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This project's primary purpose is to build and manage Portal:Community (Wikipedia Community Reference) - a guide to articles that deal with the definitions of community and community development in general. The secondary purpose is to apply what we learn from that reference to the Wikipedia Community itself.

Even in cases where cooperation is intended, misunderstandings and personality incompatibilities can result in an extremely chaotic and hostile environment. Catalysts help prevent and resolve misunderstanding, calm the waters when users have difficulties dealing with each other and provide examples of constructive behavior in environments where such behavior might not otherwise be the norm.

Rob Levin, "Catalysts", freenode


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Hierarchy definition[edit]

This project Community falls under The Social sciences as an Academic discipline in Sociology relating to Community, Community studies, Community development and other branches of Science such as Communications and Computational sociology.

The project scope branches and interfaces hierarchically to:


Primary (encyclopedic) Project Goals[edit]

  1. To apply higher standards for Wikipedia - the encyclopedia
  1. To develop a uniform reference for curriculum in community studies - the Wikipedia Community Reference
  2. To help in the Categorization of various kinds of Communities and Community-related topics
  3. To identify and promote articles that may serve to improve:

Secondary (applied) Project Goals[edit]

  1. To help catylize positive work on Projects within Wikipedia - the Community
  2. To help facilitate a tighter community with Wikipedia sister projects
  3. To improve interpersonal relationships between Netizens in general - Sense of community
  4. To invoke the Spirit of Community in the context of a free global Internet.

See /Communitas!


Community has been nominated as a "Good article".

It is was on COTF.

Portal:Community is also in the process of being aligned with the main article to provide easy navigation along the pathways of community topics.

The List of community topics provides a classification of much Wikipedia content related to community and is this project's tool for keeping things organised and handy.

Featured article candidates[edit]

These aren't nominated anywhere but here (so far):

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Key articles[edit]

These articles are (or will be ) referred to in sections and subsections of the main Community article and (or) the Community Portal:

Related articles[edit]

List of community topics: Community (disambiguation), Organizational learning, Community development, Community building, Community organizing, Meritocracy, Computational sociology, Communitarianism, Organizational Development, Ecovillage, Global Ecovillage Network, Cooperative, Collectivism, Collective, Commune, Sense of community, Network of practice, Communication, Plenary, Gathering place, Affinity, Group, Community Boards, Community garden, Global Village, Global village, World Community, World community, Gathering place, The Well, The Farm, ...

Types of communities[edit]

Category:Types of communities:

Types of cooperatives[edit]


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Portal:Community - The Community reference - is under construction.

  • An outline of things to include can be found here.
  • Instructions for editing a portal can be found here

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This box shows a summary of Community articles by quality. The following sections outline the process we're using to gather and cite sources, rewrite and refine community-related articles, and develop topically arranged navigational aids for our readers and editors. We are continually in need of participants, whether they join this project or not.

WikiProject Community is designed to be a community of practice akin to those who produce professional academic journals. We take the subject very seriously as Wikipedians interested in sociology, and are taking the tools "up one level" to support WikiProject Sociology. These tools were first used by WikiProject Chemistry. WikiProject The Beatles and many other WikiProjects have been instrumental in improving them.

This project also extends to Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikia and other Wiki sites through the /Communitas! program.


The current classification of Wikipedia articles relating to community can be found at the List of community topics. This list is mirrored here in the Community WikiProject space on /Organization from which the following /Assessment subpage is built. The goal of this subpage is to organise all of the content, comprehensively, according to its importance and relevance. Once we finish that task, we will produce another subpage, /Classification.


We're working with the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team to begin the process of pulling all community related articles up toward featured or at least good article status. The /Assessment page will contain Community articles by importance and Community articles by quality. We will be using the List of community topics and the main Community article as structural guides with a long-term goal of bringing Portal:Community up to Featured portal status.

See Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Work via Wikiprojects for more information.


The local encyclopedic portal has counterparts on other sites:


/Newsletter • Sent out mainly when something significant is going on.


Clicking on What links here reveals all articles linked to this WikiProject in this way. To discuss which Articles to add to (or remove from) the Articles list, please use our project's talk page. Please Don't place this infobox on an article page!


{{socio-stub}}: The socio-stub tag can be used on articles you'd like to "pull into" this project at the parent level. Consider our lineage:

Social sciences


These Categories yield articles that relate to Community, Communities and Community topics:


Community • Top-level Category





About Categorization[edit]

Category:Community — a Subcategory of Category:Sociology is the main category for this WikiProject. Our intent is to conform to the suggestions and guidelines of WikiProject Categories to create logical and complete category schemes without too much redundancy.

Please participate in the discussions here and / or here after reading some things like this.

Community Builders TaskForce[edit]

Welcome to the Community Builders Task Force

"Consensus is a partnership between interested parties working positively for a common goal." -- Jimmy Wales

Applied community development at Wikipedia[edit]

A community builder is a person that is committed to getting in and learning how a community is organized, who's who, what's what, where things are and how things are done. Our focus areas are User categorisation, Classification and Wikipedia Version 1.0.

Our approach is to build a sense of community upon our sense of place, our shared interests and our common work methods. Our goal is to initiate a community building culture that we call Communitas — the spirit of community.

We have put into place a structure of meaning that we believe is shared by a substantial number of Wikipedians. This structure is best seen by looking at the topics at Top-importance community articles. We are going to set up a massive collaboration effort in a program we call /Communitas!

The purpose of this project is to produce a professional quality community development journal focused from within online communities called Communitas!

Main table[edit]


The table below identifies some logical starting points from a WP:CBTF perspective. Feel free to add it to your User page and work with it.


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Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.


Welcome to the Community community! To join: Register/Login to Wikipedia, [ edit source ], find a proper place of your username in the alphabetical order below, start a new line with *, three tildes ~~~, and an optional short note about yourself, Show Preview, Save Page, then scroll down to Now what? Thanks!

Now what?[edit]

Go out and play, stay and play, and/or/and both. Job #1: have fun. Job #2: while doing that, try to improve the quality of articles that relate to the community stuff we do. For example (f.e):

  • Improve the Community article - this is the main one - Needs Improvement. As of 11.29.15, I'd give it an F for Funny. [that's LeoRomero snarking. NB: No snarking on Wikipedia. Also, no pretending to be Roman by using NB, e.g., i.e, etc. Plain English versions: N!, f.e, t.i, (PS: PS is still PS)]
  • Improve any article in our Template (that box on the right); apply the template to the article you fixed (if it's not already there) by typing {{Community}} where it belongs in the article you improved
  • Improve the template: this will be the Table of Contents to The Encyclopedia of Community on Wikipedia
  • Improve this Community Project Page
  • Improve the Outline
  • Improve Community portal
  • Spellcheck, copyedit, dejargonificize - clear and simple as the truth
  • Talk among yourselves
  • Kick back and watch Community come to life
  • Do whatever you like