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This is a list of world music articles, all of which have been assessed according to the Wikipedia 1.0 criteria. Articles are rated "Featured", "A-Class", "Good", "B-Class", "Start", "Stub" and "Needed". A Featured Article is the highest possible assessment, and requires a community consensus demonstrated at Featured Article Candidates per the guidelines of What Is a Featured Article?. An A-Class Article is very well-written, nearly comprehensive and approaching excellence, but may still have significant issues. A Good Article meets community consensus at Good Article Nominations per the guidelines of What Is a Good Article?. A B-Class Article is significantly informative, but may have major organizational, style, scope or comprehensiveness problems. A Start-Class Article is somewhat informative but is missing large amounts of information and may be in poor shape overall. A Stub-Class Article is barely informative and fails to inform the reader of most important aspects of the topic. A Needed Article does not exist.


Articles within the purview of WikiProject World music include:

  • Any "Xish music" or "music of X", where X is a place or people.
  • Any subarticle:
    • "Music history of X" (and more specific article on periods)
    • "Xish folk music", "classical, folk, court, popular religious", etc (not including specific genres like "Xish hip hop" or "Xish rock")
    • Other subarticles such as "music and identity in X", "music and government, politics and law in X", "music industry of X", "music education of X"

1.0 list[edit]

At Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/WPArts, five articles are currently listed for WikiProject World music: Lesser Antilles, Hungary, United States, Nigeria and Italy.

Importance scale[edit]

The following values may be used for the importance parameter (they should be entered exactly as given):

Importance parameter values (Category:Regional and national music articles by importance)
Value Meaning Examples Category
Top "Key" articles, considered indispensable Music of Jamaica, Music of Cuba Top-Importance World music articles
High High-priority topics and needed subtopics of "key" articles, often with a broad scope; needed to complement any general understanding of the field Music history of the United States, Irish folk music, Music of Colombia High-importance World music articles
Mid Mid-priority articles on more specialised (sub-)topics; possibly more detailed coverage of topics summarised in "key" articles, and as such their omission would not significantly impair general understanding Music of Sicily, Music of Monaco Mid-importance World music articles
Low While still notable, these are highly-specialised or even obscure, not essential for understanding the wider picture ("nice to have" articles) Icelandic folk music, Amish music Category:Low-importance Regional and national music articles

The importance parameter is not used if an article's class is set to NA, and may be omitted in those cases. If the importance parameter is not yet set, or contains an invalid value, the article will be assigned to Category:Unknown-importance Regional and national music articles.

Quality scale[edit]

Each article may also be assigned to a particular class, intended as a point-in-time assessment of its overall "quality" - relative to the criteria given in the quality scale which is detailed below.

This quality scale follows the definitions employed at the Version 1.0 Editorial Team's assessment system.

The following values may be used for the class parameter (they should be entered exactly as given):

Class parameter values (Category:World music articles by quality)
Value Meaning Examples Category
FA Articles which are currently Featured status articles examples FA-Class World music articles
A A-class articles; complete, or almost complete, detailed coverage of the subject; referenced, well-written, with a little more work could be submitted for FA examples A-Class World music articles
GA Articles with a current Good article status examples GA-Class World music articles
B B-class articles; "general" standard articles, reasonably informative, cover main points, no glaring problems, scope for expansion and improvement examples B-Class World music articles
Start Start-class articles; more than a stub, but have that 'under-development' feel, missing coverage in key areas or otherwise have substantial issues, in need of considerable work examples Start-Class World music articles
Stub Stub-class articles; minimally-informative, brief, barely give more than the shortest outline of the subject examples Stub-Class World music articles