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This WikiProject is about individual political parties and politicians in Canada. For the structure of the Government of Canada, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Governments of Canada.

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Political parties and politicians in Canada. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.


WikiProject on Political parties and politicians in Canada


The scope of this project is to create and maintain high quality articles on:

1. Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal political parties;
2. Canadian politicians.

Related WikiProjects[edit]

WikiProject Canada



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Naming conventions[edit]

Party colours[edit]

The colours used in tables to identify each political party are decided in accociation with WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada and are discussed here. The full colour list can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada/list of parties. Templates containing party colours can be found at {{Canadian party colour}}. To start a new line in a table with the party colour, use {{Canadian party colour|Jur|Party|row}}, where Jur is the jurisdiction (formatted in two-letter postal abbreviations). Note that all names of the historical Conservative Party and Progressive Conservative Party share the same colour, but the modern Conservative party has its own.


Here is a list of suggested ratings of importance when tagging articles in the talk page:

  • Importance for politicians
    • Top: None. The top importance is reserved for articles such as Politics of Canada.
    • High: Prime Ministers, Long-time premiers, and very important federal cabinet ministers
    • Mid: Other federal cabinet ministers, short-term premiers, federal party leaders, and very important provincial cabinet ministers
    • Low: Federal and provincial backbenchers, other provincial cabinet ministers


  1. Ensure every registered political party, past and present, has an article.
  2. Ensure every party leader, of a registered political party, has an article, even if they aren't elected.
  3. Ensure every current MP and MLA (or MPP, MNA, MHA as the case may be) has an article.
  4. ?


  1. Create articles based on red links at List of political parties in Canada.
  2. Expand articles listed at:


  1. Add {{WikiProject Canada| ppap=yes}} to the top of relevant talk pages.
  2. Seymour Trieger - Second leader of the Green Party
  3. Trevor Hancock - First leader of the Green Party
  4. Place photos for all current MP's (at least) to their respective articles
  5. Place {{Infobox CanadianMP}} on all MP articles.
  6. Add {{Infobox Canadian riding}} to all current federal electoral districts and {{Infobox Canadian provincial riding}} to all provincial electoral districts. Some coding changes are necessary to make them useful on defunct districts, however. Review and improve formatting consistency issues between different ridings.
  7. Formatting improvements to Canadian federal parliaments - review and discuss proposed infobox template at Wikipedia:CWNB/Parliament Infobox. Other changes to improve consistency may also be needed — all 39/40 Canadian parliament lists should have their member lists formatted in the same way, basic organization should be the same on all articles, etc.
  8. Develop similar template for all Canadian federal election articles. Again, review and improve formatting consistency issues.
  9. Develop similar template for byelection articles; actually adding {{Politics of Canada}} to each one is probably just overkill.
  10. Reformat lists in Category:Lists of Members of the Canadian House of Commons in wikitable format; List of Members of the Canadian House of Commons - Z is already done if you need a guide.
  11. Review redlinks in election, parliament, lists of members and "missing Canadian politicians" lists — there are numerous cases where we have three, four or five different redlinks at different name variations for the same person, and in some of these cases the person in question does already have an article.
  12. Not all election/parliament/legislative assembly articles currently include member lists or detailed election results. Add these whenever possible.
  13. An infobox is needed for Ontario census divisions.
  14. Creating a list of Canadian Baby of the House MPs

Adopt an article[edit]

Similar to the Collaboration of the week, but on a smaller scale, you might want to "adopt" an article. This would involve doing the research, writing, and photography (where possible) for either a non-existent article or a stub. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced.

Other subpages[edit]


Project templates[edit]

Code Description
{{WikiProject Canada | ppap=yes}} Project Banner. Put this template on the Talk page of articles that are covered by this project.
{{portal|Canadian politics}} Portal to be placed above the "Category" in see also section of Canadian political related articles if appropriate.
{{subst:PPAP-Join}} Use this template to invite Wikipedia users to join the project.
{{User WikiProject PPAP}} Userbox
{{User WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada}} Userbox

Article templates[edit]

Code Description
General Canadian Poltics
{{Politics of Canada}} Should appear on articles that on subjects that are a part of politics in Canada, but that are not about people or parties.
{{Cabinet of Canada}}
{{Canadian First Ministers}} Should appear on articles that are lists of first ministers in Canada or regions within Canada.
Regional Templates
{{Alberta politics}} Should be included at the bottom of any articles about politics in Alberta, including political parties in the province.
{{British Columbia politics}}
{{Manitoba politics}}
{{Nunavut politics}}
{{New Brunswick politics}}
{{Newfoundland and Labrador politics}}
{{Nova Scotia politics}}
{{Northwest Territories politics}}
{{Ontario politics}} Should be included at the bottom of any articles about politics in Ontario, including political parties in the province.
{{Ontario provincial political parties}} Should be included at the bottom of any article about an Ontario provincial political party.
{{PEI politics}}
{{Quebec politics}} Should be included on the side of any articles about politics in Quebec, other than political parties in the province.
{{Saskatchewan politics}}
{{Yukon politics}}
Regional Leadership Templates
{{ABPremiers}} Premiers of Alberta
{{BCPremiers}} Premiers of British Columbia
{{MBPremiers}} Premiers of Manitoba
{{NBPremiers}} Premiers of New Brunswick
{{NLPremiers}} First Ministers of Newfoundland
{{NSPremiers}} Premiers of Nova Scotia
{{NWTPremiers}} Premiers of Northwest Territories
{{ONPremiers}} Premiers of Ontario
{{PEIPremiers}} Premiers of Prince Edward Island
{{QCPremiers}} Premiers of Quebec
{{SKPremiers}} Premiers of Saskatchewan
{{YKPremiers}} Government leaders and premiers of Yukon
Provincial and territorial legislators
{{Alberta MLAs}} Current MLAs in Alberta; update after any byelection or general election.
{{British Columbia MLAs}} Current MLAs in British Columbia; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Manitoba MLAs}} Current MLAs in Manitoba; update after any byelection or general election.
{{New Brunswick MLAs}} Current MLAs in New Brunswick; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Newfoundland and Labrador MHAs}} Current MHAs in Newfoundland and Labrador; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Nova Scotia MLAs}} Current MLAs in Nova Scotia; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Nunavut MLAs}} Current MLAs in Nunavut; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Northwest Territories MLAs}} Current MLAs in NWT; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Ontario MPPs}} Current MPPs in Ontario; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Prince Edward Island MLAs}} Current MLAs in PEI; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Quebec MNAs}} Current MNAs in Quebec; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Saskatchewan MLAs}} Current MLAs in Saskatchewan; update after any byelection or general election.
{{Yukon MLAs}} Current MLAs in Yukon; update after any byelection or general election.
Election templates
{{Canelections}} Should be included at the bottom of any articles about federal or provincial elections in Canada.
{{election canada}} Should be included at the bottom of any articles about federal elections in Canada.
{{election-table}} Used in presenting election results…?
{{Canadian politics/candlist header 5plus}} (Came across this in an article, I'm assuming there are more to go with it but didn't find the documentation.)

Party templates[edit]

Code Description
General Party Templates
{{Infobox Canada Political Party}} Should appear as the first item on the articles for every federal and provincial political party in Canada.
{{Canadian federal political parties}} Should appear at the bottom of the articles for every federal political party in Canada.
{{Canadian party colour}} This template should be used whenever displaying a colour for a political party in Canada. See the template page for details on using the colour template.

Stub templates[edit]

NOTE: Stubs are managed by the Stub-sorting WikiProject. Before creating a new stub, you should propose it at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals. See Wikipedia:Stub for general guidelines on proposing stub templates and categories. DO NOT simply create new stub templates, as these will be deleted.

Code Description
{{Canada-poli-stub}} Canadian politics
{{Canada-politician-stub}} Canadian politician
{{Canada-party-stub}} Canadian political party
{{Canada-constituency-stub}} Canadian electoral district
{{Ontario-politician-stub}} Ontario politician


Click on "►" below to display subcategories:



New Wikipedia articles related to political parties and politicians in Canada[edit]

Please feel free to list your new political parties and politicians in Canada-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Wikipedia page. DYN has a 72 hr. time limit from the creation of the article.

Articles to improve[edit]

  • Pat McGeer - this and other BC cabinet minister articles need improvement, either in citations or structure, succession boxes etc.; McGeer I'm singling out because of his past as an Olympic team member as well as a highly notable scientist and science activist (if a bit off-the-wall at times), as well as being one of the more, um, colourful Social Credit Miniwac-era cabinet ministers. I'll add {{ref-improve}} for now and look around for other similar "important figure" articles to make up a "to do" area; McGeer's article is "important" because it ties into so many other political and policy/development-oriented articles/topics, such as the Strait of Georgia bridge proposal. The reason this is being added here now is an IP user just added another mention of another award given McGeer, but without citation (though true, so I didn't revert it); certain pages like his have a lot of "amateur" input that's in need of citation; a non-politician article in similar condition is John A. Cameron.Skookum1 (talk) 23:32, 16 December 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Kevin Clarke & The Peoples Political Party - Similarly to John Turmel, Kevin Clarke has been a well-known perennial candidate, at least in Ontario, for a long period of time. Clarke and his political party have rather poorly-written articles with wishy-washy citation styles. The uniqueness of Clarke and his political organization aren't captured enough in these articles, and require much improvement, not just in terms of citations, but overall writing quality. Fulserish (talk) 12:46, 20 March 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikipedia surveys[edit]

Ad hoc surveys[edit]

Ongoing Wikipedia surveys[edit]

  • Candidates for deletion:


Keep an eye out for...[edit]

  • Saskatchewan Party - Seems to be a magnet for POV pushers.
  • Ezra Levant - I have tried to bring balance to the human rights case stuff, which has been plagued by attempts to remove context from Mr. Levant's interest in the Marc Lemire case. There seems to be an effort by one individual to insist on pointing out that Ezra Levant has "common ground with white supremacists" while insisting on leaving out Ezra's denials to this regard, and also disallowing the substantial support from various prominent advocacy groups (which I've sourced). All of this is being reverted carte blanche. I have admitted to being partial to Levant's side of the issue, but I must admit, I have tried very hard to provide two-sided/balanced information, even sourcing criticism. If someone could review, that would be great.
  • Rick Nicholls - Recently ejected MPP in Ontario for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine, potential edit war brewing. Would love some more eyes on the article. CaffeinAddict (talk) 05:03, 28 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]


  • If anyone knows, I would like to know the maiden name of Kim Campbell's mother. Hers is the only PM to lack such information on Wikipedia. --curling rock Earl Andrew - talk 03:48, 10 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Please review[edit]

  • Jim Maddin - Another contributor believes that the current edit is biased. I disagree, but would prefer someone else to look it over. CJCurrie 05:59, 20 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Prime minister religions[edit]

NDP Support of Income Trust Tax Changes[edit]

I would like to add the following text to the article under the header: Conservative Minority Government.

Jack Layton and the NDP continue to support the new proposed rules for income trusts introduced by the Conservatives October 31, 2006. The immediate result of the change in tax policy was a loss to Canadian investors of $20 Billion, the largest ever loss attributed to a change in government policy [1]. According to the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors some 2.5 million Canadian investors were affected by the change in Income Trust Policy [2]

The above information was reverted by CJCurrie and discussed here. I request further input from other Wiki users as to whether this insertion meets Wiki article guidelines.DSatYVR 13:57, 7 February 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Why does Julie Couillard wikilink point to Maxime Bernier article[edit]

Julie Couillard wiki link point to Maxim Bernier article. Why?

Given Julie Couillard's widespread attention including involvement with Bernier, Bernard Cote and alleged involvement with Kevlar Corp and Federal contracts as well as alleged influence peddling perhaps she is deserving of her own page? DSatYVR (talk) 16:06, 13 June 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Featured articles[edit]

John Diefenbaker
Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 1968
David Lewis (politician)
Louis Riel

Featured lists[edit]

List of Alberta premiers
List of Canadian Leaders of the Opposition
List of Ontario premiers
List of premiers of the Northwest Territories
List of Prime Ministers of Canada
List of Quebec premiers
List of Saskatchewan premiers

Good Articles[edit]

Green Party of Canada
Kathy Dunderdale


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.
  1. ^ Global National TV (February 1, 2007). "Exclusive: Flaherty received death threats". Global National TV.
  2. ^ Brent Fullard (January 5, 2007). "Income Trusts: Just Another Special Interest Group?" (PDF). Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors.