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السلام عليكم - שלום עליכם
(Peace be with you)

This is the home page of WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration. In a subject plagued by conflicting historical narratives, we are working to make Wikipedia the conflict's most balanced reference point. Help us build bridges and break down barriers in the world's most intractable conflict.

This project page can be edited by all members. To become a member, please write a short message in the Member statements section.  Please participate in discussions of the project and specific articles on the PROJECT TALK PAGE.


Our goals[edit]

Known as the "world's most intractable conflict", much of the fighting has been over historical narratives. The two sides' histories hardly intertwine and respected scholars and journalists often disagree.

As the world's primary open source publication on the topic, our encyclopedia has the opportunity to become the subject's most balanced reference point, with a truly bilateral narrative.

We encourage anyone with an interest in the Middle East and a passion for neutrality to help. We can't guarantee that no one will bite; long memories, deeply ingrained emotions and a Mediterranean climate mean things can get hotheaded.

A persistent focus on clarity, neutrality and verifiability will leave contributors with the satisfaction of helping remove barriers between two peoples fact by fact, one at a time, perhaps equivalent to a "truth and reconciliation commission".

Help us build a single encyclopaedic narrative, and mutual understanding and trust.

Scholarly precedents of collaboration[edit]

Below is a chronological list of precedent scholarly collaboration projects in the Israel Palestine arena. These works compare the Israeli and Palestinian narratives with respect to the conflict and the broader history of the region. For the avoidance of doubt, our goal in wikipedia is different - rather than showing both narratives side-by-side, we are working to produce a single narrative combining both viewpoints. However, the list below is intended to provide guidance and inspiration to members of our wikiproject.

Collaboration and Monitoring[edit]

This Wikiproject's talk page is the primary area used for discussing how to improve the project and discussing issues for discussion at specific articles. New editors are encouraged to review the archives linked on the right hand side of the talk page to gain familiarity with past discussions.

Articles within scope[edit]

All articles covered by the Palestine-Israel Arbitration at WP:ARBPIA are in the scope of this project. ARBPIA is described in more detail in the section below.

Recent changes on articles within the scope of this project can be found using this external watchlist.

Below is a scale of the five articles in our ambit with the most multiple edits.

740 edits 2024 Iranian strikes in Israel
70 edits Israel–Hamas war
59 edits Timeline of the Israel–Hamas war (12 January 2024 – present)
41 edits History of Palestinian journalism
39 edits Flour massacre

These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last five days. Last updated 14 April 2024 by HotArticlesBot.

Article alerts
Below is listing of the relevant articles undergoing formal Wikipedia discussion processes:

Did you know

Requests for comments

Requested moves

Articles to be merged

Articles to be split

Adding articles in scope[edit]

Adding either {{WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration}} or {{ArbCom Arab-Israeli enforcement}} on talk pages of articles where project editors are active will add the article to Category:WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration articles making it eligible to be added to the various monitoring tools above.

IRC channel[edit]

In Wikipedia we try to keep our collaborations transparent and try to minimize private emails and email lists, instead relying on more open forums like the talk pages of this project and the facilities available through through dispute resolution, including the various Wikipedia notice boards. We have created a public IRC channel for discussions at #wikipedia-ipcoll connect on the freenode server. To arrange a specific discussion drop a note on this project's talk page to arrange time and date. For more information see the Wikipedia IRC page.

ARBPIA sanctions[edit]

All editors in this area are advised to be aware of the editing sanctions in force.

Disputes regards Israel Palestine articles had become so frequent a problem that a Wikipedia arbitration process was begun in 2008. Further arbitration processes took place in 2009 and 2015. These processes included user descriptions of the problems and arbitrators' final decisions regarding the conflict: remedies (discretionary sanctions of blocks, bans, etc. by uninvolved administrators, a working group and reminding and counseling editors) and enforcement (logging of notifications, blocks and bans on users who have engaged in problematic editing on Israel-Palestine issues).

The primary sanctions which resulted from these arbitrations are summarized in the table below.

Case Applicable area ArbCom Outcome Sanction
(quoted from case)
Archived discussion
10-19 Jan 2008
The entire set of Arab-Israeli conflict-related articles, broadly interpreted Discretionary sanctions All Arab-Israeli conflict-related pages, broadly interpreted, are placed under discretionary sanctions. Any uninvolved administrator may levy restrictions as an arbitration enforcement action on users editing in this topic area, after an initial warning. (full text, as amended).

Editors are limited to one revert per page per day on any page that could be reasonably construed as being related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. In addition, editors are required to obtain consensus through discussion before restoring a reverted edit. Reverts made to enforce the General Prohibition are exempt from this limit. Also, the normal exemptions apply. Editors who violate this restriction may be blocked without warning by any uninvolved administrator, even on a first offense. (full text, as amended).

1 Mar - 12 May 2009
Articles related to the West Bank – Judea and Samaria Indefinite topic ban for 5 editors See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (West Bank) Evidence
25 Aug - 22 Nov 2015
Any page that could be reasonably construed as being related to the Arab-Israeli conflict Editing restriction All IP editors, accounts with fewer than 500 edits, and accounts with less than 30 days tenure are prohibited from editing any page that could be reasonably construed as being related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. This prohibition may be enforced by reverts, page protections, blocks, the use of Pending Changes, and appropriate edit filters. (full text). Evidence

Multi-article consensus[edit]

Some discussions have reached consensus on matters which apply widely across a number of articles:

Dealing with disputes and incidents[edit]

A key purpose of this collaboration project is to create a more hospitable editing environment for Category:Israeli–Palestinian conflict related topics, including through a) actively seeking the cooperation of people who are uninvolved or hold strong and differing points of views as specified under membership and b) preventing and resolving disputes about the application of Wikipedia policies to these articles. We provide various tools below to facilitate the project.

The following advice should be considered in the first instance:

If you need help in a case of alleged serious incidents (name calling or harassment) or violations of policy regarding Palestine-Israel editing issues, including possible implementation of sanctions against editors, you may go to Wikipedia Arbitration Enforcement because this issue already was dealt with under the 2008 Palestine-Israel articles arbitration. See that page's Notification log and Log of Blocks and Bans for examples of successfully mounted complaints. Remember blocks and other sanctions against other editors are intended to discourage or stop disruption; they are not intended to be punitive. If you are not quite ready to report incidents to Arbitration Enforcement, the Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents lists places to report persistent vandalism or spamming, impolite or uncivil communications with other editors, edit warring and other incidents. When citing or reporting alleged incidents or violations of policy, please keep the following in mind:

  • When criticising particular edits, comment on the content and not identity of the contributor. Aside from the fact that attempting to challenge a particular argument by challenging the person who offered the argument constitutes a logical fallacy, it is likely to be a violation of WP:NPA.
  • Before making accusations that an editor has violated a certain policy or guideline, be sure that you are familiar with the policy or guideline, and are aware of how particular terms are defined and applied. If you have doubts, please contact another editor or an administrator for clarification.
  • Avoid speculating about the intent of editors and try to assume good faith. The latter part of a sentence that starts with "His/her additions violate WP:NOR and WP:NPOV because ..." should explain how the additions violate WP:NOR and WP:NPOV, not why you believe the editor made a policy-violating addition.
  • Do not make allegations of harassment (including stalking) unless you have fairly strong proof of such.
  • Remember that editors who repeatedly violate these principles, especially if they've been previously cautioned for doing so, will be blocked.


The group welcomes editors with differing points of view, as well as uninvolved folks. Members should support the project's goals and be willing to engage in non-combative conversation. Otherwise, there are no specific criteria for membership at this time.

Members should feel free to put the {{User WP IPCOLL}} or {{User WP IPCOLL 2}} templates on their User Page and sign on below. See longer member statements in archives here. One can also add Category:Wikipedians interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to one's user page.

Membership agreement. Membership is open to all comers, including new editors. We ask only that members observe the following membership expectations:

  1. members commit, to the best of their ability, to always comply with Wikipedia policies such as assuming good faith of all editors including those on the other side of the real-world dispute, writing with a neutral point of view, remaining civil and avoiding personal attacks, utilizing reliable sources for contentious or disputed assertions, and resorting to dispute resolution where necessary;
  2. representation from editors/admins not involved in Israel-Palestine POV disputes should be actively encouraged, as well as roughly balanced representation from both "sides" of the battleground;
  3. decisions for the WikiProject will primarily be based on the consensus of members, however, non-members are dearly welcome to participate in all our collaborations and discussions.


(Instructions: Add yourself to the table by copying the last two lines of the table and replacing YourUserNameHere with your UserName.)

Current members
Member Roles/Contribution Pledges Notes
HG |Talk Founding member. (Ad hoc facilitation, currently on long break) NVC, 1RR
SebastianHelm Observer and adviser (as founding member of WP:SLR) AOR, NVC, 1RR
Taprobanus (talk) Uninvolved. Third party opinion on any conflict issue. (Founding member of WP:SLR.)
Steve, Sm8900 (talk) Involved editor. willing to offer some input on process. Member of WikiProject Israel. Overall approach: inclusionist. Believe in granting both sides some leeway and benefit of the doubt, so that editors from both communities can feel that their concerns have been adequately addressed. Discussion archive
DurovaCharge! Image adjustments and restorations. GA/FA/FP coaching and impartial dispute resolution/mentorship.
Padillah (talk) (Facilitation (e.g., Palestinian people)
Tiamuttalk Editor involved in three other related WikiProjects (Palestine, Israel, and Arab World)
RolandR (talk) Involved in WikiProject Palestine, and about to join WikiProject Israel
FayssalF (talk) Observer and adviser. (ArbCom member) AOR
CarolMooreDC {talk} Editing on this topic far more than meant to because find so much bias. Interested in welcoming other users to this project. NPOV;WP:NVC; WP:BRD Trying to actualize Jimmy Wales assertion in this interview that Wikipedia is still NPOV on this issue.
Ravpapa {talk} Glad to do whatever I can
tariqabjotu (talk) MedCom member, frequent editor in Middle East subjects
Yonatan (talk) I'm inactive but if I'm around I'll try to help out
CasualObserver'48 (talk) Involved editor, mostly filling historic holes to shed light not heat, and move toward NPOV. 1RR
Malik Shabazz (talk) Member of WP:Israel and WP:Palestine, but not active on many related articles 1RR, Cool
Shalom (talk) I write articles about Israel. I'll offer an opinion if someone asks me.
MPerel (talk) Member of several Jewish projects, I hope to help bring calmness, middle ground to hot articles. NVC, 1RR
Timeshifter (talk) NPOV at a deeper level by politely pointing out systemic biases of all "sides." CSB, 1RR
Eleland (talk) Involved, support WP:NPOV, against WP:OWNership of conflict-related articles WP:1RR
Ceedjee (talk) Involved editor, English at a medium level in writing, support WP:V - WP:RS - WP:NPOV - WP:Undue
Yahel Guhan (talk) Just discovered this wikiproject existed.
Itzse (talk) Member of several Jewish projects, and committed to NPOV and to all rules of Wikipedia. NVC, 1RR
Xavexgoem (talk) Fairly uninvolved (new) mediator at medcab Cool, 1RR
Michael Safyan (talk) Seeking to bring accuracy, neutrality, and objectivity to Arab-Israeli conflict-related articles. NVC, VRFY, NPOV
Itsmejudith (talk) Important initiative, should have joined a while ago. 1RR, NPOV, CIVIL, WP:VERIFY People might like to look at articles related to the Vietnam War, where POV disputes rarely emerge. A source of hope. (But we do have vigorous debates about use of diacritics and Chinese characters.)
PhilKnight (talk) Uninvolved admin, member of the harmonious editing club. Interested in welcoming other users to this project. 1RR
Moreschi (talk) Uninvolved admin: User:Moreschi/The Plague. No particular bias here either way, so will be happy to, ah, enforce neutrality?
Suicup (talk) Mainly editing Israel-Palestine conflict. Trying to improve NPOV, and structure.
Nadav1 (talk) Won't be editing much, but heartily support the aims of this project.
LamaLoLeshLa (talk) Hoping to contribute to eventual consolidation of narratives without demonization of Israelis or 'disappearing' of Palestinians
Phil burnstein (talk) I want to stop fights between cousins. 1RR, civil I am an Israeli, a Palestinian, and an American
Deborahjay (talk) Working interwiki on Arab localities in Israel. For now, disinclined to engage in mediation but available for consultation. Member of WikiProject:Jewish History and WikiProject:Israel. Naturalized Israeli. Wikipedia inclusionist
okedem (talk) Involved in several Israel related articles, though not very active lately.
snettie (talk) interested in editing wiki after making discoveries that wiki does not address though in Google search- realizes that there less debate and knowledge in US than in israel would like to bring a greater historical perspective of True Torah Jew members, three oaths etc and a better understanding of Dispensationlism. Snettie (talk) 18:55, 25 August 2009 (UTC)[reply]
Ashley kennedy3 (talk) Involved, constantly, treads where other fear to (that's not meant to be derogatory to other, I understand their reasons), gets blocked consequently on a regular basis. But thinks that any major decisions need to be made with as many 'involved' editors as possible to enable us to work to the same standard and not have repeat discussions on every article that could be dealt with here.
Cerejota (talk) Involved but not focused. Have had to take wiki-breaks. VRFY CSB Cool Active in WikiProject Puerto Rico, RC/CSD patrol, AfD participant (when I can!), my most recent proud wikichievement was helping beat 2008 Mumbai attacks into shape. Firm believer in countering systemic bias, in particular because the other must be heard in order to have neutrality be a meaningful word.
Superpie (talk) Everybody love everybody. NVC, 1RR, CSB,VRFY, NPOV
Wodge (talk) WP:NPOV
Zakouma (talk) Willing to do whatever possible - not a fan of extremism or extremist opinions from both sides
Avraham (talk) I've been trying to work with both sides for years now, although my personal opinions are pretty well known. Might as well make it official.
Snigdh.Chandra (talk)
Paul Bedson (talk) Trying to improve knowledge of archaeological sites around the area to promote common ancestory as a reason for peace.
Kasaalan (talk) Only facts matters, as a non-involved party, my views for solution is similar to international view of UN, whoever commits human rights violations I add with proof, no exception, {{inclusionist}}, wikibreak WP:NPOV, WP:VERIFY I have friends and share views with many Arab/Palestinian and Jewish/Israeli people as long as they seek peace, I oppose both Hamas like anti-democratic Islamic fundamentalist views-acts (torture, civilian killings etc.) and most serious human right violations of Israeli government-IDF politics (Jewish fundamentalists) especially over civilians, equally, though as a state and stronger party Israeli state-army violates human rights/kills more innocent civilians/children/babies more often and more widely than Hamas while they can also cover up violations more easily, yet that doesn't mean Hamas is any better or different than IDF.
AFriedman (talk) I'll be happy to help keep discussions about articles in this WikiProject civil and articles NPOV. I've enjoyed doing this for other contentious articles. Interested in welcoming other users to this project. WP:NPOV, WP:1RR, WP:CIVIL I recently read a Wikipedia article about a journalist in the Islamic world who had been imprisoned for expressing moderate views on the conflict. Reading about him inspired me to join this WikiProject. I think it's important to promote free speech, and unfortunate that so many countries don't allow this. I don't agree with what extremist Jews are doing in Israel, either.
CordeliaNaismith (talk) I want to help with increasing civility on wikipedia on dialog on this topic, and helping ensure that pages within the scope of this project adhere to WP:NPOV. WP:NPOV,WP:1RR,WP:CIVIL I am joining this project because I saw that User:AFriedman joined. I'm also joining because I was reading some contentious talk pages within the scope of this project, and think that it's useful to have a project like this.
PaliChristianGurl Will be involved in writing for articles concerning Palestinian and Arab Christians or/and Assyrian and Armenian Christians living in the Arab World, and their hopes and challenges. Will be writing about their status in the Arab societies and documenting any discrimination or persecution that they indure.
Peter Cohen (talk) Alerting board of disputes. Reporting suspected socks etc. whatever side of the debate they are on. Identifying new users on articles I watch, welcoming them and advising them of battlefield issues and related Wikiprojects. WP:NPOV, WP:CIVIL, WP:VERIFY I've been contributing to project pages so long that I should really record myself as a member.
unomi (talk) Recently started editing articles related to I/P. WP:NPOV, WP:CIVIL, WP:VERIFY I think a project such as this is crucial to ensuring that wikipedia covers I/P material appropriately.
NickCT (talk) Interested in general I/P issues WP:NPOV, WP:CSB, WP:Cool Moderates on both sides of this debate must work to exclude extremists on both sides of this debate. Except in cases of blatant violation, avoid arbitration.
ZScarpia Roams around the general WP:ARBPIA area in no discernible (to me) pattern. 2RR (Aspiring to 1RR), NPOV, CIVIL Hopes to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
Ling.Nut (talk) Editor  WP:5P, eventualism
Alvaro Azevedo Moura Uninvolved in the conflict. Interested in Peace in Middle East. Shalom, Salam, Peace.
Haberstr Still a lot of scope for NPOV progress. 1RR, NPOV, CIVIL With compromise and commitment to NPOV and balance, optimistic about overcoming obstacles to stable NPOV I/P.
Oncenawhile Have been involved on and off - I'll help where I can WP:NPOV, WP:1RR, WP:VERIFY I have studied the conflict, but there's no better education than learning from other WP editors
Arielkoiman With knowledge on the subject, I hope to contribute positively toward a neutral consensus on this issue. Reconciliation is fundamental. 1RR, WP:Cool, CIVIL, CSB Typically I write from a centrist viewpoint, and have little tolerance for fundamentalism and aggression (again, on both sides).
Koakhtzvigad I am more interested in ensuring the correct terminology is used, and the articles are properly referenced WP:RS, balance, WP:VERIFY, NPOV, 1RR, CIVIL, CSB I have a general knowledge of international law, and defence matters, and a love of history.
Bbeehvh Hopelessly optimistic, but I am optimistic I have a general knowledge of defence matters, and a love of history.
Ohiostandard Anything that might help make the topic area more collegial and less confrontational is good. Learning as I go, about the complex history of the conflict.
Nightw Mostly addressing sourcing concerns and aiming to contribute to a neutral consensus when needed. NPOV, V, RS, 1RR.
MichaelNetzer (talk) Have been involved in articles on settlements with numerous talk page discussions on policy and article improvement. Member of WikiProject Israel. Sources, Balance, Civility, Neutrality Spent a good part of my life on both sides of the conflict and believe it's imperative we try to work things out in an atmosphere conducive to goodwill. General understanding of the history as well as the cultural nuances fueling the division.
user:Crossovershipper talk I will make some edits to pages relating to the israel/palestine conflict here and there,to add some facts, and to fix some biases. Also i will edit and add pages of notable palestinians and israelis, if needed. Cool;NVC; NPOV When i did some research on this topic, this topic was more complicated than i thought , and i learned that neither side is innocent. I got tired of seeing loaded, biased articles on this topic on the web. I also got tired of the immuature fanatics on both sides of this debate. So i decided to do what i can get more people aware of some of the basic truths to this conflict.
Jprg1966 (talk) I do some janitorial tasks, as well as more substantial ones (like improving the machine translation of Jerusalem during the crusader period). I am glad to provide Third Opinions. I am fairly knowledgeable about the conflict overall, with special focus on the post-Oslo negotiations and Israeli domestic politics.
Mau Ro (talk) I have been editing the Academic boycotts of Israel page in attempt to create a clearer and more understandable structure as well as to even out the POV in order to make it more balanced and neutral. I am about to begin work on a new section for the BDS page in hope of creating a space for a more nuanced conversation of the movement.
Gouncbeatduke (talk) I am not emotionally involved in this issue, and I am not Israeli or Palestinian or Jewish or Muslim. However, I have noticed that several current English Wikipedia articles contain an anti-Muslim Systemic bias. I believe this is likely due to the disproportionate number of Israeli or Jewish editors vs. Palestinian or Muslim editors of English Wikipedia articles, and NOT due to any malicious intent of editors. WP:NPOV
Kingsindian (talk) My view is that cleaning up is as important as adding new information. A lot of articles can improve by simple organization, starting with the lead. Also articles need to be linked together, and there should be more sharing, perhaps using WP:TRANSCLUDE. WP:NPOV, WP:RS
Miraclexix (talk · contribs) Interested in factual discussion and sourced content input. Member of WP:Israel. NVC, 1RR,CSB,VRFY
Bolter21 (talk · contribs) I think the articles on the agreements sigend between Israel and the PLO should be expanded, planning to work on that. WP:NPOV
Kaptinkeiff (talk · contribs) Interested in the conflict and its current political repercussions. WP:NVC
Veritycheck Involved in several Israel/Palestine related articles. Finding inaccuracies in some of these articles is what originally motivated me to start editing Wikipedia. WP:VERIFY, WP:CIVIL, WP:COOL I have lived in both Egypt and Israel but am neither Jewish nor Muslim. It is my fortune to have friends on both sides of the issue.
IYY (talk · contribs) Interested in creating neutral POV historical maps of the region, and correcting bias in articles about the history of the region Lived in Israel. I am not very optimistic about politics.
TheRealGrantma (talk · contribs) Interested in the conflict and would love to be involved in creating a solution to the problem.
Shuster123 (talk · contribs) Intrested in helping provide a lot of missing information about the founding of israel and vaccination obligations and helping in other parts of the conflict.
Bob drobbs (talk · contribs) Passion for trying to find balance and fair compromise. Working on patience...
𝕸𝖗 𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕿𝖚𝖗𝖙𝖑𝖊 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 (talk) Interested in Israel, happy to join. What's the worst that could happen? WP:VERIFY, WP:COOL, WP:CIVL, WP:REIYAR, WP:NVC Warning: Will likely go ballistic if I encounter what I consider to be antisemitism. I'll try to stay cool, but no guarantees (I know this contradicts my pledge, I'm very contradictory).
Mjocc (talk · contribs) Interested in maintaining balance in articles, ensuring that the views of both sides are represented fairly.
Mooonswimmer (talk · contribs) Interested in copyediting and in ensuring content is verified, neutral, and balanced. I also attempt to meticulously document notable daily events (see Timeline of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in 2022). WP:VERIFY, WP:COOL, WP:CIVL, WP:NPOV
Jaredscribe (talk · contribs) biblically literate, translator of hebrew and greek WP:Bold-refine, WP:Encyclopedia, WP:Verify Iranian democracy movement (new article)
Misha Wolf (talk · contribs) I'd very much like to see harmony achieved in that part of the world during my lifetime. WP:Cool, WP:PINOT Am working, or have worked, on articles 2023 Israeli judicial reform, 2023 Israeli anti-judicial reform protests, Thirty-seventh government of Israel, Working definition of antisemitism, Nexus Task Force
Templar Dagger (talk · contribs) I am interested in exploring the topic further and I want to make sure Wikipedia is more unbiased in the conflict
Kencf0618 (talk · contribs) Began Timeline of the 2023 Israel–Hamas war (my third). NPOV, Civil I've owned one First Israel, Inc. stock certificate for two decades and (so far) as of 7 November 2023 one Israel Bond/"I told you... I came up here to build a bridge." ~Lt. Chard, Zulu (1964).
Neutral Editor 645 (talk · contribs) Interested in ensuring free access to impartial and high-quality information, on this difficult yet important topic.
Nonamesoda (talk · contribs) Wikipedia was meant to be unbiased anyway. NVC
Feral (oink!) Edit BLPs of Israelis and Palestinians; Also edit articles about that area of the Levant, both current and historical. WP:NPOV WP:OR Enjoy finding and adding appropriate images to articles. Something of a deletionist.

Inviting potential members[edit]

Variations on this message can be put on article or user talk pages.

Dear _______: As a member of the WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration I encourage you to consider joining our project. (Note any relevant specifics of individual or article situation.) The purpose of this collaboration project is to create a more hospitable editing environment for Category:Israeli-Palestinian conflict related topics and preventing and resolving disputes about the application of Wikipedia policies to these articles. We provide various tools to facilitate the project. Please check out the main page and talk page and contact me if you have any questions.

Or you can insert this template {{subst:WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration invitation}} into their talk page. This results in the following welcome message:

We invite you to join WikiProject Israel Palestine Collaboration. There you can also find and coordinate with users who are trying to improve Israeli–Palestinian conflict articles. If you would like to get involved, just visit the project page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or other project members.
Happy editing, ~~~~

Templates for Users[edit]

  • Template:Falafel is a WikiLove template designed with this WikiProject in mind, and intended to be left on User talk pages. For example, to promote WikiLove in this project, the Falafel template can be left on the Talk pages of new users who join.
  • Category:Israeli-Palestinian peace user templates contains a range of additional user boxes


A selection of images signifying Israel Palestine collaboration.


Main tool page:
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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