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Click here to request a video game article.
Articles require significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.
Optional: Please sign your request after creating it as it will help the person notify you if the article is created/the request is declined.

If you think an article about video games should be added to Wikipedia and know that it meets the inclusion criteria above, please list it below with URL links to the reliable sources that prove its notability (e.g., reviews or dedicated coverage from IGN or Polygon, but not forum posts, blogs without a professional staff, or the official website of the subject).

Please do not add games or developers that do not yet meet this notability criterion, as they will be deleted. Most remasters, compilations, and other titles with only minor changes from an existing game are also inadvisable to request, as they are often better discussed in the article of the original game. You are welcome to add the game/developer if they meet the criteria in the future. Once an article is created, please remove the request. Please see Wikipedia:Articles for creation for more information on what articles are acceptable. Thank you.

Requesting an article does not guarantee it will be created - it is usually a better idea to make it yourself via the aforementioned creation process. If you placed a request here that was since removed, it likely did not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline, and is not a fit topic for an article at this time.



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