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Catching up: Covering all of August. Pretty much.
Featured content

Catching up

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted in August.

So, I missed an issue, but I've caught up, and I'm doing somewhat better. Actually managed to describe all the articles; Lists are just... a list, but, well, I'm doing what I can. And as can be seen from last issue, if I don't do this, no-one else does.

Featured articles

Thirty-four featured articles were promoted this period.

Judges' bench at the Nuremberg trials
Nuremberg trials, nominated by buidhe
Most of the stuff in this featured content report is goofy stuff appropriate for a rhyming gimmick. This article, however, concerns the trials of Nazi war criminals after World War II, in which the full extent of their deeds was exposed.
Australiformis, nominated by Mattximus
You might call these parasitic worms unscrupulous,
But they'll only infect you if you're marsupulous.
Titanis, nominated by Augustios Paleo (a.k.a. AFH)
These birds of terror would be feared,
But thousands of years ago they disappeared
(Probably just waiting for us to get complacent. The Antarctic ice is thawing; the cryogenic tanks will soon open.)
Five pounds (British gold coin), nominated by Wehwalt
One of the largest gold coins to enter circulation,
The "quintuple sovereign" is a strange situation.
Still, I'll gladly pay you five pounds for one. Any takers?
Boukephala and Nikaia, nominated by AirshipJungleman29
In Pakistan these cities wait,
Founded by Alexander the Great.
One's named after a nearby victory, of course;
...The other one, though, is named after his horse.
Daytona USA, nominated by Red Phoenix
To play this racing game, for quarters we'll beg ya,
It's still big in arcades, and was made by Sega.
Three-quarter profile of Petty when she was about 46
Florence Petty, c. 1916
Florence Petty, nominated by SchroCat
She taught the working class to cook cheaply, so they could eat,
Suet puddings were her special treat.
Frank McGee (ice hockey), nominated by Kaiser matias
"One-Eyed" Frank McGee
Played hockey though one eye couldn't see.
His team won the Stanley cup four years in a row,
So, y'know, great job! Way to go!
Revolutionary Girl Utena, nominated by Morgan695
The follow-up to Sailor Moon, it's essential:
Complex and weird and experimental!
Five Nights at Freddy's (video game), nominated by The Night Watch
(Is that unfair?)
(Probably is, but I don't care.)
Rodrigues night heron, nominated by FunkMonk
A Mascarene bird, all we have are its stats:
It just didn't survive the introduction of cats.
1927 World Snooker Championship, nominated by BennyOnTheLoose
Joe Davis won first
And also the next fourteen:
If you love snooker,
This article's keen!
Daisy Bacon, nominated by Mike Christie
Editor of Love Story Magazine, and the stories she'd tell:
It might have been a 'pulp', but it sure sold well.
Annie Dove Denmark, nominated by PCN02WPS
Head of Anderson College, her worth is quite plain,
But in ways that a couplet just cannot explain.
"Mother" (Meghan Trainor song), nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)
Click here for this article's poetry, by a guest poet.
Kyla (Filipino singer), nominated by Pseud 14
Melanie Hernandez Calumpad
Is not the sort of singer
That you would describe as 'bad'.
Lou Henry Hoover by Harris & Ewing
Lou Henry Hoover, nominated by Thebiguglyalien
Herbert Hoover, her husband, and her had a passion,
And translated De re metallica from the Latin.
First woman to graduate from geology at Stanford, it's rather shady
That if people heard about her at all, it's just as First Lady.
Air Board (Australia), nominated by Ian Rose
This is the first attempt at a guide to this, so Ian asked their opinion, sensibly,
And the Air Board got back, and said he covered it, quote, "quite comprehensively".
Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty, nominated by LunaEatsTuna
For academic discussion of founding of your own state,
Hobbs and Williams step up to the plate.
Howard Florey, nominated by Hawkeye7
Alexander Fleming gets the raves for penicillin's great discovery,
It was a group effort, though, and Florey too helped all those patients to recovery.
WSNS-TV, nominated by Sammi Brie
This Chicago television channel with a nineteen seventy creation
Grew huge, got challenged, and then became a Spanish-language station
Affine symmetric group, nominated by JayBeeEll (JBL)
Number lines and the triangular tiling of the plane
Define the symmetry group that bears this here name.
Symmetry in pure mathematics has... a somewhat complex meaning,
So, from a poem like this, not much help you'll be gleaning.
Venus in fiction, nominated by TompaDompa and Piotrus
The impenetrable clouds blocked all view of what might be below,
So if a writer got it wrong, well, no-one (then) could know.
Ministerial by-election, nominated by John M Wolfson
Until 1926, an M.P. given a job as minister
Had to undergo a situation sinister.
After they got their ministerial selection,
They were kicked out and had to survive a new by-election.
So if your party took power within Westminster's halls
You'd best hope your new leaders won by-election, or everything stalls.
The Birds (Alexander McQueen collection), nominated by Premeditated Chaos (PMC)
A collection that was built to shock
Based on the movie by Alfred Hitchcock
Portrait of Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale, before she married into the title and was known as Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale, nominated by Isaksenk
As the English Civil War embroiled
This Scottish Duchess helped the Royals
"Never Forget You" (Mariah Carey song), nominated by Heartfox
No music video, no performances live,
Yet on the Billboard Hot 100 it still did arrive.
Radoje Pajović, nominated by Peacemaker67
Montenegran history from World War II
Would be a lot less well covered were it not for this dude.
(Eh, that's a half-rhyme, but I'm actually doing poems this issue, and it's a double-length one, so screw it, good enough.)
Ludwig Ross, nominated by UndercoverClassicist
A person who you ought to seek
If you like archaeology, and like it Greek.
John Oliver, nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
A comedian who tells the news
Teaching the why of his liberal views.
2022 Tour Championship, nominated by Lee Vilenski
Very few things rhyme with snooker,
But of Vilenski's work, I'm not a rebuker.
Asimov's Science Fiction, nominated by Mike Christie
Science fiction magazines are in decline
This one was really important, though, in its time.
"Gento" (song), nominated by Abacusada
Di ka basta-basta makakita ng gento.
Jessie Murray, nominated by SchroCat
To discuss her psychoanalysis others would avoid
For her failure to follow the false doctrines of Freud....

Featured pictures

Twenty-seven featured pictures were promoted this period, including the ones at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured topics

Two featured topics were promoted this period:
Nominated by Pseud 14:

Nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)

Featured lists

Nineteen featured lists were promoted this period.

William S. Hart
William S. Hart filmography, nominated by Jimknutt
List of storks, nominated by AryKun
List of Best Selling Soul Singles number ones of 1972, nominated by ChrisTheDude
Kyla discography, nominated by Pseud 14
Pit Stop Challenge, nominated by EnthusiastWorld37
List of World Heritage Sites in Yemen, nominated by Tone
List of World Heritage Sites in Panama, nominated by Tone
List of Colorado ballot measures, nominated by ThadeusOfNazereth
List of lorisoids, nominated by PresN
List of Hot Soul Singles number ones of 1973, nominated by ChrisTheDude
List of awards and nominations received by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
Julia Michaels discography, nominated by MaranoFan
World Video Game Hall of Fame, nominated by PresN
Municipalities of Sinaloa, nominated by Mattximus
List of National Football League annual passing touchdowns leaders, nominated by Hey man im josh and ULPS
Eiji Tsuburaya filmography, nominated by Eiga-Kevin2
Daya discography, nominated by MaranoFan
95th Academy Awards, nominated by RunningTiger123 and Birdienest81
List of Mckenna Grace performances, nominated by Pamzeis