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The aim of WikiProject Animal rights is to educate readers and editors about the concept of animal rights and the animal rights movement. Animal rights has been described as one of the central philosophical issues of our time. The idea of extending personhood to non-human animals is supported by a number of philosophers and legal scholars, and there is increasing support among academics for the award of basic rights to other members of the great ape family. Several political parties representing the interests of animals have been founded in Europe and North America, and in Austria each province must appoint an animal solicitor who can initiate court proceedings on behalf of animals.

This is therefore an interesting time to be exploring the issue. It's an exciting period for supporters of the movement, because the status of human beings at the moral pinnacle of the natural world faces serious challenge for the first time. It's challenging for those who rely on the use of animals in research or in industry. It's therefore a topic that can provoke strong feelings. The aim of this project is to ensure that Wikipedia's coverage is not informed by those strong feelings, but by disinterested, neutral, and reliable research.

The project encompasses:

  1. Academics, writers, and activists who work on animal rights/liberation
  2. The philosophy of animal rights, including issues such as speciesism, animal law, animal cognition
  3. Areas of concern such as factory farming and animal testing
  4. Vegetarianism, veganism, and other animal-conscious lifestyles
  5. Animal rights/liberation groups, such as British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  6. Leaderless resistance movements, such as the Animal Liberation Front, and ad hoc campaigns, such as SPEAK

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WikiProject Animal rights (Rated Start-class, High-importance)
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To add the AR stub template, write {{animal-rights-stub}}.

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  • {{Animal rights}}, also called {{Alibend}} (see end of this page) should contain the key people, movements, issues.
  • {{Animal testing}} is for key people and issues related to animal testing – there may be some overlap between this and the AR template. Or {{Animal testing navbox}} to add the same template to the end of the page.

To add the Animal rights template, type {{Alibend}}, or {{Animal rights}}. To add the animal testing templates, type {{animal testing}} and {{Animal testing navbox}}.

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Articles that need work[edit]

Article What needs to be done? Current status
H. J. McCloskey, Jan Narveson, Bonnie Steinbock, Leslie Francis and Richard Norman [1], R. G. Frey, Meredith Williams (no article yet), Ruth Cigman (no article yet) [2], Tibor Machan. Other critics of animal rights who have defended speciesism are mentioned in this article [3] Improve critics of animal rights. Critics of animal rights on Wikipedia needs to be improved. Currently in progress
Argument from marginal cases Expansion of article and a photograph needed Not Completed
Mark Rowlands Expansion needed. Possible source [4] Not completed
Thomas Young (article needed) Thomas Young was a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and an early animal rights writer who authored the book "An Essay on Humanity to Animals" (1798). [5], [6] Not completed
Mary Anne Warren Photograph needed Not completed
Millennium Guild (article needed) Emarel Freshel's Millennium Guild was the first animal rights organization in the United States. It had many notable members but its history is often neglected by modern day animal rights scholars. On Google books there are various books that mention the history of the organization. Not completed
Michael Levin No mention of his criticism of animal rights [7], [8], [9],[10] Not completed
Karen Bradshaw (article needed) Bradshaw has some interesting views on animal rights, she would qualify for an article [11], [12] Not completed
French League for Animal Rights (article needed) "Under the name of the French League for Animal Rights (LFDA), it was created in 1977 by the lawyer Georges Brouwers, the ethologist Rémy Chauvin, the writer Philippe Diolé, the Nobel Prize in physics Alfred Kastler and the biologist Jean-Claude Nouët Faculty of Medicine professor. First placed under the status of association, then recognized as a public utility in 1985, it became a foundation in 1999 under the same name, then in 2010, it restructured its statutes and took the name of "The Animal Rights Foundation, ethics and science” (LFDA). Compared to animal protection organizations, old as Societies for the Protection of Animals (SPA),or aiming at more specific goals, such as the numerous associations and foundations which militate, more or less radically, for the well-being of pets, for the moralization of breeding or slaughter, against bullfighting, against recreational hunting or animal experimentation, the LFDA occupies a particularly original place and for several reasons." [13] Not completed
Cage-free eggs (article needed) There is an article on battery cages, an article on free-range eggs, but no article on cage-free eggs, which is likely soon to be the predominant housing system used globally in egg production. Not completed
Protect The Harvest The coverage of PTH's previous campaigns [14] and background [15] is relatively sparse. Not completed
The Center for Food Integrity(article needed) There is no article describing one of the leading industry front groups opposing animal welfare reforms. Not completed
Better Chicken Commitment(article needed) There is no article describing one of the leading sets of broiler chicken welfare standards. Not completed

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