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Welcome to the Article Guidelines section of the Tennis WikiProject. Please read this page before creating or editing tennis articles.
When in doubt, ask your questions on the WikiProject Tennis Talk page.

Article types and recommended practices[edit]

While there are many articles within the scope of this WikiProject, they fall into a relatively small number of classes:

  • Tournament articles
e.g. Australian Open, Brisbane International. These are listed at List of tennis tournaments and in Category:Tennis tournaments.
  • When naming the new tournament page try to avoid the indication of sponsorship in the title and focus on the commonly accepted/known name of the tournament.
  • Player articles
e.g. Bill Tilden, Steffi Graf, Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova. These are collected in Category:Tennis players.
  • Use common English spelling as found on the ITF website, the governing body for all tennis. Also check (especially for pre-Open Era players) the name most commonly found in reliable English sources: press releases, grand slam websites, other tournament sites, books, etc.
  • Use bolding on the player's name only once: on its first appearance in the introduction. Do not apply bolding to any world rankings (even if it's world number one), opponent's name, scores, etc.
  • Update world rankings beginning from Mondays, and only when the new weekly ATP and WTA rankings are published (do not pre-calculate them).
  • Player career statistics articles
e.g. Chris Evert career statistics, Ken Rosewall career statistics, Pete Sampras career statistics
  • Created when a player's main article gets too large, per wikipedia standards.
  • Player tennis season articles
e.g. 2011 Novak Djokovic tennis season, 2010 Rafael Nadal tennis season, 2013 Serena Williams tennis season
  • Can only be created for singles players who have won at least one Grand Slam tournament singles title;
  • Onward from the year of their first title;
  • Played at least 25 matches in the season;
  • Reached a top-5 ranking during any year(s) without a Grand Slam tournament title.
  • Coach articles
e.g. Richard Williams, Category:Tennis coaches, Category:Australian tennis coaches
  • Single-year tournament articles
e.g. 2008 Wimbledon Championships or 1974 U.S. Pro Tennis Championships. See also the Grand Slam Project.
  • When updating entry list and seeds, do not rely on gossip, Facebook accounts, fan pages of players, or news editor speculations. Generally wait for the official announcements.
  • Do not create these articles months in advance, they may get deleted per WP:CRYSTAL. Wait until there are announcements worth including in the article, for example the start of qualification play.
  • Draw articles
e.g. 2008 US Open – Men's Singles, 2007 Brasil Open – Singles.
  • Only update these pages when the match is finished. When doing so use bolding on the won set gamescore and the winner's name. For tie-break rules see below.
  • Do not create standalone articles for the qualifying rounds of smaller tournaments. Add them below the main draw in the Draw article.
  • Davis/Fed Cup articles
e.g. Yugoslavia Davis Cup team, 2008 Fed Cup. These are similar to single-year tournament articles.
  • Tennis by year articles
e.g. 2008 in tennis, 1931 in tennis
  • These articles should give a concise overview of the year in tennis, without going in too much intricate detail. The details can be kept in the articles about players and tournaments.
  • (National) tennis organizations
e.g. Association of Tennis Professionals, International Tennis Federation, South African Tennis Association, Deutscher Tennis Bund

This list may not be exhaustive, so feel free to add to it. It's well within the scope of this WikiProject to produce guidelines and best practices for each of these article classes.

Please read WP:NOT and more specifically WP:NOTNEWSPAPER and WP:NOTSTATSBOOK.
We are not supposed to add everything found in routine news coverage about the players, that would lead to articles becoming overdetailed and also avoid excessive listings of statistics.


Before creating a new article please check its notability.


Significant coverage is likely to exist for a tennis player if he/she:

  1. Is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, either in the contributor or player category
  2. Has competed in one of the international team competitions: Fed Cup/Billie Jean King Cup, Davis Cup, Hopman Cup or World Team Cup.
  3. Has competed in the main draw in one of these higher level professional tournaments:
  4. Has won at least one title in any of the ATP Men's Challenger tournaments.
  5. Has won at least one title in any of ITF Women's $40,000+ tournaments from 2023 onward ($50,000+ between 2008 and 2022, $25,000+ between 1978 and 2007), or any WTA 125K tournament. The threshold is based on the lowest payout for men's Challenger tournaments in the same year to preserve relatively equal notability.
  6. Holds a tennis record recognized by the International Tennis Federation, ATP or WTA.

Significant coverage of junior players usually happens if they have won at least a junior Grand slam title, have been in the top 3 of the junior ITF world rankings or can be shown to meet the wider requirements of WP:GNG.

This guideline applies equally to singles and doubles players.


Since these are rare articles; the most common case is when a player chooses coaching after retirement. In all other cases determine the coach's background to see if he/she is notable. It is important as it could easily happen that a child player is coached by a non-professional or non-tennis-affiliated relative and cotton to him during his career (see Toni Nadal). It is extremely likely that significant coverage occurs for coaches when:

  1. The player has reached the final of or won one of the professional Grand Slam tournaments.
  2. The player has entered the ATP or WTA rankings top-10 for at least one week.
  3. The player was member of a champion team competing in a Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup (reserve players and team captains do not count).
  4. The player has won an ATP Masters 1000 or WTA Premier event and has reached at least one other final in Masters 1000 or WTA Premier.

These also ensure that the notability of one-hit wonders' coaches isn't automatically granted with his/her coachee's success. (See Roberto Carretero for example) This guideline applies equally to singles and doubles players. Junior players' coaches are to be omitted otherwise it has to be shown to meet the wider requirements of WP:GNG.


  • Men: Any men's tournament is notable if it is part of the ATP Tour (including qualifications) or the ATP Challenger Tour (excluding qualifications). Men's ITF tournaments are not considered notable unless they meet general wp:GNG guidelines. The Futures and all lower ranked tournaments are usually not notable. Qualification tournaments on the ATP Challenger Tour are usually not notable. Qualification draws on the ATP Tour should be placed near the bottom of the main draw page. Lesser tournaments may be listed in List of ATP Challenger Tour events or List of ITF Men's Circuit events and brief information provided there (with sources), and redirects from tournament names to that list may be created.
    Women: Notable tournaments include the WTA Premier tournaments (including qualifications), WTA International tournaments (including qualifications) and WTA 125K series. From 2008 onwards the ITF Women's $50,000–$100,000+ tournaments are notable. From 1978–2007 the threshold for notability in the women's ITF circuit is a $25,000 event. Qualification tournaments in ITF women's events are not notable. Qualification draws for WTA main tour should be placed near the bottom of the main draw page. Lesser tournaments may be listed in List of ITF Women's Circuit events and brief information provided there, and redirects from tournament names to that list may be created.
    Exhibition tournaments should establish their notability on other grounds (e.g. several top 10 players present, notability in history, significant media coverage,... etc.).
    When naming the new tournament page try to avoid the indication of sponsorship in the title and focus on the commonly accepted/known name of the tournament (which generally refers to the place where it's held or a famous person that it is named after, though sometimes it is inevitable).


  • If it's a match :
    Matches that deserve their own articles on Wikipedia are those that have received significant coverage compared to other tennis matches at a similar level, such as matches of record-setting events or matches with significant controversies. Please consult WP:TENNIS before creating such articles. See Category:Tennis matches
  • If it's a national tennis team :
    significant coverage is likely to exist for very nation's Davis Cup and Fed Cup team. Hopman Cup teams would be the same.
  • If it's a rivalry :
    According to WP:NRIVALRY, rivalries are not inherently notable. We can only have articles about tennis rivalries if there is significant media coverage about the rivalry. For example, great rivalries like Agassi–Sampras or Federer–Nadal warrant an article, but articles about rivalries like Agassi–Rafter and Federer–Hewitt have been deleted by the community. If in doubt, consult WP:TENNIS before creating a new rivalry article.
  • If it is a tennis club or organization :
    Notability for clubs and organizations is established by the criteria set out in WP:N. Generally there needs to be in-depth coverage in several reliable independent sources before a club or organization can be considered notable.
  • If it's an item of equipment :
    Focus on its significance, usage, development and evolution, historical background and avoid advertisement and commercial purposes.
  • For rules, court types, stadiums... etc. :
    For tennis venues, consider WP:NPLACE and WP:LOCAL.
    Though most of the possible articles exist, feel free to improve them. For a complete list see {{tennis box}}
  • Wheelchair tennis :
    Wheelchair tennis tournaments: the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Wheelchair Tennis Masters and the Summer Paralympics are notable.
    Players are notable if they have won a Grand Slam tournament or end of year championship (in singles or doubles). Players are additionally notable if they were part of the winning team at the World Team Cup or won a medal at the Paralympics. See also WP:NOLYMPICS
    Please do not create standalone draw articles for wheelchair tennis tournaments, include them in the main article, unless at a Grand Slam tournament.


General format considerations


A full list can be found at Category:Tennis infobox templates.


Tennis scores should be given in the following format, observing the use of the en dash separating the set scores, followed by a comma. Both winning and losing tie break scores should be added enclosed in <sup>( )</sup> tags, again using an en dash.

  • format: 7–5, 6–7(6–8), 7–6(7–5), 3–6, 16–14
  • en dash should always be used instead of a hyphen, preferably with the en dash symbol "–" rather than the en dash entity "&ndash;".
  • scores should not be added to prose unless strictly necessary (i.e. sets a record). In such cases the tiebreak score is omitted. Just report the round and whether the player won or lost the match, and whom they played.
  • In wikitables and infoboxes, the above format is to be used.
  • In tournament draw/bracket-type articles (e.g. 2019 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Singles), both winning and losing tiebreak scores are required in superscript:
1 Serbia Novak Djokovic 77 1 77 4 137
2 Switzerland Roger Federer 65 6 64 6 123
  • Retirements and disqualifications are also superscripted, with neither team's score bolded. If occurring at the end of a set, they are shown at 0–0 in the next set:
1 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia M Seles 6 4r
7 Bulgaria M Maleeva 4 3  
Third Round
Australia Roy Emerson 6 0
6 United States Robert Lutz 3 0d
  • Walkovers are placed on the side of the team that progresses in the tournament:
Second Round
Romania A Bogdan w/o
2 Japan N Osaka


Per discussions, keep pictures to a reasonable amount based on article size. Two or three is usually enough for most articles, with a maximum of ten for the largest articles. Picture placement should usually convey the information being described in the prose.


In line with tennis talk summaries and Rfc's, and trying to stay in synch with WP:MOSFLAG, flagicons should be used only to show the internationally recognized nationality of players when they are representing their country in a competition, or to show the nationality of teams in team events (see Davis Cup). Flagicons should not be used to identify tournament locations, places of birth and death, residences, cities, or venues. Per MOS:INFOBOXFLAG, the infobox may contain the national flag icon of an athlete who competes in competitions where national flags are commonly used as representations of sporting nationality in a given sport, but this does not include events such as 1974 NCAA Division I Tennis Championships, where competitors are representing their colleges or universities.


What items, headers, infoboxes, navboxes, etc. should exist in certain articles?


The Lead should be a brief summary of WHO the person is, WHY they are here (accomplishments), potentially WHAT they are doing now.


  • History – Childhood, where grew up, college.
  • Early years – amateur playing career.


  • When they turned pro
  • Grand Slam tournament and other important wins
  • High point
  • Later years – sometimes players are known more for what they did AFTER tennis.
  • Results – If the scoreboard is more than {twenty?}; consider splitting out into a separate article named "{personName} career statistics". Such as Novak Djokovic career statistics.

Otherwise the following wikitable is institutionalized with columns for Result, W–L, Date, Tournament, Tier, Surface, Opponent, and Score. Results shall show a "win" or "loss" in the final. W–L shall be in small format and show the running total of wins and losses in finals. The date should show the month/year of the event, be in {{dts|month year}} format to properly sort, and link to the specific yearly tournament draw if possible. The common tournament title should always be used along with its host country (e.g. Australian Open, Australia) rather than simply just the city and country in which the event is held (e.g. Melbourne, Australia). These should be the non-sponsored event names if possible. The tier names can be abbreviated so as not to make the column too wide. The tournament and tier columns should be properly color-coded to match the ATP/WTA tier level as explained below in the Tournament color scheme section. Subsections containing this table should be named Career finals / ATP Tour and Grand Slam finals or any other that refers to the content.

Legends include:[edit]

Legend (pre/post 2009)
Grand Slam tournaments (1–0)
Olympic Games (0–1)
Tennis Masters Cup /
ATP World Tour Finals (0–1)
ATP Masters Series /
ATP World Tour Masters 1000 (0–1)
ATP International Series Gold /
ATP World Tour 500 Series (3–1)
ATP International Series /
ATP World Tour 250 Series (3–0)
Team Events (0–0)
Legend (pre/post 2009)
Grand Slam tournaments (12–3)
Olympic Gold (0)
WTA Tour Finals (3–0)
Tier I / Premier Mandatory & Premier 5 (21–9)
Tier II / Premier (20–8)
Tier III, IV & V / International (1–1)
Titles by surface
Hard (5–3)
Clay (2–0)
Grass (0–0)
Carpet (0–0)
ITF Legend
W100 tournaments
W80 tournaments
W60 tournaments
W40 tournaments
W25 tournaments
W15 tournaments

Men's singles[edit]

Result W–L    Date    Tournament Tier Surface Opponent Score
Win 1–0 Aug 2008 Los Angeles Open, United States Intl Series Hard United States Andy Roddick 6–1, 7–6(7–2)
Loss 1–1 Oct 2008 Japan Open, Japan Intl Series G Hard Czech Republic Tomáš Berdych 1–6, 4–6
Win 2–1 Apr 2014 Romanian Open, Romania 250 Series Clay Czech Republic Lukáš Rosol 7–6(7–2), 6–1
Win 3–1 Aug 2015 Washington Open, United States (2) 500 Series Hard United States John Isner 4–6, 6–4, 6–4
Loss 3–2 Aug 2015 Canadian Open, Canada Masters 1000 Hard United Kingdom Andy Murray 4–6, 6–4, 3–6
Win 4–2 Jul 2016 Wimbledon, United Kingdom Grand Slam Grass Canada Milos Raonic 6–4, 7–6(7–3), 7–6(7–2)
Loss 4–3 Nov 2016 ATP Finals, United Kingdom Tour Finals Hard (i) United Kingdom Andy Murray 3–6, 4–6

Women's singles[edit]

Result W–L    Date    Tournament Tier Surface Opponent Score
Win 1–0 Feb 1999 U.S. National Indoors, United States Tier III Hard (i) South Africa Amanda Coetzer 6–4, 6–0
Win 2–0 Mar 1999 Miami Open, United States (2) Premier M Hard United States Serena Williams 6–1, 4–6, 6–4
Win 3–0 Feb 2014 Dubai Tennis Championships, United Arab Emirates Premier Hard France Alizé Cornet 6–3, 6–0
Loss 3–1 Aug 2014 Canadian Open, Canada Premier 5 Hard Poland Agnieszka Radwańska 4–6, 2–6
Loss 3–2 Aug 2016 Olympics, Brazil Olympics Hard Puerto Rico Monica Puig 4–6, 6–4, 1–6
Win 4–2 Jan 2017 Australian Open, Australia (2) Grand Slam Hard United States Venus Williams 6–4, 6–4
Loss 4–3 May 2017 Prague Open, Czech Republic International Clay Germany Mona Barthel 6–2, 5–7, 2–6


Result W–L    Date    Tournament Tier Surface Partner Opponents Score
Loss 31–12 Oct 2000 Kremlin Cup, Russia Tier I Carpet (i) Russia Anna Kournikova France Julie Halard-Decugis
Japan Ai Sugiyama
6–4, 4–6, 6–7(5–7)
Win 32–12 Nov 2000 Philadelphia Championships, United States Tier II Hard Russia Anna Kournikova United States Lisa Raymond
Australia Rennae Stubbs
6–2, 7–5
Win 33–12 Nov 2000 WTA Finals, United States (2) Tour Finals Carpet (i) Russia Anna Kournikova United States Nicole Arendt
Netherlands Manon Bollegraf
6–2, 6–3
Loss 33–13 Aug 2001 Southern California Open, United States Tier II Hard Russia Anna Kournikova Zimbabwe Cara Black
Russia Elena Likhovtseva
4–6, 6–1, 4–6
Win 34–13 Oct 2001 Kremlin Cup, Russia Tier I Carpet (i) Russia Anna Kournikova Russia Elena Dementieva
Russia Lina Krasnoroutskaya
7–6(7–3), 6–3

Tournament color scheme[edit]

The following standardized color scheme should be used for all articles containing a tournament overview. The color scheme is AAA-level compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Historic tournaments that pre-date the current tournament classification should follow the scheme either directly, in case of predecessors, or else as closely as possible. Abbreviations used in tables are in parentheses.

Men Women Color code
Grand Slam tournaments (Grand Slam) Grand Slam tournaments (Grand Slam) F3E6D7
Summer Olympics (Olympics) Summer Olympics (Olympics) FFEA5C
ATP Finals (Tour Finals) WTA Finals (Tour Finals) FFFFCC
ATP Tour Masters 1000 (Masters 1000) WTA 1000 E9E9E9
ATP Tour 500 (500 Series) WTA 500 D4F1C5
ATP Tour 250 (250 Series) WTA 250
Team Events Team Events ECF2FF

Player performance timelines[edit]

For singles performance timelines, the following tables are acceptable for both ATP and WTA players. There are complex and simplified versions depending on the player. Note that no (flag)icons are used in these tables.

(W) winner; (F) finalist; (SF) semifinalist; (QF) quarterfinalist; (#R) rounds 4, 3, 2, 1; (RR) round-robin stage; (Q#) qualification round; (P#) preliminary round; (DNQ) did not qualify; (A) absent; (Z#) Davis/Fed Cup Zonal Group (with number indication) or (PO) play-off; (G) gold, (S) silver or (B) bronze Olympic/Paralympic medal; (NMS) not a Masters tournament; (NTI) not a Tier I tournament; (P) postponed; (NH) not held; (SR) strike rate (events won / competed); (W–L) win–loss record.

ATP players[edit]

Full timeline[edit]

Tournament 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 SR W–L Win %
Grand Slam tournaments
Australian Open A 1R 1R 4R W QF QF W W W QF 4 / 10 43–6 88%
French Open A 2R QF SF SF 3R QF SF F SF F 0 / 10 42–10 81%
Wimbledon A 3R 4R SF 2R QF SF W SF F W 2 / 10 45–8 85%
US Open A 3R 3R F SF SF F W F F SF 1 / 10 50–9 85%
Win–Loss 0–0 5–4 9–4 19–4 18–3 15–4 19–4 25–1 24–3 24–3 22–3 7 / 40 180–33 85%
Year-end championship
ATP Finals DNQ DNQ DNQ RR W RR SF RR W W W 4 / 8 23–9 72%
National representation
Summer Olympics A Not Held SF-B Not Held 4th NH 0 / 2 9–3 75%
Davis Cup Z2 Z1 PO PO 1R 1R W SF A F A 1 / 9 26–7 79%
ATP Tour Masters 1000
Indian Wells Masters A A 1R F W QF 4R W SF SF W 3 / 9 36–6 86%
Miami Open A A 2R W 2R F 2R W W 4R W 4 / 9 30–5 86%
Monte-Carlo Masters A A 1R 3R SF F SF A F W SF 1 / 8 23–7 77%
Madrid Open A A 2R QF SF SF A W QF 2R A 1 / 7 16–6 73%
Italian Open A A Q2 QF W F QF W F QF W 3 / 8 29–5 85%
Canadian Open A Q2 A W QF QF SF W W SF 3R 3 / 8 26–5 84%
Cincinnati Masters A 1R 2R 2R F F QF F F QF 3R 0 / 10 22–10 69%
Shanghai Masters A Q1 QF SF 3R SF SF A W W SF 2 / 8 25–6 81%
Paris Masters A 3R 2R 2R 3R W 3R QF 2R W W 3 / 10 21–6 78%
Win–Loss 0–0 2–2 5–7 24–7 25–7 33–8 16–8 33–1 34–6 28–6 28–4 20 / 77 228–56 80%
Career statistics
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 SR W–L Win %
Tournaments 3 9 19 22 19 22 19 15 17 16 15 Career total: 176
Titles 0 0 2 5 4 5 2 10 6 7 7 Career total: 48
Finals 0 0 3 7 7 10 4 11 11 9 8 Career total: 70
Hard Win–Loss 0–1 2–3 17–9 43–12 43–12 53–11 43–12 46–5 50–5 53–5 40–6 37 / 111 390–81 83%
Clay Win–Loss 1–2 4–5 14–5 18–5 16–3 17–6 12–4 17–1 16–4 15–3 14–2 9 / 45 144–40 78%
Grass Win–Loss 0–0 2–1 4–2 6–2 5–2 8–2 6–2 7–0 9–3 6–1 7–0 2 / 16 60–15 80%
Carpet Win–Loss 1–0 3–2 5–2 1–0 0–0 Discontinued 0 / 4 10–4 71%
Overall Win–Loss 2–3 11–11 40–18 68–19 64–17 78–19 61–18 70–6 75–12 74–9 61–8 48 / 176 604–140 81%
Win (%) 40% 50% 69% 78% 79% 80% 77% 92% 86% 89% 88% Career total: 81%
Year-end ranking 186 78 16 3 3 3 3 1 1 2 1 $72,403,908

Extended timeline[edit]

Tournament 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 SR W–L Win %
Grand Slam tournaments
Australian Open A A 3R A A A A A A A A 0 / 1 1–1 50%
French Open A 4R W W QF A W W W W 6 / 8 49–2 96%
Wimbledon A QF 3R QF W W W W W F 5 / 9 51–4 93%
US Open PR* 4R 2R SF F 4R F QF F F 0 / 10 40–10 80%
Win–Loss 0–1 10–3 11–3 16–2 17–2 10–1 20–1 18–1 20–1 19–2 11 / 28 141–17 89%
Year-end championship
Masters A A RR F A F A W W A 2 / 5 16–6 73%
WCT Finals A A F F W A SF F A A 1 / 5 10–3 77%
Year-end ranking 18 3 3 2 3 2 1 1 4 $3,655,751

Grand Slam tournament only timeline[edit]

Tournament 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 SR W–L Win %
Australian Open Q1 3R 3R 4R 4R W SF W W SF F W SF SF SF SF 3R SF W W 4R SF A 6 / 21 102–15 87%
French Open 1R 4R QF 1R 1R 3R SF F F F W QF F SF QF 4R QF A A A SF A 4R 1 / 19 73–17 81%
Wimbledon 1R 1R QF 1R W W W W W F W QF QF W 2R F F SF W QF F NH QF 8 / 22 105–14 88%
US Open Q2 3R 4R 4R 4R W W W W W F SF SF QF 4R SF F A QF 4R QF A A 5 / 19 89–14 86%
Win–Loss 0–2 7–4 13–4 6–4 13–3 22–1 24–2 27–1 26–1 24–3 26–2 20–3 20–4 19–3 13–4 19–4 18–4 10–2 18–1 14–2 18–4 5–1 7–1 20 / 81 369–60 86%


  • Results from the Grand Slams, ATP World Tour Masters 1000, ATP World Tour Finals, Summer Olympics and Davis Cup are acceptable for inclusion in ATP players' performance timelines. Results from the ATP Tour 500 series, ATP Tour 250 series, ATP Challenger Tour, ITF Futures tournaments, or junior tournaments should not be included and/or separated into timelines; they instead should be documented within the body of the player's article.
  • The default font size (100%) should be used. There is usually no need to change the font size of tables and performance timelines by adding "style=font-size:97%".
  • Using background colors to highlight tournament headings (e.g. Grand Slam tournaments, Year-end championship etc.) is inappropriate and unnecessary.
  • The bottom Grand Slam tournament only timeline is used on a player's main article if they have a career statistics article with the full timeline.
  • The years must be linked to the tours from 1970 onward. See Rod Laver for a timeline spanning the pre Open and Open Eras.
  • Every timeline must have a key.

WTA players[edit]

Full timeline[edit]

Tournament 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SR W–L Win %
Grand Slam tournaments
Australian Open A A 1R 3R SF SF F W A 1R 4R F 1 / 9 34–8 81%
French Open A A 1R QF QF 4R SF 4R QF 3R SF W 1 / 10 37–9 80%
Wimbledon A A 4R W SF SF 4R 2R 2R 4R F 4R 1 / 10 37–9 80%
US Open A A 2R 3R SF W 3R A 3R 4R 3R SF 1 / 9 29–8 78%
Win–Loss 0–0 0–0 4–4 15–3 19–4 20–3 16–4 11–2 7–3 8–4 16–4 21–3 4 / 38 137–34 80%
Year-end championship
WTA Finals A A A W SF SF F A A A RR F 1 / 6 17–8 68%
National representation
Billie Jean King Cup Absent W Absent F SF 1 / 3 3–1 75%
Summer Olympics Not Held A Not Held A Not Held F 0 / 1 5–1 83%
WTA 1000 tournaments
Dubai / Qatar Open Not Tier I A A A NP5 0 / 0 0–0 0%
Indian Wells Open A 2R 1R 4R SF W 4R SF A 3R SF F 1 / 10 29–9 76%
Miami Open A A 1R 4R F F 4R A A A F F 0 / 7 24–7 77%
Madrid Open Not Held A 1R 3R QF 0 / 3 4–3 57%
Italian Open A A A 3R SF A A SF A A W W 2 / 5 18–2 90%
Canadian Open A A 1R 3R A A A 3R F A 3R A 0 / 5 8–4 67%
Cincinnati Open Not Held Not Tier I A F W A 1 / 2 10–1 91%
Wuhan Open A A A 2R W SF SF A W 1R QF QF 2 / 8 19–6 83%
China Open Not Held Not Tier I 3R 2R A F 0 / 3 7–3 70%
Career statistics
Tournaments 1 8 16 20 15 15 13 9 10 13 14 14 Career total: 144
Titles 0 0 2 5 3 5 1 3 1 2 2 3 Career total: 27
Finals 0 0 2 6 4 7 4 3 2 5 4 9 Career total: 46
Hardcourt Win–Loss 0–0 23–5 20–9 34–11 29–7 45–5 24–5 19–1 20–5 19–7 25–11 34–8 17 / 91 292–74 80%
Clay Win–Loss 0–1 5–0 9–2 8–3 9–3 3–1 7–2 12–2 6–2 7–2 12–2 18–1 6 / 28 96–21 82%
Grass Win–Loss 0–0 0–0 9–2 12–0 10–1 8–2 7–2 1–1 5–2 7–2 6–1 8–2 3 / 17 73–15 83%
Carpet Win–Loss 0–0 0–0 0–0 1–1 5–1 3–1 2–2 0–0 0–0 0–0 0–0 0–0 1 / 7 11–5 68%
Overall Win–Loss 0–1 28–5 38–13 55–15 53–12 59–9 40–11 32–4 31–9 33–11 43–14 60–11 27 / 148 472–115 80%
Win (%) 0% 85% 75% 79% 82% 87% 78% 89% 78% 75% 74% 85% Career total: 80%
Year-end ranking 186 32 4 4 1 5 9 14 18 4 2 $23,151,623

Extended timeline[edit]

Tournament 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 ... 2020 SR W–L Win %
Grand Slam tournaments
Australian Open A 1R 4R SF SF F A SF SF A A 3R W SF A 1 / 10 43–9 83%
French Open A 1R F 3R F A 4R SF A A A A 2R A A 0 / 7 23–7 77%
Wimbledon 4R 2R QF 2R SF A 4R SF A A A QF A 4R NH 0 / 9 28–9 76%
US Open 3R 2R QF 4R F A W A A A W W A 2R 1R 3 / 10 38–7 84%
Win–Loss 5–2 2–4 17–4 11–4 22–4 6–1 13–2 14–3 5–1 0–0 7–0 13–2 8–1 9–3 0–1 4 / 36 132–32 80%
Year-end championships
WTA Finals DNQ QF SF W W DNQ RR SF Did Not Qualify W DNQ NH 3 / 7 19–7 73%
Career statistics
Titles 1 2 3 4 9 2 9 3 1 0 1 5 1 0 0 Career total: 41
Finals 2 3 6 6 15 3 9 5 2 0 1 5 3 0 0 Career total: 60
Year-end ranking 47 18 5 4 2 22 2 5 N/A 18 3 13 N/A 1030

Grand Slam tournament only timeline[edit]

West Germany Germany
Tournament 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 SR W–L Win %
Australian Open 1R 3R A NH A W W W QF A F W A A 4R A QF 4 / 10 47–6 89%
French Open 2R 3R 4R QF W W F F SF F W SF W W QF A W 6 / 16 84–10 89%
Wimbledon LQ 4R 4R A F W W SF W W W 1R W W A 3R F 7 / 14 74–7 91%
US Open LQ 1R SF SF F W W F SF QF W F W W A 4R A 5 / 14 73–9 89%
Win–Loss 1–2 7–4 11–3 9–2 19–2 27–0 27–1 24–3 21–3 17–2 27–1 18–3 21–0 21–0 7–2 5–2 17–2 22 / 54 278–32 90%


Davis Cup[edit]

For the Davis Cup matches of a player please use the following tables. Note that we use flags for the country but not the players.

American Group I
Round Date Opponents Final match score Location Surface Match Opponent Rubber score
QF 9–11 February 1996  Chile 3–2 Santiago Clay Doubles (with Jaime Oncins) Rebolledo/Ríos 7–5, 6–3, 4–6, 6–2 (W)
5–7 April 1996  Venezuela 4–1 Santos Clay Singles 2 Nicolas Pereira 6–2, 6–7(7–2), 6–1, 6–2 (W)
Singles 5 (dead) Jimy Szymanski 6–2, 6–7((8–6), 6–0 (W)
World Group
Round Date Opponents Final match score Location Surface Match Opponent Rubber score
20–22 September 1996  Austria 4–1 São Paulo Carpet Singles 2 Markus Hipfl 4–6, 3–6, 7–6(7–0)

, 7–6(7–5), 6–1 (W)

Doubles (with Jaime Oncins) Muster/Plamberger 7–6(7–2),

4–6, 6–3, 3–6, 2–0 (def.)*

Remember to link all of the opponents even if the link turns red since every player chosen to play in the Davis Cup is notable and add {{Performance key}} to the bottom of the table.

  • Awards or Records – Just a summary with links to the awarding organization or a list of records. (The reference should be on the "LINKED TO" article; not the "Person" article).

Such as List of career achievements by Rafael Nadal.

  • Retirement – Notable achievements outside of playing; often not related to tennis.

#5:See also[edit]

The "See also" section should/could include:

  1. Lists (Top Men, or Top Women)
  2. [Country] Davis Cup team (if a member of it)
  3. Rivalries (if noteworthy)
  4. Olympics-related links (if participated)


  • No standard: either {{reflist}} or {{reflist|2}} (2 for two columns) or {{reflist|30em}} (width of column)

#7:External links[edit]

Please include the applicable following parameters (usage description is at the template page)

and consider using {{Commons category}} (if any)


Also called "navboxes". These are located after "External References", but before any category section.

#8:Grand Slam "succession" box[edit]

Say you are on an "Australian Open" article...This sequence:

  • {{start box}}
  • {{succession box|title=[[Grand Slam (tennis)|Grand Slam Tournament]]|before=[[US Open (tennis)|]]|after=[[French Open]]|years='''January'''|}}
  • {{end box}}


Preceded by Grand Slam Tournament
Succeeded by
    • previous = US Open (Notice the Help:Pipe trick)
      • Main article is year IN-specific
    • next = French Open (in May/June)
    • Use the "Years" field for the Month the tournament is played: "January"

Year article[edit]

  • Year article shows THIS tournament from one year to another: {{succession box | before=[[2008 US Open (tennis)|]]| title=[[US Open (tennis)|]] | years= | after=[[2010 US Open (tennis)|]] }}
  • Year article showing one Grand Slam to the next: {{succession box | before=[[2009 Wimbledon Championships|2009 Wimbledon]]| title=[[Grand Slam (tennis)|Grand Slam Tournaments]] | years= | after=[[2010 Australian Open]] }} * Year article showing ''tennis'' sequence: <nowiki>{{succession box | before=[[2009 Pilot Pen Tennis|New Haven]]| title=[[2009 US Open Series]] | years= | after=None}}

#9:Bottom Navboxes[edit]

If we stay with the Australian Open...


  • Watch for templates (especially within the footers) that may have already included a category.
  • If people constantly add things they should not; place a comment at that spot

<!-- Category:Tennis is within {{TennisPortal}} -->

Davis Cup / Fed Cup[edit]


#1: Introduction[edit]

Small presentation of the team: when they first played in the cup, how many titles they've won, the group/zone they compete in, their national governing body and the current coach.

#2: Current team[edit]

List of current squad (it should not be limited to the squad of their last match but the biggest extent of players who are frequently invited to play and available for the coach to draft)

#3: History[edit]

It could be a longer chronological description of major breakthroughs, titles, finals, big achievements, highest world ranking (of nations).

#4: Players[edit]

All the players who played for the team during the years.

#5: Results[edit]

Tables could be implemented:

Year Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
2010 World Group, 1st Round 5–7 March Bree (BEL)  Czech Republic 1–4 Lost
World Group Play-offs 17–20 September Cairns (AUS)  Australia 3–2 Won

#6: See also[edit]

Use {{davisfedseealso}} (see template documentation for usage information)

#7: External links[edit]

Make sure the following are listed and categories present:


See 2010 Davis Cup for sections, links, arrangement; ordering of draws, matches, teams.



Guidelines for linking general text.

  • the word tennis should only be linked the FIRST time it is used and only when reference to the Tennis article would enhance the reader's understanding.


  • Do not link dates unless linked in a tennis context, as in: [[yyyy in tennis]].
  • Only link dates as above once in an article.


  • Players – should not be referenced every single time they are mentioned, but it is usually appropriate to link them the FIRST time they are referenced with a specific context.
  • Tournaments – Only if the player was in the final, it was their highest achievement, or it was recently played (within the current year).



When links to lists are appropriate, which lists are appropriate.

  • Current Top Players – Navbox, Category
  • Player records
  • Current Top tournaments


What categories should be linked and where.

  • Add the most specific category possible.

Categories that are in templates and should NOT be added directly:

  • Born in 'year'
  • Died in 'year'
  • Retired Tennis players


When adding photos to the articles the easiest way to have a clear copyright status is to use photos that you made yourself. Otherwise you can upload free photos but in most of the cases photos found on internet are not free or in the public domain and can not be used. When using Flickr be careful to follow the steps written here and don't forget to make it reviewed. Also try to browse Tennis on Commons for possibly free images. The basic concepts of uploading and further reading can be found here: