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Welcome to the Theoretical Linguistics Task Force! This task force is part of WikiProject Linguistics, and is to help create and improve Wikipedia articles about theoretical linguistics and theories of language.

Tasks requiring attention[edit]

Here are some open WikiProject Theoretical Linguistics tasks. Please be bold and contribute!

Feel free to edit this list or discuss these tasks. Please mark theoretical linguistics articles with {{WPTL}} in their Talk page.


Inactive members[edit]


Pages needing attention[edit]



WikiProject Linguistics template[edit]

If an entire page is within the scope of the task force, the corresponding talk page should be tagged with the template {{WikiProject Linguistics|theoretical=yes}}.

The task force uses the standard WikiProject assessment criteria. For the |class= parameter, use |class=FA/A/GA/B/Start/Stub/NA, and for the |importance= parameter, use |importance=Top/High/Mid/Low/NA.

User template[edit]

The template {{Theoretical Linguistics Task Force member}} can be placed on the user pages of members of the project.


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