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Welcome to WikiProject Globalization, dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Globalization in its multiple dimensions and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain suggestions and resources; this project helps focus the efforts of Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please feel free to add yourself to the Participants list and see the to-do list. Inquires about the Project can be made on the talk page.

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Within project scope Not within scope
Articles about issues and processes that transcend nation-state or regional boundaries. A history or list of nation-states' responses to issues that do not have global scope or impact.
Articles about flows of humans and other resources that contribute to globalizing patterns or trends. Articles about material flows where these are at the regional level or between nearby countries with shared histories, e.g. between nations in Scandinavia.
Articles about transnational or transcontinental communication, information, financial, transportation and other networks and relationships. Technical or descriptive articles about these areas.
Articles about transnational or transcontinental systems and about integration of laws, regulations, and standards (anything from electrical standards to shipping containers to accounting rules). Technical or descriptive articles about these areas.
Geographic features and processes that transcend national or continental boundaries, are impacted by human behavior, subject to more than one system of regulations, or provide value to human populations that exist outside of the regulatory zone of the geographical feature. The mountain range behind your house (though it, too, may be subject to globalization effects, e.g. global tourism, climate change...)
Political activity that transcends borders, the impact of policies of nation-states or the words or actions of government officials or civil society groups on a global issue or process. National or local elections, elected/ government officials, or policies (though here, too, there's room for related articles, e.g. 'Impact of global news media coverage on national elections').
Articles or sections of articles outlining how changes in science, technology, communication and transportation contribute to globalizing patterns or trends or about how national policies have impact beyond borders. Technical or descriptive articles about these areas. (n.b. the globalization of technology and technology R&D, e.g. the World car, and technology development, Airbus, are fascinating aspects of globalization.)
Articles or sections of articles where the points-of-view of globalization schools-of-thought and globalization writers and theorists are outlined. General articles about philosophy, ideologies, points-of-view or living or non-living persons.
Articles about the UN, the World Bank, G8, G20, IMF, NATO, and other global, supranational, intergovernmental, and international organizations and institutions, regulators, or other organizations closely associated with globalization. General or technical articles about NGOs
Articles about people, movements, and scholarly and artistic endeavors which are of interest because of their response to - or impacts on - globalization, the globalized world, or a changing world. Articles about people, movements, and scholarly endeavors that are of interest because of their response to changing national or local events.

NOTE: Some articles with the ((Globalize)) tag may fall into the scope of this project, but this project is not specifically about Countering Systemic Bias


NOTE: The preferred spelling used for this project is Globalization, which should be used for all project templates and other "official" documents or files. However, the project recognizes the spelling "Globalisation" as per MOS:SPELL, which may be the preferred spelling in some articles related to our topic.

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Be sure to place the WikiProject Globalization banner tag on the article's talk page. The banner tag takes the form of:

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You may assign a grade class and importance class to the article or leave those blank.

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To add a nomination: Method 1: Simply add {{subst:PR}} to the top of the article's talk page and save it. Method 2 = Add peer-review=yes to the {{WikiProject Globalization}} project banner at the top of the article's talk page (see our Peer review page for additional information).


See: WikiProject Globalization proposal


The article alerts list provides information on which globalization-related Wikipedia articles are subject to various discussions, including peer review requests, or are in need of urgent assistance and/or review.

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