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Welcome to the Glossary WikiProject. The goal here is to create glossaries on various subjects for inclusion in the encyclopedia (see WP:Manual of Style/Glossaries). Glossaries are a type of list, which in turn is a type of article (or article section) on Wikipedia.

Goals and scope[edit]



  • This project applies to glossaries, but not to word lists. (Needs expansion)


Please enter your name below, followed by the glossary or glossaries you are most interested in (existing yet or otherwise).


Glossary pages
  • {{glossary}} a.k.a. {{glossary start}} or {{glossary begin}} – Half of a template pair; uses <dl> with a class to open the structured glossary definition list that {{glossary end}} closes.
  • {{glossary end}} – The other half of this template pair; uses </dl> to close the definition list that {{glossary}} opens.
  • {{term}} – The glossary term to which the {{defn}} definition applies; a customized <dt> with a class and an embedded <dfn>.
  • {{defn}} – The definition that applies to the {{term}}; uses <dd> with a class
  • {{ghat}} – a hatnote template properly formatted for the top of a {{defn}} definition
  • {{gbq}} a.k.a. {{gquote}} – a block quotation template properly formatted for inclusion in a {{defn}} definition
  • {{glossary link}} – meta-template for creating shortcut templates for linking to definitions in specific glossaries
  • Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Glossaries

Collaboration of the month[edit]

This month's (May's) collaboration is: Glossary of communication disorders

Missing and incomplete major topic glossaries[edit]

Unfortunately, there are large gaps in the coverage of Wikipedia's glossaries. Below is a list of major topics that do not yet have complete glossaries. Those in blue have been started, but not yet completed. Those in red represent completely missing glossaries -- to create one, click on the redlink. There are many more major topics that lack glossaries, but the following list has so many gaps that it's a big enough list to keep us busy for quite a long time. The Transhumanist    00:05, 2 November 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Caveat: if a new glossary has only a few definitions, or it only lists terms without definitions, then it will likely be nominated for deletion. To prevent this from happening, build up the number of defined terms quickly, and either develop it initially as an embedded list in the topic's main article, or make it a subpage of your user page until, it has enough terms to be a stand-alone glossary that won't be a target of deletion. (The number is entirely subjective, but 30 or more terms is probably a good start for a stand-alone glossary).

Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svg Art and culture[edit]

See also: Cultures of present-day nations and states

Culture • Classical studies • Cooking • Critical theory • Hobby • Literature

Art and Entertainment • Fiction • Poetry
Performing arts • Dance •Film/Motion pictures • Music • Opera • Theatre
Visual arts • Architecture • Crafts • Drawing • Film • Painting • Photography • Sculpture
Sports and games • Cue sports • Poker • Darts

Gnome-globe.svg Geography and places[edit]


Nuvola apps package favorite.svg Health and fitness[edit]

Health • Exercise • Health science • Nutrition • Medicine • Sports is under "Art & Culture", above

Nuvola apps kworldclock.png History and events[edit]

History • Classical antiquity • Medieval history (Middle Ages) • Renaissance

Nuvola apps edu mathematics-p.svg Mathematics and abstractions[edit]

Mathematics • Areas of mathematics • Arithmetic • Algebra • Calculus • Discrete mathematics • Geometry • Trigonometry • Logic • Statistics

Nuvola apps kalzium.svg Natural sciences and nature[edit]

Main list: Glossary of science topics

Biology • Animals • Biochemistry • Botany • Ecology • Health and fitness • Zoology

Physical sciences • Astronomy • Chemistry • Meteorology • Earth sciences • Physics

Nuvola apps kuser.svg People and self[edit]

People and Self • Biology • Psychology • Relationships

Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking[edit]

Philosophy • Philosophical theories  (with summary)• Philosophical theories • Humanism • Logic • Thinking • Transhumanism

ReligiousSymbols.svg Religion and spirituality[edit]


Nuvola filesystems folder home.svg Social sciences and society[edit]

Main list: Glossary of science topics

Social sciences • Archaeology • Critical theory • Economics • Geography • History • Linguistics • Law • Political science • Psychology • Sociology • Relationships 

Society • Community • Criminal justice • Education • Firefighting • Law • Politics • Public affairs

Business • Economics • Finance • Management • Marketing

Nuvola apps display.png Technology and applied sciences[edit]

Main lists: Glossary of science topics and Glossary of technology topics.

Aerospace engineering • Artificial intelligence • Agriculture • Architecture • Big Science • Biotechnology • Civil engineering • Communication • Computer science • (Information technology, Internet, Programming, Software engineering) • Electrical and electronics engineering • Energy development • Engineering • Firefighting • Health science • Industry • Library and information science • Machines • Management • Manufacturing • Mechanical engineering • Military • Nutrition • Robotics • Space exploration • Structural engineering • Telecommunication (Internet) • Transport • Underwater diving • Vehicles 




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