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Please be sure to add the {{ClevelandWikiProject}} template to the 'talk page' of all pertinent articles, (and don't forget to rate and assess the quality of each article, as this is the source for the automatically generated worklist.

Article Grading Criteria[edit]

Importance scale[edit]

Please be sure to rate articles on overall importance -- as much as we all love watching the rare occasion (these days anyway) when the Browns whomp on the Steelers, he article for their rivalry is not a Top priority. Assess the importance using the basic descriptions given below as a guide. When in doubt, well, we have a 'talk' page here for a reason.


Please feel free to assess the grade of any article in the project. However, before giving anything a grade above a 'C' (particularly if the article falls into the scope of another WikiProject that rates it as a lower grade, please bring it to committee on the talk page.