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WikiProject Boxing is a WikiProject which aspires to comprehensively cover and standardize articles involving anything related to the sport of boxing.


This Wikiproject aims to describe a template for new articles about boxing, both amateur and professional, and to unify currently existing articles.

WikiProject Boxing
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Manual of Style (MoS)[edit]

In 2016, an all-encompassing Manual of Style for boxing articles was completed, and can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Boxing/MOSGuidelines. It has been designed with other similar style guides in mind, particularly mixed martial arts, albeit with many differences.

Activities in progress[edit]

Useful tags:

  • If you find, create, or contribute to a boxing article, please paste {{WikiProjectBoxing}} onto the article's talk page and add a Wikilink to the page on Boxing.
  • If you find a stub article that has not yet been marked as a stub, add {{boxing-stub}} to the bottom of the article. It will automatically be included in the boxing stubs category, where you can find plenty of stub articles to expand if you are itching to do something.
  • Add |needs-infobox=yes and |attention=yes tags to the project template as needed.


  • To standardize boxing articles in Wikipedia, in accordance with MOS:BOXING.
  • To improve Wikipedia coverage of boxing by adding, expanding and improving boxing articles.
  • To serve as a central point of discussion for issues related to Wikipedia boxing articles.
  • Place all eligible boxers in [[Category:World [insert weight class here] boxing champions]].
  • Complete Boxing in the 1990s, and Boxing in the 2000s
  • Find ways to link to orphans and near-orphans (e.g. Puerto Rican-Mexican boxing rivalry, club fighter).
  • Many boxing articles need citations.


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  • The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Sports.
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