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The Project quality task force, comprising editors experienced in WikiProject Good articles, has been created with a dual purpose: To standardize the project for consistency and ease of use; and to evaluate, improve, and maintain the quality of Good articles and the project as a whole.
WikiProject Good Articles: Open Tasks
This project identifies, organizes and improves good articles on Wikipedia.


This task force, as part of WikiProject Good articles, is to:

  • standardize the project by ensuring terms and procedures are consistent in order to ensure consistency and ease of use. This entails determining the best terminology to be used so as not to be confusing to users unfamiliar with the project, and standardizing the categories at WP:GA and WP:GAN to allow for easy categorization during the listing process.
  • evaluate and improve the quality of listed articles to ensure that they still meet the criteria. This entails re-reviewing all articles listed at WP:GA, particularly those listed prior to the creation of WP:WIAGA.
  • maintain the quality of the project. This entails keeping clear the lists at Category:Good articles without topic parameter and Category:Good articles without an oldid, ensuring articles tagged and listed without review are delisted, that articles nominated at Good article reassessment are properly reviewed and appropriate action taken, and routinely conducting sweeps to ensure Good articles continue to meet the criteria.


  1. Once the WP:GAN backlog elimination drive is complete, all articles, particularly those listed prior to the creation of WP:WIAGA, need to be re-reviewed to ensure they meet current standards.
    • For articles that clearly fail to meet the criteria, boldly delist the article from WP:GA and detail the reasoning on the article talk page.
    • For articles that seem to fail to meet the criteria, but it's questionable, nominate them at WP:GAR.
  2. With the high probability that nominations will increase at WP:GAR due to the re-reviews, it is vital that participation be adequate to quickly and appropriately determine whether or not an article should retain GA or be delisted.
  3. Standardize the categories at WP:GA and WP:GAN. (See the discussion on the talk page.)
     Done --Jayron32|talk|contribs 20:01, 9 August 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  4. Conduct sweeps to ensure Good articles retain their quality.
  5. Keep {{WikiProjectGATasks}} up-to-date.

Open discussions[edit]

Please weigh in with your opinion on the following discussion(s):



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Good articles without topic parameters[edit]

Category:Good articles without topic parameter states "This is a list of Good articles that have not been given a correct "|topic= " in the {{GA|~~~~~|topic=|page=}} template. In theory, the list should be empty."


This task force, as part of WikiProject Good articles, is to keep

empty by adding topic parameters and oldid's to any articles which appear in these categories.


  • Add topic parameters to those articles listed at Category:Good articles without topic parameter.
  • Fill in oldid's for GA's that lack them listed at Category:Good articles without an oldid (for articles that use the GA template) and fill in action information for articles listed at Category:Good articles with no article history action (for articles that use the AH template).  Done
  • Select any article within the list.
    • The oldid field should be only numeric characters; some older GA entries may have included "nnnnnn" (a default value in the GA documentation) or a date-like entry and both of these cases should be changed to the correct oldid.
      To find the oldid, look over the talk page to establish what date the article was promoted. Then check the article history for the last edit of that date. There are tools that can help you find the appropriate oldid.
    • If the article uses the GA tempate:
      An example of what the template should look like once you've filled everything in is {{GA|date|oldid=123456|topic=Arts}}.
    • If the article uses the ArticleHistory template:
      If the ArticleHistory template lacks a "GAN" (Good Article Nomination) entry within its fields, these should be added. The format of these are:
      action1= - Value should be "GAN"
      action1date= - The date (YYYY-MM-DD) when the article was made a GA
      action1link= - If possible, a link to the talk page or archive when the page was promoted
      action1result= - "Listed", assuming that the article has been put on the GA list
      action1oldid= - The oldid, same as with the GA template oldid.
      topic= - The category under which the articles is listed on the GA list.
      If there already exist other "actions", use the next highest number to represent this; e.g. if there are 2 existing actions but no GAN, use "action3=" and so forth.

Note: If you find any discrepancies during this process and feel an article may have been promoted without meeting the criteria, nominate the article at Good article reassessment.

Good article topic values[edit]

The good article and article history templates will accept any of the abbreviated or full topic names below (defined at Module:Good article topics/data), and are case-insensitive. Any other entry for the topic name will leave the article listed as uncategorized.

Good Article topic Primary keyword Alternate keywords
Agriculture, food and drink agriculture
  • agriculture, food, and drink
  • cuisine
  • cuisines
  • cultivation
  • drink
  • farming and cultivation
  • farming
  • food and drink
  • food
Art and architecture art
  • architecture
  • art and architecture
Engineering and technology engtech
  • applied sciences and technology
  • applied sciences
  • computers
  • computing and engineering
  • computing
  • eng
  • engineering
  • technology
  • transport
Geography and places geography
  • geography and places
  • places
History history
  • archaeology
  • heraldry
  • nobility
  • royalty
  • royalty, nobility and heraldry
  • world history
Language and literature langlit
  • language and literature
  • languages and linguistics
  • languages and literature
  • languages
  • linguistics
  • lit
  • literature
Mathematics math
  • mathematics and mathematicians
  • mathematics
  • maths
Media and drama drama
  • ballet
  • dance
  • film
  • films
  • media and drama
  • media
  • opera
  • television
  • theater
  • theatre
  • theatre, film and drama
Music music
  • albums
  • classical compositions
  • other music articles
  • songs
Natural sciences natsci
  • astronomy
  • astrophysics
  • atmospheric science
  • biology and medicine
  • biology
  • chemistry and materials science
  • chemistry
  • cosmology
  • earth science
  • earth sciences
  • geology
  • geophysics
  • medicine
  • meteorology and atmospheric sciences
  • meteorology
  • mineralogy
  • natural science
  • natural sciences
  • physics and astronomy
  • physics
Philosophy and religion philrelig
  • mysticism
  • myth
  • mythology
  • phil
  • philosophy and religion
  • philosophy
  • relig
  • religion
  • religion, mysticism and mythology
Social sciences and society socsci
  • business and economics
  • business
  • culture and society
  • culture
  • culture, society and psychology
  • economics and business
  • economics
  • education
  • gov
  • government
  • journalism and media
  • journalism
  • law
  • magazines and print journalism
  • media and journalism
  • politics and government
  • politics
  • psychology
  • social science
  • social sciences and society
  • social sciences
  • society
Sports and recreation sports
  • everyday life
  • everydaylife
  • games
  • recreation
  • sport and recreation
  • sport
  • sports and recreation
Video games video games
  • video and computer games
Warfare war
  • aircraft
  • battles and exercises
  • battles
  • decorations and memorials
  • military
  • military people
  • units
  • war and military
  • warfare
  • warships
  • weapons and buildings
  • weapons

List of participants[edit]