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Demographics and ethnography of Russia

Welcome to the Demographics and ethnography of Russia task force!


The scope of this task force includes all articles related to the demographics and ethnography of Russia, widely construed. Major subtopics include...


  • Improving the coverage of Russia's demographic and ethnography on Wikipedia
  • The following line should be inserted onto the talk page of an article to place it within WP:RUSSIA scope, with appropriate assessment parameters:
{{WikiProject Russia|class=|importance=}}
For articles within the scope of this task force, also set the "ethno" parameter to "yes":
{{WikiProject Russia|class=|importance=|ethno=yes}}
  • When assessing a page with WP:RUSSIA template, consider also adding templates of other wikiprojects. This may attract more editors to the page.
  • Adding new tasks to the to-do list
  • Increasing participation


  1. Greyhood (talk · contribs) (Demographics of Russia, Russian arts and crafts)
  2. Russavia (talk · contribs)
  3. FriyMan (talk · contribs) (Russian cuisine)


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Open tasks[edit]

If you have performed a task from this to-do list, just remove it from the list.

If you want other editors to check your edits, strike the completed task with <s>...</s>.

Alternatively, you can use  Done ({{done}}), placing it on the right of the completed task.


Requested articles
Expansion needed
Attention needed

Ethnic groups[edit]

Requsted articles
  • Nemtsy (make a separate article from redirect)
Expansion needed
Attention needed


Arts and crafts[edit]

Requested articles
Expansion needed


Requested articles
Expansion needed


Expansion needed
Attention needed
  • Caviar (deal with tags, clean-up, managing images needed)
  • Beluga caviar (add images)
  • Hrenovuha (de-orphan)
  • Lymonnyk (deal with tags, clean-up, managing images needed, consider move)

Domestic animals[edit]

Attention needed


Expansion needed
Attention needed


Expansion needed
Attention needed

Holidays and traditions[edit]

Expansion needed
Attention needed


Expansion needed

Performing arts[edit]

Expansion needed
Attention needed


Expansion needed

Demographers and ethnographers[edit]

Expansion needed
Attention needed



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