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Note: This page is not very active. See below for links to the active pages in this WikiProject. For current information about categorization, see: Wikipedia:Categorization.

Current projects[edit]

The main project is Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories. Its sub-projects are listed below. Volunteers to these projects are very welcome.

Categorization policy[edit]

Finding uncategorized articles[edit]

Cleaning the category system[edit]

Table of Contents schemes[edit]

There are various attempts to create a "Table of Contents" for Wikipedia. "Top-level" categories of this type are themselves added to Category:Wikipedia categories. Other schemes are listed at Wikipedia:Category schemes. The pages and categories listed generally require updating, organizing, and consolidation.

Cross-referencing projects[edit]

Content-specific guidelines[edit]

Useful Tools[edit]

Organizing it all[edit]

Known category-related bugs[edit]

Please report new category-related bugs on bugzilla and list them below.

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Large categories[edit]

Updating problems[edit]


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