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This WikiProject was formed by Wikipedians to better manage this encyclopedia's myriad templates. This page contains their many useful suggestions, and it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the project's talk page and see the to-do list.


The main goal of this WikiProject is:

To help manage the template namespace of Wikipedia.


It consists of:

  1. Conducting efforts to better organize, document and display all templates in the template namespace, including: navigation templates, infobox templates, inline templates linking country articles, stub types, image copyright tags and user language templates (Babel).
  2. Solving specific templates issues, such as standardisation and locations.
  3. Improving the general documentation on how to create and use templates, in addition to improving the documentation pages of the individual templates.
  4. Clean-up of the unused, unneeded and/or redundant templates, using the templates for discussion (TfD) process and guidelines.
  5. Providing help and guidance in creating, updating, correcting and testing templates.
  6. Improving template accessibility

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Project participants

To become a participant, add your name to the list below (in alphabetical order, please). If you like, you can proudly show your participation by adding one of the following templates to your user page:

{{User WP Templates}} (userbox)
{{User:Willscrlt/UBX/UbxWPT1Crochets}} (userbox)
{{WikiProject Templates participant}} (large userbox)
{{User:LikeLakers2/Topicons/WPTemplates}} (topicon)
{{Wikipedia:KIS/WPT}} (KIS label)

Open tasks[edit]

Template namespace[edit]

  • Display all templates.
  • A better organisation of templates into subpages.

Navigation templates[edit]

  • List all navigational templates.
  • Make a good organisation of the page's sections, and consider splitting the page into topical subpages.
  • Precise the location of each template (side or bottom).
  • Create a good guideline that organise and maybe standardise the creation of navigational templates.

Infobox templates[edit]

  • List all infoboxes
  • Make a good organisation of the page's sections, and consider spliting the page into topical subpages.
  • replace direct transclusions of {{Infobox}} with more specific templates.

Country-referencing templates[edit]

  • List all country-referencing templates, including countries and nations that no longer exist.
  • Solving the issues on the used country codes and flags.


Best template-related pages[edit]

These pages are the best pages concerning lists of templates, and should be examples for other template-related pages.

  • Image copyright tags: It's a complete list of all Image copyright tags, with a description of each template. In addition to a great categorisation and documentation of these tags.
  • Stub types: Also a complete list of stub templates, well categorised, and with statistics.


Project banner[edit]

  • {{WikiProject Templates}} *deleted* (as of Jan 2010) see TfD discussion Restored with coding that bans categorization onto template talk pages unless it is shown that it is a maintenance template for other templates, which tend to be more important to the project.

Internal links[edit]

example: {{tl}}, {{template}}
example: Template:tic (talk links edit)
example: Template:ti (talk · links · edit)
example: Template:Lt (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)
example: Template talk:Ltt (edit | template | history | links | watch | logs)
  • {{ttl}} (t=talk, l=links)
example: Template talk:ttl
example: {{tlx|parameter2}}




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