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Books Target articles[edit]

Stylised atom with three Bohr model orbits and stylised nucleus.svg
  • The list below contains scientific articles which have over 500 other article pages that link to them, in alphabetical order:

Not reviewed yet (insert new ones alphabetically):

Aluminium, Amazon River, Anatomy, Andes, Animal, Apsis, Aristotle, Asteroid, Astronomy, Bacterium, Bird, Bog, Botany, Carbon, Cat, Chemical element, Chemistry, Color, Comet, Draft:COVID-19 lab leak theory. Crater, Darwin, Charles, Density, Desert, Dog, Earth, Earthquake, Einstein, Albert, Enzyme, Erosion, Evolution, Eye, Fish, Forest, Freud, Sigmund, Gas, Geography, Geophysics, Gold, Heart, Hydrogen, Ion (physics), Iron, Jupiter (planet), Kilogram, Kilometre, Mammal, Mars (planet), Metal, Mineral, Mitochondrion, Molecule, Moon, Natural organic matter, Natural science, Neutron, Newton, Isaac, Ocean, Oxygen, Physics, Planet, Plant, Plate tectonics, Protein, Radiation, Reptile, Scientific classification, Second, Silver, Solar system, Species, Star, Sun, Tesla, Nikola, Time, Universe

Less than 500 references:

Activation, Gene therapy, Higgs boson, Mind control

Need restructuring - with no to-do list yet (insert new ones alphabetically):

Electric glow discharge, Intermolecular forces, Magnetism, Orbit, Pressure, Sound, SI

Structure identified (insert new ones alphabetically):

Dinosaur, DNA, Electricity, Energy, Frequency, Geology, Light, Temperature

In progress (insert new ones at the end):

Force, Mass, Atom, Photosynthesis, Biology (not specifically using template here, but a major rewrite for nontechnical and introductory readers), Fungus, Gravity

Requested pictures

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of Science

Done (insert new ones alphabetically)

Brain, Cell (biology), Electron, Gene, Quantum mechanics, Soil, Virus, Volcano, Water

Feature articles (insert new ones alphabetically; see also Categorized feature articles, archival listing):

Here is the procedure to add an article to these lists:

  • scan a list of articles, eg. in a category, to find popular articles
  • go to the article and click on "What links here" to see how many references it has.
  • check that it has more than 500 references
    This can be done by using the "limit" and "offset" parameters in the "what links here" link where limit=20 and offset=495, for which 3 different outcomes are distinguishable
    1. "no pages link here" which occurs if there are <495 links to an article (example WHYY)
    2. >5 articles, which indicates that there are >500 articles linking to the targer (example Brain)
    3. <5 articles, meaning that there 495<n<500 articles link to the target {no example}
note that the article count includes links from the Wikipedia, Category, Talk, and other non-Main article spaces
  • --> Review not complete (Reviewed for "Done" items in listing above)
  • check if it needs restructuring (see the proposed article structure below).
  • if it does not need restructuring:
    • -->Done
  • if it needs restructuring:
    • --> Need restructuring
    • Optional: write a to-do list
      • add {{todo1}} at the top of the talk page of the article; this creates a to-do list of priority 1.
      • click "Edit this list" and add the tasks to be done to improve it; please add a reference to Wikipedia:WikiProject Science, in order to advertise our project.
      • it is good etiquette, but not a requirement, to contribute to an article before creating a to-do list.
      • --> Structure identified
    • restructure the article by moving things around (Be bold : avoid using a temporary page)
    • remove the to-do list
    • add {{WPStructure|PROJECT=Science}} at the begin of the talk page
    • --> In progress
    • fill any missing sections
    • --> Done
    • bring it to Feature Article status
    • --> Feature article

If it has less than 500 references but still needs improvements, you are still encouraged to insert a to-do list of lower priority ({{To do}}, ... ). Again, include a reference to Wikipedia:WikiProject Science, in order to advertise our project.