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A compilation of comments by the print press praising Wikipedia.

  1. "There is nothing you cannot find - how best to make glass, the use of the nappy in space exploration - and if something isn't there, you may wish to take matters into your own hands." John Naughton, author of A Brief History of the Future, in Web sites that changed the world, the 15 most significant Web sites in history; Wikipedia is nr. 2 — The Observer, 13 August, 2006.
  2. "…one of the most vibrant, informative and accessible information systems in the history of human knowledge" — The Independent (London), January 9, 2006
  3. "The Wikipedia is one of the wonders of the internet." — The Guardian (London), December 8, 2005
  4. "It is far larger than Britannica, far easier to use, and (because of constant, multiple peer review) just as good." — Daily Telegraph (London), November 11, 2005
  5. "Why buy the Encyclopædia Britannica when Wikipedia is available at the click of a browser?" — Financial Times, September 28, 2005
  6. "Wikipedia is a fantastic free, multi-lingual encyclopedia. that features more than 650,000 articles on topics as diverse as bats and Britney Spears." — Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne), August 7, 2005
  7. "Now open-source is cropping up in other places. For instance, within a few years we've seen an on-line free encyclopedia built from scratch to become one of the best in the world --Wikipedia. Britannica watch out." — The Courier Mail, July 20, 2005
  8. "This is where the internet becomes one of the greatest inventions ever…" — Sunday Life (Belfast), July 17, 2005
  9. "Wikipedia ( is the definitive encyclopedia, and if you don't have it bookmarked or labeled a 'favorite' in your browser, go do it now." — Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 19, 2005
  10. "The most immediate and most comprehensive journalism was on the openly edited Wikipedia." — Toronto Star, July 12, 2005
  11. "glorious social experiment" — Globe and Mail, July 8, 2005
  12. "One of the most extraordinary websites on the Internet." — Writing Magazine, July 2005 edition
  13. "extraordinary outpouring of human effort" — The Times Higher Education Supplement, May 13, 2005
  14. "When we use the term "public property," we usually mean state property, but Wikipedia compromises the concept of ownership without dispossessing anyone: It is truly public property." — Los Angeles Times, May 4, 2005
  15. "Wikipedia is nothing short of a revolution." — Business Today, April 24, 2005
  16. "We find ourselves turning again and again to Wikipedia…" — Philadelphia Inquirer, April 20, 2005
  17. "It is an extraordinary repository of information that is literally getting larger by the minute." — Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 17, 2005
  18. "I love what Wikipedia does." — Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president of digital operations at New York Times spoken to the Wall Street Journal, March 28, 2005
  19. "broad avenues of discovery" — The Times (London), March 22, 2005
  20. "Information here [Wikipedia] tends to be very accurate, detailed and clearly presented." — New Straits Times (Malaysia), March 14, 2005
  21. "…a repository of knowledge to rival the ancient library of Alexandria." — Wired, March 2005.
  22. "It's as if a gang of hardy Amish barn-raisers ended up erecting the tallest skyscraper in the world." — National Post's Financial Post & FP Investing, February 26, 2005
  23. "A People's History of Life, the Universe, And Everything, Including But Not Limited to Whatever" — Village Voice, February 9-February 15, 2005
  24. "So where can the connoisseur of concentrated eccentricity go for a wide and varied selection of the peculiar in one convenient location?" — Christian Science Monitor, February 11, 2005
  25. "…an exceedingly useful online reference work often consulted by this columnist and countless others." — The Observer, January 9, 2005
  26. "I have found the most fascinating website titled Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and you're going to love it." — Winnipeg Sun, January 8, 2005
  27. "The only instant reference work" — Financial Times, January 6, 2005
  28. "The site's massive archive, including 380,000 articles in English alone, puts even Britannica to shame." — MIT's Technology Review, January 2005
  29. "But they're all posers compared to the Big Gun of the encyclopedia world – the one that boasts the titles of largest, fastest growing, and most up-to-date. That would be the Wikipedia." —, November 5, 2004
  30. "Wikipedia just roared past 1 million total articles (300,000 in English, the rest mostly in 40 other languages), making it the world's largest encyclopedia--three times the size of the 233-year-old Britannica." — Newsweek, November 1, 2004
  31. "…one of the internet's most inspiring success stories" — The Guardian, October 26, 2004
  32. "But there is little doubt that the Wikipedia…has blossomed from an experimental dalliance into a full-blown competitor to commercial works such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Encarta. — Dallas Morning News, October 13, 2004
  33. "Try finding that in the Britannica." — Associated Press, September 23, 2004
  34. "…it is one of the wonders of the world." — The Observer, September 12, 2004
  35. "One of the Internet's more fascinating social experiments… — Washington Post, September 9, 2004
  36. "No other free online resource -- none -- can give you such a quick and useful briefing on practically any subject you can think of." — Chicago Sun-Times, July 20, 2004
  37. " It is a scholarly, thorough work of reference that costs nothing to consult apart from an internet connection." — The Times (London), July 20, 2004
  38. "A few years ago, Microsoft Corp. scoffed at free software; today the company is running scared. Britannica's Ross seems a lot more relaxed about his company's future. It's difficult to see why." — Boston Globe, July 12, 2004
  39. "WIKIPEDIA IS ONE of the more remarkable projects on the Web." — Business Week, May 31, 2004.
  40. "…one of the most fascinating developments of the Digital Age." — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 17, 2004
  41. "The do-it-yourself spirit flourishes on the Web…" — Science, September 5, 2003
  42. "This is the Choose Your Own Adventure style of online learning." — EContent, April 2003
  43. "The Wikipedia, perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the generosity on the Web…" — The Irish Times, February 7, 2003
  44. "Roll over, Funk & Wagnalls." — Fast Company, May 2002