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This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.
This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

Today's featured list is a section included on the Main Page on Mondays and on Fridays, in which an introduction to one of Wikipedia's featured lists is displayed. The current month's queue can be found here. The lists appearing on the Main Page are scheduled by the featured list director, currently Giants2008.

To be eligible to appear on the Main Page, a list must already be featured. For more information on the featured list promotion process, please see the featured list candidates, as well as the featured list criteria. In addition, a blurb is drafted, introducing the subject of the list. Blurbs are roughly 1,000 characters in length, with no reference tags, alternate names or extraneous boldface type, although a link to the specified featured list should be emboldened; a relevant picture is also usually included with the blurb. The previous three lists that were featured on the Main Page appear along the bottom, in reverse chronological order. You can submit a list to be scheduled at the submissions page.

At the moment, lists are scheduled by the featured list director or by the featured list delegates, although we will eventually be devising a community-based system for selecting each day's list. We encourage editors to submit and to review as many blurbs as possible. If you notice a problem with an upcoming featured list to appear on the Main Page, please leave a message at the Main Page errors page or here.

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From the previous featured list (Monday, November 27)

Map of Mexico with Campeche highlighted
Map of Mexico with Campeche highlighted

There are 13 municipalities in Campeche, a state on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. According to the 2020 Mexican census, Campeche is the third least populous state with 928,363 inhabitants and the 17th largest by land area spanning 57,693.59 square kilometres (22,275.62 sq mi). The largest municipality by population in Campeche is the state capital Campeche, with 294,077 residents, while the smallest municipality by population is Palizada with 8,683 residents. The largest municipality by area is Calakmul, which spans 14,031.51 km2 (5,417.60 sq mi), while Tenabo is the smallest at 1,061.63 km2 (409.90 sq mi). The first municipalities to incorporate were Campeche, Carmen, and Hecelchakán on April 6, 1825, and the newest municipalities are Dzitbalché and Seybaplaya, which incorporated January 1, 2021. (Full list...)

From the next featured list (Friday, December 1)

Inflexible circa 1909
Inflexible circa 1909

The first three battlecruisers of the Royal Navy were laid down while the world's first "all big gun" warship, HMS Dreadnought, was being built in 1906. The battlecruiser was the brainchild of Admiral Sir John ("Jacky") Fisher, the man who had sponsored the construction of the Dreadnought. He visualised a new breed of warship with the armament of a battleship, but faster, lighter, and less heavily armoured. This design philosophy was most successful in action when the battlecruisers could use their speed to run down smaller and weaker ships. The best example is the Battle of the Falkland Islands where Invincible and Inflexible sank the German armoured cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and SMS Gneisenau almost without damage to themselves, despite numerous hits by the German ships. They were less successful against heavily armoured ships, as was demonstrated by the loss of Invincible, Indefatigable, and Queen Mary during the Battle of Jutland in 1916. (Full list...)