • ... more than 100? (30)
    • ... more than 500? (120)
    • ... more than 2,000? (400)
    • ... more than 5,000?! (901)
    • ... more than 10,000?!?!?! (1802, and problems. FYI: Watchlists over 9800 items large cause problems.)
    • ... more than 6,724,118!!!!???!!!??!?! (2000, and serious issues.)
    • ... more than 59,113,207!!!!???!!!??!?!!?!!? (5000, how is that even possible?! Add 1 Eliteness.)
    • ... more than 1,173,899,323!!!!???!!!??!?!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! (15000, Are you trying to rip a hole in spacetime?! Add 3 Eliteness.)
    • ... more than 3,409,440,949!!!!???!!!??!?!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111?!?!?!1111??1111111111111oneoneonequestionmark?!?! (25000, No words... Add 5 Eliteness.)
    • ... do you look through your entire watchlist for any vandalism since the last time you checked it? (30)
      • ... do you use popups for this purpose? (20)
      • ... do popups freeze your computer sometimes? (30)
      • ... do you close the window, go back to Wikipedia, and log back onto your watchlist everytime this happens? (50)
  6. Have you had to change your watchlist edit threshold? (10)
    • To more than 1000 edits? (200)
  7. Is this page on your watchlist? (34)
    • Did you just add it to increase your score? (-68)
  8. Have you used more than 20 different special pages? (20)
  9. Have you tried to use ALL the special pages?! (400, and a Special Page barnstar)


  1. Have you created an account in Wikimedia Commons to upload images? (100, good)
  2. Have you uploaded images to Wikimedia Commons? (200, nice)
    • More than 1? (22)
    • More than 10? (75)
    • More than 50? (175)
    • More than 100? (475)
    • More than 250? (775)
    • More than 500? (1475)
    • More than 1000? (2875)
    • More than 9000? (28475)
    • More than 10000? (282475)
    • Less than 0? (-3000, idiot)
    • More than -503? (0, of course!)
  3. Have you ever uploaded a picture or photograph to Wikipedia? (11)
    • More than 1? (22)
    • More than 10? (75)
    • More than 50? (175)
    • More than 100? (475)
    • Less than 0? (-3000, idiot)
    • Did you include the appropriate usage templates? (11)
      • Did you release all your self-created images under a Creative Commons license? (15)
      • Did you release all your self-created images into the public domain? (20)
    • Did you upload copyrighted images and use false templates to keep the picture from being deleted? (-665, naughty, naughty)
      • Did you randomly award them to yourself just for the points? (-1050, YOU FOOL!)
        • ... are you mad that you awarded them to yourself now? (10, ha)
    • ... do you think you deserve a barnstar but no one will award you any? (75, and many people feel your pain...)
  4. Have you had an image of yours used in the media? (10)
    • 5 times? (20)
    • 10 times? (40)
    • 25 times? (100)
    • 50 times or more? (250)
    • And, your Wiki name was credited? (10)
    • And, Wikipedia/Media was credited? (10)
  5. Do you think these questions are unfair because you can't take good pictures? (1 for consolation, now go take a picture of your cat and upload it. The internet never has enough cats.)
    • Do you think the above question is unfair because you don't have a cat? (1 for consolation)

User pages[edit]

  1. Have you ever edited another user's user page (not vandalize)? (3)
    • Have you vandalized that user's page? (-125)
      • ... do you have a complex network of sockpuppets to vandalise people's userpages? (-1000, and a ban)
      • ... and told them, even though it's easy enough to find out already? (2, for bravery)
  2. Does your talk page have an archive? (5, plus 1 for each archive after the first)
    • Did you archive your talk page after 10 comments or fewer? (-50, -20 for cheating the above question, and -30 more for being too much of a neat freak to be a Wikipediholic)
    • Do you have a total of more than 100 posts on your talkpage? (5)
    • ... more than 1000? (80)
  3. Does your user page/subpage have userboxes? (1)
    • ... more than 5? (25)
    • ... more than 10? (45)
    • ... more than 50? (175)
    • ... more than 100? (275)
    • ... more than 300? (485)
    • ... a ton? (789)
    • ... you have no idea due to the great number of them? (1000)
    • ... way too many to count? (1000, you seem to love userboxes...)
    • ... an impossible amount?! (10657, you seem to have Userbox Collecting Syndrome)
    • ... Infinity (43000, Holy Cow)
    • ... Infinity plus astral one? (70000, holy crap...)
      • Is your userpage constituted solely by userboxes? (10000, you REALLY seem to love userboxes...)
  4. Have you ever created a userbox? (10)
    • ... more than 5? (50)
    • ... more than 10? (150)
    • ... more than 50? (300)
    • ... more than 100? (500)
    • ... a ton? (789)
    • ... you have no idea due to the great number of them? (1000)
    • ... way too many to count? (1000, you seem to love making userboxes...)
    • ... an impossible amount?! (125000, you seem to have Userbox Production Syndrome)
    • Have you ever seen a userbox you created on someone else's user page/subpage? (30)
      • ... more than one on the same page/subpage? (100)
  5. Have you gotten an award for having such a great userpage? (50)
    • ... have you helped to design others' pages? (100)


  1. Did you vandalize information to cause the dark ages? (-3000)
  2. Do you vandalize while under an IP? (-5000)
  3. Do you vandalize while logged in? (-2000)
    • ... on a non-primary account? (-5000... you think you're so smart, well you're not...)
      • ... only on your own user page, vandal boxes/pages, the sandbox, and WP:EUI? (-20)
        • ... on others' userpages/talkpages? (-5000, sicko)
  4. Have you vandalized Wikipedia at least
    • once? (-1, well it could be worse)
    • twice? (-12, don't you dare do it again)
    • five times? (-123, a 1 week block and get out)
    • ten times? (-1234, a 6 month block and GET OUT!!)
    • 25 times? (-12345, an indefinite block and you get out of here in 1...2..)
    • 50 times? (-123456, a global block and JUST GET OUT!!)
    • 64 times? (-1234567, a ban from Wikimedia and I SAID JUST GET OUT!!!)
    • 72 times? (-12345678, a permanent ban from the internet and I TOLD YOU JUST GET OUT!!)
    • 75 times? (-123456789, a permanent ban from the computer and FOR THE LAST TIME JUST GET OUT!!)
    • 88 times? (-12345678910, a permanent ban from all computers and WHAT PART OF JUST GET OUT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?)
    • 96 times? (-1234567891011, a permanent ban from life and I ALWAYS KEEP TELLING YOU WHAT PART OF JUST GET OUT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?
    • 100 times? (-123456789101112, FOR GOD'S SAKE, GO AWAY ALREADY!!)
    • 1000 times? (-12345678910111213 INSTANTLY, because then you lose even more points, don't you?)
    • 122,350 times? (-122,35040, GO TO THE HELL!!!)
    • 6,724,118 times? (-6,724,11846,257,016,DIE FOR FOREVER!!!!!!!!)
  5. Have you ever hacked Wikipedia's calendar? It did get hacked last year. And millions saw it. For you... (-10000)
  6. Did you try to vandalize, but the edit filter stopped you? (-75, Now don't hack to disable it...)
  7. Have you never ever vandalized Wikipedia? (1)
  8. Have you ever been blocked, and the block was not lifted until it expired? (-1 for each day you are blocked, but no penalty if you are blocked for less than 24 hours.)
  9. Have you been banned or blocked indefinitely? (-1000)
    • Because you've requested it? (1000)
      • Because you couldn't sustain your wikibreak? (100)
    • ... were you blocked unfairly, and later unblocked? (1000)
  10. Is your main goal in life to vandalize Wikipedia? (GTFO. NOW. AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!)
  11. Have you ever made nonsensical edits to pages that no one will ever see anyway just because you can? (-10)
    • On pages that everyone looks at? (-5000, That is pointless and stupid)
    • Have you ever reverted those changes out of guilt? (3, but it's going to be a few years before we trust you again)
      • ... and then reverted them back (and maybe back again) to increase your edit count? (-1000, get a life)
  12. Do you vandalize Uncyclopedia? (-1, we don't like vandalism, not even on Uncyclopedia)
  13. Have you ever reverted vandalism? (3)
    • ... more than 20? (5)
    • ... more than 60 times? (30)
    • ... more than 100 times? (90)
    • ... more than 500 times? (350)
    • ... more than 4000 times? (2500, and a life)
    • ... more than 10000 times? (7500, and two lives, and a mansion in Omaha)
    • ... more than 100000 times? (10000, and ten mansions in Omaha)
    • ... more than 500000 times? (50000, and forty-nine mansions in Omaha and a mansion in Lincoln)
    • ... more than 1000000 times? (100000, and 2,401 mansions in Omaha, 98 mansions in Lincoln and a mansion in Cheyenne, WY)
    • ... more than 5000000 times?! (500000, 5 eliteness, 122,500 mansions in Omaha, 2,401 mansions in Lincoln, 98 mansions in Cheyenne, WY and a mansion in wherever you feel like it)
    • ... 1,173,899,323 times? (-10000, not all edits are vandalism, ιδιωτ!)
      • Really? (-10000, you must really be strict about vandalism)
    • Are you on some sort of vandalism patrol? (25)
    • Do you warn the vandals appropriately? (10)
  14. Is your main goal on Wikipedia to revert vandalism? (1200, and maybe edit Wikipedia in some other way?)
    • ... have you warned more than 50 vandals? (50)
    • Do you use hand-written text to warn vandals to make it more specific to the vandal? (30)
      • ... has this made you a vandal/troll's target? (40, be careful)
    • Have you ever reported a vandal to WP:AIV? (5)
      • More than 50? (30)
        • ... you can't remember, due to having nominated so many? (45)
    • Do you use tools like Huggle, Igloo, STiki, or Twinkle to do so? (40 for each)
      • To be a complete troll? (-2000, go back under the bridge.)
  15. Have you ever created a custom userspace template used to warn vandals? (50)
  16. Do you ever dream nightmares about vandals? (25, and a wikibreak)
  17. When you see vandals on the Internet wanting to vandalize Wikipedia, do you get mad? (23)
  18. Have you ever had a disgruntled vandal create a personal attack article named after you or your username that was speedily deleted as a personal attack? (30)
    • ... has a person you know in real life vandalized your page or created a now-deleted article about you? (20)
      • ... more than 10 times? (100)
  19. Has a vandal ever vandalized your user page or user talk page? (5 points for each time)
  20. Have you ever been impersonated by a vandal, troll, or abusive sockpuppet? (10)
  21. Have you ever visited a Wikipedia-vandal in real life? (-10)
    • Did you yell at him/her? (20)
      • Did he/she kill you? (-2000, get back to your coffin!)
      • Did you kill him/her? (2000, and a prison sentence)
    • Was he/she still a vandal afterwards? (-5, try again)
    • Did he/she correct his vandalism afterwards all by him/herself, said sorry and promised never to do it again? (120, per vandal, thank you)
      • Did he/she do it again anyway? (-100)
  22. Are you a rollbacker? (30)
    • Are you not a rollbacker, but would like to be one? (50)
      • Did you request for your rollback rights to be removed just to get more points? (-70, for cheating)
    • Do you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way because it's more fun? (40)
    • When you see vandalism in real life, do you look for the rollback button? (100)
      • Are you mad because you can't find it? (20)
      • Or did you actually find it? (50)
        • Did it work? (100, I want one!)
  23. Did you write a 500-page essay about why Wikipedia vandals should be arrested? (8000)
    • Yes, when we were supposed to write a report on Bill Gates. (1421, Next time stick to the topic kid)
    • ...did you just start writing one to get the points? (-750, good effort though)
    • Have you actually created such a Wikipedia article, but it was deleted and you think the deletion log must be faulty? (500)
      • Are you going to try and fix this problem yourself? (300)
      • Are you also going to badger an administrator into bringing it back onto Wikipedia, or to at the very least upload it to Deletionpedia [1]? (250)
        • Or are you an administrator and will do this yourself? (280)
        • If you're not, are you going to beg an administrator to make you one so you can do it yourself? (400)
      • Or do you own a bot and are going to force it to upload your article to Deletionpedia? (-200, for cruelty to bots)
        • If you don't, are you going to steal someone else's for the purpose? (-2000, and a prison sentence, for both theft and cruelty to bots; you're almost being as bad as the vandals you think should be arrested, botnapper)
  24. Have you installed an Anti-Vandal tool? (25)
  25. Do you vandalize under your computer's IP? (-60)
    • Yes I do! MWAHAHAHA! (-135, you admitted it!)
    • You don't? (60, good for you!)
  26. Are you a dog and vandalize Wikipedia? (-1, you're one smart dog)
  27. How often do you vandalize Wikipedia? (-200, you shouldn't do it anyway)
    • Once a year? (-1, at least it's only once a year)
    • Once every three months? (-4)
    • Once every month? (-12)
    • Once every fortnight? (-26, out the door for you!)
    • Once every week? (-52, go on, OUT)
    • Every single day in a year? (-365, get the... just... just leave. Now.)
    • Every single day for 8297 days?!?!? (-1000, I REALLY hope not!)
      • REALLY?!?!? (-18297, simply GET OUT!!!)
        • Did you lie for the points? (8297, looks like we have a winner!)
    • Never? (3000 and stay forever)
  28. Do you try to vandalize the main page? (-52412123124, fail)
    • With a bot? (-325644648648651541645154185615641626456185466, I think you need to know what "view source" means.)
    • Were you an admin? (-30000, Adminship revoke.)
  29. Do you hate Wikipedia so much that you have created a project outside of Wikipedia made to vandalize it so it is useless? (-3000, you're definitely joking)
      • Are you just joking? (6724118, phew, you really had me scared there!)
      • But if you did, do you feel bad about it now? (50, and a little bit of grace, but you still make me sick)
  30. Would you smash vandals with a hammer? (4000, WIN)
  31. Do you vandalize on a shared IP? (-7000, way to evade the system)
  32. Have you ever compromised an account? (-10000000 for each account)
    • Does one or more of these accounts is an administrator account? (-1000000000000)
    • Does one or more of these accounts is an bureaucrat account? (-1000000000000000)
    • Does one or more of these accounts is an checkuser account? (-10000000000000000000000000000)
    • Does one or more of these accounts is an oversight account? (-100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
  33. Do you make lots of stupid and insane links on articles? (-1000, wtf!!)
  34. Have you ever became an admin, just to block users who annoy you? (-1000, why?? you should be usurped. NOW.)
    • Have they vandalized in the past? (2000, it doesn't hurt to punish them a little bit more...)


  1. Do you run a bot? (50, per bot)
    • Is it a vandalbot? (-2500, per vandalbot)
    • Do you think that last question is unfair because your bot does the work of many? (30)
    • Are/Is your bot(s) running right now? (20, for each)
    • Did you properly request bot status before running it? (5)
  2. Have you written a bot? (10, for each)
    • Was it a copy of another bot? (-1001, say you're sorry)
    • Did you properly request approval for your bot if yes. (100, good for you)
      • Did you not properly request approval for your bot if no (-200, better get approval)
    • does your bot have more than 100,000 edits? (500)
    • Do other people use your bot software to run their own bots? (30)
    • You're lying aren't you? (-100, get a book and start studying!)
    • Did you do that for the points (-100, for each)
  3. Did you learn the Python programming language just to be able to write Wikipedia bots? (20)
    • What about Perl? (20)
      • You're lying again aren't you? (-100, and set fire to your pants)
        • Do you already know those languages, and still wrote a bot in them? (20)
          • Do you now feel heavily prejudiced against, because you prefer to use the .NET languages, Java, C++, or another language? (30)
            • Did you just learn all of those languages for the points? (-250)
  4. Do you want to run a bot? (5)
  5. Have you ever suggested a job for a bot? (5)
    • Was it adopted? (20, and our congratulations!)
  6. Have you ever knowingly run a bot without approval? (-50)
  7. Are you a bot? (2500 to your creator for inventing a bot that can take tests)
    • Are you a person, but HAVE created a bot that can take tests? (2500, again)
    • ... Or has anybody ever called you a bot? (500, that hurts dude)
    • ... because you are counting the bot's edits as your own? (-2000)
  8. Do you have more edits than even some of the fairly active bots? (5000, hm...nice one)
  9. Do you think you're a bot? (5, and some hours at the psychologist)
  10. Do you make so many edits that you feel like a bot? (50, and a pat on the back)
    • Does this constant bot feeling make you feel important knowing that some idiot is going to have do it eventually? (10, we feel for you)
      • Does that feeling keep you from screaming in frustration because you do feel like a bot and now you know why they have bots for the boring things? (25, and a good stress ball)
  11. Do you know what ClueBot NG is? (5, ok)
    • Did you know without clicking the link? (2, is that possible?)
    • Or did you cheat? (-10, and you call yourself a wikipediholic...)
    • Do you race ClueBot NG to revert vandalism? (15)
      • Do you beat it? (5, impressive)
        • Every time? (7, VERY impressive)
      • Or do you wish to beat it, but it's too fast for you? (3, you tried, man)
    • Have you beaten ClueBot NG without the use of tools? (20, VEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYY impressive, man!)
    • Did you write ClueBot NG? (400, praise you, Lord!!)
    • Did you edit this page to anything other than "True"? (-1000, you disabled ClueBot!!)
      • Are you an admin and was it an emergency? (1001, sorry, here are your points)
  12. Has your bot gone haywire? (-1000, get the electromagnetic pulse tazer)
    • Did it do significant damage to Wikipedia? (-100000, and a ban from using bots forever The Random Number God gives the player that marks this -1 Eliteness.)
  13. Do you complain about bots on Wikipedia? (-5000, you wiki-luddite. Lose 1 eliteness because luddites are not cool)

Technical stuff[edit]

  1. Do you know how to make italic and bold text? (1)
    • Do you use <i> and <b>? (-3, this is why we use wiki software)
    • Do you use <em> and <strong> for in-context emphasis, versus '' and ''' (for <i> and <b>) in cases of purely typographic effects (like italicization of a book title)? (500 for understanding the semantic difference and its importance)
    • Do you use <u>? (-10 for poor usability—most users using Web 1.0 browsers think underlined text on a Web page is a link)
      • How about <img>? (-5, upload that image and use [[File:...]])
      • <a href ... >? (-10, are you attempting to spam?)
  2. Can you use LaTeX syntax? (10)
    • With ease? (60)
      • Did you learn how to use LaTeX syntax with ease for the points? (-600, FAIL)
    • With relative ease? (300, oh!)
      • Did you learn how to use LaTeX syntax with relative ease for the points? (-3000, Get out. please. just... get out.)
  3. Are you aware of what syntax such as {{{2|foo}}} does in a template? (40)
  4. Do you know what {{fullurl:Wikipedia|action=raw}}, {{ucfirst:{{padright:wikipedia|10|!}}}}, {{#ifexist:{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}||{{db-talk}}}}, and {{msgnw:Template:Disambig}} will produce? (30 for each one)
  5. Have you written a helpful monobook script? (200, good job, man)
    • Do you have two or more of these scripts in your own personal monobook? (30)
  6. Have you ever used api.php to find information about Wikipedia pages? (120)
  7. Have you used Wget to find information about Wikipedia pages? (-150, they removed it in the robots.txt!)
    • Did you write a script, and then analyzed the results? (50)
      • Was this script a bot? (50)
      • Was this a user script, written in JavaScript? (50)
        • Did you have so many queries per minute, that there was a server error? (-30, and a repair kit)
  8. Do you know the difference between substitution and transclusion? (20)
  9. Are you cognizant of the default thumbnail image width for all users? What is it in pixels? (30/50)
    • Are you aware of the recent errors resulting from the use of px in images? (10)
    • Do you know where this thumb width value can be changed? (30)
  10. Do you use Wikipedia:Sandbox or your own userspace sandbox to make test edits? (2)
    • ... and tell people experimenting in articles to use the sandbox instead? (10)
  11. Do you know how template macro substitution works? (100)
    • Have you ever used it before? (200)
      • ... more than 5 times? (300)
      • ... more than 10 times? (600)
      • ... more than 20 times? (1200)
      • ... more than 50 times? (2500)
      • ... more than 100 times? (-5000, liar)
        • ... really? (10000, sorry)
          • ... were you lying on that? (-100000, GET OUT)
  12. Do you understand what wfMsgWeirdKey( $wgRequest->getVal( 'msg' ) ) means? (100, don't worry if not, it doesn't really matter)
  13. Did you skip this entire section because you are stupid and didn't understand any of it? (5, at least you were honest.)


  1. Do you try to keep up to date with the main page? (15, good!)
    • Once every 22 years, 262 days? (-13632, and you call yourself UP TO DATE?!?!)
    • Once every ten years? (-7632, and you call yourself UP TO DATE?!)
    • Once every five years? (-3632, and you call yourself up to date?)
    • Once every year? (-2422, for hurting our Alexa ranking.)
    • Once every half a year? (-324, really?)
      • Or do you think the above questions are unfair because you're too busy editing? (17632, sorry)
    • Once every few months? (1, I guess that's ok)
    • Once every few weeks? (2, that's not the best but ok?)
    • Once a week (16, good.)
    • Once every two to three days (64, great!)
    • Once every day (132, awesome!)
    • Once every hour (631, I think you can pass the test!)
    • Once every minute (4234132232312121212, unbelievable!)
      • Was that for the points? (-1000000000000000000000000000000000000, GTFO)
      • Do you do it with a bot? (-10000000000000000000000000000000000000, YOU'RE WASTING SERVER BANDWIDTH)
        • Did you program the bot just so you could lose some points? (10000000000000000000000000000000000000, ha)
  2. Are you sick and tired of news that isn't updated? (7, we feel the same.)
  3. Do you check on the news every once in a while? (333, good)
    • Along with other news sources except Wikinews? (-3333, traitor)
    • Do you check it every hour? (5523, good)
      • Every 30 minutes? (11046, awesome!)
        • Every minute? (331380)
          • Every second? (19882800, how is that possible?!)
  4. Is this test easy? (-321, that's not true.)
  5. Did you develop a JavaScript addon? (10000, awesome)
    • Twice? (20000, for your second one)
    • More than twice? (42000, for each one)

How Wikipedia has affected you[edit]

Physical behavior[edit]

  1. Are you not getting enough sleep because of time on Wikipedia? (15, get some shuteye)
  2. Are you not eating because you are too busy taking this test? (15, and a feast that'll fill ten full-grown men for a month)
  3. Are you never at the bathroom because you are too busy on Wikipedia? (5, that explains why you smell like cow manure)
  4. When you wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep due to some nagging worry, do you get up and start working on Wikipedia so that you will get tired and have something relaxing to fill your mind when you go back to bed? (10)
    • Did you become so engaged on Wikipedia you forgot to go back to bed? (30)
    • ... or did you become so exhausted that you fell asleep while working on Wikipedia? (20)
      • ... causing your head to fall onto the keyboard and type long strings of the same letter into Wikipedia? (5, uh oh)
        • ... causing it to be saved? (5, oh dear)
          • ...causing you to get blocked for vandalism? (50 for compassion, and a rapid unblock)
            • ...indefinitely? (5000 to compensate for your bad luck, plus 40 for compassion, an instant unblock, and an instant indefinite block with no talk page access for the admin who blocked you, and 5 eliteness, just for the sake of it)
              • ...causing you to make a lot of unblock requests? (6000, plus 100 for each request)
                • ...causing your talk page access to be revoked? (7000)
                  • ...causing you to make another account? (7500)
                    • ...which got blocked? (8000)
                      • ...indefinitely? (8500)
                        • ...for sockpuppetry? (9000)
                          • ...then you created multiple accounts? (9500)
                            • ...and got your IP blocked? (10000)
                              • ...and went to other wikis? (10500)
                                • ...and got you globally blocked? (11000)
                                  • ...and went to Wikia? (11500)
                                    • ...and got globally blocked there? (12000)
                                      • ...and went to other wikis? (12500)
                                        • ...and got banned there? (13000)
                                          • ...and went to other websites? (13500)
                                            • ...and got banned from the Internet? (14000)
                                              • ...and evaded the ban? (14500)
                                                • ...and got sent to jail? (15000)
                                                  • ...and got a death sentence? (15500 and 10 eliteness)
                                                    • ... and got killed? (16000, how are you even taking this test?)
                                                      • ...and sued Wikimedia? (-12000000210320120203010, that's not very nice! Say sorry to Wikimedia NOW, or GET THE HECK OUT!)
                                                        • ...and won the case? (-10000000000000000000000000, and lose 20 eliteness for ruining a prime source of info. HOW DARE YOU!)
                                                          • you argue that the previous two questions aren't fair, because such a case never happened? (-5, for selecting them in the first place, yet 20 eliteness for doing that)
  5. Have you ever dreamed about Wikipedia? (50)
    • More than 50 times? (125)
      • ... everyday? (350)
    • Have you ever dreamed about other Wikipedians? (5)
      • ... did the dream involve harassing or otherwise doing something negative to that Wikipedian? (-50, be nicer in your dreams!)
    • Have you ever dreamed of wiki code?
  6. Have you woken up at night to realize you're at your computer editing Wikipedia? (80, now how did that happen?)
  7. Have you woken up early in order to edit Wikipedia? (10, here kindly mention your local time)
    • Before 7 am? (20)
    • Before 5 am? (50)
    • Before 2 am? (150)
    • Before 11 pm? (2000, GO TO BED!!!)
    • Before 9 pm? (5000, YOU REALLY NEED SLEEP!!!!!)
    • Before 7 pm? (-10000, LIAR!!!)
    • Before 3 pm? (-20000, MEGA LIAR!!!)
    • Before 1 pm? (-100000, LIAR!!!)
    • Before 12 fm? (-100000, THAT TIME DOESN'T EXIST!!!!!)
      • But I live in another planet... (10000000000000000, oh ok, and points back)
      • Did you try but fail miserably, since you're not a morning person? (5, at least you tried...)
      • Do you think the question above is unfair because you're not from Earth?! (100000)
  8. Do you not care about your dental health because you are too into Wikipedia? (50, start caring NOW)
    • Do you not visit the dentist, ever, because you are too busy editing Wikipedia? (100, go have a Wikibreak now, and brush your teeth immediately)
      • Has this caused your teeth to fall apart? (100, and a set of dentures)
  9. Are you late to school because you are too busy editing Wikipedia? (25, and show some discipline!)
    • Are you a half-hour late? (10)
    • An hour late? (50)
    • Two hours late? (100)
    • One hundred hours late?!?!?! (-10000, LIAR, you're missing two schoolweeks, and then some)
    • Really?!?!?!?! (1985754377543460874277990642876, don't speak near me)
  10. Have you stopped eating for a day because you were editing Wikipedia? (70, a wikibreak, and an all you can eat buffet)
    • For 2 days? (210)
    • For 3 days? (630, and please, just eat now!)
    • For a week? (1800, a wikibreak, and eat before you become a WikiAngel, with a buffet to fill the entire 354th Fighter Wing)
  11. Do you neglect using the shower because you're always on Wikipedia? (101, and some soap, because your odor is making my nose bleed!)
  12. Do you experience clinical depression, withdrawal, or some other symptoms—albeit minor—when you are unable to use Wikipedia for the time of 7 days? (5)
    • 5 days? (100)
    • 3 days? (300)
    • a day? (800)
    • 6 hours? (1200)
    • 1 hour?!?! (999999999, get a life, god dang it!!)
      • Has this caused you to experience these symptoms every morning, because you couldn't edit while you were sleeping? (10000000000000001, and get a life and a psychiatrist)
      • When you are forced off the wiki for 24 hours, and you are in the process of making a major edit or checking your watchlist, or reading a page, do you experience extreme depression? (20)
        • for 6 hours? (5000)
          • for an hour? (10000)
            • for any amount of time, regardless of its length? (20000000, awwww)
              • instantly? (16000000000, get a doctor—no, better yet, get a psychiatrist—now)
        • Do you weep for half an hour or more? (100)
          • for 6 hours? (1200, and a pat on the back)
          • for a day? (585357986431123456800865421134588864258065258, get a life, and an eye operation, because your big bulging eyes disgusts me!)
            • that hurts!!!! (100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, sorry dude, that was a joke)
  13. Are you distraught because you cannot edit Wikipedia while you take this test? (100)
    • ...because you cannot vandalize Wikipedia? (-500000000 and a block)
    • ...or are you editing in another window/tab while simultaneously taking this test? (300, where did you get a screen that big?)
  14. Do you freak out when the power goes out? (20, and turning on power...)
    • ... or do you kill "server kittens" while on Wikipedia? (-100, server kittens are cute! Don't hurt them!)
    • or you have a laptop and an internet pen drive? (100)
  15. Have you ever been injured/sick and checked the cure for your injury/sickness on Wikipedia? (40, we can diagnose it)
    • More than once? (80)
      • More than ten times? (120)
        • More than 30 times? (280)
          • More than 100 times?! (-500, go see the doctor now)
  16. When facing endeavors in real life, do you think to yourself that "if other Wikipedians have done it, so can I", check the article, and do it as if it were for Wikipedia? (100)
    • ... when you're depressed, do you edit Wikipedia to escape? (20)
      • ... does editing make you high? (420)
  17. Have you used Wikipedia to memorize more than 20 digits of an irrational number such as pi (π)? (10)
    • ... more than 100 digits? (100)
    • ... more than 1000 digits? (1000)
    • ... more than 10000 digits? (10000, holy crap...)
    • ... more than 100000 digits? (100000)
    • ... more than 1000000 digits? (1000000)
    • ... more than 5000000000000 digits? (-1000, it would take longer than your whole life to do that)
      • ... REALLY? (5000000000000, looks like we have a winner)
    • to memorize a word longer than 40 letters? (5)
      • ... longer than 80 letters? (20)
      • ... longer than 120 letters? (50)
  18. Have you used Wikipedia as a strategy guide for a video game? (55, and good luck with that)
  19. Have you used Wikipedia to learn a board game? (10)
    • ... chess? (12)
      • ... have you later used Wikipedia to help you become an FM? (400)
        • ... an IM? (8000)
          • ... a GM? (12000)
    • ... xiangqi? (15)
    • ... shogi? (20)
    • Has Wikipedia inspired you to create a new chess variant? (500, invite me!!)
      • ... or any other kind of board game? (400, invite ME!!!)
        • ... or any other game?? (800, INVITE ME FOR F****** SAKES!!!)
  20. Do you sometimes give "edit summaries" for your real-life actions? (20)
    • Do you ever tell your friends about Wikipedia? (100 and good job :D)
  21. Since registering on Wikipedia, have you often run naked around the house singing Traveling Wilburys songs? (-100, go find your pants, your trousers, and your flute)
  22. Have you gone legally blind because of editing Wikipedia too much? (1000, and a miracle doctor)
    • ... did you start editing just so you could answer "yes" to this question? (-4500, it's not our fault)
    • ... did you really start editing right now and have gone blind? (2000, wow...)
  23. Have you ever had a broken bone because of editing Wikipedia too much? (5700, ouch...)
  24. Have you gone insane from editing Wikipedia? (100, go see a psychiatrist)
  25. Have you had a spaz attack from editing Wikipedia? (-1000, Please don't submit that fdh28u9fh;dafgmapfjfd)

Social life[edit]

  1. Has anyone ever called you a "Walking Wikipedia"? (20)
    • Did you get the knowledge that resulted in this title from "reliable" non-Wikimedia sources? (-20, have more faith)
  2. Have you ever told someone about your countless edits? (5)
    • Did you get so caught up in what you were saying that you didn't notice the person you were talking to walked away? (-5 and a big cork in your mouth)
  3. Do you have a Wikipedia T-shirt (or another Wikipedia product)? (975, because you have to give us money for it)
    • More than one? (70)
    • Did you like giving us money? (3000, and a barnstar)
    • Do you want to send us more money? (9000, A barnstar, and adminship status—if you don't have it yet, of course)
  4. Has someone left you because of Wikipedia? (30, we feel sorry for you, dude)
  5. Is something you have thought was important, such as a social life, career or studies, suffering because you spend so much time on Wikipedia? (50, and GO BACK to it)
    • ... have almost all of your friends and acquaintances complained you edit Wikipedia too much? (100, please listen to them)
    • ... did you have those friends complain just for the points? (-75000,
  6. Do you judge people you know in real life partly or fully on the basis of their Wikipedia contributions? (10)
    • Do you think quality of contributions to Wikipedia is an important criterion in choosing a partner for a close relationship? (45, and a crash course in dating)
    • Do you think the last two questions are unfair because you are too busy editing Wikipedia to have any friends in real life? (500)
    • ... or because they promoted discrimination? (500, plus a peace prize)
  7. Do you argue that contributions to Wikipedia are productive or useful, unlike "wasting time" playing games or watching sports? (10)
    • Have you ever argued that contributing to Wikipedia should count as community service or volunteer time? (5)
  8. Have you ever phoned another Wikipedian? (2)
  9. Have you ever met another Wikipedian in real life? (20)
    • Is one of your friends a Wikipedian? (10)
  10. Have you ever attended a Wikipedia meetup in real life? (75)
  11. Do you live with another Wikipedian? (40)
    • ... are you married to this Wikipedian? (15, wow)
    • ... or are you not? (-50, :O I'm telling your spouse!)
      • . . . Or do you think that's unfair because you're not married (283)
  12. Are you in a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) with another Wikipedian? (30)
    • Did you recruit them to Wikipedia by telling them how amazing it is? (50)
      • ... or by telling them how much fun it is to vandalize? (-5000, GTFO!!!)
    • ... is this Wikipedian an administrator? (80, you'd better watch out, you'd better not pout)
    • ... or are they a Wikipedia vandal/troll? (-100)
      • A banned user? (-500)
        • Do you think those last two questions were unfair, because it's not your fault that they are stupid, immature vandals? (601, and a consolation, plus a miracle teacher)
          • If yes to that question, have you tried changing them? (200, and a thanks for trying!)
            • did that fail? (5, at least you tried, and another miracle teacher)
  13. Have you chosen to edit Wikipedia instead of being intimate with your partner? (25, and professional help)
  14. Has your partner expressed concern that you are cheating on them with the wiki? (30, and stop doing that please)
  15. Do you promote Wikipedia in person or by mentioning it on Usenet, IRC, forums or message boards, web pages, mail signatures, etc.? (10)
  16. Did you take a language course just to edit Wikipedia in more languages, or to translate Wikipedia articles in other languages to English? (125)
  17. Have you beaten someone up because they tried to prevent you from editing? (50, get a life!)
    • Was the person an administrator? (-50, that's not nice)
      • Was it because the person blocked you? (-100, why were you blocked to begin with?)
    • Was the person close to you? (5, control your anger!)
      • Was he/she a friend of yours? (10, you need a lesson on friendship.)
      • Was he/she your spouse? (-30, a big boo to you)
      • Was he/she your parent? (-90, ugh......)
    • Was it your psychiatrist? (-100, GO TO AN ASYLUM, YOU NEED HELP!!! Lose 1 eliteness)
    • Was it a cop? (-2000, and assault charges. Gain 1 eliteness)
    • Was it an FBI member? (-5000, you should be destroyed! Lose 3 eliteness)
      • Did you beat him up without the use of any weapons? (10000, I thought only Chuck Norris could do that!)
    • Was it the sovereign of your country (-9000, and a life sentence in jail)
    • Was it the military? (-10000, are you freaking insane?! Lose 5 eliteness for hating your country)
    • Was it the HULK?!?!?!?!?! (-20000, you're stupid)
      • Did you win? (30000, you have some serious passion, sir/miss)
        • YOU ARE A LIAR!!! (-99999, go find the Hulk and apologize)
          • You did beat the Hulk???? (99999, holy $#^@)
            • Did you do that for the points? (-5000, HA)
    • Was it Zeus? (-50000, who in the world would take on a Greek god?)
      • Did you win? (100000, holy crap, go find Zeus and apologize, and possibly some burnt offerings, plus 50 shades of men.)
  18. Do you have more friends on Wikipedia than in real life? (80)
    • Non-Wikipedian friends? (400, [lol, internet])
  19. Do you get angry when others call Wikipedia worthless and say it's for geeks? (20)
    • ...or do you not even care anymore and embrace your geekness? (40, Nice pocket protector)
    • Did you try to beat them up? (100, thanks for your loyalty!)
      • But did you fail epically because you were a geek? (200, bad idea, bad idea)
        • Did you blame Wikipedia for your injuries? (-500, it's not our fault that you have anger issues)
  20. Do you get upset when people call Wikipedia "Just an Encyclopedia"? (5)
  21. Have you encouraged people with recognized mental disorders or addictions to use WP, claiming it's "therapeutic"? (50, and, yes, it is)
    • Have you offered to help such people with their WP article on themselves, claiming it's "therapeutic"? (100, and, hopefully, it is)
      • Have you attempted to present a paper on the therapeutic effects of Wikipedia to a peer reviewed journal or conference? (200)
        • Is your Ph.D. thesis on the therapeutic effects of Wikipedia, despite your having recognized problematic behaviors related to (your) editing of Wikipedia? (1000, and revocation of license to practice psychotherapy in your state/province)
  22. Do you regularly use Wikipedia as a metaphor for life ("Hmm, I shouldn't have gone to a level three warning there")? (50)
    • Are you angered by people who try to end their lives, as a metaphor for vandalism? (20)
  23. Do you answer many questions with "Sorry, that's non-notable"? (50)
    • Do you then make articles about the subjects of those questions (-1, they were non-notable...)
  24. Does this image depress you? (10)
    • When you saw this image, did you form hives? (-10, and a doctor)
      • If so, were you too far into editing and didn't bother to do anything about them? (9, you lazybones)
        • Did you not do anything just for the points? (-9, sucka! HAHA!!!)
  25. Did you know there is a Wikipedia:Trading card game? (50)
    • Are you/Did you help design the game? (1000)
      • Do you plan on buying the game? (2000)
        • Do you own the game? (-1000000 for lying—the game is still being developed!)
          • REALLY? (10000000, and keep constructing!!!)
            • REALLY? (100000000, you idiot!)
  26. Do you think Wikipedia is better than Facebook? (100, hooray, a loyal Wikipediholic)
    • Are you in one of the groups for Wikipedia in Facebook? (200)
    • Do you think the above question is unfair because you're not on Facebook? (210)
      • Are you not on Facebook because you spend so much time on Wikipedia? (300)
  27. Do you think Wikipedia is better than life? (1500, get a clue)
  28. Do you find it difficult to enjoy a holiday because you would rather be editing Wikipedia? (15)
  29. Do you take a laptop or palmtop with you when you go on holiday so that you can continue editing Wikipedia when you are on holiday? (50 points, but do try to relax at least a little)
    • . . . Or do you think that's unfair because you believe Wikipedia is relaxing? (7365)
  30. Have you ever lost a job because you were so obsessed with Wikipedia, that you were spending more time on Wikipedia than concentrating on your job? (500 points, and good luck in finding a new job)
  31. Did you ever tweet about Wikipedia to your friends? (100, plus 50 for each new recruit)
    • ...Telling how bad this website is? (-9999, that was pointless)
      • ...Because of all the vandals? (-100, you still shouldn't tweet that Wikipedia is bad)

Computing habits[edit]

  1. Do you have a Wikipedia keyword or search plugin for your browser? (2)
  2. Have you ever spent more than 10 minutes making one edit? (10)
    • ... more than 20 minutes? (20)
    • ... more than 40 minutes? (40)
    • ... more than an hour? (60)
    • ... more than 2 hours? (120)
    • ... more than 3 hours? (180)
    • ... more than 6 hours? (360)
    • ... more than 9 hours? (540, learn to make up your mind.)
    • ... more than 12 hours? (720)
    • ... more than 16 hours? (960)
    • ... more than 18 hours? (1080)
    • ... more than 24 hours? (1440, takes that long to make 1 single edit?)
    • ... 72 hours?!?! (-5000, creating whole, fifty-thousand word pages doesn't count!)
      • ... Really?!??!? (9320, that is one very long edit.)
    • ... 168 hours????????!!!!!!!!!! (-7891, it does not take a whole WEEK to make an edit!!!)
      • ... REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (17971, you need a VERY LONG wikibreak)
    • ... 720 hours?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (-50000, it does not take a whole MONTH to make an edit!!!!!!!!)
      • ... REALLY?!!!!!!!!!!!1?????? (93200, I am shocked.)
    • ... 8,760 hours? (-100000, A year?! You have to be kidding me!)
      • ... did you get logged off? (30)
      • ... did you lose connection? (500)
      • ... REALLY?!?!!?!?!?!?!?1?1?1?!?! (625600, my goodness!)
      • ... did you accidentally shut down the computer before saving the edit? (25, would have been more if it didn't shut down)
    • ... Over 9,999,999,999,999,999,999 hours?!? (-9192, Are you joking?)
      • ... REALLLY???????????? (9903 for every extra hours, To--- I can't say anything! So shocked!)
      • ... You think that's unfair because you come from a different planet which has over 99999999... hours for a day? (9929, okay)
        • ... Plus more than 95838294892384923834849384938495838959384948859938587375 hours of the extra day hours? (1 for every hour of a day)
    • ∞ hours? (-90001 and -3 eliteness, honestly, how is that even physically possible?!)
      • REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!‽ (1337 + ∞ points, and 28 eliteness)
  3. Do you subscribe to a Wikipedia mailing list? (15 for each one)
    • Do you actually read the posts to that mailing list? (2)
    • Did you just do that for the points? (-90, nice try)
  4. Have you donated money to Wikimedia Foundation? (40)
    • Have you wanted to, but been too young or poor to do so? (20, it's the thought that counts anyway)
  5. Have you ever thought about editing a non-Wikipedia webpage? (4)
    • Have you ever looked for the edit button? (50)
      • Did you actually find it? (-1, wow...)
      • Or did you not find it because it was labeled change instead? (-10, that's cheap)
        • Because you switched back to Wikipedia without noticing? (20)
          • Or because it was another wiki? (-1)
            • ... one of our sister projects? (8, sorry)
          • ... a blog? (-1)
            • ... or do you argue that you haven't edited your blog in over a year because you're so busy editing Wikipedia? (15)
  6. Do you instinctively search for the "history" of a webpage to see recent changes? (10)
  7. Do you save offline copies of long pages (i.e., WP:AN, WP:RFAR, WP:MAGIC) or the mailing list so you can read them later when you are offline? (5)
  8. Do you save offline copies of this page? (50)
  9. Have you ever looked for the edit button upon seeing red letters on a VCR/DVD player's display? (15)
  10. Have you ever read an online news article or headline, spotted a mistake, and looked for the edit tag so you could fix the mistake on MoS grounds? (10)
    • After realizing that such articles are not in the Wikipedia namespace, do you consider logging in or creating an account so that you can fix the error? (5)
  11. Do you have the Wikipedia widget on your Dashboard, or on a Google desktop? (20)
  12. Do you use Wikimedia-related IRC channels? (8, for each you frequent)
  13. Have you ever signed a real e-mail, forum post, or any other message not associated with Wikipedia with ~~~~? (10)
    • more than 50 times? (50)
      • ... always? (180)
    • And the recipient wasn't irritated? (15)
      • ... because they're Wikipedians also? (10)
    • Have you actually written a Greasemonkey script that transliterates those four successive tildes to assure to have a proper signature at least when mailing from your web based mail-service? (25)
      • Or do you sign your posts by hand, integrating your Wikipedia signature into the message? (10)
        • Were you angry that the forum or email did not support wiki syntax? (25)
      • Or even compiled your own version of Firefox to do so? (36, you should send it to Mozilla)
  14. Have you ever added a link in an email and been annoyed that you didn't see the external link icon? (50, that's the spirit!)
    • Did you ever try to download a picture of it and place it in the email? (100, Really?)
      • Did you do it just for the points? (-199, why bother?!)
  15. Are you opposed to Britannica and all other encyclopedias because Wikipedia is better? (8)
    • Are you in support of Britannica? (-999, TRAITOR!)
      • ... but you think Wikipedia is better? (999, I give the points back at you, sorry)
  16. Has your touch-typing improved due to Wikipedia? (5)
  17. Has your typing rate at least doubled because of Wikipedia? (10)
  18. Have you created a custom keyboard layout to make editing easier (such as to quickly type an em dash)? (20)
  19. Have you ever edited one of our sister projects? (5, for each project)
    • Are you currently blocked on the project you vandalize? (-500)
      • Is that block indefinite? (-1000)
        • Permanent? (-10000, why are you here? Anyway, indefinite and permanent are the same thing. Lose 1 eliteness if you argued the semantics.)
    • Are you an active contributor to that project? (10, for each project)
      • Are you an administrator on that project? (50, for each project)
        • Are you a bureaucrat on that project? (200, for each one)
    • Do you have accounts on at least 10 different wikis? (50)
    • Have you added Leet spelling to articles, even if you are confused by it? (-1337, most of the world's population can't understand it)
      • Have you edited the Leet article? (1337, way to go!)
        • Have you edited the Leet Article in leet? (+1 eliteness)
    • Do you spend an inordinate amount of time trawling articles to ensure American/British/Canadian spellings are only used in appropriate articles? (5)
  20. Have you used Wikipedia so much that you've developed frequent headaches? (10)
    • poor posture? (15)
      • A hunchback? (30)
    • ... are these headaches severe? (50)
    • ... do you have one right now? (30)
  21. Do you get excited when you get to add a new service award to your userpage? (10)
  22. Do you hate computer lag while editing? (100)
    • Is your computer lagging right now (200, and clean your hard drive)
  23. Have you broken a keyboard from editing Wikipedia? (100, and a new keyboard)
  24. Is 24 hours the most time you ever spent on Wikipedia? (500, you must drink a lot of Red Bull)
    • 12 hours? (100)
    • 6 hours (20)
    • 3 hours (10)
    • 1 hour (-1, you should spend more time on Wikipedia!)
    • 30 minutes (-5, seriously, spend more time on Wikipedia)
    • 2 minutes (-50, What are you doing? vandalizing?)
    • 0 minutes (-100, liar! You're taking this test on Wikipedia)
    • -30 minutes (-700, How is spending negative time even possible?!)
    • i minutes (-2-3i), how does this even make sense?)
      • I'm from a universe with a completely different time structure, so it is possible (164+89i, please write an article on your universe!)
  25. Are you so obsessed with Wikipedia that you've created Wikipedia fan art? (123, show me them!)
    • Did you upload them to Wikipedia? (15, yay!)
    • Did you replace all of the images on the main page with your fan art? (-26, no vandals allowed)
    • Did you replace all of the images in Wikipedia with your fan art? (-143, LIAR!)
      • Did you make an article about your fan art? (-500, not notable)
        • Did you name your fan art "Wikipedia" and replace the actual page with an article about your fan art? (-569, STOP IT.)
          • Did you just make some fan art and replace "Wikipedia" with an article about your fan art just so you could lose points? (-3422, stop taking this test!!!)
            • Did you think the last few questions were unfair because your fan art is more notable than Wikipedia itself? (-7733, LIAR, YOUR FAN ART IS FOR WIKIPEDIA!!! Gain 10 eliteness if this actually happened.)

The rest of the world[edit]

  1. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia in a language that is not one of the official languages of your native country? (10)
    • ... in two or more? (20)
    • ... in five or more? (50)
    • ... in ten or more? (100)
    • ... in fifty or more? (500)
    • ... in 100 or more? (1000, OMG)
    • ... in 250 or more? (2500, you must be an omniglot)
    • ... in 9000 or more? (-90000, too many; Wikipedia has not - as yet - appeared in that many languages (see List of Wikipedias).
    • ... in 12345 or more? (-123450, also too many)
    • Have you taken this test in a language that is not used in the country you live in? (100)
      • Do you know all the languages this test is in? (500)
        • Are you currently translating this test into some other language? (1000)
        • Have you ever engaged in a foreign language course so that you can read the Wikipedia in that language? (50)
        • Have you campaigned to get new Wikipedias in languages that do not yet appear in List of Wikipedias? (20)
  2. Have you written or read for Wikipedia to improve your foreign language skills? (50)
  3. Did you stop using your expensive CD-ROM encyclopedia and use Wikipedia for everything instead? (12)
    • Or you have never used a CD-ROM encyclopedia in the first place (-20, cheater)
  4. Have you ever submitted an assignment for work or school that cited Wikipedia? (6)
    • Despite being told not to use Wikipedia or not to use encyclopedias? (12)
    • Did it cite an article that you had edited? (10)
      • Did you make the edit after getting the assignment? (10)
      • ... created? (25)
      • ... more than 10 articles? (40)
      • ... more than 100 articles? (400)
      • ... more than 1000 articles? (4000)
      • ... more than 10000 articles? (40000)
      • ... more than 100000 articles? (400000)
      • ... more than 1000000 articles? (4000000)
      • ... more than 6,724,118 articles? (-26896472, that's impossible)
    • And did the teacher give you a bad grade, because he/she is biased against Wikipedia? (10)
      • Do you think this is unfair? (15)
        • Did you lobby the school administrators to change this? (20)
          • Did it successfully change? (100, and a pat on the back from several other students)
        • or do you use your school computer time to play games instead of research? (-30, get back to work)
          • ... even if most games are blocked? (-100)
          • ... do you hack the school's censorship network to bypass the block and play games? (-200, and a detention)
          • or is Wikipedia blocked? (10, we feel your pain, buddy.... :-( )
            • Have you written to the IT department at your school asking them to unblock Wikipedia? (50)
              • Did they do it? (100)
              • or if they replied that it's blocked because of vandalism, did you inform them that they could ask any Wikipedia administrator to softblock the school's IP address to prevent vandalism rather than blocking the site entirely? (50)
                • Did they follow your instructions? (100, good job)
            • Do you hack into the censorship system to use Wikipedia? (100, just be aware of the abuse staff that could be watching)
          • Do you hang a huge banner with a Wikipedia logo on the wall of your classroom to protest this? (200)
          • Did you request a class change over it? (500)
    • Or did he/she give you a good grade due to the quality of your content (50)
  5. Are you a teacher who tells your students not to cite Wikipedia? (1)
    • And you mark your students down when they do it? (1)
    • Even if you publicly admit to editing Wikipedia yourself? (10)
    • Do you tell them to use instead the sources cited in the Wikipedia articles as citeable sources? (2)
  6. Do you often encounter Wikipedia-related items cited somewhere? (10)
  7. Has a teacher ever used something in their lesson that you know was definitely taken on Wikipedia (like being on the wrong language, say, using British English instead of American English)? (5)
    • ...does this teacher not use English works but still you know this was definitely taken from a sister Wikipedia (like Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese of Portugal for instance)? (10)
    • ... and did this inspire you to create something that they could potentially use in their lesson? (15)
      • ... and they used it? (50)
    • ...and this is the same teacher who publicly denounced Wikipedia during class? (5, for having a teacher with a double-standard)
  8. Have you ever used any of your non-Wikipedia work as a source in Wikipedia? (0, for vanity)
    • Was it a legitimate reliable source? (50)
    • Did that work cite the article in question? (-50, for circular reference)
      • Did you invent a time machine to make the circular reference legit? (1000, plus a patent)
        • Did you inadvertently create a time paradox in the process? (-1000000000000, what if Wikipedia suddenly ceases to exist?)
  9. Have you ever seen some of your work from Wikipedia published in a newspaper or other form of press? (50, points for each occurrence)
    • Do you become extremely excited when Wikipedia is mentioned on TV? (30)
  10. Do you buy or borrow books to help you write or edit articles on subjects you know very little about? (20)
  11. Have you ever bought a CD, movie, video game, or other image or multimedia recording so you can write the article, scan the cover and upload it to Wikipedia? (10)
  12. When you applied for community service, did you volunteer to "revert vandalism"? (15)
    • Have you ever thought about applying for community service to volunteer to "revert vandalism"? (20)
  13. Have you tried to revert your actions, after you realized they were wrong, but found out they couldn't be reverted? (12)
  14. Have you listed your work on Wikipedia on your curriculum vitae or résumé? (10)
    • Or will you do it when you apply for a job or university in the future? (8)
    • Did/will you put an edit summary on your résumé? (50)
    • Did/will you sign your résumé with ~~~~ at the end? (20)
      • Got turned down because of it? (30)
      • Got the job because of it? (50, I want your job)
        • Because the job interviewer was a Wikipedian himself or herself? (50)
  15. Do you believe that nearly all of your success in your workplace or school comes from information gained on Wikipedia? (8)
  16. When you see vandalism in real life, do you think "These must be the type of people that vandalize Wikipedia"? (2)
    • Or do you think "They must be the type of people who vandalize Wikipedia"? (25)
  17. Have you ever edited this test just to correct the grammar or put in a question with correct grammar? (35)
  18. Have you ever recommended Wikipedia to any of your real family or friends? (4)
    • Did they join Wikipedia and contribute? (8, for each person)
      • Or do they vandalize abusively? (-20)
        • Did you revert their actions? (20)
        • Did they create an abusive system of sockpuppets? (-50)
          • Did you delete their vandal articles and/or block them? (75)
  19. Do you rarely see the real world because of Wikipedia? (250)
    • Do you argue that Wikipedia is your "real world"? (5000, and a life)
  20. [[Do]] [[You]] [[Ever]] [[Write]] [[Like]] [[This]][[?]] (100, and a red link)
  21. Have you ever tried to do [http://This?] in real life? (404, and an HTTP 404 Error)
  22. Have you ever put <nowiki></nowiki> around your text that looks like [[This?]] (1000, and a Code eraser)
  23. Have you ever put coding in your writing? (500)
    • More than 11 times? (7000, That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.)

Wikipedia knowledge and opinion[edit]

  1. Do you love Wikipedia? (10, of course you do!)
  2. How would you rate Wikipedia?
    • It goes Up to Eleven! (1000, Awesomesauce!)
    • 10 stars out of 10? (200, you are SO awesome!)
    • 9.999.....? (150, is that 10?)
    • 9? (25)
    • 8? (5)
    • 7? (1)
    • 6? (0)
    • 5? (-1)
    • 4? (-50)
    • π? (-314, that's a mathematical constant)
    • 3? (-400)
    • e? (-1359, that's a mathematical constant)
    • 2? (-1400)
    • √2? (-1414, that's the square root of 2)
    • 1? (-3141, GTFO!)
    • 0? (-10000)
    • -1? (-100000, get the heck outta here!)
    • -1,000,000,000,000,000?!?!? (-10000000000000)
    • i? (-1000000, and -1 Eliteness for giving an imaginary rating)
    • j? (-10000000, but 5 Eliteness for giving a rating that exceeds imagination)
  3. Do you know who Jimbo Wales is? (15)
    • Do you not care who Jimbo Wales is? (-500, and you call yourself a Wikipediholic)
    • Do you know someone in real life who also knows who Jimbo Wales is? (20)
      • Because you told them? (-20, cheater)
    • If you don't know who he is, did you just look for his article? (5)
      • ... do you argue that his name is really Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales? (10)
    • Has he ever talked to you on your user talk page? (60)
      • Or are you a Jimbo Wales, just not the Jimbo Wales? (25)
        • ... because you changed your legal name to that of your idol? (-100, stalker)
        • ... since you want to be like him someday? (110, Good luck)
        • ... or are you THE Jimbo Wales? (-2000, poser!)
          • ... really? (50000, we love you man!)
      • Or are you a Jummy Jumbo Whale because you never get any exercise because you are always on Wikipedia? (100, an extreme diet and a Wikibreak for some exercise)
    • Have you met Jimbo Wales in real life? (1000, say hello to him for me!)
  4. Do you know what WoW stands for? (30)
    • Did you click on the link just so you could say yes? (-25)
      • Did you click on the link anyway, even though you knew? (10)
        • Are you genuinely afraid of what this stands for? (70)
    • Do you argue that this question isn't fair because WoW also refers to World of Warcraft? (10)
      • Do you think World of Warcraft is better than Wikipedia? (-10, traitor!)
  5. Do you know where the Wikimedia Foundation is based? (10)
    • Do you live near it? (200)
    • Do you know where its servers are? (10)
      • Did you move there to get the points? (1000 and a moving van)
  6. Do you know when Wikipedia was founded? (2)
    • ...or did you have to look it up after reading the previous question? (-1000)
      • ... with Google? (-10000, TRAITOR!)
        • ...or because you knew Wikipedia would be the first hit? (11000)
  7. Do you know who founded Wikipedia? (hint: see one of the previous questions of this section) (20)
  8. Have you ever thought about the social impact of Wikipedia? (10)
    • Have you ever been asked about it in an interview (e.g. for a newspaper)? (25)
  9. Do you think Wikipedia will be better than every other encyclopedia soon? (8)
    • ... or you think it is already better than every other encyclopedia? (18)
      • ... because you can change the spelling of the last word in the last question to "encyclopædia"? (-2)
  10. Do you consider Wikipedia to be the closest thing to a precursor for "the computer" in Star Trek? (5)
  11. Do you ever use Wikipedia to resolve a dispute outside of Wikipedia? (40)
    • Did you lose because your information was incorrect or not from a verifiable source? (-40)
      • Did you go back and correct the article? (50)
      • ... do you realize this question makes no sense? (1)
  12. Have you ever cheered out loud when you look at the updates on the Wikipedia Awareness Statistics? (5)
    • Did you get depressed when you found it was out of date? (500)
  13. Have you ever written a book about Wikipedia? (300)
    • Was it notable enough to get a Wikipedia article? (100)
      • Did you write the article? (30, but check WP:COI)
        • ... then have someone correct a slip you made in the article? (5)
      • Did you write a book about that article? (500, but look for more productive subject matter)
        • Did that book end up with an article? (200)
          • Was it deleted immediately for non-notability? (-200)
      • Did you call the book Main Page? (-200, for making disambiguation a mess)
    • Are you really mad about the fact that you wrote an entire book about Wikipedia yet got only 300 points? (4700, here, have the rest of them)
  14. Do you know how many users Wikipedia has? (10)
    • ... or do you protest to the above question because the number of users changes every minute? (5)
      • ... but then you realize you don't need to know the exact number of users (estimation) to answer yes to the above question? (5)
  15. Do you think you deserve to be labeled a Wikipediholic just for taking the hour needed to take this test? (10)
    • Did you click on any wikilinks while taking this test? (1, each)
      • Did you improve any of those wikilinks? (5, each)
      • Did you vandalize any of those wikilinks? (-100, each)
      • Did you vandalize this test? (-1000, for each time that you vandalize this test)
    • Do you know approximately how often a new user account is created? (5)
    • Have you ever made up a name for Wikipedia users? (10)
      • a song? (20)
        • ... is this song stuck in your head and you have no idea where the tune came from? (40)
      • a worshipping place? (50, but don't take it too far)
  16. Do you think Wikipedia is so good it should have its own planet? (500)
    • you can destroy it? (-700, we hate you now)
      • bring it back better than ever? (699, thank you. Although we still don't trust you yet.)
        • destroy it better than ever? (-5898694687687146867874635147848468741687541736848667867416984186, -1000 times all the eliteness you've ever had. We hate double agents.)
  17. Is Wikipedia the best source of info you know? (10)
  18. Is Wikipedia the *ahem* worst source of info you know? (-10101010101010101010100101010111, LEAVE THIS TEST IMMEDIATELY)
    • ... because it is the only source of info you know, making it both the best and the worst? (10101010101010101010100101011111, your points are given back to you. Lose 1 eliteness for narrow scope)
  19. Do you support Wikipedia in all situations? (10)
  20. Did you get very upset that Wikipedia was going to be closed down on January 18 2012? (50)
    • As the closure only applied to the English language Wikipedia, did you make sure that you knew of Wikipedias in other languages to get you through January 18 2012, mentioned on List of Wikipedias? (50)
    • Did you go through the tedious process of typing ?banner=none after every url you visited? (100, you're really dedicated to the cause)

Other wikis[edit]

  1. Are you an editor of Fandom powered by Wikia? (10)
    • Have you been editing since it was just called Wikia? (30)
      • Do you think Fandom is a terrible name? (1 eliteness)
        • Do you think this question violates WP:NPOV? (10)
      • Have you been editing since it was called Wikicities? (1000)
    • Do you set your Wikia skin to Monobook so that it feels more like Wikipedia? (100)
  2. Are you an editor of Uncyclopedia? (20)
  3. Did you edit WikiWikiWeb? (1000)
    • ...before Wikipedia existed? (1500)


  1. Is your score high? (-100, be in the game!)
  2. Is your score low? (100, you need more!)
    • Are you lying? (-100, liar)
  3. Are you at all depressed that your score is so low? (500, recursively)
    • Did you look up recursively because you didn't know what it meant? (1)
      • On Google? (-50, have more faith)
      • Did you find the Droste effect when searching for recursively on Wikipedia (10)
        • Did you know what the Droste Effect was without clicking the link? (50, good for you)
    • Are you going to edit Wikipedia to get over your depression? (50)
      • ... or are you going to vandalize Wikipedia to cheer yourself up? (-9900)
        • ... or make new articles (with no vandalism)? (9900, and 1 eliteness)
      • Did you just check for a cure for your depression? (10)
    • ... or that your score is so high? (-700, and well you asked for it)
      • ...because you don't want to have to admit that you are a Wikipediholic? (-500, and you are a Wikipediholic in denial)
  4. Are you depressed that there aren't enough questions in the test? (300, seriously?)
  5. Were you distracted by other Wikipedia pages for at least 15 minutes while you were taking this test? (10)
    • ... 30 minutes? (30)
    • ... an hour? (50)
    • ... 3 hours? (100)
    • ... 20+ hours? (700, either you read slowly, or were very interested)
  6. Are you going to edit this test once you're finished? (10)
    • ... to correct an error you saw? (5)
    • ... or to add a new question or two? (15)
    • ... or to increase the points so you can get a higher score next time? (-100, cheater)
      • ... are these edits going to be vandalism? (-1000, GTFO)
    • Or did you edit the test while taking it? (15)
      • ... by increasing the points so you could get a higher score than you otherwise would have? (-100, cheater)
      • ... or by vandalizing it? (-1000, I told you to GTFO already!)
  7. Did you follow a link on this test... (20)
    • and it was a red link... (-70, for either not knowing what a red link is, or for wasting several seconds of your life on a page that doesn't exist)
      • so you could create the page the red link goes to... (250, for removing a red link by adding an extra article)
        • and you edited it enough to become a featured article? (6000)
    • or you edited the page the link went to... (50)
      • enough to become a featured article? (4000)
  8. Are you using this test as a To Do list? (5)
    • ... Because you want to improve your score? (-15, cheater)
    • ... Because you want to decrease your score? (-100, courtesy of your boss)
    • ... Because you want to learn more about Wikipedia? (15)
    • ... Because you feel it fills vital gaps in your wiki knowledge? (30)
  9. Have you taken this test more than once? (5)
    • ... did your score increase from last time? (10)
      • ... by more than 500 points? (50)
      • ... by more than 1000 points? (100)
      • ... by more than 2000 points?! (200)
      • ... by more than 5000 points?!?! (500)
      • ... by more than 9000 points?!?! (900, again?)
      • ... by more than 10000 points?!?!?! (1000, Woah!)
      • ... by more than 50000 points?!?!?!?!?! (10000, OMG!)
      • ... by more than 150000 points?!?!?!?!?! (100000, HOLY COW! Add 1 Eliteness.)
      • ... by more than 850000 points?!?!?!?!?! (1000000, NO FREAKIN WAY! Add 2 Eliteness.)
      • ... by more than 2500000 points?!?!?!?!?! (10000000, FANTABULOUS!!! Add 3 Eliteness.)
    • ... did your Eliteness increase from last time? (1000)
      • ... by more than 3 Eliteness? (5000)
      • ... by more than 5 Eliteness? (15000)
      • ... by more than 10 Eliteness? (50000, Really?)
      • ... by more than 25 Eliteness? (1000000, Seriously? Add 5 Eliteness.)
        • ... because you lied on the test this time? (-5000. That should teach you a lesson)
        • ... because you told the truth on the test this time? (500 Bonus Points)
    • ... did your score decrease from last time? (-10, and you call yourself a Wikipediholic)
      • ... because you forgot about the situations you've been in that would have increased your score? (12, that's all right)
      • ... or are you mad that it just decreased again? (-100)
        • ... because you've been editing Wikipedia so long you can't remember everything you've done here? (25)
      • ...or did your score stay the same? (1, now it isn't)
        • your score still the same? (-5000, LIAR)
          • ...really? (-5000, it doesn't matter because your score must be infinite)
  10. Do you take this test seriously? (100)
    • ... are you recording the score, planning to take the test again and compare scores? (200)
  11. Did you have fun taking the test? (20, we're glad you did)
    • Did you laugh while taking the test? (5, for your sense of humor)
      • ... or did you LOL while taking it? (-5, for each time)
        • ... did you ROFL while taking it? (-20, for each time)
          • ... did you ROFLOL while taking it? (-30, for each time)
            • ... did you LMAO while taking it? (-40, for each time)
              • ... did you ROFLMAO while taking it? (-100, for each time)
                • ... did you ROFLMFAO while taking it? (-300, for each time)
                  • ... did you ROTFLOL while taking it? (-500, for each time)
                    • ... did you ROTFLMFAO while taking it? (-1000, for each time seriously?)
                      • ... did you explode in midair laughing while taking it? (1 eliteness, for each time)
                        • ... did you die from laughing too much? (-500, nice try, though)
                          • ... really? (500, get back to your grave)
      • Did you do any of the above at something you added on the test? (-15, at least you impressed yourself)
  12. Was your last score Legendary good? (5000, rock on)
    • Was your last score 40,000,000 or higher? (25000, Seriously? I cannot think of a comment for you.)
  13. Was your last Eliteness score Legendary? (3 Eliteness, rock on)
    • ... beyond Legendary? (10 Eliteness, respect.)
  14. Do you want 100 points? (100)
    • ... do you argue that this question isn't fair, because non-Wikipediholics might also want 100 points? (100)
      • ... or do you argue that since high scores are an indicator of Wikipediholism, anyone who wanted more points on this test must be a Wikipediholic? (100)
  15. Do you think the creator of this test deserves a medal? (1 Eliteness, good luck finding him)
    • You know him? (5 Eliteness, he must be ELITE)
  16. Is legacy your favorite edition of the test? (1 Eliteness, grats)
    • Or is the original your favorite? (50 points, which is a lot on the original test)
    • Or is modern your favorite? (Squircle Eliteness, that's just silly)
    • Or would you want a vintage version to be made? (1337, please get consensus then be bold and make it yourself)

Eliteness Section[edit]

  1. Did somebody tell you you were elite? (1 eliteness)
  2. Does the RNG believe that you are cursed, or blessed? (1 eliteness)
    • Did you play NetHack and win? (5 eliteness, now you know you are blessed by the RNG)
    • Or did you try to use a Grayswandir +5 or more and lose? (2 eliteness, XD)
      • Coupled with a Cloak of Magic Resistance +5 or more and a Silver Dragon Scale Mail +5 or more? (+3 eliteness, Sometimes the RNG likes to have fun.)
        • Do you even know what these mean? (1 Eliteness, respect)
          • Or do you not know because you instead play Angband? (-7 Eliteness)
  3. Do you think that you are elite enough to be elite? (0 eliteness)
  4. In your previous trials of eliteness, did you get more than...
    • 1 eliteness? (1 eliteness)
    • 10 eliteness? (2 eliteness)
    • 100 eliteness? (-1 eliteness, for lying)
      • You weren't lying? (4 eliteness)
    • 1,000 eliteness? (-10 eliteness for ascending all boundaries, or lying your pants off)
      • You weren't lying? (20 eliteness)
    • 3,418 eliteness? (-20 eliteness, now you really are lying...)
    • In your previous trials of eliteness, did you get less than...
    • -1 eliteness? (-1 eliteness)
    • -10 eliteness? (-2 eliteness)
    • -100 eliteness? (-5 eliteness)
    • -1,000 eliteness (-10 eliteness)
    • -3,418 eliteness (-20 eliteness, you just killed us all...)
    • -10,000 eliteness (-100 eliteness, you not only destroyed the universe, but caused global laming around the enitre infiniverse)
  5. Do you know what a xenbibyte is? (2 eliteness)
    • ... do you argue that this question is unfair because "xenbi-" is not an official binary prefix? (1 eliteness, it could be different.)
    • or do you know it's the unofficial binary prefix for the unofficial prefix xenna-? (5 eliteness for thinking logically)
  6. Do you think points are a better system than Eliteness? (1000 points, but -1 Eliteness)
    • Or do you think Eliteness is a better system than points? (2 Eliteness, but -500 points)
    • Or do you think they both are great? (500 points and 1 Eliteness, you deserve it)
      • Or you consider Eliteness as bonus points to questions? (3000 points and 2 eliteness)
  7. Are you complaining about point inflation? (-1000000000, but 1 Eliteness)
  8. Do you own at least 1 indie game? (100 points, try harder)
    • ... 3? (1 Eliteness, great)
    • ... 7? (3 Eliteness, I support your decision to support independent creators)
    • ... 15? (5 Eliteness, you must have money or Steam)
    • ... 25?! (10 Eliteness, WOW)
  9. Do you like the expansion of this section? (1 point, we need the Eliteness to stay sacred)
  10. Do you hate the film Way of the Dragon because Chuck Norris lost in it? (1 Eliteness, fine deal)
  11. Would you actually consider owning a dragon for a pet or companion or familiar or whatever? (1 Eliteness, awesome)
    • And another mythical creature as well? (3 Eliteness, we need you)
  12. Do you think the liger section should be restored? (1 Eliteness, but it was too big and needed more eliteness)
  13. Do you use too many internet memes? (-2 Eliteness, that's not a good sign)
    • Or do you use them responsibly? (1 Eliteness, such moderation, much elite, wow)
      • Did you know the meme used in the previous answer's comment without clicking the link? (250 points, the Internet likes you)
  14. Do you force your beliefs on others? (-15 Eliteness, NOT COOL)
  15. Do you play Magic: The Gathering? (1 Eliteness, the elite trading card game)
    • Are you any of these colors: UR, UG, BR, BG? (3 Eliteness)
      • Or are you complaining that calling Magic: The Gathering an elite trading card game violates NPOV? (4000 points, -2 eliteness)
  16. Are you complaining that Eliteness isn't elite enough? (1 Rare Coin... whatever that is.)

Other test versions[edit]

  1. Have you taken the standard test? (10)
  2. Have you scored at least 100 on the standard test? (1000)
    • ... 250? (5000)
    • ... 500? (25000)
    • ... 1000?! (100000, and a medal)
  3. Have you taken the modern test? (500, and 1 Eliteness)
    • ... and not as a joke? (5 Eliteness, and a mental checkup)
  4. Have you edited the standard test? (100)
  5. Have you vandalized the standard test? (-200000 and -200 Eliteness, how dare you!)
  6. Have you edited the modern test? (1)
  7. Have you vandalized the modern test? (-10000 and -10 Eliteness, how did you manage that?)
  8. Are you a regular editor of all three test versions? (100000 and 10 Eliteness)
  9. Did you check your user page to see if you've taken either test? (20)
    • Did you not find scores there, but remember your scores anyway? (200)
      • Do you remember your test scores, but not your SAT scores or any of your grades from high school or college? (2000)
    • Add your scores from each test version you've taken to your score on this test.


  1. Did you actually finish this test? (100)
  2. Did you have to redo it because you messed up your math somewhere? (50)
    • Could you not finish this test because you ran out of time to do so? (200)
      • Are you upset now because you lost your score and had to start over? (200 consolation points)
    • Did you not finish the test because you said you hate Wikipedia? (-999999, you should have learned by now)
  3. Did you finish this test in 30 seconds? (-1000, LIAR!!!)
  4. Did you REALLY finish this test in 30 seconds? (15000)
  5. Did you mess up your math somewhere? (-10, for being bad at mathematics)
    • ... or did you use a bot? (-500, you're being lazy)
      • ... or did you program the bot yourself, just to take this test? (1000)
  6. Did you create a Google Doc or something like that to track your scores? (10 points)
    • Did you do this with the intent of taking the test again sometime? (5 points)
    • Did you write your results on it? (10 points)
      • Your eliteness results?? (5 points; 1 eliteness for your eliteness score ;])
        • The revision number??? (20 points, dang man)
          • The name of the user who made the last edit? (25 points, wow)
            • Their edit summary? (30 points, you're committed)
  7. Are you laughing that there is a red link on the test? (-15, Multiply by 2 for each giggle, THAT'S NOT FUNNY!)
    • Did you fix it? (100, thank you for fixing the red link!)
  8. Do you still think this test is a big waste of time? (-10000, you should have learned)
  9. Do you agree that this test is epic? (5000, for epicness)
    • Did you edit it for extra effect? (1000, for extra effect!)
      • Are they awesome? (1 for each awesome effect, -1 for each lame one)
      • Did you just edit it for the points? (-1000, for each edit)
  10. Are you drunk? (-1015, for drinking instead of editing Wikipedia)
    • Yes, but you were editing Wikipedia while you were getting drunk (1000, but I'm still not giving back back the fifteen because drinking is bad for you)
  11. Are you addicted to drugs? (-3784, for being addicted to drugs)
  12. Did you pray to the Random Number God for better scores? (1 Eliteness, courtesy of the RNG)
    • Or to make edits vandalism? (-1 Eliteness, Wikipedia hates you!)
  13. Are you tired of answering these questions? (-9801, a real Wikipediholic would never stop)
  14. Did you remove this question? (1 Eliteness)
  15. Did you edit this question? (-10 Eliteness)
  16. Are you unregistered? (0 Eliteness)
  17. Are these questions repeats? (100)
    • Did you check? (-1000)
  18. Do you have your own wiki? (-10000)
    • Do you promote Wikipedia or provide links to Wikipedia on your wiki? (10000)
    • Or is your wiki anti-Wikipedian? (-100000000)
    • Do you vandalize other wikis? (-3 Eliteness)
  19. Have you actually taken this whole test??? (100 for dedication)
    • Really? (101)
      • Positive? (102)
        • Or are you lying? (-99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999, and get out asap.)

Interpreting your score[edit]

Please round your score to the nearest interval. Scores in red are negative, green is zero, black is positive, blue is legendary good, and cerise is legendary evil.. If you thought the red text signified broken links, and were about to attempt fixing them, add 100 to your score. If you found out that they are actually clickable and DID fix them add 250. If you realized they weren't clickable after all because the person before you fixed it and you fixed it back again add another 500. Add another 500 if you just pressed the undo button on the page history. And you can remove 1000 if you actually made a red link. Add 1000 if you fixed that red link. Add 2000 if you found out that you didn't make a red link, but a question. If you thought the blue text signified links, and were about to attempt delinking them, subtract 100 from your score. If they were links, and you fixed them, add 100 to your score. Add 100 to your score if you read this paragraph completely.

Score Result
-Infinity The Over Seers Of The Promised Land are after you. Run. Lose 3,147 Eliteness.
-1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 You are the worst vandal in all of the glome, and will swiftly have your soul made to never exist in the first place by The Over Seers Of The Promised Land (who are forbidden to be mentioned by glomar edict). Lose 250 Eliteness.
-1,000,000,000,000,000 You are the worst vandal in not just theory, but also all of possibility. You are likely to have your soul eaten by a dark force known only to lunatic cultists who will be revived by Wikipedians translating the cultist's nonsense. Lose 150 Eliteness.
-1,000,000,000,000 You are even worse than the worst vandal in existence and quite possibly the worst vandal in theory. You are likely to have your soul banned from Wikipedia and your body destroyed by an entity with 1,000 eliteness. Lose 100 Eliteness.
-1,000,000,000 You are the worst vandal in existence, including the other planes. You vandalize Wikipedia at levels that even Willy on Wheels could never manage it, and the supreme overlord of the universe plans to destroy you to stop your nuclear bomb strength vandalism. Lose 60 Eliteness.
-100,000,000 You are the worst vandal in not just the world, but the universe. You are super-addicted to spending forever vandalizing Wikipedia, and your country is planning to ban you from ever seeing Wikipedia again. Lose 40 Eliteness.
-50,000,000 You are the ultimate vandal. You spend your entire life devoted to vandalizing Wikipedia, and your ISP is standing by to prevent you from ever editing Wikipedia again. Lose 35 Eliteness.
-10,000,000 At this state, any chance of being Elite are foiled. Lose 20 Eliteness.
-5,000,000 At this state, you are likely to get banned. Lose 10 Eliteness.
-2,500,000 ... get the heck out! (And lose 5 eliteness while you're at it).
-1,000,000 The damage you have done to Wikipedia is likely permanent. Lose 1 Eliteness.
-500,000 Please get out of Wikipedia. You dirty rotten vandal.
-250,000 You are a super mega extreme abusive vandal/troll/disruptive editor, a wikiterrorist, a liar (check your pants to see if they are not on fire), or you have been blocked a lot.
-100,000 You are an extremely evil/abusive vandal/troll, a wikiterrorist, a liar who calls him or her self "The Jimbo Wales", or you thought this test was a complete/total/utter waste of time.
-75,000 You created a whole entire system of sockpuppets used to vandalize Wikipedia to evade your indefinite block. Lose 20 000 points.
-50,000 You are really bad at math and missed this section of results. Lose 10 000 points.
-10,000 You are a really evil vandal.
-5,000 You always do WP:BLP violations, lots of edit-warring, and about 50% to 65% of your edits are vandalism.
-2,000 You are an evil vandal (1/3 to 1/2 of your edits are considered vandalism or minor edit warring).
-1,337 You are really a N00b vandal
-1,000 You are a vandal or you have no intention of helping Wikipedia. (1/6 to 1/3 of your edits are not constructive.)
-666 Are you a devil?
-100 You don't know what Wikipedia is or you have been blocked before.
-1 You are a newbie that is off to a poor start.
0 This score is actually possible even though some Wikipedians might disagree.
1 You are a newbie or you have never edited.
Pi This result can be achieved for one of the following reasons-
  • You have defied every single Law of Probability in existence.
  • You are unable to use a calculator proficiently.
100 You only answered question #1 and were too lazy to continue. Or you're just checking if the automated tool works.
250 You are a newbie who has a Wikipediholic friend (lucky!)
500 You are an IP address user or a sock puppet with few edits.
750 You are an average new contributor.
1,000 A well-balanced attitude that may benefit by spending more time on Wikipedia.
1,337 You are really a N00b
1,500 You have normal experience with Wikipedia.
2,000 Congratulations, you are in the optimal range for editing with Wikipedia!
2,500 You are slightly overdoing yourself. Take a wikibreak for a few days.
3,000 You are addicted to Wikipedia.
3,500 You are highly addicted to Wikipedia. Please take a break.
4,000 You are heavily addicted to Wikipedia and are showing symptoms of Wikipediholism.
4,500 You are a Wikipediholic.
5,000 You are at the stage of advanced Wikipediholism. If you are not an Administrator, please become one now.
5,500 You are at the stage of severe Wikipediholism and may be having some symptoms of arthritis in both hands from editing Wikipedia. Please see a doctor.
6,000 A dialysis machine is ready to take out the overdose of wikipedihol from your body, please see a doctor immediately.
6,500 Warning, continuation of editing can cause some mental alterations. Please cease editing immediately.
7,000 The effects of Wikipediholism have begun manifesting into your brain. You are capable of making edits faster than a bot.
7,500 The effects of Wikipediholism are running through all your veins. Other users are mistaking you for a bot, trying to re-program you for other tasks. Watch yourself!
8,000 The effects of Wikipediholism have affected you spiritually. You incorporate Wikipedian standards... religiously.
9,000 Congratulations! You have somehow produced a wiki-like radiation field around you. Any unsuspecting people in range will instantly know about Wikipedia, granting them an immediate score of 250.
10,000 Oh my... You now reek from the effects of Wikipediholism. Anyone who comes near you will instantly feel the urge to run to the nearest computer and edit Wikipedia relentlessly, even if they haven't used it before. "Wiki-wiki wah-wah!" is your slogan.
12,500 Please take the time from your busy edits to read the following, Don't forget: Breathing doesn't intrude on your ability to edit, so do so regularly to prevent fainting and reducing the amount of time you can spend on Wikipedia.
15,000 Only the world's best psychiatrist, physiologist and witch doctor combined can cure your Wikipediholism at this stage. Normally you would get off of Wikipedia and go find those people... Normally...
25,000 The effects of Wikipediholism at this stage cannot be cured. Please stop. If you continue to edit Wikipedia with such vigor, you will indirectly block others from editing.
50,000 A higher power has taken interest in your editing, and wishes to grant you an uncanny power to make all the edits you want to in the blink of the eye. You turn this down, claiming that it will make you redundant from making edits on Wikipedia.
100,000 You discover the cure for cancer, world peace and teleportation by making the right links through all of the edits that you have made. Unfortunately, this is original research, and you can't leave your computer to take the proper actions, so no one finds out about it.
250,000 You are the ultimate Wikipediholic! Congratulations! Now, get back to editing (What are you doing here? Work!)
500,000 You are better than the ultimate Wikipediholic, you must be proud! Start editing (We don't pay you for no reason? Go on! Work! Work like you've never worked before!!!)
1,000,000 Jimbo, god of all Wikipediholics! We love you, man!
1,000,001 More points than Jimbo! Good for you, but out of scope for Wikipedia :P. Gain 1 Eliteness
2,500,000 You are a Hardcore Wikipediholic. Gain 5 Eliteness
5,000,000 You are an Impossible Wikipediholic. I think a star imploded... Gain 10 Eliteness
7,000,000 You are an astral Wikipediholic. Nothing will cure you, not even the "Best Wikipedia Cure Ever" will. Gain 15 Eliteness
10,000,000 Yay! Ultimate Legendary Super Unbelievable Wikipedia Addiction! Destroy the world with me, Wikipediholic! Gain 20 Eliteness
25,000,000 ... Seriously? I cannot think of a rank for you. Gain 25 Eliteness.
40,000,000 This is just silly. (But possible, if you invited enough aliens) Gain 30 Eliteness
100,000,000 +5000 and +35 Eliteness if you are serious...
1,173,899,323 That is just too high. This is the amount of total edits made here. Gain 40 Eliteness
2,147,483,647 You are the Vanguard Wikipediholic. You do not belong with us. The aliens are looking for you. Gain 45 Eliteness
1,000,000,000,000,000 You are an ascendant Wikipediholic. You don't belong on this plane, but we support your endeavors in editing your plane's version of Wikipedia. Gain 50 Eliteness
602,214,085,774,000,000,000,000 You are a transcendent Wikipediholic. ₰⅞₥₭¼‘‹«»›¤₢¢₵♦♠♥₩№₭♠♥≈≤×←‽§ Gain 60 Eliteness
9,094,947,017,729,282,379,150,390,625 This is the score that Chuck Norris got. Gain 70 Eliteness
10100 You have Wikipeditis. You need a Wikipedectomy. Gain 80 Eliteness
1010100 Chuck Norris and Jimbo Wales hate you. You will die in 7 days... Gain 90 Eliteness
Graham's number... I quit... Gain 100 Eliteness
...and even beyond??? This score is so gigantic, your chances to take a WikiBreak are less than zero. Gain 150 Eliteness
Your score needs to be put in the Guinness Book of World Records. Seriously. Gain 200 Eliteness
...Uncountable infinity? That's hardly something to be proud of... Gain 257 eliteness
...@!#?@! I don't know what to say at this point. Gain 57,344 eliteness
...I don't even know at this point Gain 16,777,216 eliteness

Interpreting your eliteness[edit]

Eliteness signifies how elite you are. It also signifies how dedicated you are to Wikipedia and other parts of your life. A high score generally means that you are likable. This is colored magenta if positive, spring green if negative, azure if zero, and other colors if legendary or anti-legendary. .

Score Result
-1,000,000 Eliteness? You couldn't even cut wet paper with this much Eliteness.
-100,000 eliteness?!?!?!?!?! You might be the antithesis to Bahamut. Die.
-31337 Eliteness You have reached fractal Anti-Eliteness. Perhaps you are a true devil.
-25,000 Eliteness?!?!?! You are actually worse than any vile beast in the swamp. You belong in the swamp of swamps.
-10,000 Eliteness?! You just caused the infiniverse to fall completely.
-3,418 Eliteness You just breaked the psychics and rip. That's not bad.
-3,417 Eliteness This is the lowest state of eliteness allowable according to quantum theory.
-2,500 Eliteness Nothing is more unawesome than you.
-1,500 Eliteness How did you even get this low? You're lower than a black hole's gravity well now.
-1,000 Eliteness Legends have spoke of a vile beast so vile, it thought of the swamps as too pure for its vileness.
-500 Eliteness I'm done here.
-350 Eliteness You extrude an aura of Anti-eliteness. You are the very beast that everyone hates.
-250 Eliteness There is no way to even place a single point on your anti-Eliteness.
-150 Eliteness You have reached a level of Anti-Eliteness only thought possible by destroying a universe.
-100 Eliteness There is no way to describe your anti-Eliteness.
-75 Eliteness (Anti-Legendary) You are anti-elite.
-50 Eliteness (Anti-Legendary) Explode. This is no place for anti-elites.
-35 Eliteness (Anti-Legendary) There is no way to get back to zero.
-25 Eliteness (Anti-Legendary) Eliteness is extremely low, and astral beings hate you.
-20 Eliteness You are like the Anti-Norris.
-15 Eliteness Eliteness is impossibly low. Jimbo hates you.
-10 Eliteness You are NOT ELITE. You are a vile beast.
-5 Eliteness 31337 Vandal. You are a vile beast to Wikipedia.
-4 Eliteness You are a 9001 vandal. You probably will get banned.
-3 Eliteness You are a 1337 vandal. You may get banned.
-2 Eliteness You are an elite vandal, and will get blocked.
-1 Eliteness You are a leet vandal, and are cursed by the RNG.
0 Eliteness You are regular in the Eliteness axis.
1 Eliteness You are a leet Wikipediholic, or an elite normal user with a life.
2 Eliteness You are an elite Wikipediholic and a prime candidate for rollback rights.
3 Eliteness You are a 1337 Wikipediholic and a prime candidate for RfA.
4 Eliteness You are a 9001 Wikipediholic and a prime candidate for RfB.
5 Eliteness You are a 31337 Wikipediholic and a prime candidate for RfR.
10 Eliteness You are just elite.
15 Eliteness This is deity scale eliteness, and also what Jimbo Wales had.
20 Eliteness More elite than Jimbo! Congrats, but out of scope for this wiki.
25 Eliteness (Legendary) You are elite like Chuck Norris.
35 Eliteness (Legendary) Impossible Eliteness. You imploded a galaxy... And you are so elite, you can withstand a chuck norris roundhouse kick. (not recommended)
50 Eliteness (Legendary) Now you are as elite as a Dragon or Phoenix. May your eliteness guide the way. (You are also as awesome as Chuck Norris if you are this elite)
75 Eliteness (Legendary) You are more elite than Chuck Norris, snow days, explosions, and special relativity - combined!
100 Eliteness There is no way to describe this level of eliteness.
150 Eliteness You reached a previously unknown level of Eliteness. Now not even all of existence is the limit.
250 Eliteness Apparently to you there is no such thing as being too Elite!
350 Eliteness I salute your passage onto the Aether.
500 Eliteness That's not even possible. If it is, you sir, are a Legend!
1,000 Eliteness You either cheated, or you are a reality warping beast.
1,500 Eliteness Legends spoke of a warrior that can slay the vile beast.
2,500 Eliteness You broke all bounds.
3,417 Eliteness This is the highest state of eliteness allowable according to quantum theory.
3,418 Eliteness You unfortunately caused to mini holes appear! Now you showered Earth! That was your fault! The damage you have done to Wikipedia is likely permanent.
10,000 Eliteness?! You just caused the infiniverse to break completely. The damage you have done to Wikipedia is likely permanent.
25,000 Eliteness?!?!?! Someone nominate this guy for Steward.
31337 Eliteness You have reached fractal eliteness. Perhaps you are a true god.
100,000 eliteness?!?!?!?!?! It's been 3000 years... We've been waiting for you all this time, Bahamut.
1,000,000 Eliteness? You could cut diamond with this much Eliteness.


You can use the {{User Wikipediholic Legacy}} template to display your score on your user page. ({{User Wikipediholic Legacy|(your score, eliteness, etc.)|-}})

Reference scores[edit]

Osama Bin Laden: -infinity*infinity, -2000 eliteness
Willy on Wheels: -infinity, -500 eliteness
Benson: -1000000, -5 eliteness
n00b: -1337, 0 eliteness
Average Wikipedian: 50000, 5 eliteness
xXqU1cKsC0P3rXx: 500000, 10 eliteness
Jimbo: 1000000, 25 eliteness
Chuck Norris: 9094947017729282379150390625, 1337 eliteness
Bahamut: infinity*infinity, 10000 eliteness