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28 February 2004

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Welcome to WikiProject Mammals, a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to mammals. If you would like to help, please see below, inquire on the talk page.

Our goals
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of mammals by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles.
  • To serve as the central point of mammals-related article discussion.
  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles about mammals.
Our scope
WikiProject Mammals focuses on all mammals, whether common or obscure, living or extinct.
What can you do?
  • Add your name to the list of Participants and get started!
  • Look at the navigation box on the right and see what needs doing in the "Tasks" List.
  • Join the Assessment Department and help review article standards and quality.
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Editing activity[edit]

11 edits 2023 in paleomammalogy
10 edits Straight-tusked elephant
9 edits African bush elephant
9 edits Palaeoloxodon recki
9 edits Vombatiformes
8 edits Galápagos sea lion
7 edits Panthera blytheae
7 edits Muskrat
6 edits Singapore whiskered bat
6 edits Tiger conservation

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Subprojects and work group[edit]



The Third edition of Wilson & Reeder's Mammal Species of the World (2005) is the basis for the taxonomic framework used by WikiProject Mammals. The MSW3 classification may be overridden by the conclusions of more recent studies which are widely accepted in secondary sources. MSW3 listings can be found online at the Bucknell University here. (Note: there are some differences between the print edition and the online database. For instance, the online database shows three subspecies of dhole[1] whereas the print edition lists seven.[2])

The Mammal Diversity Database is a new resource that reflects taxonomic changes since the publication of MSW3. It is accepted practice to override the MSW3 taxonomy if both the Mammal Diversity Database and IUCN agree on the change.[1]

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