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Mrs Texas crowned in beauty pageant

This WikiProject has been created to better organize information in articles related to Beauty pageants. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

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This WikiProject will cover the creation, editing, and organization of articles related to state, national and international beauty pageants, their delegates and winners. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on beauty pageants in a fair and accurate manner and to achieve some level of consistency between articles.


Please feel free to add your name to the list at WikiProject Beauty Pageants/Members.

Project statistics[edit]

This list is generated automatically once per day.

Article alerts[edit]

Articles for deletion

General tips[edit]

  • Try and keep article formatting similar to others if they are in a series. Look at other related articles for tips on how to format.
  • As with any article, cite reliable sources for any facts in the article. Ideally, they should be independent sources (not just what the pageant or contestant says about themselves, which is often promotional). Also, independent coverage is a good indicator of notability, which helps justify inclusion in the encyclopedia.


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Beauty Pageants/Notability (beauty pageant participants)


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Beauty Pageants/Sources.


  • Always include a picture for an article, if a suitable one exists that is not under a "non-free" copyright.
  • Before uploading anything, read Wikipedia's image use policy.
  • Try to obtain images that are public domain or freely licensed (e.g. Creative Commons {{cc-by-sa-4.0}}). If possible, take an image yourself, which you can make free. When searching for free images, a common source is U.S. military web sites[1]. Most images on the internet can not be used, due to copyright.
  • All "free" images (e.g. public domain, Creative Commons {{cc-by-sa-4.0}}) should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. This means they can be shared between different languages and projects. Note: fair use images are allowed, but they can't be uploaded to Commons, and their usage is severely restricted in Wikipedia.
  • If you have obtained a free image of a contestant, be sure to add the image to the Commons article for the person in Wikimedia Commons. If it doesn't exist, please create it, and add it to Commons:Category:Beauty pageant contestants and Commons:Category:People by alphabet (making it easy for others to find).
  • If you wish to request a picture place the template {{reqphoto|beauty pageant contestants}} on the article's talk (Discussion) page.

Non-free and fair use[edit]

  • Occasionally nonfree images can be used in Wikipedia, based on our fair use policy, but this is very exceptional, and most such images that were uploaded, have been deleted for violating current policy.
  • Images by wired services that make money by selling the image as a product (such as AP, AFP, Getty Images) should never be used, as our use would compete with the copyright holder.
  • Nonfree images that are deemed "replaceable" can not be used, as they don't qualify for "fair use". So while it might be ok to use a TV screen shot of a special/unique moment, fully discussed in the article, that captures a one-time/non-repeatable moment as "fair use"; it's not ok to use an image that merely shows what a person looks like, without doing more. Almost all promotional images of living persons have been, or will be, deleted.

Contestant specific tips[edit]

  • Include a succession box at the bottom of the article, using {{start box}},{{succession box}} and {{end box}}.
  • When naming an article, use the name the person is most widely known by (as opposed to their full legal name, if different), unless there is potential for ambiguity or conflict with others of the same name. See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (common names)

Pageant specific tips[edit]

  • Include a list of all the winners. If the article is too long, and it is a major pageant, you may wish to spin it off to a separate article.
  • Mention non-winners who are otherwise notable.
  • Check any blue links to make sure they refer to the correct person. If they do not, rather than de-linking them, you may create a link to an alternate title. For example: [[Jane Doe (pageant contestant)|Jane Doe]]
  • If there are related "free images" included them in a Commons article/gallery. For instance there is a Commons:Miss America and Commons:Miss USA.



  • {{WikiProject Beauty Pageants}} - Use to identify an article as part of the wikiproject. Place on Talk Pages, not article pages. (If anyone can improve this, they are welcome to!)


Article/Pageant Specific[edit]

See also Category:Beauty pageant templates



Categories and top-level article/galleries:


Articles and Lists[edit]

Here is a section of pageant-related articles and lists that need either creation or revision. Please add to this list any articles that fit that description.

Article Creation

  • Miss Scotland needs created.
  • There is a strong need for articles on the Miss America state pageants, and the majority of the existing articles need reformatting.
    • I suggest using Miss Alabama as a template, listing the winners in a table with:
      • name
      • hometown (or local title)
      • placement at Miss America
      • special awards etc. won at Miss America
      • "notes" - check Pageant Almanac to see whether state winners have competed at Miss USA or Miss Teen USA and link accordingly, also make a note of the significance of any blue-linked winners (who are notable outside their participation at Miss America).
    • Don't forget to include the state's website and the Miss America state template: {{tl:Miss America state}}.
    • If one local pageant has won a number of state titles, it may appropriate to mention this (as per Miss Alabama).
    • Note that the title is post-dated, so the year the delegates compete is not the year of their title (subtract one year from the competition year). Pageant Almanac -- Miss America Parade of States is a good place to keep track of this)
    • The best sources of information are:
      • Miss America contestant profiles (available for 1997-2005 titleholders
      • State websites (some of whom have either local title or hometown information)
      • Miss USA Magic -- Miss America contestants gallery (the best source for placements/awards info, but watch the years!)
      • Pageant Almanac -- Miss America Parade of States (lists delegates for each state - best resource to make sure you have the dates correct).
            • >>>>>Update on this, still many articles need creating, I've done my best and am at the point where I'm just creating articles with the lists from 2006-1997 as this information is readily available on the Miss America website. Ugly redlinks are scattered through many articles and are leading to confusion about the various pageants.

Article Revision:

  • Miss Universe — could do with more pictures and information about national pageants, etc. per Joey80's comment on the article's talk page.
  • Miss USA — there are 51 pageant pages that have a list of winners with the footnote "Age as of the Miss USA pageant". It is impossible if not difficult to get this correct - for example the Rhode Island pageant was held in September when Olivia Culpo was 19 - who knows when her birthday was, but it was between then and June when the Miss USA pageant was held. I would suggest changing all 51 pageant pages to state "Age at time of the Miss (state) USA pageant". When the Miss USA pageant is held it is known what each of their ages are then, but this is long after the information gets added to the state pageant page.

List Revision:

  • Miss Universe delegate lists need checking to make sure "excess names" are removed... we only want common names on the list.

List Creation:


Things to do

  • Place {{WikiProject Beauty Pageants}} on talk pages of all articles relating to beauty pageants. This is essentially busywork and any assistance is much appreciated.
  • Place succession boxes on titleholder articles where appropriate
  • Place MUO titleholders template on articles where appropriate (most post-1980s have been done, but earlier ones still need completing).
  • Note project-relevant articles that are in need of revision or creation and place them in the Requests category


Useful resources are:

  • Internet archive (for finding information that is no longer on pageant websites - particularly useful for older versions of TFTJ)
  • Put the friendly search suggestions tool {-{Friendly search suggestions}-} in the talk page of the article to find sources. However, delete/remove the bars between the brackets, so the tool will work properly.