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  • Holtgren, Bruce (January 11, 2007). "Truth about Tourette's not what you think". The Cincinnati Enquirer. Retrieved February 2, 2007.
  • " - The Wikipedia article on Tourette's is thorough, accurate and well-documented."
  • "Only a few other ski areas in the United States had chairlifts. Sun Valley, Idaho, apparently installed the first in 1936, and Alta, Utah, opened with a lift on Jan. 15, 1939, according to Wikipedia." (Articles referenced are Sun Valley, Idaho and Alta Ski Area.)
"The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia claimed that [topless model Jodie] Marsh's former relationships 'include nightclub boss Fran Cosgrave, male model Calum Best and Labour MP Frank Dobson'."
  • Author names Wikipedia as his source on reporting what Leila Khaled is currently doing.
  • "Tinfoil hat," says Wikipedia, has become "a popular stereotype and term of derision; the phrase serves as a byword for paranoia and is associated with conspiracy theorists." (Page 2)
  • "So I consulted Wikipedia, which informed me that Sudoku is a 'logic-based placement puzzle' involving 'a type of Latin square with an additional constraint on the content of individual regions.'"
  • The Guardian leader article quotes Wikipedia as a source of information in its praise of the harpist Joanna Newsom.


Print version of article about state mercury-removal program has a sidebar, "Mercurial Facts", "adapated from Wikipedia, an on-line encyclopedia". Doesn't use any actual wording from the article; instead sort of paraphrases it.
"My Wikipedia bio is about to disappear because I fail to satisfy the "notability guideline."


  • Lurie, Alison. "When Is a Building Beautiful?" New York Review of Books. March 15, 2007. link
    "In fact, the hyena, which dwells exclusively in Africa, southern Asia, and international zoos, has what Wikipedia calls "a chirping, birdlike bark that resembles...hysterical human laughter" rather than the sounds generally associated with sexual passion."
  • "Local nonprofits taken to task". Palo Alto Daily News. 2007-03-05. Retrieved 2007-03-05.
    The term Poverty pimp is defined in the article and Wikipedia cited as the source of the definition.
  • Weingarten, Gene. "Wiki Watchee", The Washington Post. March 11, 2007. link
    Weingarten, a humor columnist, vandalized his own page (diff) and then wrote about it.
  • Reno, Bob (March 2007). "". Retrieved 2007-03-19.
    Cites Tonya Harding as a source for an account of the former skater's past run-ins with the law.
  • McCormack, John, M.D. "The LGBT Patient; What health care professionals need to know." CMA Today 40 (March/April 2007): pp. 14-18.
    Gives brief bio of Robert Eads; Wikipedia is cited as the source.
  • Claburn, Thomas Web 3.0 Survives The Wrath Of Wikipedians, InformationWeek, March 15, 2007.
    Quotes controversy over creation, deletion and restoration of Wikipedia Web 3.0 article and current industry status of topic.
  • Carlton, Sue. "A chance for Largo to show its progress." St. Petersburg Times. March 21, 2007.
    "Then the news broke that their longtime city manager, Steve Stanton, plans to ultimately live his life as Susan, and the world went a little nuts. How nuts? Today Stanton has his own entry in Wikipedia."
  • Reno, Bob (March 2007). "". Retrieved 2007-04-01.
  • Cites Chelsea F.C. on fans throwing celery at each other while singing dirty songs, although specifics about given are not in the article.



Uses Image:Stewart Airport sign.jpg as an illustration.



"At age 14, Ross worked as an intern at pioneering Web browser company Netscape Communications Corp., according to his profile on Wikipedia." (Note that other material in the article regarding Ross may come from his article, however, this sentence is the only thing directly attributed to the Wikipedia article.)


  • Humphrey, Tom. Entries on Wikipedia edited by Davis aide: Press secretary also admits deleting info on brother via federal computer. (Press secretary working for U.S. Representative David Davis blanked vandalized referenced material from sources such as within Wiki articles about his Davis and his brother, Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill.) Knoxville News-Sentinel. August 11, 2007.
Last paragraph of article about disputes over J. Michael Bailey and allegations of research misconduct cites the {{POV-section}} tag on the corresponding section, although it seems to be referring to this August 14, 2007 version of the article.


  • Groeschen, Tom. "Bombers become TV stars today." The Cincinnati Enquirer. 2007-09-02. link
    "Ryan, according to a online biography, has been known mostly for calling PBA bowling events on the network. He also has done college football sideline reporting, college basketball, lacrosse and Little League World Series games."
  • "Johnnie To to produce, direct Ghost Blows Out the Light." September 3 2007. link
    "More about “Ghost Blows Out the Light” (or “Candle in the Tomb”) from Wikipedia", and "And look at this, Wikipedia even does movie news, now!"
  • Nisebe, Mariana. "Mamá a los 5" Clarín. 2007-09-06. link
    The article talks about Lina Medina linking to the Spanish version of the article, as well as the Spanish version of pituitary gland. Finally, the article links to List of youngest birth mothers, stating that soon two 11-year old Argentine children will have to be added to the list.
  • "National MP falls victim to water hoax." NZPA. September 13, 2007. link
    The article is about a New Zealand MP, Jacqui Dean, who sent a letter to the Associate Health Minister asking if there were any plans to ban dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). From the article, "Wikipedia says the [dihydrogen monoxide hoax] has been running since 1989 with the aim of illustrating how a lack of scientific knowledge and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears."
  • Silverman, Ben. "The Top 10 Best-Selling Game Franchises" Yahoo! September 28, 2007. link
    The article announces the top 10 best-selling video games of all times. Even though the author does not mention the Wikipedia article, the order of games and all but two of the numbers are the same, and more important, they are missing the FIFA franchise from the top ten (just as Wikipedia was missing it back in the version when the Yahoo! feature was published).
  • Snow, Blake. "Timeline: Japanese contributions to video games." September 21, 2007. link
    "A complete list of his 82 finished games can be found here."
  • Corn, Mike. "Quinter man keeping active lifestyle." Hays Daily News. September 26, 2007. link
    Talking about Waldo McBurney: "He's been on national television countless times and featured in many national and local newspapers. Online, there's even a Wikipedia page about him as well as a YouTube video when he was on CBS when he was named the oldest worker."


"They say if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. But these days, it seems you haven't really made it unless you have that most prized of status symbols -- your very own page on Wikipedia."

  • Androvich, Mark. "PS2 celebrates seventh anniversary." October 26, 2007. [6]
    The article does not specifically mention Wikipedia as a reference, but the list of "top-selling PS2 titles worldwide" and its figures are identical to this October 14, 2007 version of List of best-selling video games.
  • Trebay, Guy. "She's Famous (and So Can You)" The New York Times October 28,
    Uses article on Tila Tequila, among other Internet manifestations of her, as proof that she has become a famous despite doing very little to earn that fame.
    Try also to obliterate the knowledge that Tequila is not, oddly enough, her real name (Nguyen is); that she is what Wikipedia — in an entry only slightly less extensive than that on Sigrid Undset, the Norwegian novelist and 1928 Nobel laureate for literature — refers to as an "American glamour model ..."


  • "Serial muscle fondler accused of bicep grope" Metro. November 8 2007. link
    "However, defending Arobieke, Robert Platts accused Jonathan of making the story up based on Arobieke's Wikipedia entry, which states that 'stories of his activity reaching as far as Wigan and Doncaster.'
    Mr Platts said: 'Mr Arobieke accepts he was in Preston that day and around the area we are talking about, but he denies any contact with you.
    'What I suggest happened to you is that (your friend) spotted him because he knew about him because of his Liverpool football (friends) and the fact that he had in the past downloaded him through the net.' "
  • "Man at centre of muscle-squeezing claims blames Wikipedia." Lancashire Evening Post. November 14, 2007. link
    "Prosecutor Jonathan Clarke accepted the complainant involved in the first incident on Fishergate had researched Arobieke on the Wikipedia website. However, he said although the 2001 harassment charge was made up of numerous incidents involving 14 young men – most of which involved him grabbing their muscles and complimenting them on their physique – it was not detailed on Wikipedia."
  • Spencer, Chris. "Top 10 Least Intimidating College Mascots." College News. November 15, 2007. link
    "According to Wikipedia, a Buckeye is a sort of tree, common in Ohio."
  • Miles, Joyce. "American Concrete billboard stirs controversy." Lockport Union-Sun & Journal. November 16, 2007. link
  • "“Cement shoes,” according to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is a slang term adopted by the American Mafia crime world for a method of execution that involves weighting down a victim and throwing him or her into the water to drown. "It has become adopted in the United States as a humorous term representing any exotic threat from criminals," Wikipedia said."
  • Matthews, Joseph. "Are Florida Courts Really Parochial When it Comes to Arbitration? A Rebuttal". 'The Florida Bar Journal November 26,


  • Mores, Jeff. "Life as a gypsy: A Bentonville pagan sorts through stereotypes." Benton County Daily Record December 3, 2007.
    "Paganism can be traced to the Romani people, an ethnic group living in many communities all over the world, according to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. Wikipedia states that the Roma are among the best known ethnic groups that appear in literature and folklore and are often referred to as gypsies." (inaccurate citation already reported to the Communications committee)
  • Nelson, Fraser. "The implications of Bhutto's murder" The Business. December 27, 2007. [7]
    "when established newswires are struggling to get the line straight, the news is quickly established on the web. Her death was proclaimed in hospital she was taken to at 1.15pm GMT. Ten minutes later her, her Wikipedia entry was updated and the "is" changed into "was"." (oldid as used in article - [8])