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WikiProject Molecular Biology

A WikiProject to co-ordinate various aspects of molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, computational biology and related fields. Broadly, it focuses on biology at the cellular and subcellular levels.

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WikiProject Molecular Biology Taskforces


WikiData Molecular Biology - ensuring accuracy of molecular biology items in WikiData

Gene Wiki - create and improve articles on all human genes in Wikipedia



Pfam and Rfam databases - Since 2012, Pfam and Rfam have been transcluding Wikipedia pages as the descriptors for protein and RNA families.

RCSB Protein DataBank - In 2014, WikiProject Biophysics persuaded David Goodsell and the Protein DataBank release all Molecule of the Month images under CC BY open licenses.


PLOS Computational Biology and PLOS Genetics - publishing v:PLOS Topic Pages, where articles in those journals are written in a Wikipedia style and copied over after publication in the journal.

Gene - publishing Gene Wiki Reviews, where review articles on gene families in Gene have an accompanying Wikipedia article written by the same authors.

WikiJournal of Science - putting new and existing Wikipedia articles through academic peer review and publication.


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WikiProject Molecular Biology is one of the main groups within WikiProject Biology and covers sub-cellular biology. However, it inevitably has plenty of overlap with wither Biology projects as well as several other Science projects.