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This is the assessment area for the British Empire project.

The project banner needs to be put on all territory-related articles by adding

{{WikiProject British Empire|class= |importance= }}

to the TALK PAGE of relevant articles. Assessment is explained below


Once they have this they need to be assessed using the criteria at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment to get the class FA, A, GA, B, C, Start and Stub. Then this can be added to the |class= parameter of the {{WikiProject British Empire}} template on the talk page. This will make them appear in the relevant categories.

Quality scale[edit]


This page is a guide to assessing the importance levels of articles that are maintained by WikiProject British Empire. There are four levels of importance that give an indication as to the priority of articles to this WikiProject, as opposed to Wikipedia as a whole.

The importance levels are Top, High, Mid and Low, one of which should be added to the |importance= parameter of the {{WikiProject British Empire}} template on the article's talk page. A guide to the type of articles that should be placed in each category is given below, but these are not hard and fast rules. Any individual article should be assessed on its own merits. If you are unable to decide which importance level to use, please go to the talk page and leave a message there.


  • Anyone can assess the class or importance of an article, you don't need special permission to do it.
  • If you feel that an article has been assessed wrongly, feel free to change it.
  • Any problems or questions should be left at the talk page, as that is monitored by more people that the talk page here.

Need: A measure of a subject's importance, regardless of its quality
Top Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopedia.
High Subject is exceptionally important.
Mid Subject contributes a depth of knowledge.
Low Subject fills in important details.
NA Subject importance is not applicable.


Top All territories should be listed as top importance, as well as the British Empire article itself British Raj, East India Company, Commonwealth realm
High Larger settlements and places of interest in the empire, as well as notable battles or history-related articles Statute of Westminster, British Guyana, Scramble for Africa
Mid Smaller settlements and areas, including schools, military bases or dockyards. British Nationality Act 1981,
Low Everything else, generally only important to a smaller number of people Canada Act 1982


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