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WikiProject Automobiles exists to co-ordinate the effort to compile articles on all types and classes of automobiles, automotive parts and technology of the automotive industry. Additionally, it has the goal of presenting all articles in a consistent, legible and informative format. WikiProject Automobiles is a child project of WikiProject Transport, and a parent project of WikiProject Japan/Japanese car taskforce. See the talk page for proposals and discussion related to this WikiProject.



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You can become a member by placing the {{User WikiProject Automobiles}} template on your userpage. It will automatically add your userpage to Category:WikiProject Automobiles members.

  • Or if you don't like the userbox, you can also add yourself to the category by placing:
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Physical properties[edit]

  • {{Cd}} for the aerodynamic coefficient of drag
  • {{CdA}} for drag area.
  • {{Crr}} for coefficient of rolling resistance.

Vehicle safety ratings[edit]


Instead of using the standard {{stub}} template, you may want to use one of the following more specific automobile stub tags, some of which are:


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There is a list of Popular pages, ordered by number of views, a bot-generated list of pageviews, useful for focused cleanup of frequently viewed articles.

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