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Many of the members of Project Gender Studies can speak more than one language. Many non-English wikis have excellent Gender Studies articles that will improve our own coverage on that topic, particularly on "French Theory". Gender Studies Translation exists to improve Wikipedia by breaking down our language barriers and improve Gender Studies articles with global information and research.


  1. Cailil (talk · contribs) — some french.
  2. Alynna Kasmira (talk · contribs) - a little Spanish (I'm learning)
  3. Cherryleaf (talk · contribs) - German and Danish. Some Norwegian and Swedish.
  4. Davidb09 (talk · contribs) - Dutch
  5. Xtgyal (talk · contribs) - Some Ido & Spanish.
  6. Taranet (talk · contribs) - Persian
  7. Netha Hussain (talk · contribs) - Malayalam (ml)
  8. Dastenras (talk · contribs) — Portuguese (BR/PT)
  9. Panthermoderns (talk · contribs) - French, German
  10. Emplexis (talk · contribs) – German


When you choose to translate an article, list what you're working on below - this will allow other editors to compare and assist you if they speak that language. You can work on the translation on a user subpage, the article talkpage, or below in a H3 section.

  1. Cailil (talk · contribs) — Gender Studies [fr; de; es; it; ja; pt; ru; uk; zh]