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This is the page for the WikiProject Skepticism, which is focused on scientific skepticism and clarifying the distinction between science and pseudoscience. This project needs new members, join us and get involved!

Project overview[edit]

WikiProject Skepticism is a WikiProject dedicated to creating, improving, and monitoring articles related to Scientific skepticism (British English spelling: scepticism), also known as rational skepticism or skeptical inquiry. The focus includes articles about claims which are contrary to the current body of scientific evidence, or which involve the paranormal. The project ensures that these articles are written from a neutral point of view, and do not put forward invalid claims as truth.

The project is focused on clarifying the distinction between science and pseudoscience, history and pseudohistory, and between philosophy and pseudophilosophy. The project is not concerned with articles whose subject matter deals with the foundational concepts of philosophical skepticism, which is covered by the Wikiproject Philosophy.

Some examples of the areas which the project monitors are alternative medicine, magic, psychics, dowsing, Ancient astronauts, etc.

This WikiProject aims primarily to coordinate the efforts of Wikipedians who wish to promote science and reason in an effort to improve the general quality and range of Wikipedia articles on various topics, while maintaining a neutral point of view, generally with particular emphasis on the Fringe guidelines.

The goals of this WikiProject are as follows:

  1. To create new articles relating to science and reason.
  2. To improve articles that are not scientifically sound, using resources that include the Skeptic's Dictionary, Quackwatch and Pubmed.
  3. To place {{WikiProject Skepticism}} tags on articles related to Scientific skepticism.
  4. To review articles and help those of an appropriate quality through the processes of Good Article and Featured Article review.
  5. To clean up those articles which need help.
  6. To serve as a nexus and discussion area for editors interested in doing such work.
New participants

Here are tips on where to start, using the resources listed at WP:SKEPTIC:

  2. Read/update the To do list
  3. Review the new pages log, adding the {{WikiProject Skepticism}} tag on the talk pages of relevant articles and as necessary, nominating inappropriate articles for deletion; when the articles meet inclusion criteria, help to improve them and watchlist them
  4. Read WP:FTN and WT:SKEPTIC and participate there; start a new thread there as necessary when needing input about problematic articles
  5. Track article alerts and participate to relevant discussions
  6. Patrol changes to sensitive articles by watchlisting them or using the Related Changes feature on extra watchlists or categories (also see the skeptic's watchlist)
  7. Participate to article talk page discussions, while thinking about WP:NOTFORUM

Where to start[edit]

The project organizes its resources through the Wikiproject navigation menu at the top of the page. Here is a quick run down of what you will find at each link.

  • Topics – do you wonder what topics fall within the project? There is a lot to read here about the various types of science, pseudoscience, and philosophy.
  • To Do – this link can suggest ways to get involved. Sub projects are listed here too.
  • Project Resources – this is where we store the templates and tools for the project.
  • Article Alerts – a good place to stay up to date on reviews, nominations, and discussions about the pages in this project.
  • Fringe Theories Noticeboard – Since there is a big crossover between skepticism and fringe theories we have provided a quick link to the fringe theories noticeboard.
  • New Articles – want to help keep an eye out for new pages that might fit into the project? This page lists newly created pages that contain certain keywords that indicate they may be skepticism related. This may help you find a fledgling page to improve or vandalism that needs to be corrected.
  • Wikipedia 1.0 Server Article List – Allows you to see an updated count of pages in this project that have been assessed.
  • Popular pages – Here is a place to get a list of our most visited pages. Let’s make sure these pages represent the project well.
  • Needing Attention – This lists articles in the project that have been flagged that they need extra attention.
  • Did you know – lists pages in the project that have been featured on the main page. This is a manual (not automated) list.
  • Requested Articles – topics that could be worthy of articles in the future. This page is not currently maintained.
  • RFC – This Request for comments link points to the Math, Science, and Technology general list.

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