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WikiProject Australia[edit]

Daniel Samuel Davenport (RA) 1992 Queensland storms 1999 Sydney hailstorm
Blnguyen Kevin O'Halloran Bill Johnston (cricketer) Arthur Morris
Dihydrogen Monoxide Transfusion (EP) Small Mercies Dream Days at the Hotel Existence
Orderinchaos Cameron Park, New South Wales Cullacabardee, Western Australia Hamersley, Western Australia
Lincalinca The Legendary Buster Smith Crowded House List of Crowded House awards
Matilda Battle of Mont St. Quentin Arthur Upfield; Illawarra Steam Navigation Company Canberra
Moondyne East Perth Cemeteries Dryandra Woodland Australian national cricket captains
Mattinbgn Kerr Grant Archie Jackson Riverina
VirtualSteve Soldier settlement (Australia) Wagga Wagga, New South Wales Riverina
Gnangarra Silver Centenary Australian Ringneck Banksia telmatiaea
RaNdOm26 Here I Am (Natalie Gauci song) Cyclone Rosita List of Silverchair awards
Thebainer Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 R v Thomas Robert Garran
Timeshift9 Prime Minister's Avenue Andrew Fisher South Australian general election, 2006
Mkativerata Harriton v Stephens Section 116 of the Australian Constitution Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Baxter Healthcare
Abraham, B.S. Percy Statton Hughie Edwards Harry Murray
Ian Rose Morotai Mutiny Peter Roy Maxwell Drummond George Jones (RAAF officer)
Hawkeye7 Rupert Downes Horace Robertson Edmund Herring
Nick-D No. 29 Squadron RAAF No. 80 Wing RAAF Axis naval activity in Australian waters
NG39 Little Athletics Little Athletics List of international cricket five-wicket hauls by Mitchell Johnson
Damien Linnane Anthony Kelly (martial artist) FernGully: The Last Rainforest Blackrock (film)

WikiProject The Simpsons[edit]

Scorpion0422 Good Night (The Simpsons short) Homerpalooza A Streetcar Named Marge
Gran2 I Am Not Homer The Simpsons Movie Homer's Phobia
Maitch History of The Simpsons Cape Feare The Simpsons (season 8)
Xihix The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer Lisa the Simpson The Simpsons (season 9)
Cirt The Psychology of The Simpsons Lisa the Skeptic The Joy of Sect

WikiProject U.S. Roads[edit]

Mitchazenia Pennsylvania Route 171 New York State Route 135 List of highways in Essex County, New York
NE2 California State Route 139 California State Route 275 Ridge Route
Scott5114 New Mexico State Road 6563 Oklahoma State Highway 74 Kansas Turnpike
Moabdave Utah Scenic Byways Interstate 80 in Nevada Interstate 70 in Utah
Imzadi1979 M-35 (Michigan highway) M-35 (Michigan highway) M-35 (Michigan highway)
Holderca1 Interstate 10 in Texas Texas State Highway 151 List of Interstate Highways in Texas
Algorerhythms Interstate 68 U.S. Route 40 Alternate (Keysers Ridge – Cumberland, Maryland) U.S. Route 40 Alternate (Keysers Ridge – Cumberland, Maryland)
Rschen7754 Interstate 15 in Arizona California State Route 78 California State Route 78
Admrboltz List of Interstate and U.S. Highways in Utah Utah State Route 103 Interstate 80 Business (West Wendover, Nevada – Wendover, Utah)
Fredddie U.S. Route 30 in Iowa U.S. Route 30 in Iowa U.S. Route 30 in Iowa
Viridiscalculus Maryland Route 24 U.S. Route 113 U.S. Route 113
TwinsMetsFan New York State Route 57 New York State Route 96 New York State Route 28 Featured topic
Dough4872 Mississippi Highway 198 Atlantic City Expressway Portal:Maryland Roads
Juliancolton Interstate 75 in Michigan New York State Route 164 New York State Route 311
Daniel Case Colorado State Highway 82 New York State Route 22 New York State Route 22
SounderBruce Washington State Route 522 U.S. Route 730 Washington State Route 520

WikiProject Elements[edit]

Nergaal Compounds of zinc Lithium Caesium
Cryptic C62 Pierre-François Chabaneau Dysprosium Francium
Mav Compounds of zinc Oxygen Uranium
Stone Nebulium Chromium Germanium
Itub Sabatier principle Noble gas Iridium
Materialscientist Curium Americium Synthetic diamond

WikiProject Video games[edit]

bridies Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf ABA Games ToeJam & Earl
Kung Fu Man Rufus (Street Fighter) Reptile (Mortal Kombat) Alleyway
David Fuchs Grudge Warriors Halo 3 Golden Sun
Andonic Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far Age of Empires III Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War
Jappalang Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior Space Hulk (video game) Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Sephiroth BCR Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Soma Cruz Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Gary King Nintendo DSi Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Drilnoth Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Planescape: Torment
Nomader Mech Platoon Moto Racer Advance List of Donkey Kong video games
Guyinblack25 Computer Bismarck Pong Final Fantasy
PresN Flower (video game) Flower (video game) Flower (video game)
Masem Rock Band 3 Braid (video game) List of songs in Guitar Hero
Sabre Tales of Monkey Island Vortigaunt Sam & Max: Freelance Police
MuZemike Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association The Guardian Legend Ninja Gaiden (Nintendo Entertainment System)
GamerPro64 Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Anachronox
TheJoebro64 Knuckles' Chaotix Sonic Heroes Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 video game)
JDC808 Xi (alternate reality game) God of War III God of War III
Damien Linnane Kaboom: The Suicide Bombing Game James Cameron's Dark Angel Resident Evil 5
Panini! Super Mario Bros. 35 Good Job! Paper Mario
The Night Watch Elden Ring Enter the Gungeon The Longing

WikiProject Oregon[edit]

WikiProject Oregon triple crown
Peteforsyth Luis Palau Fern Hobbs Columbia River
Aboutmovies Dilley, Oregon Charles L. McNary Hillsboro, Oregon
Finetooth Dry River (Crooked River) Robert Deniston Hume Rogue River (Oregon)
Esprqii United States Senate election in Oregon, 1990 Spruce Production Division List of Oregon state symbols
Little Mountain 5 Humbug Mountain Little Applegate River Chetco River
Valfontis Lookingglass, Oregon Charles L. McNary Oregon State Capitol
Cirt Byron v. Rajneesh Foundation International 1985 Rajneeshee assassination plot 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack
Another Believer Laurelhurst Park Hands Across Hawthorne List of Oregon state symbols
EncMstr Electro Scientific Industries Barlow Road Johnson Creek (Willamette River)
ZabMilenko Algoma, Oregon Upper and Lower Table Rock Upper and Lower Table Rock
EngineerScotty Rose Quarter Oregon wine New Carissa
Pfly Maritime Fur Trade Maritime Fur Trade List of longest streams of Oregon
Jsayre64 Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad Klamath River Willamette River
SounderBruce Biketown U.S. Route 730 Interstate 82

WikiProject Food and drink[edit]

WikiProject Food and drink - The Cornucopia Award

Still to be claimed

WikiProject Anime and manga[edit]

ISD Sex Ed 120% Yuri on Ice List of Yuri on Ice episodes

WikiProject Birds[edit]

WikiProject Birds triple crown
MeegsC Black-legged seriema Black catbird Flight feather
CaptainEek Cactus wren Cactus wren Cactus wren
FunkMonk Passenger pigeon Passenger pigeon Passenger pigeon
Casliber Chestnut-backed buttonquail White-bellied sea eagle White-bellied sea eagle
Sabine's Sunbird Bonin white-eye Toucan barbet Bird
Jimfbleak Black bishop White-breasted nuthatch White-breasted nuthatch