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Poetry under pressure: Now is not this ridiculous, and is not this preposterous? A thorough-paced absurdity - explain it if you can.
Featured content

Poetry under pressure

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 1 to 15 May.

So, um, my birthday's in four days, I've been pretty busy, and.. um.... this is a bit rushed. Still, covered everything, new poems, just might be a bit weirder than normal.

This article will show you that the secret of my craft
Is I normally would cut out any poem that's too daft.

Featured articles

Dummm, Dummm Dummm! Dum-dum! (Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum)

Twelve featured articles were promoted this period.

CBS Building, nominated by Epicgenius
This building's nicknamed "Black Rock", for when's all said and done,
It looks rather like the monolith from Kubrik's 2001. AC
Battle of Bronkhorstspruit, nominated by Harrias
The battle that began it all, it really was a bore—
...Sorry, that was my mistake: it starts the First Boer War. AC
Supermarine S.4, nominated by Amitchell125
A monoplane, built to race,
It set a record with its pace,
But crashed at sea 'ere it could place. AC
al-Walid I, nominated by Al Ameer son
His reign was the peak of the Umayyad Caliphate's power,
It was after his reign that things started to sour:
He expanded the borders! He spared no expense!
Those who came after had to pay for it, hence,
His reign was the peak of the Umayyad Caliphate's power. AC
Ludwig Ferdinand Huber, nominated by Kusma
A literary critic ought to foster his connections.
This critic to Georg Forster's wife gave his erections. AC
Epsom riot, nominated by SchroCat
These Canadians wanted to go home at the end of the World War.
But after one too many delays, they couldn't take it any more.
Sorry, eh? AC
1984–85 Gillingham F.C. season, nominated by ChrisTheDude
A stressful year for Gillingham fans: They did fantastic - then awful - then great!
Until a really terrible March again took promotion off their plate. AC
Sonic the Hedgehog 2, nominated by TheJoebro64
In the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2,
You can play as Sonic, and as Tails too;
Because of the game, the Genesis soared,
And at the year's end, it won an award. QJR
2007 World Cup of Pool, nominated by Lee Vilenski
Teams from various countries all competed, taking up their tool
But Li Hewen and Fu Jianbo won the twenty-oh-seven World Cup of Pool. AC
Angeline Quinto, nominated by Pseud 14
Soulful singer from Manila... Wait a moment, though,
We saw her appear in featured lists just a mere two issues ago.
She's a Filipina actor/singer, who won herself great fame
With mostly Filipino things I'm still too unknowing of to name. AC
Saving Private Ryan, nominated by Darkwarriorblake
Stephen Spielberg shows the horrors of World War Two,
Veterans praised the realism of its scenes.
'A critical success!' all shout with one accord,
But Shakespeare in Love took the Academy Award. AC
Battle of Zama, nominated by Gog the Mild
The Punic Wars are covered in great detail on this site
And Gog the Mild is the man who makes sure things are right. AC
Gordon Steege, nominated by Ian Rose
An Australian flying ace, a wing and squadron commander,
He got the Distinguished Service Order since his leadership was grander. AC

Featured lists

Eleven featured lists were promoted this period.

...Well, now we know which. Probably.
List of macropodiformes, nominated by PresN
If you see a macropodiform, you know that you might view
A wallaby, a bettong, or perhaps a kangaroo. AC
List of phalangeriformes, nominated by PresN
More marsupial mammals, a cuscus is quite cute.
And now I'm craving cous-cous. Well, dangit! Drat! Oh shoot! AC
List of accolades received by Avatar: The Way of Water, nominated by Chompy Ace
Avatar: The Way of Woskers
Won "Best Visual Effects" at the Oscars. If I don't sign this can I pretend I didn't write it?
List of accolades received by Turning Red, nominated by Chompy Ace
This movie released in 2022;
The nominations were many, but the wins were few. QJR
List of commanders of the British 4th Division, nominated by EnigmaMcmxc
A quite well-researched article, so it's a pity I'll now talk
About how odd one phrase is: general officer commanding, or, the "GOC". AC
List of English football championship-winning managers, nominated by NapHit
It really isn't that vital
To over-explain that title.
It is what it is. AC
List of international goals scored by Olivier Giroud, nominated by Idiosincrático
The football player Olivier Giroud
Travelled the world, and scored all around. QJR
List of Music Bank Chart winners (2017), nominated by EN-Jungwon and Jal11497
If you want this award, the first step to start,
Is go to South Korea and catch the populace's heart.
For if you wish to win it you must top the Korean chart. AC
Snooker world rankings 1979/1980, nominated by BennyOnTheLoose
They tried to change the rules,
And, after that, they looked like fools.
When the BBC complained
All the old rules were regained. AC
2022 Winter Olympics medal table, nominated by Birdienest81
The most medals of all Norway did keep,
But Germany got a podium sweep. QJR
List of Top Selling R&B Singles number ones of 1966, nominated by ChrisTheDude
I feel good
I knew that I would now.
I feel good
Because I started the year on the top of the R&B Singles chart. James Brown, probably