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This list is part of WikiProject Biography and presents recommended biography infoboxes.

Word of caution! Certain biography articles have opposition camps on infoboxes. With the current work groups, it is generally safe, but, for instance, scientist articles can have some heated debates on these. So, if you are intending to apply one of the templates to an article about a scientist, academic, or classical composer, musician or singer, first ask on the Talk page.

In addition, other infoboxes may be available that are not listed here but recommended by a particular work group (see Category:People and person infobox templates).

Name Where to use Associated WikiProject/workgroup
{{Infobox person}} Default Template - Articles describing people (living or deceased) Biography
{{Infobox academic}} Articles about academics in place of Infobox person - where no more specific form exists Biography/Science and academia
{{Infobox artist}} Articles about artists Biography/Arts and entertainment
{{Infobox writer}} Articles about writers/authors Biography/Arts and entertainment
{{Infobox musical artist}} Articles about musical artists or groups Biography/Arts and entertainment
& Musicians
{{Infobox criminal}} Articles about criminals Crime and Criminal Biography
{{Infobox astronaut}} Articles about astronauts Biography/Science and academia
& Human spaceflight
{{Infobox military person}} Articles about a military person Biography/Military
{{Infobox officeholder}} Congressman, Governor, Judge, Mayor, Politician, President, Senator, Vice President, etc. Biography/Politics and government
{{Infobox pageant titleholder}} Biographies of beauty pageant titleholders Beauty Pageants
{{Infobox philosopher}} Biographies of philosophers Biography/Science and academia
{{Infobox scientist}} Scientists, engineers and mathematicians in place of Infobox Biography Biography/Science and academia
{{Infobox boxer}} Articles about boxers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox figure skater}} Articles about figure skaters (singles, pairs, ice dancing) Figure Skating
{{Infobox football biography}} Articles about professional football (soccer) players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox F1 driver}} Articles for Formula One drivers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox golfer}} Articles about professional golfers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox gymnast}} Articles about international gymnasts Biography/Sports and games
& Gymnastics
{{Infobox NASCAR driver}} Articles about NASCAR (U.S. car/truck racing) drivers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox basketball biography}} Articles about basketball people Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox racing driver}} Articles for Racing Drivers outside the major championships Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox tennis biography}} Articles about professional tennis players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox NFL biography}} Articles about professional NFL (U.S. football) players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox baseball biography}} Articles about professional baseball players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox lacrosse player}} Articles about lacrosse players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox rugby league biography}} Articles about rugby league players Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox royalty}} Articles about royalty British Royalty,
Biography/Politics and government
& Biography/Royalty
{{Infobox FBI Ten Most Wanted}} Articles about current and former members of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list FBI
{{Infobox Christian leader}} Christian leaders in place of Infobox person Catholicism
{{Infobox presenter}} Articles about radio hosts Radio
{{Infobox ice hockey player}} Articles about ice hockey players Ice Hockey
{{Infobox cricketer}} Articles about professional cricketers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox darts player}} Articles about professional darts players Biography/Sports and games, Darts
{{Infobox rugby biography}} Articles about professional Rugby Union or dual code Rugby Union and League footballers Biography/Sports and games
{{Infobox model}} Articles about models Fashion
{{Infobox saint}} Articles about Saints Saints
{{Infobox aviator}} Articles about aviators/pilots Aviation
{{Infobox volleyball biography}} Articles about volleyball and beach volleyball players Biography/Sports and games, Volleyball
{{Infobox pool player}} Articles about pool and billiard players Cue Sports
{{Infobox snooker player}} Articles for professional snooker players Snooker
{{Infobox martial artist}} Articles about professional martial artists Mixed martial arts