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WikiProject Singapore

Welcome to WikiProject Singapore! This WikiProject was formed with the intent of improving articles and coverage related to the Singapore in a fair and accurate manner, with an emphasis on subjects with national significance. Editors are encouraged to also participate in the more regional and/or topic specific Singapore related projects listed below. If you would like to help, please add your name to the list of participants!

As of 31 May 2023, there are 8,218 articles within the scope of WikiProject Singapore, of which 13 are featured. This makes up 0.12% of the articles on Wikipedia and 0.12% of featured articles and lists. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etcetera, there are 25,474 pages in the project.

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Guidelines for writing articles

  1. Please search for synonyms and alternate spellings before you write the article.
  2. Ensure that the article meets the notability guidelines
  3. Add the {{WikiProject Singapore}} template to the article's talk page.

See also: Wikipedia:Starting an article

No idea on what to write? You can refer to this list of articles to start a new article! If you like to request for a particular article to be created, you can add on to this list also.

If you need help or would like to seek the collaboration of experienced editors on an article, do post a message at our talk page.

If you want an assessment of your article, please add your request here.

DYK suggestions

If you had created any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, consider suggesting them for the "Did you know?" box on the Wikipedia main page. Only nominations made within seven days from the creation or fivefold expansion of the article will be considered for DYK. Therefore, if you are creating a new article or working on a major expansion of an existing one and think you will take more than seven days to finish, consider doing so in a personal sandbox first and moving the article into the main namespace when you are done. You can make personal sandboxes by creating pages called "User:USERNAME/sandbox", "User:USERNAME/sandbox1", and so on, where "USERNAME" is your user name. Once complete, the sandbox can then be moved to mainspace either by yourself, or if the target page already exists, by a page mover or administrator.

Also consider adding such articles to the Singapore Portal.

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Recently created articles that may be within the scope of the project are automatically picked up by a bot as listed in the 'See also' link above. Do help to improve relevant articles, and make nominations for the "Did you know?" section on Wikipedia's main page.

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Random image

Henderson Waves
Henderson Waves, a 274-metre (900-foot) long pedestrian bridge connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. At 36 metres (120 feet) above Henderson Road, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.
— Photographed by Yeo Kok Leong, 20 February 2009, 20:41.


If you are Singaporean, live in Singapore, or have an interest in Singapore-related issues, and would like to play an active part in contributing to Singapore-related content, do add your username to the list of active members here. You may also consider adding this userbox or one of many userboxes in Category:Wikipedians in Singapore to your user page.

In addition, you may choose to welcome fellow Singaporeans by inserting {{subst:Welcomesg}} in their talkpages. Anyone can do this, even people who are not on this list! :D

Active members

List of active members
  1. 98hf (talk · contribs)
  2. AquaDTRS (talk · contribs)
  3. Ustad abu gosok (talk· contribs) 11:43:03, 10 August 2020 (UTC) , providing translation to ms:Laman Utama and id:Halaman Utama, only active related to Category:Parliament of Singapore. A Betawian who completed his undergraduate thesis about politics in Singapore.Reply[reply]
  4. Beat Saber (talk · contribs) (former Singaporean)
  5. Chensiyuan (talk · contribs) Chen Siyuan
  6. Dawkin Verbier (talk · contribs) Big fan of Shrek, the movie.
  7. Deoma12 (talk · contribs) a Temasek Polytechnic student.
  8. Eliyr (talk · contribs)
  9. Epicgenius (talk · contribs)
  10. EthanoicACID (talk · contribs) (talk), CH3COOH, currently a secondary school student
  11. Exec8 (talk · contribs) - 13 plus years long Wikipedian, and just saw this page. Message me if you have questions. Here are my contributions so far.
  12. Fauzi (talk · contribs) Clementi, Singapore
  13. Garethieus (talk · contribs) A Singaporean living in Singapore. Hoping to improve existing Singaporean content articles on Wikipedia.
  14. Gaurav (talk · contribs) National University of Singapore, Singapore
  15. Gemsdare (talk · contribs) Singaporean. Studying Mechatronics Engineering in ITE College Central
  16. Gerald Tan (talk · contribs) aka Winnie the Pooh.
  17. gunman47 (talk · contribs) Temasek Polytechnic student.
  18. Hellox (talk · contribs) Singaporean, Contributing edits on Singaporean & theme parks articles. (Semi-active)
  19. Huaiwei (talk · contribs) Hougang, Singapore
  20. Jacklee (talk · contribs)
  21. JarrahTree (talk · contribs) tourist in Singapore in April 2006, resident in closest Australian capital city to Singapore, almost about to dabble in categories as a followon from Australian project
  22. Jedd the Jedi (talk · contribs) Clementi, student
  23. Jianhui67 (talk · contribs)
  24. Joshua (talk · contribs) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Travelled to Singapore every Chinese New Year. Currently studying in NTU.
  25. Justanothersgwikieditor (talk · contribs) - On and off editor......
  26. Khaosworks101 (talk · contribs) Bukit Batok, Singapore
  27. Kiteinthewind (talk · contribs). Not Singaporean, but frequently edits articles on Singaporean topics, mostly working on Mediacorp-related articles, and English-Chinese interwiki translation of Singaporean pages.
  28. KN2731 (talk · contribs) – my involvement is mainly in recent changes patrol and monitoring the article alerts at WT:SG.
  29. LeinSora (talk · contribs) Woodlands, Singapore
  30. Littlearea (talk · contribs) Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.
  31. Mailer diablo (talk · contribs) Bukit Batok, Singapore
  32. MarioJump83 (talk · contribs) My family is part-Singaporean and consumes some Singaporean media. Which is why I have some interests in Singapore itself and I would like to be involved in the future.
  33. Mr Tan (talk · contribs) Tan, also edit some contents related to Singapore in the Chinese Wikipedia. I also reside occasionally in Hawaii, United States of America.
  34. Nahnah4 (talk · contribs) (often found lurking around music articles and uploading cover artworks when possible)
  35. Nigos (talk · contribs)
  36. Oliverlyc (talk · contribs) Lives in Bukit Timah, full-time (anti)mugger at Hwa Chong Institution
  37. Orangewarning (talk · contribs) Sengkang, Singapore.
  38. Pentagon 2057 (talk · contribs) (Newton, Singapore) sec 2 student at ACSI and addicted to our ever unreliable MRT
  39. R22-3877 (talk · contribs) Sengkang, Singapore
  40. Reatlas (talk · contribs)
  41. RectorRocks (talk · contribs) Choa Chu Kang-Yew Tee, Singapore. Currently Secondary School student studying in Teck Whye Secondary School.
  42. Rickyurs (talk · contribs)
  43. Robertsky (talk · contribs)
  44. RubenSchade (talk · contribs) Ruben(nerd), am Australian but grew up in Singapore and consider it home. Looking forward to contributing ^^
  45. Sni56996 (talk · contribs). A student, lives in Woodlands. Majorly focusing on public transport articles from Singapore.
  46. Syed (talk · contribs) Syed Abdulllah, Pasir Ris, Singapore wants to help in Singapore issues.
  47. Terence (talk · contribs) Terence Ong, Holland Road, Singapore, Student at Anglo-Chinese School (International)
  48. Theknine2 (talk · contribs) Computer science student, frequents music and technology-related articles, in addition to some Singapore-related articles.
  49. Tiger7253 (talk · contribs) Singaporean
  50. TJSRX (talk · contribs) Student and part-time writer
  51. Zhanzhao (talk · contribs) working on various articles and categories including Singapore-centric ones, primarily against vandals and exploiters.
  52. ZhongHan (talk · contribs) Republic Polytechnic student. Completed studies in Republic Polytechnic, currently awaiting enlistment into National Service.
  53. ZKang123 (talk · contribs) A fellow Singaporean interested in trains.
  54. Zscout370 (talk · contribs) United States
  55. Zubin12 (talk · contribs) Student and part-time writer
  56. Jaykingamez (talk · contribs) Singaporean
  57. Jeditrainer48 (talk · contribs) Singaporean and student.
  58. Tikvah1 (talk · contribs) Singaporean

SGpedian administrators

No, some Wikipedians are not more equal than others. Friendly SGpedian administrators with mops and buckets are at your service to render assistance for any issue you may have from time to time. Feel free to drop a note on any of their talk pages if you need their attention.

Article improvement

This part of the notice board facilitates collaboration between SGpedians to improve Singapore-related articles. There are many issues that may be common knowledge in Singapore, but are not well known outside Singapore and thus not mentioned in Wikipedia. SGpedians are encouraged to work alone or together to identify such issues, and to create and improve articles on them to counter systemic bias.

For information on and to take part in general collaboration projects, see the following:

Combat vandalism! To combat vandalism to Singapore-related articles, check for suspicious changes at "Special:Recentchangeslinked/Index of Singapore-related articles", and revert undesirable edits.

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Featured articles and honourable mentions

The fruits of your labour! The following is a list of Singapore-related articles that are either featured articles, or have been given a mention on the main page. SGpedians are invited to continue improving these articles.




Did you know... that in 1965, City Developments Limited is believed to be the first company in Asia to introduce the concept of show houses?
Did you know ... that Canberra MRT station was designed with a nautical theme to reflect Singapore's historical role as a British naval base?


Did you know ... that the final of the 2017 World Women's Snooker Championship was the longest ever recorded best-of-11-frames match, lasting over eight hours of playing time?
Did you know ... that Eco-Link@BKE, the first ecological corridor of its kind in Southeast Asia, is intended to help conserve animals such as the banded leaf monkey and Sunda pangolin in Singapore?


Did you know... that the flooding of a tunnel on the Singapore MRT caused more that S$2 million of damages, and was blamed on falsified maintenance records?
Did you know... that the Clementi rail accident was caused by a 50 litres (11 imp gal; 13 US gal) oil spil?
  • Good Article Sengkang rated a good article on 26 February 2018


Did you know... that one train rear-ended another at Singapore's Joo Koon station last month because its new signalling system determined the first train to be half its actual length?
Did you know... that the opium merchant Ezekiel Saleh Manasseh, who died in Changi Prison during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, built Eden Hall and co-owned the Goodwood Park Hotel with his brothers?


CIA World Factbook map of Singapore (English).png

Here are resources that you may find useful when creating Singapore-related articles.

You may like to use the following templates if you are writing an article about or relating to one of the following topics. For instructions on how to use a particular template, click on the template name below and read the documentation on the template page. Feel free to add other templates to the list.

General templates

Navigation templates
A navigation template is a box of links used in a number of related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles.

Infobox templates Infobox templates provide standardized information across related articles.

Stub tags
These tags may be added to stub articles. {{Singapore-stub}} is the general tag Singapore-related articles; the tags listed below can be used for specific cases. To propose new stub categories, go to Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals.

Talk page templates
This template should be placed on the talk page of a Singapore-related article.

Currency formatting
The following templates are available to display the local currency:

  • To display S$1,000,000 as S$1 million as an example: {{SGD}}
  • To display S$1,000,000 with USD conversion, S$1 million (US$597,513.75) as an example: {{SGDConvert}}
  • To simply S$1,000,000 as it is: {{Currency}}

An evening panorama of the Singapore skyline
A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are looking for images relating to Singapore that can be used in articles, check out Wikimedia Commons:
You may also be able to find what you need in these collections of photographs by SGpedians:

User:Advanced/Gallery •
User:Chensiyuan •
User:Huaiwei/Photo Gallery •
User:Mailer diablo/Photo Gallery •
User:Russianroulette2004/Gallery •


To request for particular Singapore-related photographs, leave a message at "Request for images".

Other stuff


Anyone can award a barnstar to another user! You do not need to be an admin, and neither the giver nor the recipient needs to be from WikiProject Singapore. So if you see someone helping this WikiProject and feel like giving them a barnstar, place the following on their talk page:

Image What to type Country
The Singapore Barnstar
{{subst:The Singapore Barnstar of National Merit|message ~~~~}} Singapore BarnstarSingapore