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Welcome to WikiProject Veganism and Vegetarianism. Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of veganism and vegetarianism and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please add yourself as a participant in the project, inquire on the talk page, and see the to-do list, below.


The goals of this project include the following:

  • Educate users about veganism and vegetarianism
  • Improve articles within this project's scope
  • Maintaining objectivity and neutral point-of-view on veganism and vegetarianism related articles
  • Serving as the central point of discussion for all issues related to veganism and vegetarianism on Wikipedia


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Articles that need work[edit]

Article What needs to be done? Current status
Create articles for dietitians and physicians who authored the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position papers on vegetarian diets (see talk-page). Completed:


  • Winston J. Craig
  • George Eisman
  • Patricia Johnston
  • D. Enette Larson
  • Virginia Messina
In progress
2022 University of Idaho killings Re: Brian Christopher Kohberger - I couldn’t find any information about Brian Kohberger’s dietary preferences or thoughts about food. However, according to an article by Meaww, Kohberger was seen at Mad Greek restaurant in Moscow, Idaho at least twice to grab vegan pizza. Murder victims Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen worked in the Mad Greek, a nonvegetarian restaurant. Presumably, none of the victims was plant-based. "The former employee tells PEOPLE that there was nothing suspicious about Kohberger's visits to the Mad Greek, and that he only stood out because he had a particular order: a strict vegan, Kohberger would check to make sure that his food had not come into contact with animal products." Not completed
Elizabeth Holmes Include in project because she adopted vegan sproutarian 'juicetarian' diet in order to 'work without sleep' for 16 hours. Elizabeth Holmes is a former American businesswoman who was the founder and CEO of Theranos, a now-defunct health technology company. I couldn’t find any information about her dietary preferences except that she adopted a vegan diet early on in her career because she found that staying off animal products allowed her to work later without sleep. She worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week, and allegedly slept four hours a night. Instead, she ran on a green juice blend of spinach, parsley, wheatgrass, celery, and cucumber. [ What Did Elizabeth Holmes Eat? Green Juice Diet Detail ( Here's What Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes' Prison Where She'll Serve 11 Years Looks Like ( Inside the Prison Where Elizabeth Holmes Began Her Sentence - WSJ Smythe K. A Look Inside The Prison Where Elizabeth Holmes Will Spend 11 Years, MSN Elizabeth Holmes – Height, Weight, Age: Article claims "that she is a famous vegetarian and drinks fresh vegetable juice several times per day." Stieg C. Elizabeth Holmes' Very Particular Green Juice Diet, Explained. MARCH 19, 2019, 8:00 AM Not completed
American Vegan Society Needs citations, --BrikDuk (talk) 19:11, 26 July 2020 (UTC) - needs some colorful photographs, maybe an informative chart MaynardClark (talk) 01:08, 27 July 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply] Citations added
Lisa Bloom Article needs to be included in this project because (a) she has been a vegetarian for a long time, (b) now is a vegan, and (c) is representing Miyoko Schinner in her lawsuit. In addition, her mother is Gloria Allred who reportedly successfully represented the vegetarian bus driver in Los Angeles and won a $50,000 award that stabilized several older, better-known US vegetarian groups.[1] Not completed
Cat food Article needs review of wording that may (intentionally) bias the readership against seriously considering the hard, inescapable REASONS FOR plant-based diets for companion animals. Not completed
Economic vegetarianism Has no substantive mention of veganism; unassessed article; discussions on talk page. MaynardClark (talk) 12:53, 16 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not completed
Alvenia Fulton African American vegetarian (vegan) who wrote a natural foods health curriculum; she attended the NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest (in the 1970s) and met Maynard Clark there. Reportedly, she taught Dick Gregory to be a vegan. Can this be included in the WikiProject? MaynardClark (talk) 20:25, 25 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not completed
Founders of alt-meat companies Biographical articles should be developed about Marco Bertacca, CEO of Quorn Foods; Ryan Pandya, Cofounder and CEO, Perfect Day; Takoua Debeche Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Danone North America; and Karuna Rawal, CMO, Nature's Fynd; MaynardClark (talk) 21:52, 22 June 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not completed (or even started) - Pages already exist for Patrick O. Brown, Founder and CEO, Impossible Foods and Ethan Brown (businessman), founder of Beyond Meat.
Farm Animal Rights Movement (or FARM) Update of Farm Animal Rights Movement (or FARM) Eric Lindstrom is now the Executive Director, and Eric Lindstrom should have his own article, IMO. Consult with FARM website.
Animal Rights National Conference Update of Animal Rights National Conference Consult with FARM website.
Alex Hershaft Update of Alex Hershaft Consult with FARM website.
Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay Is Now A Spokesperson For A Vegan Milk Brand. This should be noted.[2] Not completed
Johnstown, Pennsylvania Johnstown, Pennsylvania is - and has long been the physical site of - the site of the annual NAVS Vegan Summerfest. The Johnstown, Pennsylvania article should be 'adopted' by this project. Article needs expansion of this theme - perhaps as a section on famous events in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Volunteers should step forward and help develop a draft article; I would be willing to host a draft text for Johnstown PA subarticle for the annual NAVS vegetarian conference, which began in 1975 with the IVU's 23rd World Vegetarian Congress in Orono, Maine, where the North American Vegetarian Society was imagined and organized. AVS (American Vegan Society was the US host for IVU's biennial World Vegetarian Congress (International Vegetarian Union) (23rd World Vegetarian Congress). H. Jay Dinshah Freya Dinshah Helen Nearing Scott Nearing MaynardClark (talk) 20:16, 9 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not yet started - Volunteers should step forward and help develop draft text for Johnstown PA article.
David L. Katz Article needs expansion of his research on plant-based diets. User on talk-page objects to Katz being added to the WikiProject Veganism and Vegetarianism (see talk-page discussion). Not completed
Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci Ned Buyukmihci and his sister Nerim were lifelong vegans, children of Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci and her husband of the Unexpected Wildlife Refuge[3], featured often in Ahimsa, publication of the American Vegan Society. Articles about Ned's sister Nerim and his parents, Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci, and the Unexpected Wildlife Refuge (which nurtured Ned Buyukmihci), should be developed, as should be a page about lifelong vegans who have been studied and discussed at length by AVS.MaynardClark (talk) 17:18, 5 November 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not yet fully contemplated
Liste des organisations végétariennes French language 'List of vegetarian organizations' which could use enhancements. Our WikiProject must be developed in each of the languages where this WikiProject would be developed and managed. Not yet assessed, nor have project volunteers been found for each incipient non-English WikiProject. Not yet started - Volunteers should step forward and help develop a draft article.
Meat analogue Needs updates Not completed
Courtney Boyd Myers - founder of Akua (vegan kelp burgers) Is she vegetarian or vegan? If so, can this article be included in this project? MaynardClark (talk) 17:21, 16 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not completed
NAVS Vegan Summerfest The WikiProject needs this article to be developed. Volunteers should step forward and help develop a draft article; I would be willing to host a draft text for Johnstown PA subarticle for the annual NAVS vegetarian conference, which began in 1975 with the IVU's 23rd World Vegetarian Congress in Orono, Maine, where the North American Vegetarian Society was imagined and organized. AVS (American Vegan Society was the US host for IVU's biennial World Vegetarian Congress (International Vegetarian Union) (23rd World Vegetarian Congress). H. Jay Dinshah Freya Dinshah Helen Nearing Scott Nearing MaynardClark (talk) 20:16, 9 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not yet started - Volunteers should step forward and help develop a draft article. Perhaps work NAVS Summerfest into Draft done, but not all recipients appear in the list: Worked into the NAVS article. Not notable enough as as standalone. Polish finished product. Perhaps work NAVS Summerfest into article ALSO (note that 2 summerfests were canceled because of pandemic, and that the NAVS vegetarian summer conference name was changed twice, once to NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest and then to NAVS Vegan Summerfest article ALSO (note that 2 summerfests were canceled because of pandemic, and that the NAVS vegetarian summer conference name was changed twice, once to NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest and then to NAVS Vegan Summerfest).
North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) Article developed on 10/1 (WVD). Volunteers should draft text for Johnstown PA paragraph for the annual NAVS vegetarian conference, which began in 1975 with the IVU's 23rd World Vegetarian Congress in Orono, Maine, where the North American Vegetarian Society was imagined and organized. AVS (American Vegan Society was the US host for IVU's biennial World Vegetarian Congress (International Vegetarian Union) (23rd World Vegetarian Congress). H. Jay Dinshah Freya Dinshah Helen Nearing Scott Nearing MaynardClark (talk) 20:16, 9 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not yet started - Volunteers should step forward and help develop a draft draft text for Johnstown, Pennsylvania article's paragraph for the annual NAVS vegetarian conference, which cannot be done until the Summerfest text is incorporated into the NAVS article OR becomes its own standalone article.
Plant milk Needs a (small) section on World Plant Milk Day (August 22), which has been going on since 2019 (3 years now). Slogans are #TheFutureIsDairyFree and "Take the 7-day dairy-free challenge."[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Celebrities include Olivia Fox Cabane, the organiser of the Alternative Protein Summit and Founder & CEO of The Global Alternative Food Awards (GAFAs), and developer of The Protein Landscape.

Sponsors seem to have featured Oatly, Califia Farms, and Milkadamia in 2020 (but not Planet Oat, Chobani Oatmilk, or other plantmilks). The event is publicized by Plant Based News, and the event's website is:

World Plant Milk Day (WPMD) as August 22 was first celebrated in 2017.[11][12][13]

Not completed
Vivek Ramaswamy Needs to be added to this project because he has repeatedly claimed that he is a Hindu vegetarian and believes that animals ought not to be killed for "culinary pleasure." MaynardClark (talk) 06:36, 12 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply] Not completed
Semi-vegetarianism A history section of semi-vegetarian diets might be a good idea to add. I have managed to locate some of the earliest books on the topic. Jean Hewitt's International Meatless Cookbook, promoted a "part-time vegetarian diet" in 1980. Psychologist Guy (talk) 15:43, 22 August 2020 (UTC); Photographs needed; VB6 (vegan before six pm); macrobiotics, flexitarianism, religious fasting and religious vegetarianism during Lent and other periodsReply[reply] Not completed
Soy curls The whole article was basically how to prepare them. I have deleted most of it and it is looking a bit empty. Nutritional info, production, and history would be good things to add. I have added an two infoboxes, {{Infobox food}} and {{Infobox nutritional value}}, so that is done. I created a history section, but couldn't find much about them except that they were created around the year 2000 by Butler Foods. I don't know if there is much more to add. A better picture would be nice, and perhaps some information about production. I have moved it from Stub to Start
Taran Noah Smith More on his life beyond his California-based non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant, Playfood, specializing in vegan and organic foods, which he and his ex-wife [Heidi van Pelt​​ (m. 2001; div. 2007)] formed in 2005.[14] If Heidi van Pelt​​ is also vegan, she is a 'person of interest' in this 'vegan historical unfolding'! She is known as 'American Vegan Chef' so she is 'into it!'[15] At the age of 17, Smith married Heidi van Pelt on April 27, 2001. The marriage sparked much controversy due to the couple's age difference, as van Pelt was 16 years older. The couple filed for divorce on February 2, 2007.[16] Not completed
Timeline of cellular agriculture Plant-based meats may not be cellular agriculture, and maybe a distinct and separate 'timeline of plant-based meats' could be developed, but maybe more should be said in this article about the distinct and parallel history of developments of plant-based meats. Not completed
Vegan Hall of Fame (formerly Vegetarian Hall of Fame) of North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) - North American Vegetarian Society's Vegetarian Hall of Fame (since 1990), where most inductees already have a Wikipedia article.[17]
Ensure that, where an inductee (since 1990) has a Wikipedia article, this honorary distinction from NAVS is mentioned (and cited with link above).
Draft done, but not all recipients appear in the list: Worked into the NAVS article. Not notable enough as as standalone. Polish finished product. Perhaps work NAVS Summerfest into article ALSO (note that 2 summerfests were canceled * because of pandemic, and that the NAVS vegetarian summer conference name was changed twice, once to NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest and then to NAVS Vegan Summerfest.

Here is the complete list of 28 Vegan Hall of Fame (previously known as the Vegetarian Hall of Fame) Inductees from 1990 through 2023 according to the North American Vegetarian Society1:

  • 1990: Jay and Freya Dinshah
  • 1991: Helen and Scott Nearing
  • 1992: Michael Klaper, MD
  • 1993: George Eisman, RD
  • 1994: Paul Obis
  • 1995: Mahatma Gandhi
  • 1998: Alex Hershaft
  • 1999: Muriel (Collura) Golde
  • 2001: Patricia Lambert
  • 2002: Howard Lyman
  • 2003: Charles Stahler and Debra Wasserman
  • 2004: Brian and Sharon Graff
  • 2005: Richard Schwartz
  • 2006: T. Colin Campbell, PhD
  • 2007: Brenda Davis, RD
  • 2008: Jo Stepaniak
  • 2009: Joe Connelly and Colleen Holland
  • 2010: Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr. MD
  • 2011: Neal Barnard, MD
  • 2012: James LaVeck and Jenny Stein
  • 2013: Rae Sikora
  • 2014: John Pierre
  • 2015: Hans Diehl, DrHSc
  • 2016: Miyoko Schinner
  • 2017: Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • 2018: Chef AJ
  • 2019: Michael Greger, MD
  • 2023: Kim A. Williams, Sr., MD

Please note that there are (or seem to be) no inductees listed for the years 1996, 1997, 2000, and from 2020 to 2022. This list is based on the information available as of now and may be updated in the future.

The Vegan Museum (formerly National Vegetarian Museum)[18] In Chicago, Illinois area - relatively new - significant efforts to collect vegetarian and vegan memorabilia. Focuses on Story Map of Illinois’ Role in U.S. Vegetarian History Article started and major news coverage added as refs
Veganism Needs discussion of zoonotic disease (animal disease that transmits to humans and whose spread is fastened by livestock breeding and hunting) as a motivator for veganism (e. g. avian and swine flu, MERS, Ebola, Covid, BSE). See Michael Greger talk and reports by Cambridge University, One Health, Surge activism, ProVeg International... You can start with the discussion in Intensive animal farming.Trimton (talk) 02:29, 15 March 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply] Unstarted
Veganuary Impact of Veganuary: FARM's The Great American Meatout (March 20th) invited the general public to kick the meat habit (for life, for health, for the animals, for the ecosystem, for a variety of reasons) - and the termination of the agreement was left open-ended (usually it was read as a one-day commitment). Is there room in the article to include this note? MaynardClark (talk) 17:02, 30 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply] Unstarted
Vegetarian Resource Group Article needed, it should qualify for an article [1], [2]
Vegetarian and vegan dog diet A really good article already exists, but update and make this Wikipedia article better A really good article already exists, but update and make this Wikipedia article better
Vegetarian and vegan symbolism Are these markings 'symbols' in any commonly-used sense (rather than certifications or labels)? Article (i) covers very few of the labels previously or currently used, or attempted, and (b) needs history section, and (iii) seems half-hearted in its scope. Needs discussion of 'cruelty-free products' labeling (e.g. PETA, commercial innovators, business efforts (failed and successful), etc.
Vegetarianism by country Globalise. Most countries are not mentioned. The Asia section, for instance, describes only China, India, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. Needs e. g.  Indonesia,  Bangladesh,  Pakistan,  Japan, and  Philippines. The South and Central America section is until now limited to Brazil. Delete countries as you add them
Victoria Moran - new book Update article and include new book and tweak article's details.


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Articles nominated for deletion[edit]

[User:Historyday01|Historyday01]] (talk) 05:31, 27 September 2020 (UTC) "Closed: The result was keep." BrikDuk (talk) 18:08, 15 October 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Translation efforts[edit]

Develop versions of this project in major human languages: French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. Each companion language-based project should contribute to enhancing the articles in the other languages.

Recruit bilingual and multilingual Wikipedians from language groups other than English who are interested in translating this project's English-language Wikipedia articles into non-English languages.

Article Translations of Articles into non-English languages Current status
French Vegetarian Society The English-language article: Sociéte Végétarienne de Paris - has been translated into French: The discussion (within THAT Wikipedia article) needs to (a) include that French language article as part of this WikiProject Veganism and Vegetarianism, and (b) correct the links (so that they work).

Search Wikipedia for articles that lack an English-language version (using the Tool Forge digital tool:

Surely there are good reasons for expanding the possible scope of this work (to different language groups), which (for practical reasons) could begin with volunteers from well-organized continental groups like European Vegetarian Union. A Wikipedia article List of vegetarian organizations should or could be consulted.



Featured content[edit]


New articles[edit]

Suggested articles[edit]


  • Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award: Many vegans and vegetarians have won this award; such an article would emphasize the notability of each of those article subjects (those who had been awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award. The Peace Abbey operated from Sherborn, Massachusetts (until its financial insolvency), when it relocated key elements of its operations to various sites, including the library of the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Campaigns and Movements[edit]

  • This might not meet notability, but an article on meat abolition—this is more of a movement in France (1, 2, 3) - See Gary Francione
  • Beyond Beef, the Jeremy Rifkin and Howard Lyman campaign which demonstrated at thousands of McDonald's sites asking them to introduce veggie burgers on their menu. Randy Kryn (talk) 19:48, 2 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Evidence-based advocacy - prioritizing the use of the sciences relevant to the points to be made, in face of sometimes embarrassing statements made by advocates whose full worldview on the topic had not yet been develop before they spoke out. [IMO the advocates of EBA were not always, themselves, infallible or normative, although they appear(ed) to speak authoritatively. MaynardClark (talk) 19:09, 10 June 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Go Vegan Radio (Bob Linden) - EIN#: 46-3622958[1][2]MaynardClark (talk) 19:14, 3 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Vegan companion animals[3][4][5][6][7]
  • Veganizing (conventional) restaurant menus
  • Types of vegan advocacy by nation (not all in North America) - religious and spiritual, ethical and moral, environmental, health (science-based or otherwise-motivated)
  • When should the Health awareness days category be used and when should the Holidays category be used (on the talk page)? MaynardClark (talk) 16:57, 4 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]


  1. ^ Charity Navigator profile for Go Vegan Radio
  2. ^ ProPublica profile for Go Vegan Radio, incorporated in Wilmington DE
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Famous Vegetarian Animals[edit]

"Little Tyke", the vegetarian lioness. A YouTube video retelling the story - with photographs - is also available. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


Themes and/or Trends in Vegetarian History - Groups in past history advocating abstinence from eating parts of animals

  • Rubin Abramowitz (born c. 1885; 20th century vegan who with Catherine Nimmo founded early vegan society. I met Rubin Abramowitz (a tall, good-looking, clear-skinned man) in the 1980s. Was he an engineer? He donated money to vegan causes and organizations.[1][2][3] "*Abramowitz, an imprisoned conscientious objector to war (WW II), had become a cook to make it easier for the kitchen to provide vegan meals. His story, Semple’s, and others appear in Here’s Harmlessness: An Anthology of Ahimsa edited by H. Jay Dinshah and published by AVS in 1964."MaynardClark (talk) 19:01, 6 October 2021 (UTC) Plenty of online links to Rubin Abramowitz stored in Catherine Nimmo article. Writing the article requires merely an author.Reply[reply]
  • History of vegan (and vegetarian) certification programs. Vegan Australia Certified program does this 'down under'
  • List of Animal Activists Killed While Protesting - The most recent example would be Regan Russell who was killed June 19, 2020 in Canada outside a slaughterhouse by a trucking driver. Other activists killed because of protesting against animal killing have thus included Jill Phipps, Chico Mendes, Karel Van Noppen, Stuart Fairlie, Mike Hill, and Tom Warby.[4] [5] This would be related from an academic perspective or investigation of such to this category [3] .
  • Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) contributions to plant-based foods (plantmilks, grain coffees, mock-meats, etc.) in the 19th and 20th centuries.[6][7]
  • History of vegan and vegetarian literature, including a section on poetry. This 1813 poem is a good example.

Vegan companion animals[edit]

  • Toys for vegan dogs and vegan cats: Whimsies, Nylabone, and V-Dog make chew toys. Whimsies is NOT the Whimsies from Wade Ceramics, which are porcelain animal figures.
  • Ongoing vegan pet food research: history, drivers of ongoing research, developing thresholds and social implications of the research. Will plant-based meats development eventually feed companion and cages animals (e.g. zoos), including felines and big cats.[1]
  • Plant-Based Dog Health Study - The Plant-Based Dog Health Study is being conducted from the newest veterinary school in the United States, Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, which publicly expresses a humane philosophy of animal care in research and practice.[2][3][4][5][6]

Vegetarian Lifestyle and Health Therapeutic Organizations[edit]

Veg Days (Recurring)[edit]

Veg Events[edit]

  • Boston Vegetarian Food Festival[1]
  • Maine VegFest - page was deleted (Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Maine VegFest)
  • MeatOut (fomerly "Great American MeatOut") GAMO is held annually on March 2o, the "first day of spring" (for turning over a new life and living a positive, health-supporting lifestyle). It is sponsored by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement in Bethesda, Maryland. MaynardClark (talk) 23:45, 5 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Mountain VegFest
  • New England VegFest
  • NAVS Summerfest
  • Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair - Oldest land-based locally-oriented vegetarian (actually vegan) event in North America, from which America's long line of vegetarian food festivals was directly or indirectly copied
  • Vegetarian Events and Days (not only secular vegan and vegetarian festivals festivals, but also annual days (as in World Vegetarian Day) and veggie parades, but also non-secular veg*an events, vegetarian religious fasts, etc.)
Some pages for regular events have been deleted (for lack of notability; perhaps they would be restored as part of this project; the vegan events article could and IMO should be rehabilitated. MaynardClark (talk) 18:53, 10 November 2021 (UTC))Reply[reply]
  • 1975 World Vegetarian Congress (Vegan Kitchen: Exactly 45 years ago, Maine hosted a historic 2-week conference for vegetarians) From this article: "The significance of the 1975 congress comes from the publicity it generated for meat-free eating, the alliances it forged between vegetarian activists, and the organizations its attendees went on to create." BrikDuk (talk) 15:01, 19 August 2020 (UTC) Event mentioned in Vegetarian American and called "turning point" on this site ([4]). The Alex Hershaft article also mentions the event. BrikDuk (talk) 15:57, 21 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Compassionate Holidays: Celebrate With Compassion[2]
    • Vegetarian Thanksgiving organizing (since before FARM's 1975 outreach) could make a good article.[3][4][5]
  • Vegetarian and vegan road races - Several have been publicized and carried out. Boston's July 4th cross country 'Run Fourth for Animal Rights' and the 1975 Vegan Runner from Philadelphia to the Beltway are only two of them.[6]
  • World Day for Farm Animals (WDFA is held annually on October 2, and sponsored by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement in Bethesda, Maryland. Sometimes called WFAD (World Farm(ed) Animals Day, it is held on the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi. MaynardClark (talk) 23:38, 5 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Veg Music[edit]

  • List of songs about (the meanings, values, practice/s of) veganism and/or vegetarianism[1][2] - It seems that no such list currenty exists; such a resource could gather, aggregate, archive, catalog, document, record, index, chronicle, compile, systematize, organize, categorize, log, store, classify, inventory, file, index, understand and synopsize, and curate the musicological history of celebrating plant-forward, plant-based, and plant-exclusive diets and eating patterns, and perhaps launch further efforts in this direction. Many vegetarians and vegans haave realized and acknowledged that few vegan musicians have really "served the cause" with the creative side of their art, although quite a few have done fundraising concerts for animal advocacy groups (such as PETA). MaynardClark (talk) 16:38, 4 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
      • “Wha Me Eat” by Macka B: This reggae track promotes a vegan lifestyle with lyrics like "I eat from the earth and leave the animals to give birth, no dead flesh, no fur, no feathers."[3];
      • “Death Camps” by Cro-Mags: This metal track compares factory farming to genocidal death camps.[4];
      • “Vegetarian Christmas” by FEET: This song promotes the choice of free-from dishes during Christmas.[5];
      • “Butchers” by Nausea: This punk track carries a strong message against animal testing.[6];
      • “Looking For Changes” by Paul McCartney: This song discusses the inhumane treatment of animals in science labs.[7];
      • "I Don't Eat Animals" by (the late) Melanie Safka who died last month;
      • "Vegetarian" by the Not Sensibles**;
      • "Sweet Potato" by Cracker (band);
      • "Meat is Murder" (1985) by The Smiths;
      • "Veggie Girl" by The Ethical Debating Society;
      • "Soy Un Dorito" by Go! Go! Burrito!;
      • "Plants" by The Hermits;
      • "Vegan Myths Debunked" by Greydon Square;
      • "Vegetarian Restaurant" by The Sensitive Girls**;
      • "Plant-Based Diet" by Pete Krebs;
      • "Tofurky" by Ramshackle Glory;
      • "Wot! No Meat" by Captain Sensible & The Missus;
      • maybe "No Milk Today" (1966) by Herman's Hermits (clean-cut English early rock group)
You can search for these songs on popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or other similar platforms. Simply enter the song title and artist into the search bar of the respective platform to locate and listen to the songs. If there are official websites or artist profiles associated with these songs, they might provide more information or direct links.MaynardClark (talk) 16:49, 4 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Without these "cultural props", a "movement" has no "partying" to carry it forward. (often claimed by the Dennis Kucinich movement. MaynardClark (talk) 17:02, 4 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Veg Music Groups and Musicians[edit]

Classical musicians who are veg It can be difficult to determine the dietary habits of classical musicians, as this information is often not publicly available. However, here are some classical musicians who are known to be vegan:

  • Caroline Lucas - English politician and former member of the European Parliament who is also a trained flautist and recorder player. Current article may need to be cleaned up. Mention of vegetarianism is in the talk page.
  • Chloe Flower - American pianist - No mention of vegetarianism in the article
  • Michael Nyman - English composer and pianist - No mention of vegetarianism in the article
  • Nico Muhly - American composer and pianist - No mention of vegetarianism in the article
  • Philip Glass - American composer and pianist - Already in this project.

Instrumentalist musicians who are known to be vegan

  • Hannah Georgas - Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
  • James McCartney - English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
  • Rikki Stein - English music manager and former percussionist
  • Ron Reyes - American punk rock musician and former Black Flag vocalist
  • Tomas Kalnoky - American musician and frontman of the band Streetlight Manifesto, known for his vegan activism

It's important to note that being vegan is a personal choice and dietary habits do not necessarily reflect a musician's talent or skill.

Spiritually-minded vegan musicians

  • Ajeet Kaur - American singer-songwriter and kirtan artist, who follows a plant-based diet and is a vocal advocate for veganism.
  • Michael Franti - American musician, poet, and activist, who practices yoga and follows a vegan diet.
  • Moby - American musician and producer, who is a devout Christian and vegan activist.
  • Peter Gabriel - English musician and songwriter, who has been a vegan for many years and supports animal rights activism.
  • Sufjan Stevens - American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who has stated that he is vegan for ethical and environmental reasons.

It's worth noting that there are many religious traditions that encourage or require certain dietary restrictions, such as kosher laws in Judaism and halal laws in Islam, but being vegan is a personal choice and not necessarily tied to any particular religion.

Vegan-themed music Vegetarians and vegans come from all walks of life and have diverse musical tastes, so it's difficult to make generalizations about which types of music specifically attract them. However, here are some genres that often feature vegetarian and vegan themes in their lyrics or are associated with veganism or animal rights activism:

  • Electronic dance music (EDM) - EDM festivals and events often feature vegan food options, and some DJs and producers in the EDM community are vocal advocates for veganism and animal rights.
  • Folk - Many folk artists have written songs about animal rights and environmentalism, and some have also advocated for vegetarian and vegan diets. For example, American folk singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco has been a vegan for many years and has written songs about animal rights and environmentalism.
  • Hip-hop - While hip-hop has traditionally been associated with meat-centric diets and machismo, there are many hip-hop artists who have embraced veganism and use their music to promote animal rights and plant-based diets. For example, rapper and activist RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan is a vegan and has written about the ethical and health benefits of plant-based eating.
  • Reggae - Reggae music has a long history of promoting social justice and environmentalism, and many reggae artists have also been vocal advocates for vegetarianism and veganism. For example, Jamaican singer-songwriter and Rastafarian advocate Bunny Wailer was a strict vegetarian.
  • World music - Many traditional and contemporary music styles from around the world feature vegetarian and vegan themes or are associated with vegetarianism or animal rights activism. For example, Indian classical music has a long history of promoting vegetarianism and non-violence towards animals, and many Indian musicians are vegetarians or vegans.

Vegans with Wikipedia articles who are known to perform in music groups

  • Neal Barnard - The section on music deserves its own paragraph. After the sentence listing “Pop Maru, Verdun, and CarbonWorks,” we might add this sentence:
“Alec Baldwin once called Barnard ‘Eddie Van Halen with a medical degree.’” [cite Northern Virginia Magazine][1]

Veg Organizations[edit]

A Wikipedia article List of vegetarian organizations should be consulted and updated:

  • American Natural Hygiene Society (ANHS), now National Health Association. publisher of Health Science Magazine.[1][2][3]
  • Defensive Diet League of America [4], [5]
  • The Vegan Museum, based in Chicago IL, was renamed in 2018 from its former name, National Vegetarian Museum.
  • North American Vegetarian Society (the group that organized the international campaign which evolved into Howard Lyman and Jeremy Rifkin's 'Beyond Beef' campaign the next year.Randy Kryn (talk) 19:48, 2 August 2020 (UTC) and organized the annual Vegan Summerfest and hosts the Vegetarian Hall of Fame [6]. MaynardClark (talk) 20:03, 2 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    • North American Vegetarian Society's Vegetarian Hall of Fame (since 1990), where each inductee already has a Wikipedia article.[7] - Be sure that each inductee's article mentions this honorary distinction.
Scott and Helen Nearing-1991;Michael Klaper-1992;Mahatma Gandhi-1995;Alex Hershaft-1998;Howard Lyman-2002;Richard H. Schwartz-2005;Joanne Stepaniak-2008;Neal Barnard-2011;H. Jay Dinshah;et al.

Veg Persons[edit]

Notability guidelines Notability (academics) / Notability (people) — includes academics, activists, entrepreneurs, and scientists

  • Martha J. Anderson (1844-1897) singer, hymn writer and vegetarian. Author of Social life and Vegetarianism published in 1893 Social life and vegetarianism
  • Luciana Baroni, vegan psychiatrist in Italia. Active in gathering, indexing, and applying the scientific understandings relevant to the practice of vegan diets at all ages and in all circumstances, in order that vegans can live wisely and well by their vegan values. A number of current Wikipedia articles refer already to her work.
  • Natasha Brenner (RIP at 98) - Long-lived vegan NYC carriage horse retirement activist (succeeded with election of Bill DiBlasio) MaynardClark (talk) 03:37, 10 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Ramona Cadogan, gold-medal- and silver-medal-winning raw vegan athlete, math and science teacher/administrator[1][2][3]
  • Kimberly Carroll, JD - Founder of Animal Justice Academy[4] (in Toronto, Ontario). Kim Carroll is a vegan and pro-animal activist.
  • Rev James Clark: "The Church continued to provide the Vegetarian Society with its Leadership, notably in the person of Reverend James Clark who was pastor for nearly fifty years following Brotherton’s death in 1857. Clark not only served as secretary of the Society but also helped to found the International Vegetarian Union."[1]. Other sources[2][3][4]
  • William Earnshaw Cooper (1843-1924) Sir William Earnshaw Cooper (1843-1924)
  • Hans Diehl, Loma Linda (Adventist) TV personality with health advocacy programs; author, conference speaker, advocate and popularizer of evidence-based plant-based *vegan* diets. 'knee-jerk skepticism' may accompany anyone who is popular and well-received. [Hans Diehl passed away recently.MaynardClark (talk) 03:29, 15 January 2024 (UTC)]Reply[reply]
  • Diana L. Fleming, PhD, LDN - had founded and operated (with her ex-husband, Larry Fleming) a number of Country Life Vegetarian Restaurants. Diana Fleming consulted on vegan nutrition to Harvard and Tufts and authored several books and published her theses in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Diana L. Fleming today is nearly impossible to find. MaynardClark (talk) 03:29, 15 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Mike Fremont, ~99-year-old vegan runner (born February 23, 1922)[5] He seems to still be living at 100 (or 101). This article deserves speedy RESEARCH and development. MaynardClark (talk) 03:27, 15 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Mahatma Gandhi and vegetarianism (left a talk page note). Randy Kryn (talk) 04:01, 30 July 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Emanuel Goldman, PhD - longtime friend of Vegetarian Resource Group, professor of microbiology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics at the New Jersey Medical School of Rutgers University, disputant of adequacy of evidence for surface fomite theory of Covid-19 transmission[6][7]
  • David Graham founder of the Vegan Organic Network [5]
  • William Harrison: Treasurer of the Vegetarian Society.[1], p. 178. Source about his company.
  • Fay K. Henderson, author of Vegan Recipes (1946) the first cookbook with "vegan" in the title [1][2]
  • Stephen Kaufman, MD - leads Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA) and its publications, funding, outreach, etc. MaynardClark (talk) 20:19, 2 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • Jonathan Leighton of OPIS (Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering)[8][9]
  • Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN[10][11]
  • Leona A. Malek, journalist who authored Meatless Meals in 1931 She Was the Golden Penny Meatless meals
  • Reed Mangels, PhD - very little narrative; mostly list of (her many) publications
  • Shankar Narayan, key vegan organizer throughout India, member IVU International Council.[12]
  • Carl Phillips, MPP, PhD - Epidemiologist and formerly Associate Professor at the University of Alberta School of Public Health, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and University of Michigan alum, who was an outspoken early 21st century advocate of evidence-based vegan advocacy.[13] Documentation of his advocacy should be available on NAVS and IVU websites (because he spoke vehemently and eloquently at several vegan conventions about this topic. He has recently argued (based on his own observations of crossover data) that significant health impacts to some subpopulations of wind turbines have been downplayed. He argues for further research to resolve the challenges of such claims in light of relevant data.
  • David Robinson Simon, author of the book Meatonomics. David Simon (disambiguation) does not list him.
  • Tal Ronnen, celebrity vegan chef called 'America's best vegan chef' by Oprah Winfrey.
  • Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci, who ran Unexpected Wildlife Refuge and was a prominent speaker at North American Vegetarian Society and American Vegan Society conferences and events. Mother of Ned Buyukmihci.
  • Terry Hope Romero (there seems to have been an article before)
  • Geoffrey L. Rudd, assistant treasurer of the International Vegetarian Union [6], International Vegetarian Union General Secretary 1958-1968 [7], publisher of The Vegetarian World Forum magazine [8]
  • W. A. Sibly (William Arthur Sibly) [9], President of the International Vegetarian Union 1947-1953, President of the Vegetarian Society in 1938 [10]
  • Marjorie T. Spiegel - Author: The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery, photojournalist, and winner of a 2005 Fellowship in Nonfiction Literature from the New York Foundation for the Arts. As an expert on industrial-scale animal agriculture, she is now completing a new book on animal agribusiness entitled THEM, which will be the first in-depth photo documentary of slaughterhouses ever produced. Spiegel sued PETA for copyright infringement in 2011.[14][15] Alice Walker, celebrated author of The Color Purple (1982), while only mostly vegetarian, wrote in her forward to Marjorie Spiegel’s book The Dreaded Comparison (1988) one of the most well-known quotes on animal rights: "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men." [16]ref>Amazon page for The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery Paperback – April 1, 1997 by Marjorie Spiegel (Author), Alice Walker (Foreword). Accessed 1/20/2022</ref>
  • Pamela Teisler Rice - speaker, author, and founder of VivaVegie which produced '99 Reasons...' and the annual NYC Veggie Pride Parade (seems to have "dropped out" of visible activism).
  • John Scharffenberg, MD
  • Saiom Nellie Shriver (RIP) - Vegan peace activist who opened doors for much vegan activism from the 1970s onward (recently diet at age 80 in Akron Ohio) - Draft articles have been composed by various persons. Someone should take this DRAFT that I have created and RUN with it. I would make it a public DRAFT in Wikipedia, and others would work on it. Let me know when you are ready to adopt that draft. MaynardClark (talk) 20:14, 14 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • David Keith Wills, 68, former Michigan Humane Society executive director and vice president for investigations at the Humane Society of the United States, who was on September 22, 2020, formally sentenced to serve life in federal prison.[17] He was followed by Gary Tiscornia, who (i) headed Michigan, (ii) led Michigan Humane recovery post-David Wills, and (iii) recently died at age 75.[18][19]MaynardClark (talk) 10:12, 19 November 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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Veg Restaurants[edit]

  • The Alpha Restaurant (credited by some as the first vegetarian restaurant in London), it was founded by Thomas Low Nichols and Mary Gove Nichols (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Bean Vegan Cuisine, Charlotte, North Carolina, US - cited within Wikipedia, needs an article in Wikipedia
  • Chicago Diner (has a long 37-year history - 'Meat-Free since '83')
  • Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant, a vegan SDA-influenced restaurant chain in Europe and the United States MaynardClark (talk) 20:03, 2 August 2020 (UTC) According to this article[1], the Country Life restaurants are related to the Little Lad's restaurants and food company. Article said New York Times wrote about Country Life restaurant in Paris in 1988 and "According to DownEast magazine, Larry Fleming ultimately opened 35 Country Life restaurants." BrikDuk (talk) 13:38, 7 August 2020 (UTC) Larry and Diana Fleming opened the CLVRs (including those in New York, Paris, and London); they divorced, and Diana earned the MS and PhD degrees in nutrition at Tufts and opened her own nutrition practice, during which she consulted for Harvard and Wellesley and authored several books and published articles in AJCN. How each CLVR flourished and why each closed is its own study. MaynardClark (talk) 13:48, 7 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Little Lad's, was a vegan cafe chain now a vegan wholesale food company. It is connected to Country Life Vegetarian Restaurants by former owner Larry Fleming. The company is owned by Maria Fleming. 1 This article 2 said: "In 1995, Little Lad’s opened for business as a cafe and bakery on Route 1 in Woolwich, and it was there that its famous popcorn was developed as an alternative to corn chips. The company began making its Herbal Corn and many other food products by hand in Corinth in 1999, after relocating from its home in Woolwich." and "Back in the day, the cafe’s best-known Maine location was its Exchange Street restaurant in Portland’s Old Port, which opened in a basement space in 1997." BrikDuk (talk) 17:03, 21 August 2020 (UTC) This is another article about Little Lad's popcorn. 3 BrikDuk (talk) 17:06, 21 August 2020 (UTC) This is another article about the popcorn 4. BrikDuk (talk) 18:41, 22 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • List of ISKCON Restaurants in various cities around the world. MaynardClark (talk) 20:17, 2 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • List of ~140 Loving Hut Restaurants in various cities around the world. See also List of vegetarian restaurants MaynardClark (talk) 20:17, 2 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Loving Hut - AfD Candidate

Vegan Plant-based Foods Businesses and Industries[edit]

  • Oatly - Widely advertised
  • Planet Oat[1]
  • V-Dog (founded by Linda Middlesworth and her husband (RIP); now run by their son, Darren Middlesworth[2][3]
  • Vegetarian and vegan dog diet - update and make this Wikipedia article better

Vegan TV shows[edit]

  • New Day New Chef, a vegan cooking show based in the U.S. and available on streaming platform Amazon Prime in England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.[1][2][3][4]
  • Vegan Mashup, a vegan cooking show based in the U.S. available on PBS and streaming platforms. The host is Toni Fiore and guest chefs on the show have included Miyoko Schinner, Bryant Terry, and Terry Hope Romero.




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Where to find vegans and vegetarians[edit]

If you want to add notable vegans or vegetarians to Wikipedia, or expand their articles, look here:

  • Wikipedia has List of vegans, with 613 entries as of April 2021.
  • Wikidata allows you to pull up a list of vegans, or a list of vegetarians. As of April 2021, it contains 191 vegans with references for their veganism, and 95 without. Several are not mentioned in the Wikipedia list yet (see Talk:List_of_vegans#Where to find vegans to add) You can find the Wikidata list of vegans using the Wikidata Query Builder. Here is a link to the query you need to run (lifestyle:veganism, or lifestyle:vegetarianism).