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Art is the signature of civilizations. Beverly Sills

WikiProject Arts
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Kabuki actor Izumo no Okuni.
Kabuki actor Izumo no Okuni.
North carolina algonkin-rituale02.jpg
Native American tribal dance as painted by John White.
Palermo Piazza Pretoria1.jpg
Piazza Pretoria, Palermo, Sicily.
El Greco View of Toledo.jpg
View of Toledo (c. 1596–1600) painted by El Greco.
Wayang puppet.
Balinese wayang puppet.
Miguel de Cervantes (1605) El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha.png
Title page of Cervantes's Don Quixote de la Mancha, 1605.
Ludwig van Beethoven, 1820, by Joseph Karl Stieler
Le Voyage dans la lune.jpg
Still from the 1902 film Voyage dans la lune.
Petit Sammy éternue.jpg
Little Sammy Sneeze by Winsor McCay.
Hastings book of the hours.jpg
Page from an illuminated Book of Hours of the 1470s.

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2006.04.21 by Ham.


The scope of this project covers all articles relating to the fine arts and performing arts.


  1. Fostering an active and interdisciplinary arts community on Wikipedia. Currently WikiProjects related to the arts suffer from long periods of inactivity, so what is needed is a single Wikiproject bringing together users of differing specialities, in the mould of the successful Science WikiProject. Contributors interested in the arts are vastly outnumbered by pop or geek culture experts as it is, so it is better to co-ordinate the efforts of the former group as much as possible than to segregate them into insular and unsuccessful WikiProjects on their particular topic of interest.
  2. Maintaining the Arts Wikiportal, one of the most prominent links on the Main Page, and its subportals.
  3. Starting an arts collaboration of the week. This will only go ahead when a sufficient number of participants have expressed their support for a weekly collaboration to be effective.

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"Art means to dare — and to have been right."
Ned Rorem

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