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Wiki Loves Pride is a global campaign to expand and improve LGBT-related content across all Wikimedia projects, in all languages. Most activities of Wiki Loves Pride take place between June and October, traditionally the months when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities around the world celebrate LGBT culture and history. We invite you to participate by improving Wikipedia's coverage of LGBT-related content.

The symbol designates Women in Red contributions.

Events and other online collaborations[edit]

Las reinas de Drag Race México: Gala Varo, Margaret Y Ya, y Regina Voce

New and improved content[edit]

This section includes new and improved LGBT-related content, including articles and lists, categories, "Did you know?" hooks, drafts, and templates. 2023 also saw the creation of WikiProject LGBT studies' LGBT in the United States work group.


To add new articles to Category:Articles created or improved during Wiki Loves Pride 2023, place {{Wiki Loves Pride talk|2023}} on the article's talk page.

New articles[edit]

Improved articles[edit]


To add new categories to Category:Categories created during Wiki Loves Pride 2023, place {{Wiki Loves Pride category talk|2023}} on the category's talk page.


Did you know?[edit]


Code Result
This user is aromantic.
This user is aromantic.
This user is aroace.
This user is asexual.
This user is non-binary.
{{User:Trilletrollet/Userboxes/Gay man}}
This user is a gay man.


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San Francisco Trans March and People's March

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