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We should make a list of the 200 most widely used templates and review them carefully, monitor their changes, etc. Wikipedia:Database reports/Templates transcluded on the most pages will come in handy.

As major changes in templates are often long and tedious to make (and also to gather consensus on the said changes), we should aim to maximize the value of these changes, and aim for quality in a broad way. Taking care of accessibility, usability, semantics, and efficiency in the code[note 1] all in one edit.

Accessibility review process[edit]

In several cases, accessibility issues in templates are similar to issues found in the articles. In such cases, the guidelines for editors at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (accessibility) are useful to review the templates.

But in other cases, these guidelines won't suffice. The review may require expertise in accessibility, and the skill to assess conformance to the WCAG 2.0 and ATAG 2.0 guidelines. Some simpler to understand application method of WCAG 2.0 can be used too, provided it is accurate enough: discuss it at the talk page before using one of those.

In general, it is best to discuss the reviews and the proposed changes within our project, before submitting them to the community. These templates play a crucial role in Wikipedia accessibility. Thus, fixing these templates will take the time it needs, ensuring the quality of the changes we make is by far more important.

Top 200[edit]

See Most widely used templates/Top 200

A summary of the current situation should be inserted here.

From 200 to 1000[edit]

See Most widely used templates/From 200 to 1000

A summary of the current situation should be inserted here.


  1. ^ Efficiency in the code has an influence on web speed and the time the servers need to prepare an uncached page. We shouldn't focus too much on performance, but we shouldn't play dumb either: many templates have obvious and detrimental performance issues.