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WikiProject Manual of Style is was a project whose mission is to coordinate the multiple pages which form the Manual of Style guidelines. The content of those pages is not determined here, but principally at Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style.


The Wikipedia Manual of Style is a key guideline for writing Wikipedia articles. Its provisions are now spread across many different pages, and coordinating it has become a challenging task. The purpose of this WikiProject is to address this challenge.


  • To promote the coordination and rationalisation of the Manual of Style pages, in particular by identifying discrepancies between them, overlap in their scopes, and improvements that can be made to their structure and wording.
  • To develop guidelines for the acceptance of new pages into the Manual of Style, and to serve as a forum where consensus may be gained for such acceptance.
  • To provide a forum to discuss issues that involve more than one Manual of Style page, and other issues related to the Manual of Style and naming conventions, including their role and status in Wikipedia.

This WikiProject aims to be as inclusive as possible: anyone can be involved, and all contributions are welcome. It is important that the WikiProject reflect the consensus of editors of all Manual of Style pages. Where editors at different pages disagree, the project aims to facilitate discussion rather than impose solutions. This page is a project, not a guideline, and so it can only help to organise communication between editors; it cannot change guidelines.

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