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You now know the most important things for contributing to Wikipedia. We're glad you wish to help develop Wikipedia, and we hope you enjoy participating in this virtual community. To experiment with editing, anyone can use the sandbox. The Wikipedia:Community portal lists tasks that you can help with. Articles of the most pressing importance can be found at Wikipedia:Backlog. If you need any further help, the main help page is located at Help:Contents. Don't be afraid to edit, as you are encouraged to be bold! If you do get stuck, there are volunteers available to answer your questions, see asking for help for more information.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Wikipedia Tutorial. Happy editing!

Is there anything else to learn?

This tutorial has been kept somewhat short and sweet, but you can always learn more......See Help:Getting started for a more comprehensive listing of guides.

Wikipedia house style....

  • Manual of Style. Links. Layout. Images. Citing. Consistency. Stability. Nuggets.

Advice and general information...

Policy references...

  • Five pillars is a summary of the fundamental principles by which Wikipedia operates
  • Simplified rule-set, an essay about some basic aspect of Wikipedia norms and practices.
  • Libel, a Wikipedia policy about how it is the responsibility of all to ensure that material posted is not defamatory.
  • Child protection, a Wikipedia policy about the behaviour and actions of adult editors with regards to children.

Editing references...

Information and resources by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • The Bookshelf - A vast collection of high-quality, freely licensed, user-generated
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