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Userboxitis can be a very serious disease in which the afflicted user's number of userboxes swells beyond any purpose and can become a burden. Userboxitis is often caused by userbox addiction.

Types of Userboxitis[edit]

  • Type A Userboxitis: Type A userboxitis, also known as "early onset userboxitis", is caught by a user first learning about userboxes, and becoming overly obsessed with them. This type of userboxitis often results in many pointless userboxes. In time, this can lead to type C userboxitis.
  • Type B Userboxitis: Type B userboxitis has an unknown cause, occasionally jealousy over other users' userboxes or userboxitis, and occurs later in a Wikipedian's life. This type of userboxitis is more dangerous, because it can lead to type C userboxitis.
  • Type C Userboxitis: Type C userboxitis is the most advanced stage of userboxitis, where the infected user begins to create their own userboxes from scratch. This can either lead to or be caused by type B userboxitis, and can often result in multiple userboxes saying the same thing.

Examples of Userboxitis[edit]

Type A Userboxitis

Type B Userboxitis

Type C Userboxitis

Userboxitis Userboxes[edit]

UserboxitisI have Userboxitis and I got another Userbox!
This user suffers from Userboxitis.
This user has userboxitis.
  • To show what kind of userboxitis you have:
AThis user has type A userboxitis.
BThis user has type B userboxitis.
CThis user has type C userboxitis.


A simple way to diagnose oneself with userboxitis is to simply ask another Wikipedian if their collection of userboxes seems excessive. Another good measure is if one were to create a separate page, or pages, in some, more severe cases, entirely for userboxes, or have created sandboxes for experimenting with userboxes (often prevalent with type C userboxitis). If a separate page for userboxes was created, another way to diagnose userboxitis is by starting at the top of the page and scrolling until the bottom of the page. If this process takes more than a couple seconds (~2 seconds), it is likely that userboxitis is present.


There is no known cure for userboxitis, except perhaps a block from Wikipedia. A seriously afflicted user may create userboxes in a separate program, such as notepad, and copy them over to Wikipedia when the block expires. A permanent block can occur in a new user account being made (note Willy on Wheels incident). However, complete deletion or partial deletion of userboxes has been rumored to cure userboxitis, but it is a hard and painful process and often only attainable through this process with the assistance of licensed Wikipedihologists.