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Vital articles
Vital articles

There are currently 6,754,081 articles on the English Wikipedia. The vital articles on Wikipedia comprise a carefully curated selection of the most important topics. They are organized into five levels, each containing varying numbers of articles:

Level 1 (10 articles) - Level 2 (100 articles) - Level 3 (1,000 articles) - Level 4 (10,000 articles) - Level 5 (50,000 articles)

These articles are categorized into groups of topics, with lower levels offering more specific subcategories. The lists are designed to guide the prioritization of improvements to essential articles and to monitor their quality. The articles are organized into groups of topics, with lower levels having more granular subdivisions. The lists serve as guidance to prioritize improvement of important articles and for monitoring their quality.

Because of its size, Vital articles Level 5 has been split into many sub-lists. If you spot a duplicate listing, please remove one of them; if you aren't sure in which section a topic belongs, please initiate a discussion on the talk page. Please do not duplicate items on the same level of the list.

As of August 2023, the level 5 Vital Articles list includes 50,067 individual articles. This list is in the process of being created, so you may add relevant articles to incomplete sections. List of articles rated top/high importance in each individual WikiProjects is a useful accompany to this list. If the sections are complete (>98% at capacity) or you are unsure, you should propose it on the talk page. Feel free to remove irrelevant articles from the list, however, it may be contested by a discussion. Mass deletes of articles should always be preceded by discussion.

The level 5 Vital Articles list is monitored by the WikiProject Vital Articles. A more detailed explanation on the purpose, mechanisms and history of the Vital Articles list can be found at its FAQ page.

Note that cewbot provides a more updated count of articles in its edit summaries on subpages.

  • 3.3% List-Class
  • 33.5% Start-Class
  • 33.7% C-Class
  • 22.3% B-Class
  • 4.9% GA-Class
  • 0% A-Class
  • 2.5% FA-Class

Articles in the Vital list have their assessments labelled as:

  • Featured articles
  • Former featured articles
  • A-class articles
  • Good articles
  • Delisted good articles
  • Failed good article nominees
  • B-class articles
  • C-class articles
  • Start-class articles
  • Stub-class articles
  • List-class articles
  • Unassessed articles

The progress bar is auto-updated via category count, and the symbols and article counts are updated daily by User:cewbot. Please read the FAQ before modifying the article list.

Sublist Current Target Complete?
People 15,620 15,000 Over quota
   Writers and journalists 2,128 2,000 Over quota
   Artists, musicians, and composers 2,275 2,000 Over quota
   Entertainers, directors, producers, and screenwriters 2,320 2,000 Over quota
   Philosophers, historians, and social scientists 1,351 1,500 No
   Religious figures 501 500 Yes
   Politicians and leaders 2,416 2,500 No
   Military personnel, revolutionaries, and activists 969 1,000 No
   Scientists, inventors, and mathematicians 1,266 1,500 No
   Sports figures 1,215 1,000 Over quota
   Miscellaneous 1,179 1,000 Over quota
History 3,302 3,300 Yes
Geography 5,304 5,200 Over quota
   Physical geography 1,899 1,900 Yes
   Countries and subdivisions 1,391 1,400 Yes
   Cities 2,014 1,900 Over quota
Arts 3,321 3,300 Yes
Philosophy and religion 1,417 1,400 Yes
Everyday life 2,413 2,400 Yes
   Everyday life 1,186 1,200 Yes
   Sports, games and recreation 1,227 1,200 Yes
Society and social sciences 4,266 4,100 Over quota
   Social studies 444 500 No
   Politics and economics 1,857 1,600 Over quota
   Culture 1,965 2,000 Yes
Biological and health sciences 5,258 6,000 No
   Biology, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology 1,014 1,200 No
   Animals 2,369 2,400 No
   Plants, fungi, and other organisms 933 1,200 No
   Health, medicine, and disease 952 1,200 No
Physical sciences 4,886 4,900 Yes
   Basics and measurement 374 400 No
   Astronomy 898 900 Yes
   Chemistry 1,203 1,200 Yes
   Earth science 1,218 1,200 Yes
   Physics 1,193 1,200 Yes
Technology 3,184 3,200 Yes
Mathematics 1,229 1,200 Yes
Total 50,200 50,000 Over quota

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