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(This list is outdated.)

  • General: Recruit new members from frequent Paranormal page editors (be polite!), rework categories/categorization within project scope
  • Article Requests:
  • General: Paramahamsa Tewari, Oliver Crane,aum Quanten Motoren, Falls from the sky, Horizon Project, Ron Amitron (also known as ET Ron), Alla Vinogradova The Scole Experiment Ghost Box/Franks Box (Ovilus)
  • Bermuda Triangle: Flight 441 disappearance, Peter Jensen disappearance, Pogo 22 disappearance, Witchcraft disappearance,
  • Cryptozoology: Feline humanoid, Mark A. Hall, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
  • Ufology: UFOs and the National Security State, Skylab 3 UFO incident
  • Clean up:
  • General: Agartha, Aura (paranormal), Crybaby Bridge, Jerome Clark, Lo!, Psychic detective, Spontaneous human combustion
  • Ghosts and Apparitions Ghost (too many long quotes)
  • Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Triangle (massive citation sourcing, and expansion of reports)
  • Cryptozoology: Almas (a proposed hominid), Ebu Gogo (needs sourcing citations), Monster of Glamis, Skunk ape
  • Parapsychology: Monroe Institute
  • Ufology: 1976 Tehran UFO incident, Paul Bennewitz (for POV issues and readability), Black budget, Brookings Report
  • Television: Sightings (TV series), Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories (for POV issues and readability), Haunted History, Haunted Homes, Haunting Evidence
  • Expand:
  • General: Curse, Energy being, Fairy Mounds, Iara (Brazilian river siren), Three on a Match (superstition)
  • Cryptozoology: Entombed animal, Ogopogo, On the Track of Unknown Animals, Phantom kangaroo, Relict hominid (needs to be expanded, split or deleted)
  • Ghosts and apparitions: Enfield Poltergeist, Ghost lights and all subsidiary pages, Ghost ship, Rosewood Center, Willard Library ([1] [2])
  • Ufology: Communion (book), Exeter incident, Exotheology, Venusian. Falkirk Triangle
  • Unexplained derelicts and disappearances: High Aim 6, Kaz II, MV Joyita, unexplained aspects of the disappearance of Phobos 2
  • GA Nominations:
  • Ufology: Battle of Los Angeles, Flying saucer