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The Outreach department of WikiProject Regional and national music is the department that:

  • Helps keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening
  • Helps with the contact of new people


It's recommended to all participants in WikiProject Regional and national music that they keep up with at least the News page ({{Wikipedia:WikiProject Regional and national music/News}}) for this project. The methods recommended for doing this are any or all of:

  • Add the abovementioned page to your watchlist
  • Include the page on another page you look at regularly; for some, this is their user page, since they keep their personal "todo" list there. That would look something like:
News from WikiProject World music

Last change: 2007/05/29

All the news that is news from across the encyclopedia

Most important tasks[edit]

Current discussions[edit]

Any important discussions:


Project Userbox[edit]

If you're a member of this project, on your user page, we hope you will use

{{participant|Regional and national music}}

which creates

from Template:participant.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Userboxes, or see User:TimNelson for typical usage.

Listener Userbox[edit]

If you listen to World music, on your user page, we hope you will use

{{user world music}}

which creates

This user listens to World Music.

from Template:user world music.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Userboxes.

There are plenty more music-related userboxes at Wikipedia:Userboxes/Music.

Welcome messages[edit]

When a new member joins the project, you can welcome them with the following. Just make sure you're not duplicating someone's work.

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Regional and national music/Outreach/Welcome|~~~~}}

which creates

from Wikipedia:WikiProject Regional and national music/Outreach/Welcome.

Invitation Template[edit]

Please do not use this indiscriminately, but if an editor catches your eye as someone that might be interested in this project, you can use this to paste into their Talk page, if you've ready the section below called "People already invited".

One way of inviting someone to join WikiProject Regional and national music is to go to their talk page and add

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Regional and national music/Invitation}}

to their page. This creates a box that looks like

You are cordially invited to participate in WikiProject World music

The goal of WikiProject World music is to improve the quality and quantity of information about World music available on Wikipedia. WP:WikiProject World music as a group does not prefer any particular type of World music, but prefers that all World music traditions are fairly and accurately represented.

from Wikipedia:WikiProject Regional and national music/Invitation

People already invited[edit]

Please do not invite people who have already been invited. This includes those with current invitations.