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Welcome to the Firearms WikiProject, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Firearms.

(For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects).

  • Improve articles on firearms, both civilian and military, with an emphasis on civilian firearms, as the WP:WEAPON already covers military arms.
  • To add the below infobox to firearm articles, along with the ammo infobox for ammo, and add the banner to firearms articles.
  • To add proper categories to firearm articles.
  • Firearms typically considered small arms and carried by an individual rather than vehicle-mounted and team-served military weapons. Topics encompassing both broad concepts and specific models, ammunition, manufacturers, organizations, legislation, and historical figures such as inventors and notable gunsmiths associated with such firearms.

Style guide[edit]


The names of firearm articles should start with the proper name of the manufacturer, followed by the firearm's name. Examples of this policy are Heckler & Koch MP7 instead of MP7 or Smith & Wesson Model 1006 instead of S&W Model 1006. Exceptions to this are firearms named with military designations such as M16 rifle or AK-47. See WP:WEAPON#Naming conventions for the guideline on naming military firearms.


Firearm articles should be structured largely along the following guidelines (consistent with guidelines contained in WP:MILGUN for military weapons):

  1. History. A history of the firearm, including background events leading to the design and the evolution of the design.
  2. Design and features. A description of the major points of the firearm, including details of the operating mechanism, how the firearm is maintained and operated by the user, and the cartridge(s) the firearm is chambered in.
  3. Use. The intended/common uses of the firearm (ex: hunting, competitive shooting, defense, etc.)
  4. Variants. A list and description of all variants and close descendants of the firearm, plus production details when available.
  5. Accessories. A list and description of accessories that are commonly associated with the firearm.
  6. Cultural impact, if any. A general summary of the firearm's impact on culture, complying with the guidelines on popular culture.

Non-firearm articles associated with WikiProject Firearms should generally follow the structure guidelines that are already associated with the appropriate type of article, such as constitutional law articles, jurisprudence articles, chemistry articles, and other categories of articles that often overlap with WikiProject Firearms.

The goal of WikiProject Firearms for articles tagged with the project's banner is to improve the firearms related content, such as improving the accuracy of articles vs. misconceptions that often arise due to pop-culture fiction, movie physics, and similar non-factual beliefs. In general, WikiProject Firearms goals are to work on improving the quality of project-tagged articles without imposing WikiProject Firearms guidelines as mandates.

Popular culture[edit]

Appearances of firearms in popular culture should only be listed if they have been discussed in reliable secondary sources. The depictions themselves (films, TV shows, video games, comic books, novels, etc) are primary sources and are insufficient for inclusion. Video games frequently depict firearms unrealistically and their use is rarely covered in secondary sources. For that reason unsourced entries concerning video games should be deleted without requesting a source first. Replicas, such as Airsoft and toys, are not notable to firearm articles unless they have been discussed in reliable secondary sources. Where sources are available, popular culture appearances should receive coverage appropriate to their significance to the subject of the article; as per WP:UNDUE. The material should explain the subject's impact on popular culture rather than simply listing appearances. See WP:MILPOP for the guidelines pertaining to military history, excluding firearms. Examples of good content include .44 Magnum and Mauser C96.

Criminal use[edit]

In order for criminal use to be notable enough for inclusion in the article on the gun used, it should meet some criteria. For instance, legislation being passed as a result of the gun's usage (ex. ban on mail-order of firearms after use of the Carcano in JFK's assassination) or if its notoriety is greatly increased (ex. the Intratec TEC-DC9 became infamous as a direct result of Columbine). This is determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with WP:UNDUE. As per WP:UNDUE, "Neutrality requires that each article or other page in the mainspace fairly represent all significant viewpoints that have been published by reliable sources, in proportion to the prominence of each viewpoint in the published, reliable sources."


Variants of a model of a firearm such as folding/telescoping stock variants, target versions, variants chambered in a new caliber, compact/carbine variants, models covered by the same factory-issued users manual generally should not receive their own article. Instead, use a section for the variant in the parent firearm's article or consolidate it into a table or the text. The exception to this is where significant amounts of design and/or history would be lost by merging. An example of this is the M4 Carbine. Despite the fact that the M4 Carbine is only a carbine version of the M16A2 and its internal components are completely interchangeable with those of the M16 rifle, the M4's development history is significantly different, qualifying it for its own article.


When listing users of a certain weapon, only include users that have a citation to go with them. This citation must specifically say that the force, unit, or notable individual in question uses the weapon. That is to say a photograph of someone holding what appears to be the weapon does not qualify as a reference.


Cite as much information as possible. This way the articles will have more credibility. Extraordinary claims require citations from very reliable sources. If you don't want something you have added to be deleted, cite a reliable source, assuming the source supports your statement.

Open tasks[edit]

If you find anything that really needs to be on the list, just add it to the list. Be sure to say what you are adding in your edit summary, with wikilink to the article. When someone has completed the task, that person should cross out the article from the list, and if everyone agrees, it should be removed from the list two or three days after being crossed out (note: this doesn't include requests, once an article is created it should be removed completely or moved to one of the categories as needed).

For articles marked as "needing attention" see Category:Firearms_articles_needing_attention

When adding entries to the list, please do so in alphabetical order.


These are worklists based off Wikidata queries using Listeria.


Active members[edit]

Please feel free to add yourself here in alphabetical order, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Adolphus79 (talk · contribs), I mostly know about US service weapons, but have some general knowledge of other realms also...
  2. Bardbom (talk · contribs) Firearms in general; most knowledgeable in long guns.
  3. BSMCOguy (talk · contribs) Assorted firearms knowledge, esp. handloading/reloading.
  4. CaptainGummyBearz (talk · contribs), Modern small arms.
  5. Carguychris (talk · contribs), Smith & Wesson revolvers, Winchester bolt-action rifles
  6. Carlo71201 (talk · contribs), interested in firearms of different types
  7. Cavalryman (talk · contribs) British gunmakers, Nitro Express, Black Powder Express and classic firearms.
  8. Cerebellum (talk · contribs), everything, specifically modern small arms
  9. Dellant (talk · contribs) History of military firearms and ammunition
  10. Dlthewave (talk · contribs)
  11. Drmies (talk · contribs) Guns like in Jackie Brown
  12. DPdH (talk · contribs) Military firearms, special interest in: WW2, Latin American firearms.
  13. FeralOink (talk · contribs) Bolt-action rifles, shotguns, no handguns, mostly modern firearms, and I like to fix grammar.
  14. Fuzheado (talk · contribs) ontology of cartridges, handguns, long guns. Lots of work on Wikidata subclasses and Commons photos
  15. Gato63 (talk · contribs) ammunition, cartridge firearms (from the 1860 Henry rifle to present), proofreading and editing
  16. GMan552 (talk · contribs) proofreading and editing, general firearms knowledge
  17. Gruß Tom - de:Portal:Waffen (Portal:Weapons/Germany)
  18. Heather Wheeler (talk · contribs) firearms, ammunition
  19. intothatdarkness (talk · contribs)
  20. ironmatic1 (talk · contribs) Muskets to modern
  21. K.e.coffman (talk · contribs) Modern small arms
  22. L1A1 FAL (talk · contribs) Post WW1 firearms, obscure weapons, little bit of everything
  23. LoVeloDogs (talk · contribs) Obscure firearms, curios, collectables; hunting firearms & related equipment; general civilian firearms & ammunition; picky about correct nomenclature & brand standards (ex: GLOCK & SIG SAUER should always be all caps)
  24. Midnight Citian (talk · contribs)
  25. Nohomers48 (talk · contribs) Modern firearms
  26. Niteshift36 (talk · contribs) Military and law enforcement career. Experience with a wide range of firearms, tactics and legal issues.
  27. Ntfresll (talk · contribs) Modern weapons, marksman rifles, semiauto rifles
  28. OfficerManatee (talk · contribs) Small arms, ammunition, and their respective conflicts therein. Also focused on removing commercialized content and that lacks neutrality.
  29. OnBeyondZebrax (talk · contribs) Machine pistols. Also have an interest in contributing to the guidelines
  30. PackMecEng (talk · contribs) Just general interest.
  31. PaulWebbtheTechExpert (talk · contribs) General interest.
  32. Sailorman722 (talk · contribs) General interest, knowledgeable on U.S. Firearm politics, and general history.
  33. sf46 (talk · contribs)
  34. Srich32977 (talk · contribs) soldier
  35. Surv1v4l1st (talk · contribs) CCW, NFA items, gun culture, etc.
  36. Swatjester (talk · contribs) Ex military, infantry and reconnaissance, 3-gun, carbine, and precision rifle shooter.
  37. Thewellman (talk · contribs) ammunition.
  38. Tsange (talk · contribs) creating better pages for new and old guns.
  39. Vkil (talk · contribs) I just like shooting the hell out of things. Helps relieve stress and whatnot. Trying to buy a Gatling gun; no luck so far.
  40. XoravaX (talk · contribs) Finnish firearms and their derivatives.

Inactive members[edit]

This is a list of people who are members of the project but haven't edited Wikipedia for a year. If you find your name on this list, feel free to move it back to the list of active participants when you return to editing.

Inactive members list
  1. 100%BulletProof (talk · contribs), Ballistics Engineer, Wildcat Design, Rifles
  2. 1man838 (talk · contribs) reloading, C&R, and much much more
  3. 226Trident (talk · contribs), Handguns, Automatic Weapons, Ammunition
  4. 4twenty42o (talk · contribs), Military weapons, handguns, assault weapons
  5. 8r455 (talk · contribs), Competition Shooter, IDPA and Bullseye, and long range rifle.
  6. Ajpralston1 (talk · contribs), 20th Century and newer military weapons
  7. Alfordap (talk · contribs), NRA rifle instructor and local club CMP instructor. Most interested in Marksmanship and Varmint hunting.
  8. AliveFreeHappy (talk · contribs), Reloader, mostly rifles, some wildcats.
  9. Ancjr (talk · contribs)
  10. Aneah (talk · contribs), Military firearms, experimental firearms, pretty much anything going bang.
  11. AR-15(6.8 SPC) (talk · contribs) Military weapons (WWII to today), cartridge specifications, handguns, rifles
  12. Asams10 (talk · contribs), Firearms inventors, sporting and military arms, ammunition, etc.
  13. Ashton.Sanders (talk · contribs), Firearms for home defense and small game hunting
  14. Austin Moulton (talk · contribs), I mostly know a lot about WW2 weapons & Machine Guns
  15. AzfarShams (talk · contribs), Military firearms, special interest in:Cold War, South Asian, Southeast Asian firearms.
  16. Bahamut0013 (talk · contribs) mostly military (especially US) firearms
  17. Bennyben1998 (talk · contribs), I’m a big hunting, Second Amendment, and military enthusiast! :)
  18. Berean Hunter (talk · contribs)
  19. Bobbfwed (talk · contribs), skilled in tactics and knowledgeable in external and terminal ballistics.
  20. BonesBrigade (talk · contribs) mostly 20th century weapons
  21. Bmb1935 (talk · contribs)i am an expert(by experience)in hunting rifles and amunition(proud NRA member)
  22. Boris Barowski (talk · contribs), interested in all kinds of firearms
  23. Bossesjoe (talk · contribs), knowledgeable in modern military firearms and tactics.
  24. Burmiester (talk · contribs) I love any type of guns, although I prefer assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and revolvers. I'll mainly be adding photos on cartridges and firearms to pages.
  25. Cannibalicious! (talk · contribs)
  26. CeeWhy2 (talk · contribs), especially interested in target and hunting firearms.
  27. CEOMao (talk · contribs), Title II manufacturer and general firearms enthusiast.
  28. ChewyLSB (talk · contribs), Modern firearms, mostly shotguns.
  29. Chillcat222 (talk · contribs), Rare, obscure, innovative and strange firearms.
  30. Chinese3126 (talk · contribs), Doing whatever I can about guns, I love guns of all shapes and sizes as long as they are reliable.
  31. ChrisPer (talk · contribs), Australian gun politics, colonial enterprise, historic and black powder arms.
  32. Coffeekid (talk · contribs) Weapons and ammo from WW2-present mainly small arms and their history.
  33. Commander Zulu (talk · contribs), Firearms Historian, primarily focusing on small arms of the British Empire & Commonwealth, WWI & WWII small arms, and Military & Police handguns.
  34. Compshoot (talk · contribs) Handguns, Competitions, Action Pistol
  35. Computer Guy 2 (talk · contribs) Firearms Tracing, eTrace, trafficking, Manufacturing & History
  36. ConquerorPBN (talk · contribs) Suppressors and other Title II/NFA weapons, concealed carry, and modern firearms, especially rifles and pistols
  37. CuriousMind01 (talk · contribs), History
  38. C0N6R355 (talk · contribs)
  39. Damërung (talk · contribs) Automatics, modern firearms, sniper rifles, SMG, shotguns, rocket and grenade launchers.
  40. DanMP5 (talk · contribs), Modern pistols, rifles and cartridges.
  41. Dave_polaschek (talk · contribs), Enthusiast, American cartridges of the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  42. Deathsythe (talk · contribs), American gun politics/laws, gun culture, civilian firearms.
  43. DesertPhox (talk · contribs) American gun politics, policy, interested in all types of firearms.
  44. Desirez-vous (talk · contribs), Defensive firearms ownership and use by women in protecting themselves and their families.
  45. DeusImperator (talk · contribs), Reloader, big bore shooter. Interested in cartridges and their history and firearms in general
  46. Devh123 (talk · contribs),Modern Sniper highpowered rifles.
  47. DigitalNinja (talk · contribs), Handguns (CZ USA especially), high caliber rifles, CCW, 2nd amendment rights, ballistics, and education.
  48. Displeis (talk · contribs) Editing and writing style.
  49. DixieGeek (talk · contribs) Military Firearms, Ammunition, Second Amendment original intent, open carry, concealed carry
  50. Doug (talk · contribs)
  51. Dreadnaught (talk · contribs), Military weaponry, 20th Century
  52. Dreamafter (talk · contribs)
  53. Dudtz (talk · contribs)
  54. DZGuymed (talk · contribs) Assault weapons, handguns, WWII arms, ammunition, ballistics and in-depth knowledge.
  55. Earthworm Makarov (talk · contribs) Small Arms, Automatic Cannon
  56. Economic_Refugee (talk · contribs) Pre-Cold War Military-Historic Metallic cartridge arms. Hunter, shooter, reloader, gunsmith. Second Amendment politics.
  57. Elmasmelih (talk · contribs)
  58. Eloi Montes (talk · contribs), interested in any kind of weapons, but Sapnish and Catalan weapons are my favorites.
  59. Enduro446 (talk · contribs) Primary interest in mainly ammunition.
  60. Ericdered (talk · contribs) Sub Machine Guns, Small Arms, WWII
  61. eskinner (talk · contribs) Handguns, Competitions, Bullseye, Reloader
  62. Everymorning (talk · contribs), gun control and its effectiveness (so mostly academic studies)
  63. Expertfp1 (talk · contribs), Pathologist, gunshot wounds, medicolegal and forensic aspects of firearms use, treatment of gunshot injuries, ballistics and reloading, military small arms, history
  64. F-451 (talk · contribs) Military, Modern Firearms, General Knowledge, proofreading and editing.
  65. Falcofire (talk · contribs) Small arms, foreign assault rifles, and hunting rifles
  66. falcon5nz (talk · contribs) Ammunition, NZ Gun Laws
  67. Fallschirmjäger (talk · contribs)
  68. Felsic2 (talk · contribs) Gun use
  69. Finalnight (talk · contribs) Revolvers, small semi-autos
  70. Fluzwup (talk · contribs), several years of retail firearms sales, knowledge about ballistics, reloading, basic gunsmithing, and civilian firearms
  71. Frank Dallas, Jr (talk · contribs), 15 years of retail firearms sales and firearms service, knowledge about hunting ballistics, reloading, gunsmithing, military and civilian firearms
  72. g4raider (talk · contribs)
  73. Gaijin42 (talk · contribs)
  74. Gasolinerainbows (talk · contribs)
  75. Gavia immer (talk · contribs) Modern pistols, CCW and (American) legal issues
  76. GDAD45 (talk · contribs) USMC retired, still shooting long range, general firearms knowledge
  77. Georgewilliamherbert (talk · contribs) technology and engineering
  78. Goldfishsoldier (talk · contribs) Mainly interested in Gun Politics, but also general editing here and there.
  79. Greg Glover (talk · contribs), History of Gunpowder and Kinetic energy, Design of Bullets and Cartridges, Ballistics and Reloading
  80. Gtstricky (talk · contribs), Glock, handguns, C&R.
  81. GrumpyAC (talk · contribs), Pro-Second Amendment political activist, Historian of Gun Control against the citizenry of Missouri, competitive handgun shooter, NRA Training Counselor and certified instructor in firearm safety, and bullet/cartridge reloading.
  82. Gunnnut (talk · contribs), Gunsmith and Authorised Verifier for the RCMP in Canada
  83. Gunny01 (talk · contribs), handguns, practical shooting.
  84. Guru42 (talk · contribs) revolvers and all Colt weapons.
  85. GVilKa (talk · contribs), Sniper weapon systems and future weapons.
  86. Halofanatic333 (talk · contribs), Old guns, new guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, and everything in-between. I also like to fix grammar.
  87. HarveyHenkelmann (talk · contribs), revolvers and WWII armaments of all nations.
  88. Hayden120 (talk · contribs), modern military style firearms.
  89. Hedington (talk · contribs) South African Gun Politics, with emphasis on legal black gun ownership. Gauteng Regional Advocacy Director: Gun Owners of South Africa, (GOSA). Administrator: Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa, (BGOASA). Core member: South African Legal Gun Owners, (SALGO).
  90. Heyyouoverthere (talk · contribs), historical and theatrical usage.
  91. Hoplophile (talk · contribs), Autoloading, detachable magazine-fed rifles and carbines. Also handguns. Basically all the guns that DiFi and Hillary love to hate. GOA life member.
  92. Hutcher (talk · contribs), good times
  93. IainWR (talk · contribs), Chairman Target Rifle Committee International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA), Chairman NRA of GB Target Rifle Committee
  94. Imadeausername! (talk · contribs) Military/Police small arms (appx. 1870 onward), hunting firearms, target shooting/competition firearms, ballistics, cartridges
  95. IronKnuckle (talk · contribs) Semi-Automatics, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, and Gun Rights in the United States. I own several guns.
  96. Iskor12 (talk · contribs) General firearms knowledge, Military Small arms
  97. Izaakb (talk · contribs), Calibers, Israeli weaponry, historical US firearms, S&W history.
  98. James_xeno (talk · contribs)
  99. Jason R. Rokeach (talk · contribs) Politics, political history, handguns, and EBRs.
  100. Jasonp019 (talk · contribs)
  101. Jc-S0CO (talk · contribs) History, general politics, and crime commission/prevention-related statistical fact-finding.
  102. Jcfrommn (talk · contribs) Military Small Arms
  103. JCRules (talk · contribs) American and Russian material, assault rifles, carbines, pistols.
  104. jersey_emt (talk · contribs) General firearms knowledge and modern weapons (especially handguns).
  105. Jill Orly (talk · contribs) General firearm knowledge, Military firearms & history, Firearm related law & legislation.
  106. jimbobfunny (talk · contribs), handloading, internal ballistics, terminal ballistics, education
  107. Jirt (talk · contribs)
  108. J.Mraz (talk · contribs) Skeet shooting
  109. John (talk · contribs), modern weaponry, especially military automatic and sniper weapons.
  110. John Carter (talk · contribs) dumb two bit trigger pumping moron with low hairline, little piggy eyes and no conversation might be able to help in referencing and NPOV and the like
  111. JoshuaKGarner (talk · contribs)
  112. JTBX (talk · contribs) Love guns in general, mostly through video games, though never held a REAL gun.
  113. Justanonymous (talk · contribs), American gun politics/laws, inalienable rights, 1911 pistols, Glock pistols, modern revolvers, handgunnery.
  114. JVkamp (talk · contribs) member of aforementioned Weaponry task force, military and civilian sporter interests.
  115. Kahman (talk · contribs), Specializing in concealed carry information
  116. Kalashnikov (talk · contribs) Mechanical designer - Gun collector (especially Ross and Commercial Mausers) - Long time reloader, I am a fervent medium bore rifle user and reallly like big bore handguns
  117. Kartano (talk · contribs), Specializing in Australian gun politics, shooting in Australia and competitive shooting in Australia.
  118. Kcphaid (talk · contribs), Firearms, collector and NRA Life member.
  119. Kevin Kahle (talk · contribs) Weapons Specialist
  120. Kimon (talk · contribs)
  121. Krasilschic (talk · contribs) Everything.
  122. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (talk · contribs) Usage and Development if Firearms in War and Military -and Military Arms
  123. Kurousagi (talk · contribs) Amateur firearm enthusiast - big interest, tiny budget.
  124. KySharpshooter (talk · contribs) I'm a competitive shooter on occasion and I hunt often. My main interests are revolvers (particularly Smith & Wesson), falling-block rifles, and side-by-side shotguns, although I've shot a little bit of everything.
  125. K-Man75 (talk · contribs) Large caliber autoloaders
  126. lagaman (talk · contribs) Currently wanting to add a picture to the M17S page, but mostly modern guns, or antique single-shot rifles.
  127. Limpscash (talk · contribs) Modern small arms
  128. Livitup (talk · contribs) Modern handguns, CCW, US law. Copyeditor.
  129. L.J. Tibbs (talk · contribs)
  130. Lord of laziness (talk · contribs) Air rifles
  131. LRML451 (talk · contribs) Long range target shooting with muzzle loading and breech loading black powder rifles
  132. MaintainerZero (talk · contribs) Modern firearms, Concealed carry, US firearms law
  133. Martin Raybourne (talk · contribs) Whatever floats my boat.
  134. Matchlock (talk · contribs) My interests are mostly in the area of revolvers, and specifically the Colt Single Action Army.
  135. Matthewethanchowtoy (talk · contribs) Mainly World War Two vintage firearms and modern pistols and sidearms.
  136. Mdeby (talk · contribs) Experienced in ballistic systems for official CIP Proofhouses, NATO test centers and small arms ammunition manufacturers.
  137. Mendaliv (talk · contribs) Interested in military small arms and anything field-expedient. I own a few guns, including an oddball Smith and Wesson Model 10 in .357 Magnum.
  138. Miguel Escopeta (talk · contribs) Firearms. All kinds. Modern, ancient, replica, military, black powder, etc. Reloading. Gunsmithing. Long time instructor, too. Just about everything.
  139. Mh04319 (talk · contribs) Interested in semi-automatic pistol and ammunition companies. Ex firearms instructor. Very interested in ballistics for small caliber ammunition.
  140. Mh7kJ (talk · contribs) Assault Rifles, Submachine guns, Pistols, Modern Small arms, WW1 and WW2 arms, Machine guns.
  141. Molestash (talk · contribs) Pre WWII Japanese Firearms and early semi automatic pistols
  142. MOOOOOPS (talk · contribs)
  143. MordeKyle (talk · contribs)
  144. Morgan_Phoenix (talk · contribs) Cartridge diagrams and other illustrations, Makarov pistols, Modern Weapons from WWII on, target/military rifles & pistols. WikiGraphist specializing in vector conversions and original art for cartridges, primarily based upon CIP maximum dimensions.
  145. Motorrad-67 (talk · contribs), Colt's Python, Diamondback, and Anaconda
  146. MountainRail (talk · contribs) Black powder firearms (flintlock and caplock rifles, cap and ball revolvers), "Old West" firearms
  147. Mr.AK-74 (talk · contribs) Civilian Hunting Weapons(post-ban)
  148. Mr.NorCal55 (talk · contribs)
  149. MRIanthony (talk · contribs)
  150. Msahimi (talk · contribs) I know a bit about different firearms.
  151. Muldoon X9 (talk · contribs) Modern weapons
  152. MVMosin (talk · contribs) Former member of Delfin Oznaz unit. Expert on military small arms--particularly those of US and Soviet origin.
  153. mzwhiz21 (talk · contribs) Winchester Model 1200
  154. Nburden (talk · contribs) Modern firearms and US firearms law.
  155. Neil Clancy (talk · contribs) A little bit of everything.
  156. Newportm (talk · contribs) little bit of...what have you got?
  157. Nomad3000 (talk · contribs) Historic and modern firearms technology
  158. Nukes4Tots (talk · contribs) Mostly firearms and some ammunition articles.
  159. Opensourcelinuxm (talk · contribs) Specialty is old "curio and relic" firearms, mainly from foreign countries
  160. PAH Page (talk · contribs) Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
  161. Palaceofhate (talk · contribs)
  162. PaulsyB (talk · contribs) Mostly handguns and IPSC but some rifles and shotguns, especially military hardware
  163. Pepe la pepper (talk · contribs) German Pistols. Black powder Rifles,Bolt Action Rifles.
  164. PeteShanosky (talk · contribs) General firearms, specifically handguns, dating from WWII onward.
  165. Philip Laurence (talk · contribs) handguns, historic weapons, ammunition but I will generally clean up firearm articles.
  166. Photi G (talk · contribs) - Modern automatic weapons (WWI-present), firing mechanisms, general knowledge.
  167. Pigoutultra (talk · contribs) Ballistics, handguns, wildcats.
  168. Police,Mad,Jack (talk · contribs) Mainly interested in Modern Small Arms, WW2 Small Arms and firearms what the British Police use and also the British SAS.
  169. Pollack man34 (talk · contribs) Right to keep and bear arms
  170. Praiyachat (talk · contribs) Modern Small Arms, semi-automatic pistols
  171. Prussian725 (talk · contribs) Mostly rifles and shotguns, especially military firearms
  172. Pyrotec (talk · contribs) Propellants - Cordite, Ballistite, Gunpowder, etc.
  173. RAF910 (talk · contribs)
  174. Ramirez72 (talk · contribs)
  175. Rantingmadhare (talk · contribs) Winchester self-loading rifles
  176. Raygun (talk · contribs) Anything that has to do with man-portable arms.
  177. Rdfox 76 (talk · contribs) Most modern small arms
  178. ReinickendorferFuchs (talk · contribs) Service weapons (military and police), hunting for bullseyes and IPSC-alphas (I prefer delayed blowbacks), reloader.
  179. Rezin (talk · contribs) interested in both historical and modern firearms
  180. Robbskey (talk · contribs)
  181. Rocco752 (talk · contribs) World War 2 firearms
  182. RockManQ (talk · contribs) Submachine guns
  183. ROG5728 (talk · contribs) Modern firearms, particularly 5.7x28mm firearms
  184. Rollersox (talk · contribs) All carbines and assault rifles, and some other reliable guns
  185. Rollie (talk · contribs) Bolt action hunting rifles, WW2 era rifles, Airguns, soviet firearms
  186. Rookie_Rover (talk · contribs)
  187. RWJP (talk · contribs) Up for anything, been helping out on a couple of fireamrs pages already
  188. S (talk · contribs) (formerly knows as Seed 2.0). Modern handguns, modern and historic rifles. Feel free to contact me if you need some maintenance or bot-related work done.
  189. Sabre ball (talk · contribs)
  190. Samf4u (talk · contribs) WWII weapons
  191. Sandbekken (talk · contribs) General firearms history, individual firearms function and design, handloading of ammunition, Norwegian firearms laws and the traditions and politics of firearms in Norwegian society.
  192. SantiLak (talk · contribs) little bit of everything
  193. Sdavids13 (talk · contribs) President of Pistol and Rifle Club at Virginia Tech and member of Virginia Tech Clay Target Team, main interest in modern pistols.
  194. SeanNovack (talk · contribs) Certified Firearms Instructor and Permit-to-Carry instructor for Minnesota and Utah
  195. sebread (talk · contribs) Great interest in firearms, mostly virtual (!) although I have had experience with hunting (shotguns, air rifles).
  196. Smile4Chomsky (talk · contribs) The "gun-industry," CCW, mouse guns, production details... etc.
  197. Sniperhf (talk · contribs) Reloading, Military Surplus firearms, Rimfire.
  198. Soderstrom (talk · contribs) Concealed Carry, "Gun Free Zones" & College Policy (see SCCC), Gun Law, Supreme Court.
  199. Spartan3006 (talk · contribs) General military and civilian firearm information. Please contact me if you are stuck or need help with anything gun related. My special is WWII era arms. I know Russian arms as well
  200. sparticus117 (talk · contribs) New to weapons world, know a little about everything. know a lot about M14 M1 garand Springfield M1A1 models.
  201. SQL (talk · contribs) CCW, Handguns
  202. StarkeySuper64 (talk · contribs) Historical military issue weapons, revolvers, semi-automatics.
  203. Support.and.Defend (talk · contribs) Ballistics
  204. TeamZissou (talk · contribs) I have an extensive ammunition collection and will be uploading cartridge images to related articles. Also, I plan to upload images to the bullet article, and expand information and references on bullet design articles. I have access to an extensive collection of firearms and obscure firearm-related books and manuals that may be of service if anyone wants to ask. I'd like to trim or correct the common misinformation in existing articles as well.
  205. Tengu99 (talk · contribs) Mostly trying to fill in the blanks, creating pages for ammo that haven't been made yet, etc.
  206. Thatguy96 (talk · contribs) Obscure weapons and subvariants, mainly US, mainly between 1945-1980; official weapon designation
  207. Thedonz (talk · contribs)
  208. Theserialcomma (talk · contribs) a little of this and a little of that.
  209. TomaHawk61 (talk · contribs) Small arms & Rifles, mainly military firearms.
  210. Tomalamak (talk · contribs) New Zealand gun laws
  211. Tominator93 (talk · contribs) Shotguns, Pistols (Especially semi-automatic pistols) Submachine Guns, and Assault Rifles.
  212. Trekphiler (talk · contribs) modern weapons, mainly military.
  213. Trinjac (talk · contribs) CMP member + extensive (United States)military and (Modern)firearms knowledge.
  214. Trippingpara (talk · contribs) Former Marine, current C&R FFL, NRA Instructor, activer Reloader. Specialize in Post World War I firearms and curio and relic firearms
  215. Tronno (talk · contribs) modern weapons.
  216. TTS51207 (talk · contribs) handguns, rifles, political issues. Specifically older Soviet/Chinese rifles, ammunition, some retailers, manufacturers, and miscellaneous other related subjects.
  217. Two triggers (talk · contribs)Interested in encouraging double gun enthusiasts to contribute and edit.
  218. TXGRunner (talk · contribs) From flintlocks to AR-15s, M1911s, and 50 BMG rifles, I have an affinity for all firearms, and a special interest in the M1903 Springfield, Japanese Arisakas, and Short Magazine Lee-Enfields used in World War I and World War II.
  219. TXTad (talk · contribs) Handguns, rifles, ammunition, bench rest. I particularly like odd or unusual but useful calibers like 8x57, .358 Winchester, and 9.3x62 Mauser to name just a few.
  220. Tymun (talk · contribs) Handguns, WWII firearms, ammunition, and shotguns.
  221. Underneaththesun (talk · contribs)Firearms and there use in warfare.
  222. User name one (talk · contribs) Scar rifles and the like
  223. Uttexas (talk · contribs) Anything regarding US Military firearms
  224. Vicius (talk · contribs) Revolvers, big bore handgun cartridges, modifications. Favs: Raging Bull .454 Casull.
  225. VirtuallyIronic (talk · contribs) Gunsmith, dealer, avid shooter, reloader and hunter. Collector of WWII era weapons.
  226. WarLord (talk · contribs) Modern weapons. Civilian and Military. Civil War to now.
  227. Weeman com (talk · contribs) Clay Target Sports in the UK
  228. Wikidenizen (talk · contribs) Military weapons and small arms 1900-present; general fireams 1900-present, esp. WWII era and present day pistols and revolvers; reloading and ammunition.
  229. XM8 Carbine (talk · contribs), Modern or Advanced weapons, weapon development.
  230. Yamum49 (talk · contribs) Sports shooting e.g. hunting,clay pigeon shooting and
  231. Yy958 (talk · contribs) 19th and 20th century service weapons. I have a weakness for firearm novelties and oddities.
  232. Zackmann08 (talk · contribs) recreational shooting. Leading editor of IMFDB.

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The spirit moved me, so I started a draft in my user sandbox. I'm gonna see whether I get bored with it or keep going to the point of creating an article. — ¾-10 02:07, 10 July 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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What is the purpose of article assessments?
The assessment system allows the Firearms WikiProject to monitor the quality of articles that fall under its purview, and to prioritize work on these articles. The ratings are also used by the Wikipedia 1.0 program to prepare for static releases of Wikipedia content.
Are these ratings official?
No. These ratings are meant primarily for the internal use of the project to better prioritze work on the articles, and usually do not imply any official standing within Wikipedia as a whole.

Assessing articles[edit]

Who can assess articles?
In general, anyone can add or change an article's rating. However, the "GA" and "FA" labels should only be used on articles that have been reviewed and are currently designated as good articles or featured articles, respectively. Drastic changes to an article's rating should typically be discussed on the article's talk page before making the change.
How do I assess an article?
Consult the quality scale below; once you have chosen the level that seems to be closest to the article, set the class parameter in the WPGUNS banner template to the level's name (omitting "Class" from the end). For example, to rate an article as "B-Class", use |class=B in the banner. Again, the "FA" and "GA" labels should not be added to articles unless they actually are currently designated as such.

Common concerns[edit]

Someone put a project banner template on an article, but it's not really within the WikiProject's scope. What should I do?
Due to the large volume of articles falling under the project, occasionally a tag is added to an article that the project does not cover. Feel free to remove the tag if the article truly is not within the scope of the project. If there is any doubt, post a note on the article's talk page and discuss it.
What if I don't agree with a rating?
Feel free to change it (within reason) if you think a different rating is justified; in the case of major disputes, the project as a whole can discuss the issue either on the project's talk page or on the talk page of the article in question and come to a consensus as to the best rating.
Aren't the ratings subjective?
Yes, they are somewhat subjective, but it's the best system we've been able to devise. If you have a better idea, please don't hesitate to let us know!
Why didn't the reviewer leave any comments on the talk page?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of articles that need to be assessed, we are unable to leave detailed comments in most cases. If you have particular questions, you might ask the person who assessed the article; they will usually be happy to provide you with their reasoning.

Quality scale[edit]

Label Criteria Process for rating Example
FA Reserved exclusively for articles that have received "Featured article" status, and meet the current criteria for featured articles. Follow the instructions on the Featured article candidates page. M249 light machine gun as of November 2019
A Provides a well-written, reasonably clear and complete description of the topic, as described in How to write a great article. It should be of a length that suitably covers the subject, with a well-written introduction and an appropriate series of headings to break up the content. Sufficient external literature references should be provided from (preferably) reliable third-party sources. Any third-party sources should have a solid reputation for fact-checking and accuracy. Should be well illustrated when appropriate and have no copyright problems. Any article be considered for featured article candidacy should be an A-Class article before being submitted for FA status. Follow the instructions on the project's A-Class review page.
GA The article has passed through the Good article nomination process and been granted GA status, meeting the good article standards. Follow the instructions on the Good article candidates page. FN P90 as of November 2019
B The article has been reviewed by an editor and accepted to meet the following criteria: Any editor can assign this rating after having reviewed the article as per the previously mentioned guidelines. The proper banner filed should be filled out when assigning this rating. Lahti L-35 as of November 2019
C The article is better developed in style, structure, and quality than Start-Class, but fails one or more of the criteria for B-Class. It may have some gaps or missing elements; need editing for clarity, balance, or flow; or contain policy violations, such as bias or original research. Any editor can assign this rating after having reviewed the article as per the previously mentioned guidelines. Heckler & Koch HK21 as of November 2019
Start The article has a meaningful amount of good content, but it is still weak in many areas, and may lack one or more key elements. For example, a Start-Class article may have much useful content but lack:
  • a useful or descriptive image
  • an infobox
  • proper headings or properly named headings
  • proper section order

Any editor can assign this rating after having reviewed the article as per the previously mentioned guidelines. PP-2000 as of November 2019
Stub The article is very short and lacks a great deal of information, or the information is incoherent or severely disorganized. Any editor can assign this rating after having reviewed the article as per the previously mentioned guidelines. Beretta 1200 FP as of November 2019
Deferred Quality ratings on this article are deferred to other projects covering the article. Any editor can assign this rating. This rating should be used sparingly and only be used when project coverage is completely redundant. Nighthawk Custom as of September 2009
NA Is not an article, and fits no other classification. Any editor can assign this rating. Care should be taken to not assign this rating to articles, but only non-article pages such as project pages and templates. Vickers light machine gun as of November 2019

Importance scale[edit]

Importance of the article to WikiProject Firearms, regardless of its quality. Any editor with knowledge of the subject can assign ratings following these guidelines. Articles may be assessed higher than these guidelines after reaching consensus on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Firearms.

Label Criteria Example
  • Broadly descriptive firearm or ammunition types, features or components representing at least ten percent of military or civilian firearms or ammunition inventories at some point in history.
  • Civilian firearms in production for more than a decade.
  • Civilian cartridges produced by more than one manufacturer for more than a decade.
  • Firearms inventors and gunsmiths associated with High-importance firearms or cartridges.
  • Police firearms.
  • Civilians notable for legal use of firearms.
  • Military firearms with notable civilian ownership.
  • Military cartridge calibers commercially produced for sale to civilians by more than one manufacturer.
  • Military firearms or cartridges not meeting above criteria.
  • Civilian firearms or cartridges in production for less than a decade.
  • Manufacturers of firearms or ammunition.
  • Individual accessories
  • Firearms related legislation, court cases, organizations, and competitive events.

Peer review[edit]

The Firearms WikiProject's Peer Review process is an informal process aimed are gathering ideas for further improving a given article. You can submit an article for peer review via the project's Peer review page.

A-Class review[edit]

The Firearms WikiProject's A-Class review process is a more formal process for determining if an article, as viewed by the project, meets featured article criteria. Articles successfully passing A-Class review typically soon become featured article candidates. You can submit an article for A-Class review via the project's A-Class review page.





Project userbox[edit]

Userbox Styles
SIGP226.pngThis user is a member of WikiProject Firearms.
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Pistola-metralhadora Lusa A2.svgM&P15-22.png9mmLuger.pngThis user is a member of WikiProject Firearms.
Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk 1 (1903) - UK - cal 303 British - Armémuseum.jpgThis user is a member of WikiProject Firearms.

The {{User WP Guns Member}} userbox can be added to the user page of anyone becoming a member of the project. The userbox is configurable for several different optional colors and layouts. Specifying only {{User WP Guns Member}} without options displays the default userbox shown first in the table on the right.

{{User WP Guns Member


  • color – "1" through "4", chooses between four different color schemes, show below.
    • 1. White
    • 2. Blue
    • 3. Green
    • 4. Beige

  • layout – "1" through "6", chooses among six different layouts as shown on the right.

Alternative userboxes[edit]

The template {{WPGUNSMEMBER2}} yields the following.

The template {{WPGUNSMEMBER3}} gives:

Alternate userbox {{User:AliveFreeHappy/userbox/cartridge}} gives:

5mm-35 SMc Ammo.jpgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Firearms (TODO)


{{The Firearms Barnstar|put your message here ~~~~}}—an award placed at another users talk page for improving Firearm-related articles.

Firearms Barnstar.png The Firearms Barnstar

Project banner[edit]

The {{WikiProject Firearms}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of any article within the scope of the project. All parameters listed below are optional, however the article should at least be given a class rating.

{{WikiProject Firearms

General parameters:

B-Class checklist (available only for articles rated as "Stub-Class", "Start-Class", or "B-Class" — see the assessment page for more details):


Click on "►" below to display subcategories:
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