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The Latin music Edit a thon Competition is a championship on Wikipedia focusing solely on Latin music-related articles. The competition will be played and won by creating articles (including categories, templates, redirects, and disambiguations), expanding existing articles, tagging articles to WikiProject Latin music (and its appropriate taskforces supported by the project), uploading files, and participating in the reviews of good articles, featured articles, featured lists, DYKs, in the news, peer reviews, drafts, articles for deletion, merges, and requests for comments on articles supported by WikiProject Latin music. Other ways to help, includes, assessing articles (based on these guideliens), adding articles to our missing articles page, provide files/graphics on the progression of the edit a thon, review and assess submissions, add books and other helpful offline sources in your possessions on our resources page, and/or particpiate in our Topic of the Month rounds with other interested members.

The purpose of the edit a thon is to encourage others to the project's continuing efforts in providing a reliable and complete scope of its coverage of Latin music on Wikipedia. The competition is open to all editors, new and old. Following and inspired by the Wiki Cup, the Latin music edit a thon competition is to encourage content creation and improvement and make editing on Wikipedia more fun. If you wish to join the fun, sign-ups are open. The first edition started on May 1, 2022 and ended on September 1, 2022. Familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of the competition and ask any questions, concerns, suggestions, and all other inquiries on the talk page.

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