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May 29: Corporate supported research organization Media Smarts released their report "Young Canadians in a Wired World: Phase III". Wikipedia was mentioned on page 37 (of 38) as the authors seem to be aware of the importance of wikis in collaborative work. Collecting the results of surveys of students, they write:

There was little evidence that our participants were using networked devices to collaborate on school assignments. Interestingly, they universally told us their teachers told them not to use Wikipedia or "anything that starts with wiki" because "anyone can put anything on there".


  • Airbus press release cites KBE. [1]
  • comScore Media Metrix Announces Top 50 U.S. Internet Property Rankings for September 2004: Fall Television Season, Back-to-School and the Election Drive Substantial Web Traffic Increases in September - "A number of reference sites were among this month's top ten gaining properties., the free online encyclopedia, drew just over 3 million visitors in September, an increase of 61 percent from the previous month. Encyclopaedia Britannica also benefited significantly from student traffic, posting an audience increase of 37 percent compared to August."
  • Vivisimo Launches, September 30, 2004: "Designed to relieve consumers of information overload and provide easy access to information that is usually overlooked with current search engines, Clusty(TM) changes forever how consumers do general Web searches as well as shopping, blogs, gossip, images, Wikipedia and people searches."
  • Webby Awards press release, September 22, 2004: "Last year's winners ranged from web powerhouses like Google (Best Practices and Best Services) and Apple iTunes Music Store (Best Commerce and Music), to independent sites like (Best Community), a free, community-built encyclopedia."
  • Kurzweil Educational Systems press release, June 28, 2004: "Kurzweil 1000 Version 9 new features give users: -- Expanded Online Search and Retrieval - Support for online encyclopedias, such as Columbia Encyclopedia and Wikipedia from Wikimedia Foundation as well as access to additional Web repositories..."
  • Yahoo! press release, March 2, 2004: "Additional [Content Acquisition Partners] include...Wikipedia, a free, multilingual online encyclopedia with articles in more than 50 languages"
  • Wikis Move Deeper Into The Enterprise As Atlassian Announces Confluence 1.3, December 9, 2004. "Atlassian Software Systems announced the third major update to their knowledge management product, Confluence [1.3] - The Professional Wiki."