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One of the most pressing needs related to the deployment of the VisualEditor is the changes that will be required to the various Help pages on the project. Over the years, volunteers have created content to help new editors figure out the wiki markup language. Unfortunately, the new editing platform now needs new help pages. A lot of documentation is written for the source editor, which new users will no longer be presented with by default.

Every Wikipedia needs to work on this; we recommend the User Guide for the new editing interface as a good place to take content from. For the English-language Wikipedia, the Help contents page might be a good places to work from, since it's the most prominent link new users are given to editing tutorials. Additionally, if enwiki succeeds in updating most of the help pages, the User Guide needs to be translated and incorporated across the projects. If you have language skills in some of the languages of our smaller wikis, your help is much desired!


enWikipedia "to do"[edit]

Add specific English Wikipedia help pages and other items that need updating. When complete, add a checkY to indicate their completion or  Half done if just a note added.